Dulce, New Mexico. What's the Deal?

This file is what I have ripped off, for Fair Use, from wherever I could find writings about the doings in Dulce, New Mexico.

This is what information is available on-line about Dulce Facility, what is believed to be true. It starts off and the reading begins with specifics about the on-going conduct of war- profiteering (called "defense contracting") in the military- industrial complex itself.

Further, there is no more recent information than Bill Cooper's, "Behold a Pale Horse." Nothing further has been released into the public domain; however, this multi-manuscript goes deeper than even Bill Cooper's went, speaking of multi-dimensional inter- space wars.

ACCOUNT NUMBER ONE -- where we pick up the story

"The Washington man is MICHAEL RICONOSCIUTO who is now waiting for a trial in a Washington jail on conspiracy to sell drugs charges, charges which Riconosciuto claims are manufactured. Indeed, the charge made against Riconosciuto were made one week after Riconosciuto authored and signed an affidavit describing his role in modifying the pirated [PROMIS] software.

(Note: It is interesting what connections we can find here. Michael Riconosciuto was a Wackenhut-CIA employee who told researcher Michael Lindemann that he had attempted to get a whole helicopter full of documents and evidence detailing illegal biogenetic activities and non-Congressionally sanctioned projects involving 'illegal Aliens' out of the Nevada Test Site. The chopper was blown out of the sky, killing all five personnel on board. Michael's father happened to be Marshall Riconosciuto, a fascist and a supporter of Adolph Hitler who was a very close friend of Fred L. Crisman. Crisman was involved in the Maurey Island 'UFO' sighting incident in 1947 near Tacoma, Washington, which researcher Anthony Kimory believes involved the test-flight of hybrid CIA - PROJECT PAPERCLIP - NAZI aerial disks.

There are several sources which claim that by the early 1940's the Nazi's had succeeded in test-flying wingless lenticular craft powered by rotary devices, rocket power, and DONUT CONFIGURATION jet turbine engines -- rather than cylindrical -- with the cabin stabilized by gyro, the compressors rotating in one direction and the expansion chambers and vectored exhausts rotating in the opposite direction.

In fact, the movie, "THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE" correctly implies that this, one of the largest military battles during World War II between American and German forces, was an attempt by the Germans to buy time and prolong the war just a little while longer, for within a few more months the Germans would have been mass-producing jet fighters, bombers and other super-weapons that would have been invincible to turbo-prop fleets of the Allies.

With the Allied invasion of Germany just before mass-production began, many of the prototypes and plans of the Nazi military machine were captured. However most of the most sophisticated prototypes, plans and even scientists mysteriously turned up missing following the war.

We will reserve further discussion on this subject until later in this volume. After the war had ended several of the Nazi scientists who WERE captured -- and who had helped to develop the revolutionary aircraft -- were recruited by the CIA as a result of a secret deal that had been made between Allen Dulles, a member of the Bavarian Illuminati; and Nazi S.S. General Reinhard Gehlen, a member of the Bavarian Thule Society.

The deep connections between the Bavarian Illuminati which sponsored the CIA and the Bavarian Thule society which sponsored the Nazis allowed for the upper covert-ops levels of the CIA to be manned by nothing less than the core of the Nazi S.S. itself, with the help of fascist sympathizers and fifth column double-agents working within American intelligence, although some leading Nazis were 'sacrificed' to the Nuremberg trials to appease the Allies and establish the illusion that Europe had been de-Nazified.

Fred L. Crisman incidentally was a 'witness' to the Maurey Island event and had helped two Army G-2 agents acquire 'slag samples' which fell from one of the six DONUT-SHAPED ships observed. On their way to deliver the samples to Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio, their plane crashed and both G-2 agents were killed. Some people at the time insisted that the plane had been sabotaged. Two of the reporters who investigated the incident lost their lives, and Kenneth Arnold who investigated the incident after being commissioned by AMAZING STORIES editor Ray Palmer claimed that his conversations with a high Air Force official concerning the subject were electronically monitored.

Also, strange government agents in dark suits were seen in the area. Shortly after his investigation Kenneth Arnold, during an air-search for a crashed plane over Mt. Rainier, saw 9 crescent-shaped discs which he called 'flying saucers'. The news media publicized the incident and the term stuck and became a media catch word ever since. Also around this same time -- 1947 -- Arnold escaped a near-fatal crash when his airplane mysteriously lost power.

The connections do not end here. Fred L. Crisman was a close friend to Clay Shaw, whom Louisiana District Attorney James Garrison -- see the movie 'JFK' -- accused of being the CIA-Mafia go-between in the John F. Kennedy murder. Garrison arrested Shaw in an effort to charge him and the CIA with the JFK assassination; however only a few days before the hearing Garrison's star witness David Ferry was killed and Garrison's remaining evidence was not enough to bring about a conviction.

Fred Crisman was the first man Clay Shaw called when he heard that Garrison intended to implicate him. Garrison also believed that Clay Shaw himself was involved with PROJECT PAPERCLIP, the secret operation to bring Nazi war criminals into the United States by the hundreds -- some say thousands -- and give them immunity and new identities in such institutions as U.S. Intelligence, the Military-Industrial complex, Space agencies, and various Rockefeller-connected oil cartels such as ARCO, STANDARD [EXXON], ZAPATA [owned by Geo H W Bush], etc., corporations that were supported by Bavarian-based secret-society lodges, corpora- tions actually selling oil to the Nazi's during World War II and had helped keep the Nazi "war machine" operating.

According to Garrison, Crisman worked as a middle-man between the fascist policy makers and the lower echelons of the Military- Industrial Complex. "Oh what a tangled web..." These American mega- bankers and traitors to freedom had supported the Nazis in an effort to initiate a Bavarian-backed "New World Order" under cover of the "Third Reich".

Read the book, NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, by the late Gary Allen for more on the Rockefeller connection, and also the various works by Dr. Antony Sutton. (--Branton)

"The affidavit also claimed that he [Michael Riconosciuto], had been contacted by phone and threatened by PETER VIDENIEKS -- a Justice Department employee and Customs official who Riconosciuto alleged had intelligence ties -- as to the possible consequences of his going public with certain information.

"According to Riconosciuto, Videnieks was a frequent visitor to the Cabazon Indian reservation near Palm Springs and visited with tribal manager, John P. Nichols. Nichols was in essence Riconosciuto's boss in a number of enterprises conducted on reservation land and the PROMIS modification was just one of these projects.

According to Riconosciuto in an interview with T.C. conducted from jail, the PROMIS software was modified to install a backdoor access for use by American intelligence services. The software was then sold to 88 different countries as a sort of 'Trojan horse' package enabling us to access their intelligence systems. According to Riconosciuto these countries included Iraq and Libya.

"Correspondence between Nichols and other companies, if authentic, indicates that Riconosciuto's claims of his expertise in the area of electronics and armaments appear to be true. Marshall Riconoscuito, Michael's father, is a reputed former business partner of Richard Nixon.

"According to Riconosciuto, the fuzzy status of reservation land as 'sovereign' allowed elements of the CIA and organized crime to conduct business uniquely.

"Among the projects worked on during this time were joint projects with WACKENHUT, a company loaded with former CIA and NSA personnel and business ventures with the Saudi Arabian royal family and other unusual projects.

"A joint venture with Southern California Edison will soon be generating power for bio-mass drawn from local waste outlets. Biological warfare projects were investigated with Stormont Labs looking into the creation of 'pathogenic viruses' and enhanced fuel-air explosive weapons [were] created and tested in league with Meridian Arms at the NEVADA TESTING RANGE which matched the explosive power of nuclear devices.

"These enhanced weapons gained their power from polarizing the molecules in the gas cloud by modification of the electric field, a technology developed from exploring Thomas Townsend Brown's suppressed work, a knowledge which Riconosciuto claims he gained from working at LEAR in Reno, Nevada.

"Riconosciuto is said to have worked on the enhanced fuel-air explosive weapons with Gerald Bull of Space Research Corporation. Bull, now deceased, later became an arms advisor to Saddam Hussein. It is said that HUSSEIN POSSESSES THE FAE TECHNOLOGY.

"In July, Anson Ng, a reporter for the Financial Times of London was shot and killed in Guatemala. He had reportedly been trying to interview an American there named Jimmy Hughes, a one-time director of security for the Cabazon Indian Reservation secret projects.

"In April, a Philadelphia attorney named Dennis Eisman was found dead, killed by a single bullet in his chest. According to a former federal official who worked with Eisman, the attorney was found dead in the parking lot where he had been due to meet with a woman who had crucial evidence to share substantiating Riconosciuto's claims. Both Eisman's and Ng's deaths were declared suicides by authorities.

"Fred Alvarez, a Cabazon tribal leader who was in vocal opposi- tion to the developments on the reservation, was found shot to death WITH two friends in 1981. Their murder remains unsolved.

"The leader of the House, Thomas Foley, announced last month that a formal inquiry will be initiated into the Inslaw case. Foley appointed Senator Terry Sanford as co-chairman of the joint congressional panel. Prior to his election, Senator Sanford was the attorney REPRESENTING Earl Brian in his 1985 takeover bid for United Press International and was instrumental in appointing Earl Brian, a medical doctor, to the board of Duke Medical School, of which Sanford is President.

"However, despite repeated requests from journalists to produce photographs showing Riconosciuto together with Brian, and requests to produce his passport showing his alleged trip to Iran, he has not yet done so. Also,Riconosciuto failed to be able to describe Peter Videnieks to CNN's Moneyline program, claiming a medical condition prevented him from remembering clearly. This led one former intelligence operative to speculate that we may be witness- ng a very sophisticated intelligence operation being played out in public.

"ormer F.B.I. Special Agent Ted Gunderson speaks FOR Riconosciuto's credibility. Gunderson, who lives in Manhattan Beach, has worked with Riconosciuto for many years in his capacity as private investigator. Together, according to Gunderson, they were respon- ible for thwarting a terrorist operation during the Los Angeles Olympics. According to Gunderson, Riconosciuto was well known in certain circles as a genius in almost all sciences.

"The so-called drug operation broken up in Washington State was an electro-hydrodynamic mining operation, claimed Gunderson, using Townsend Brown technology. A videotape viewed by this journalist revealed metallic powders and apparent processes unrelated to drug manufacture. Indeed, a government analysis of soil samples revealed the absence of drug contamination, but a high concentration of barium. Barium is often found in high voltage related work.

"Unsubstantiated information from an intelligence source claims that the current situation is THE VISIBLE EFFECT OF A WAR CURRENTLY GOING ON IN THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY between a group centered in the CIA called AQUARIUS [around a powerful center known as MJ-12] and a group known as COM-12 centered around Naval Intelligence. COM-12 is reputedly trying to sustain a rearguard action to sustain and preserve constitutional government and is deliberately LEAKING INFORMATION damaging to the former group."

In the same publication, same issue, there appeared a follow-up article just following the one given above. Written by Thomas Zed, the article, titled, "WACKENHUT'S CONNECTION WITH THE BLACK PROJECT WORLD" stated: "The Wackenhut company has a very close connection to the world of BLACK BUDGET PROJECTS. Besides being connected with the Cabazon venture mentioned in this issue it is also responsible, according to jailed computer consultant Michael Riconosciuto, FOR THE SECRET PROJECTS BEING UNDERTAKEN IN DULCE, NEW MEXICO, where the JICARILLA INDIAN RESERVATION IS BEING SIMILARLY USED.

"After sending two of my colleagues there recently AND RECEIVING CONFIRMATION THAT THERE WAS A TOP SECRET MILITARY TYPE INSTALLATION, I decided to call the newspaper office and make an educated bluff. I identified myself as a freelance reporter from Los Angeles -- and told the newspaper that I was doing a story on the Cabazon reserva- tion biological warfare projects that had been undertaken there on behalf of the CIA. I told her that I had heard that there were similar things being done in Dulce and would like to know what was going on.

"The official I spoke to BECAME FRIGHTENED and said, 'I can't talk to you about that! It would be very unprofessional of me to talk to you about that. You'll have to speak to the President of the tribe.' She then hung up. "I have yet to call back and ask the President of the tribe, but will report on that in the next issue.

"Wackenhut is also responsible for security of a lot of UNDERGROUND FACILITIES in California and Nevada, including the notorious S-4 or AREA 51 in Nevada where Townsend Brown flying disk technology [written about in a T.C. recent issue] has been flying and developing for decades.

"A recent helicopter crash at the area, where two pilots and three security guards from Wackenhut flying in a Messerschmit BO-105 helicopter were killed was not at all accidental, claimed Riconosciuto, who said that the individuals aboard the helicopter were traveling with sensitive documents. Groups are now investigating Riconosciuto's claims..."


In the Spring of 1990 researcher 'Jason Bishop' sent copies of the following report to a select few investigators, and later gave per- mission for the report to be distributed among a wider readership.

Is the object described within the report the product of secret technology being developed by the Military-Industrial Complex as part of some covert or deep-cover space project? Or does it involve something a bit more 'Alien' than mere top secret black-project research and top-of-the-line vanguard aircraft designs -- the Stealth series, the Aurora, etc. -- which are being developed at the Nevada Test Site? Or, could it be a combination of both?

The Bishop transcript, titled: 'RECOLLECTIONS AND IMPRESSIONS OF VISIT TO DULCE, NEW MEXICO - OCTOBER 23, 24, 1988', is reproduced in its entirety, here.

"Upon arrival I was introduced to Dr. John F. Gille, a French National. Dr. Gille has a PhD in Math/Physics from the University of Paris. He had worked very closely with the French Government on the UFO phenomena in that country.

(Side Note: Dr. Gille had also released a report on another "Dulce-like" base near Pine Gap - Alice Springs, Australia. This base is a massive multi-levelled facility run by the "Club of Rome" which, like the 'Bildeberger' organization, is reputedly a cover for the Bavarian Illuminati. The article spoke of antigravity disk research, and plans to make Pine Gap a major "control center" for a "New World Order". Pine Gap is equipped with whole levels of computer terminals tied-in to the major computer mainframes of the world which contain the intimate details of most of the inhabitants of industrialized nations. The article also spoke of the infiltration of several major religious denominations, the media, international governments, the economy, education, and other levels of society by the Bavarian Illuminati, in order to prepare the way for a New World Order dictatorship. The report also stated that the workers at Pine Gap are highly indoctrinated and programmed so that they do not threaten or sabotage the security of the Illuminati projects being carried out there. - Branton).

"He told me," Bishop continues, "that he has not worked in his chosen field for fifteen years, having devoted all of his time to research on UFOs. Dr. Gille is an amiable, forthright man. He has no reservations about expressing his own views on the subject. He does hold several beliefs that border on the paranormal. Dr. Gille had his wife, Elaine, with him. My personal view of him is one of caution. Until I get to know him better, I feel that I should be very careful.

"Edmound Gomez is a rancher. His ranch is 13 miles west of Dulce.

(Note: Accounts given by others state that the ranch is 13 miles east of Dulce; however, whatever the case may be it's safe to say that the ranch is 13 miles FROM Dulce. - Branton).

"From 1975 until 1983 the Gomez ranch was the scene [epicenter] of most cattle mutilations that took place in the northern New Mexico / southern Colorado area. He told me that his family homesteaded the Dulce area 111 years ago and that, as a result of these mutilations, they lost $100,000 in cattle over an eight year period. One of these cases occurred only 200 yards behind his home. He showed me the area.

"Edmound was very open and discussed with me the various mutilation cases that had occurred on his ranch and on those of others. Upon our return from the mountain trip, he invited me to his home where he shared with me various photographs, clippings, letters etc. relating to the cases. He loaned me several overhead photographs of the Mt. Archuleta area. I hope to be able to have them examined through image intensification techniques.

"Edmound also told me about the many times that combat ready troops had been spotted in the area. Some of these troops were found in areas that are only gotten to through four-wheel drive trucks or on foot.

[This is VERY rugged country]. The troops were also spotted in areas that only the Apache has permission to go. When the reported 'experimental aircraft' went down in 1983, there were 'hundreds of troops, armed to the teeth' reported in the area. When approached, the troops would run and disappear. "Participants in the Mt. Archuleta expedition were: Gabe Valdez, Edmound Gomez, Dr. John Gille, [name deleted], Manuel Gomez [Edmound's brother], Jeff and Matt Valdez [Gabe's sons]. Because of Gabe's position as head of the State Police in Dulce and Edmound being a part of the community, we were given permission to go onto the mountain. It is located on the Apache Reservation.

"We left about 1430 hrs, Sunday, 23 October 1988. We used Gabe's four wheel drive pickup truck to get up the mountain. The road was incredibly difficult. At one time we had to dig out the side of the mountain in order to allow the truck to pass. At about 1730 hrs we arrived at the proposed campsite. It was on a relatively flat area about 300 yards from the peak of Mt. Archuleta.

"Gabe and Edmound both told me that in 1978 there was an agreement between the Ute Indians [Colorado] and the Federal Government. This agreement consisted of the Ute Nation receiving all the territory now occupied along the New Mexico/Colorado border with the explicit agreement that they would strictly enforce a 'NO TRESPASSING' regulation along the border of their territory. Therefore, it is not possible to even cross the Ute Reservation without special permission from the Tribal Headquarters. If caught without this permission you are liable for a fine and/or jail and expulsion. There is now a road leading to the Archuleta area through the reser- vation. It is patrolled by the Indian Forest Service.

(Note: the Colorado border is only a relatively few miles away from and to the north of the Archuleta plateau. - Branton)

"At 1951 hrs. all seven of us spotted a very bright light coming from the northwest at a very high rate of speed. The object appeared to be boomerang shaped with a very bright light just below its center.

(Some have alleged that these 'boomerang' shaped vehicles may have some connection with a super-secret black budget space operation called Alternative-3. - Branton).

The light was a bright white, blue and green. As it approached, it slowed down [obviously under intelligent control], seemed to reverse direction, finally stopping. When it stopped, a shower of what appeared to be sparks were emitted from each end of the boomerang, and then it began moving forward again and disappeared from sight at a very high rate of speed. All this took place in approximately 10 to 15 seconds. We attempted to take a picture of the object but were unsuccessful.

"About 2200 hours we climbed to the summit of Mt. Archuleta and watched for about an hour and a half. We could see across the canyon in the moonlight. This canyon wall is where Paul Bennewitz [prominent and well known physicist and UFO investigator] claimed an 'Alien' base is located and that during the night their ships are seen entering and leaving cave openings in the cliff wall. During our stay on the peak, we saw two very bright lights on the cliff walls in the exact location where Paul said the base openings were. There are no roads on this cliff. The lights would appear suddenly and then fade over a period of time until you could not see them. At this time we also heard voices that sounded like radio transmissions. The voices were not understandable but they were there nonetheless. The same light pattern was seen by myself and Edmound Gomez as we sat on the cliff...at about 0100 hours. We also heard voices. At one time we thought we could hear trucks moving but we could not be sure about this. After 0200 hours there were no more sightings or sounds.

"On Monday, 24 October 1988 the entire party climbed to the peak once again. We were looking for evidence that there had been a crash of an 'experimental aircraft' flown by an Air Force General in 1983. This crash was reported in the newspapers for two days as a small plane and then hushed up. The craft was rumored to be a captured UFO, flown by Americans. We were hoping to prove that there indeed had been a crash but also to find some physical evidence.

"Dr. Bennewitz reported that the craft had clipped off a large tree in its descent, had hit another tree, regained altitude, skimmed over the peak of Archuleta, [and] hit a third tree in the valley north of the peak. It was then reported to have hit the ground, flipped over twice and came to rest. We found the trees as reported by Bennewitz. They were all in line with each other and the final resting place. The first tree was about 40 inches in diameter. It was hit about 30 feet off the ground. There was no fire. I have taken samples of this tree for analysis. The other two trees were smaller [approximately 12 to 20 inches in diameter]. There was evidence of fire with these. Samples of [these] trees were also taken. Between the second tree and the third tree we found large pieces of what appeared to be part of the first tree. One piece was burnt while next to it was one that had not been burned. Samples were taken. While searching for physical evidence, a standard issue style ball-point pen was found. This is of the same type used by the U.S. Government but can also be purchased by the general public. Strange to have been found in such a remote place as this canyon. The alleged crash area showed a large SEMI-CIRCULAR area with new vegetation. The area above the semi- circular area was covered with new vegetation also. Samples of the soil of this area were taken.

"My overall impressions of this trip are mixed. I believe that there is definitely something going on in the area. What it is, I do not know. Perhaps there is a base there. Perhaps it is jointly operated by 'Aliens' and the government, as claimed by John Lear. Then again, it could be a US base so super secret that there are no fences around to arouse any suspicion... then again I cannot say for sure. I do know that the evidence that we found and saw definitely points to the fact that something is going on in this area."

In apparent confirmation of the above, Gabe Valdez -- the former State Police officer in Dulce, New Mexico who was a part of the expedition described above -- was contacted by researcher Alan deWalton in 1990, in an attempt to confirm some of the information concerning his involvement in the UFO-mutilation investigations. During a telephone conversation with Valdez, the following was learned:

"He and others HAD seen strange flying objects in the area; however, he himself was unsure whether these were 'UFO's' of Alien origin, or some type of top secret aircraft being tested by some secret faction of the government. ... Something DID crash near Mt. Archuleta several years ago, but again, he did not find any evidence conclusively proving whether it was an object of Human OR Alien origin.

"There is another road leading to the Mt. Archuleta area [and mesa] aside from the one which goes through the Ute Indian reservation. As for the Ute Reservation road, much of it is in good condition [paved?]. Only the area around the Archuleta region itself requires four-wheel drive vehicles. ... He did investigate cattle mutilations, and at least in SOME cases a known nerve agent was discovered in the carcasses, and other indications suggesting that the cattle were being used for research in DNA experiments."

Quite by accident, while scanning the Internet, I was surprised to discover yet another confirmation of the events described earlier by Jason Bishop. This THIRD confirmation of UFO activity near Dulce, New Mexico by members of the expedition team was given by none other than John Gilli, one of the Mt. Archuleta expedition team members mentioned earlier. Gilli's own report follows:


SUMMARY: -- Report of UFO sighting over Mt. Archuleta, NM on October 23, 1988 by John F. Gille et. al.

LOCATION AND TIME" -- Southern slopes of Mt. Archuleta, 5 miles NW of Dulce, NM. -- Location of the phenomenon: South to North trajec- tory for about two miles stopping very close to Mt. Archuleta summit. -- Estimated closest observers distance: 480 yards. -- Distance from observers to spot where the UFO stopped: 510 yards. -- Time: 7:51 pm Mountain time. -- Duration: est. 5-6 seconds

WITNESSES: -- Eliane Allegre, RN -- Gabe Valdez -- Edmund, friend of Valdez -- "Jack" [pseudonym], PhD -- Manuel, local kid -- Greg, son of Valdez -- Jeff, another son of Valdez -- John Gille, PhD

(Note: "Jack" would probably be Jason Bishop, which is itself a pseudonym used by a researcher and a friend of mine who uses this pseudonym because of his deep-level research into some very dangerous areas of investigation. That is, IF one considers the revelations such as those contained within this volume to be 'dangerous' information under certain circumstances. - Branton)

CIRCUMSTANCES OF SIGHTING: I [John Gille] was interested in the Dulce area because of rumors related to a jointly [CIA-Alien] occupied underground facility under Mt. Archuleta, and to numerous UFO sight- ings, as reported by local residents. A night of observation in the mountains had been planned under the leadership of Valdez. Since about 7:30pm, we had been playing OUIJA at the instigation of Valdez. Just as we were processing the last person, one of Valdez's sons shouted: "Look! Here it comes!"

[NOTE: I {Gille} DO NOT make the statement that there was a causal correlation between what we had just been doing and what we saw next. I merely report two consecutive events which may or may not have been correlated.]

LOOK OF THE PHENOMENON: The object came from the south at great speed on a flat, straight, rectilinear, horizontal trajectory result- ing in a perfectly straight luminous yellowish line. It was definitely not a plane or a shooting star. There was no sound coming from the object. The object stopped dead in its tracks near the top of the mountain. At the same time, it became extremely luminous, lighting at least half the sky. There was a display of various colors: yellow, pink, green, and a shower of sparks. Then the object folded on itself and disappeared.

ANNEXES [Maps]: -- New Mexico maps -- US Geological Survey maps [Wirt Canyon] PHOTOS: -- Group photo of witnesses -- Campsite -- Mt. Archuleta --

The trajectory was about 2000 ft. above the lowest point under the estimated path of the object, which is the Navajo River, elevation 6600 ft. END *****


John Lear, a captain of a major U.S. Airline has flown over 160 different types of aircraft in over 50 different countries. He holds 17 world speed records in the Lear Jet and is the only pilot ever to hold every airman certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Admini- stration. Mr. Lear has flown missions worldwide for the CIA and other government agencies. He has flown clandestine missions in war-zones and hot-spots around the world, often engineering hairs'-breath escapes under dangerous conditions. A former Nevada State Senatorial candidate, he is the son of William P. Lear, designer of the Lear Jet executive airplane, the 8-track stereo, and founder of the LEAR Siegler Corpora- tion.

John Lear became interested in the subject of UFO's 13 months prior to the date given below, after talking with a friend in the United States Air Force by the name of Greg Wilson who had witnessed a UFO landing at Bentwaters AFB, near London, England, during which three small 'gray' Aliens walked up to the Wing Commander.

Since then Lear has tapped his contacts in intelligence, investigat- ing the allegations that the executive and military-industrial branches of the United States 'government' knows about, and colludes with, Alien forces. Lear no longer suggests the following scenario is a 'possibility', he emphatically states that the Aliens are here and that many of them bode us ill.

"It started after World War II," he begins. "We [the Allied forces] recovered some Alien technology from Germany -- not all that they had; some of it disappeared. It appears that some time in the late '30s, Germany recovered a saucer. What happened to it we don't know. But what we did get was some kind of ray gun..."

The following is a "Public Statement" released by John Lear on December 29, 1987 and revised on March 25, 1988. It was originally sent to some of Lear's personal friends and research associates who in turn put pres- sure on the Ace Pilot to release this information publicly. The first version of the statement was apparently meant for the 'inside' crowd of researchers with whom Lear associated, whereas the following revision contains the same information as the first edition, yet is directed towards the public in general:

NOTE TO THE PRESS: "The government of the United States continues to rely on your personal and professional gullibility to suppress the information contained herein. Your cooperation over the past 40 years has exceeded OUR wildest expectations and we salute you. "'The sun does not revolve around the Earth.' 'The United States Government has been in business with little gray extra-terrestrials for about 20 years'."

"The first truth stated here got Giordano Bruno burned at the stake in AD 1600 for daring to propose that it was real. THE SECOND TRUTH HAS GOTTEN FAR MORE PEOPLE KILLED TRYING TO STATE IT PUBLICLY THAN WILL EVER BE KNOWN. (Note: emphasis here and throughout this section is ours. - Branton)

"But the truth must be told. The fact that the Earth revolves around the sun was successfully suppressed by the [Roman] church for over 200 years. It eventually caused a major upheaval in the church, government, and thought. A realignment of social and traditional values. That was in the 1600's. ... Now, about 400 years after the first truth was pronounced we must again face the shocking facts. The 'horrible truth' the government has been hiding from us over 40 years. Unfortunately, the 'horrible truth' is far more horrible than the government ever imagined.

"In its effort to 'protect democracy', our government sold us to the Aliens. And here is how it happened. But before I begin, I'd like to offer a word in defense of those who bargained us away. They had the best of intentions. Germany may have recovered a flying saucer as early as 1939. General James H. Doolittle went to Norway in 1952 to inspect a flying saucer that had crashed there in Spitzbergen. The 'horrible truth' was known by only a very few persons: They were indeed ugly little creatures, shaped like praying mantises... Of the original group that were the first to learn the 'horrible truth', SEVERAL COMMITTED SUICIDE, the most prominent of which was Defense Secretary [and Secretary of the NAVY] James V. Forrestal who jumped to his death from a 16th story hospital window.

(Note: William Cooper, a former member of a Navy Intelligence brief- ing team, insists that Forrestal was in fact murdered by CIA agents who made his death look like a suicide. Based on sensitive documents Cooper claims to have read, two CIA agents entered the hospital room tied a bedsheet around Forrestal's neck and to a light fixture and threw him out the window to hang. The bedsheet[s] broke and he fell to his death, screaming on his way down according to some witnesses, "We're being invaded!" - Branton).

"Secretary Forrestal's medical records are sealed to this day. ... President Truman put a lid on the secret and turned the screws so tight that the general public still thinks that flying saucers are a joke. Have I ever got a surprise for them. ... In 1947, President Truman established a group of 12 of the top military scientific personnel of their time. They were known as MJ-12. Although the group exists today, none of the ORIGINAL members are still alive. The last one to die was Gordon Gray, former Secretary of the Army, in 1984. "As each member passed away, the group itself appointed a new member to fill the posi- tion. There is some speculation that the group known as MJ-12 expanded to at least seven more members.

"There were several more saucer crashes in the late 1940's, one in Roswell, New Mexico; one in Aztec, New Mexico; and one near Laredo, Texas about 30 miles inside the Mexican border. Consider, if you will, the position of the United States Government at that time. They proudly thought of themselves as the most powerful nation on Earth, having recently produced the atomic bomb, an achievement so stupendous, it would take Russia 4 years to catch up, and only with the help of traitors to Democracy. They had built a jet aircraft that had exceeded the speed of sound in flight. They had built jet bombers with inter- continental range that could carry weapons of enormous destruction. The post war era, and the future seemed bright. Now imagine what it was like for those same leaders, all of whom had witnessed the panic of Orson Wells' radio broadcast, "The War of the Worlds", in 1938. Thousands of Americans panicked at a realistically presented invasion of Earth by beings from another planet. Imagine their horror as they actually viewed THE DEAD BODIES OF THESE FRIGHTENING LITTLE CREATURES WITH ENORMOUS EYES, REPTILIAN SKIN AND CLAW LIKE FINGERS. Imagine their shock as they attempted to determine how these strange 'saucers' were powered and could discover no part even remotely similar to components they were familiar with: no cylinders or pistons, no vacuum tubes or turbines or hydraulic actuators. It is only when you fully understand the overwhelming helplessness the government was faced with in the late 40's that you can comprehend their perceived need for a total, thorough and sweeping cover up, to include the use of 'deadly force'.

The cover-up was so successful that as late as 1985 a senior scientist with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, Dr. Al Hibbs, would look at a video tape of an enormous flying saucer and state the record, 'I'm not going to assign anything to that [UFO] phenomena without a lot more data.' Dr. Hibbs was looking at the naked emperor and saying, 'He certainly looks naked, but that doesn't prove he's naked.'

"In July 1952, a panicked government watched helplessly as a squadron of 'flying saucers' flew over Washington, D.C., and buzzed the White House, the Capitol Building, and the Pentagon. It took all the imagination and intimidation the government could muster to force that incident out of the memory of the public. "Thousands of sightings occurred during the Korean war and several more saucers were retrieved by the Air Force. Some were stored at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, some were stored at Air Force bases near the locations of the crash site. One saucer was so enormous and the logistic problems in transportation so enormous that it was buried at the crash site and remains there today. The stories are legendary on transporting crashed saucers over long distances, moving only at night, purchasing complete farms, slashing through forests, blocking major highways, sometimes driving 2 or 3 lo-boys in tandem with an extra-terrestrial load a hundred feet in diameter. (It is alleged that ALPHA or BLUE Teams out of Wright- Patterson AFB were the ones who were most often mobilized to carry out "crash-retrieval" operations. - Branton)

"On April 30, 1964, the first communication [occurred] between these Aliens and the 'U.S. Government'. (Others claim that there was an even earlier contact-communication in 1954 during the Eisenhower administra- tion. - Branton) "During the period of 1969-1971, MJ-12 representing the U.S. Government made a deal with these creatures, called EBE's [Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities, named by Detley Bronk, original MJ-12 member and 6th President of John Hopkins University]. The 'deal' was that in exchange for 'technology' that they would provide to us, we agreed to 'ignore' the abductions that were going on and suppress information on the cattle mutilations. The EBE's assured MJ-12 that the abductions [usually lasting about 2 hours] were merely the ongoing monitoring of developing civilizations.

"In fact, the purposes for the abductions turned out to be:

  1. "The insertion of a 3mm spherical device through the nasal cavity of the abductee into the brain [optic and/or nerve center], the device is used for the biological monitoring, tracking, and control of the abductee.
  2. "Implementation of Post-hypnotic Suggestion to carry out a specific activity during a specific time period, the actuation of which will occur within the next 2 to 5 years.
  3. "Termination of some people so that they could function as living sources for biological material and substances.
  5. "Effect genetic engineering experiments.
  6. "Impregnation of Human females and early termination of pregnancies to secure the crossbreed infant. (Note: Or perhaps a better term for it would be a "genetically altered" infant, since there has been no evidence forthcoming that an actual 'hybrid' between Humans and the 'EBE' or 'Grey' species has been successful. In other words, the offspring would tend to fall to one side or the other, a 'reptilioid' or 'grey' entity possessing no 'soul- energy-matrix', or a Humanoid being possessing such a matrix or soul although somewhat altered genetically in his/her outward physical appearance or characteristics. - Branton).

"The U.S. Government was NOT initially aware of the far reaching consequences of their 'deal'. They were LED to believe that the abductions were essentially benign AND SINCE THEY FIGURED THAT THE ABDUCTIONS WOULD PROBABLY GO ON ANYWAY WHETHER THEY AGREED OR NOT, they merely insisted on a current list of abductees be sub- mitted on a periodic basis to MJ-12 and the National Security Council.

Does this sound incredible? An actual list of abductees sent to the National Security Council? Read on, because I have news for you... "The EBE's have a genetic disorder in that their digestive system is atrophied and not functional... In order to sustain themselves they use enzyme or hormonal secretions obtained from the tissues that they extract from Humans and animals. The secre- tions obtained are then mixed with hydrogen peroxide [to kill germs, viruses, etc.] and applied on the skin by spreading or dipping parts of their bodies in the solution. The body absorbs the solu- tion, then excretes the waste back through the skin. (Urine is also excreted through the skin in this manner, which may explain the ammonia-like STENCH that many abductees or witnesses have reported during encounters with the grey-type 'Aliens'. - Branton).

"The cattle mutilations that were prevalent throughout the period from 1973 to 1983 and publicly noted through newspaper and magazine stories and included a documentary produced by Linda Howe for a Denver CBS affiliate KMGH-TV, were for the collection of these tissues by the Aliens. The mutilations included genitals taken, rectums cored out to the colon, eyes, tongue, and throat all sur- gically removed with extreme precision. In some cases the incisions were made by cutting between the cells, a process we are not yet capable of performing in the field. In many of the mutilations there was no blood found at all in the carcass, yet there was no vascular collapse of the internal organs.

THIS HAS ALSO BEEN NOTED IN THE Human MUTILATIONS, one of the first of which was Sgt. Jonathan P. Lovette at the White Sands Missile Test Range in 1956, who was found three days after an Air Force Major had witnessed his abduction by a 'disk shaped' object at 0300 while on search for missile debris downrange. His genitals had been removed, rectum cored out in a surgically precise 'plug' up to the colon, eyes removed and all blood removed with, again, no vascular collapse. From some of the evidence it is apparent that this surgery is accomplished, in most cases, WHILE THE VICTIM, ANIMAL OR Human, IS STILL ALIVE. (Note: According to former Green Beret commander Bill English, THIS incident was also mentioned in the Above-Top-Secret "GRUDGE / BLUE BOOK REPORT NO. 13" which was never released with the rest of the innocuous and voluminous "Project Blue Book" reports. The "Blue Teams" who were sent on crash-retrieval operations were reportedly working on behalf of the covert branch of the Blue Book operations, and Ufological legend has it that a secret warehouse with multiple underground levels exists at Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio, one which is literally packed with Alien craft, hardware and even Alien bodies 'on ice'. Wright Patterson was -- and is? -- the headquarters of Project Blue Book. - Branton)


Baby Greys in Solution




"By 1984, MJ-12 must have been in stark terror at the mistake they had made in dealing with the EBE's. They had subtly promoted 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' and 'E.T.' to get the public used to 'odd-looking' Aliens that were compassionate, benevolent and very much our 'space brothers'. MJ-12 'sold' the EBE's to the public, and were now faced with the fact THAT QUITE THE OPPOSITE WAS TRUE. In addition, a plan was formulated in 1968 to make the public aware of the existence of Aliens on earth over the next 20 years to be culminated with several documentaries to be released during 1985-1987 period of time. These documentaries would explain the history and intentions of the EBE's. The discovery of the 'GRAND DECEPTION' put the entire plans, hopes and dreams of MJ-12 into utter confusion and panic.

"Meeting at the 'Country Club', a remote lodge with private golf course, comfortable sleeping and working quarters, and its own private airstrip built by and exclusively for the members of MJ-12, it was a factional fight of what to do now. PART OF MJ-12 WANTED TO CONFESS THE WHOLE SCHEME AND SHAMBLES IT HAD BECOME, TO THE PUBLIC, BEG THEIR FORGIVENESS AND ASK FOR THEIR SUPPORT. The other part [the majority] of MJ-12 argued that there was no way they could do that, that the situation was untenable and there was no use in exciting the public with the 'horrible truth,' and that the best plan was to continue the development of a weapon that could be used against the EBE's under the guise of 'SDI', the Strategic Defense Initiative--which had nothing whatsoever to do with a defense for inbound Russian nuclear missiles.

As these words are being written, Dr. Edward Teller, 'father' of the H-Bomb is personally in the test tunnels of the Nevada Test Site, driving his workers and associates in the words of one, 'like a man possessed'. And well he should, for Dr. Teller is a member of MJ-12 along with Dr. Kissinger, Admiral Bobby Inman, and possibly Admiral Poindexter, to name a few of the current members of MJ-12.

"Before the 'Grand Deception' was discovered and according to a meticulous plan for metered release of information to the public, several documentaries and video tapes were made. William Moore, a Burbank, California, based UFO researcher who wrote 'The Roswell Incident' -- a book published in 1980 that detailed the crash, recovery and subsequent cover-up of a UFO with 4 Alien bodies -- has a video tape of 2 newsmen interviewing a military officer asso- ciated with MJ-12. This military officer answers questions relating to the history of MJ-12 and the cover-up, the recovery of a number of flying saucers and the existence of a live Alien [one of 3 living Aliens captured and designated, or named, EBE-1, EBE-2, and EBE-3, being held in a facility designated as YY-II at Los Alamos, New Mexico. The only other facility of this type, which is electro- magnetically secure, is at Edwards Air Force Base in Mojave, Calif.]. The officer names as previously mentioned plus a few others: Harold Brown, Richard Helms, Gen. Vernon Walters, JPL's Dr. Allen and Dr. Theodore van Karman, to name a few of the current and past members of MJ-12. The officer also relates the fact that the EBE's claim to have created Christ. The EBE's have a type of recording device that has recorded all of Earth's history and can display it in the form of a hologram. This hologram can be filmed but because of the way holograms work does not come out very clear on movie film or video tape. The crucifixion of Christ on the Mount of Olives (this actually took place on the hill Calvary, not the Mt. of Olives - Branton) has allegedly been put on film to show the public. The EBE's 'claim' to have created Christ, which IN VIEW OF THE 'GRAND DECEPTION' COULD BE AN EFFORT TO DISRUPT TRADITIONAL VALUES FOR UNDETERMINED REASONS.

"Another video tape allegedly in existence is an interview with an EBE. Since EBE's communicate telepathically (via psionic crystalline transceiver-like implants that link the Grays together into a mass collective-hive-mind - Branton), an Air Force Colonel serves as interpreter. Just before the recent stock market correction in October of 1987, several newsmen, including Bill Moore, had been invited to Washington D.C., to personally film the EBE in a similar type interview, and distribute the film to the public. Apparently, because of the cor- rection in the market, it was felt the timing was not propitious. In any case, it certainly seems like an odd method to inform the public of extra-terrestrials, but it would be in keeping with the actions of A PANICKED ORGANIZATION WHO AT THIS POINT IN TIME DOESN'T KNOW WHICH WAY TO TURN.

"Moore is also in possession of more Aquarius documents, a few pages of which leaked out several years ago and detailed the supersecret NSA project which had been denied by them until just recently. In a letter to Senator John Glenn, NSA's Director of Policy, Julia B. Wetzel, wrote, 'Apparently there is or was an Air Force project with the name [Aquarius] which dealt with UFO's. Coincidentally, there is also an NSA project by that name.' NSA's project AQUARIUS deals specifically with 'communications with the Aliens' [EBE's]. Within the Aquarius program was project 'Snowbird', a project to test-fly a recovered Alien aircraft at Groom Lake, Nevada. This project continues tday at that location.

In the words of an individual who works at Groom Lake, 'Our people are much better at taking things apart than they are at putting them back together.' ... Moore, who claims he has a contact with MJ-12, feels that they have been stringing him along, slipping him documents and providing him with leads, promising to go public with some of the information on extra-terrestrials by the end of 1987. "Certain of Moore's statements lead one to believe that Moore himself is a government agent working for MJ-12, not to be strung alone, but to string along ever hopeful UFOlogists that the truth is just around the corner.


  1. "Moore states emphatically that he is not a government agent, although when Lee Graham [a Southern California based UFOlogist] was investigated by DIS [Defense Investigative Service] for posses- sion of classified documents received from Moore, Moore himself was not.
  2. "Moore states emphatically that the cattle mutilations of 1973- 1983 were a hoax by Linda Howe [producer of 'A Strange Harvest'] to create publicity for herself. He cites the book 'Mute Evidence' as the bottom line of the hoax. 'Mute Evidence' was a government sponsored book to explain the mutilations in conventional terms.
  3. "Moore states that the U.S.A.F. Academy physics book, 'Intro- ductory Space Science', vol. II chapter 13, entitled 'Unidentified Flying Objects', which describes four of the most commonly seen Aliens [one of which is the EBE] was written by Lt. Col. Edward R. Therkelson and Major Donald B. Carpenter--Air Force personnel who did not know what they were talking about and were merely citing 'crackpot' references. He, Moore, states that the book was withdrawn to excise the chapter. "If the government felt they were being forced to acknowledge the existence of Aliens on Earth because of the overwhelming evidence such as the October and November sightings in Wytheville, Va., and recently released books such as 'Night Siege' [Hynek, J. Allen; Imbrogno, Phillip J.; Pratt, Bob: NIGHT SIEGE, Ballantine Books, Random House, New York], and taking into consid- eration the 'grand deception' AND OBVIOUSLY HOSTILE INTENT OF THE EBE'S, it might be expedient for MJ-12 to admit the EBE's but conceal the information on the mutilations and abductions.

    If MJ-12 and Moore were in some kind of agreement, then it would be beneficial to Moore to tow the party line. For example, MJ-12 would say... 'here are some more genuine documents... but remember... no talking about the mutilations or abductions'. This would be beneficial to Moore as it would supply the evidence to support his theory that E.T.'s exist but deny the truths about E.T.'s. However, if Moore was indeed working for MJ-12, he would follow the party line anyway... admitting the E.T.'s but pooh poohing mutilations and abductions. If working alone, Moore might not even be aware of the 'grand decep- tion'.

    "Now you ask, 'Why haven't I heard any of this?' Who do you think you would hear it from? Dan Rather? Tom Brokaw? Sam Donaldson? Wrong. These people just read the news, they don't find it. They have ladies who call and interview witnesses and verify statements on stories coming over the wire [either AP or UPI]. It's not like Dan Rather would go down to Wytheville, Virginia, and dig into why there were FOUR THOUSAND reported sightings in October and November of 1987. Better Tom Brokaw or someone else should risk their credibility on this type of story. Tom Brokaw? Tom wants Sam Donaldson to risk his credibility. No one, but no one, is going to risk their neck on such outlandish ideas, regardless of how many people report sightings of 900 foot objects running them off the road. In the case of the Wytheville sightings, dozens of vans with NASA lettered on the side failed to interest newsmen. And those that asked questions were informed that NASA was doing a weather survey.

    Let's just take a look at some actual statements from those involved with these projects. The following is a quote from Matt Spetalnick's article, "IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? NASA LOOKS FOR REAL ET'S", in REUTERS Magazine, Oct. 5, 1992: "At least 70 times scientists have picked up radio waves that bore the marks of communication by beings from other worlds, but they were never verified, [Frank] Drake said." And researcher John Spencer, in a reference to Dr. Otto Strove, tells how this astrophysicist assisted Frank Drake in establishing Project OZMA, and it's very mysterious conclusion: "...the project began its search by focusing on the star TAU CETI. According to claims made at the time, AS SOON AS the project got underway STRONG INTELLIGENT SIGNALS were picked up, leaving all the scientists stunned. Abruptly, Dr. Strove then declared Project OZMA had been shut down, and commented that there was no sensible purpose for listening to messages from another world." [THE UFO ENCYCLOPEDIA].

    So then, these 'insiders' will accept ALL of our hard-earned tax dollars to finance their radio projects -- if not their underground bases and covert space operations. Yet cursed be any 'mere mortal' for having the audacity to actually insist on having access to the products of their 'financial investments'! - Branton) "When four sit down to conspire, three are fools and the fourth is a government agent." -- Duncan Lunan

    "The flying disks are real." -- General Nathan Twining.

    "According to Mr. ...informant, the saucers were found in New Mexico due to the fact that the Government has a very high-powered radar setup in that area and it is believed that the radar [EM beams] interferes with the controlling mechanism of the saucers...each one of the three saucers were occupied by three bodies of Human SHAPE, but only 3 feet tall, dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture." -- FBI Memo from agent Guy Hottel., Washington Field Office., sent to Director, FBI., March 22, 1950


    "He believes that because of the developments of science all the countries on earth will have to unite to survive and to make a common front against attack by 'people' from other planets." -- Mayor Achille Lauro of Naples, quoting General Douglas MacArthur in the NEW YORK TIMES, Saturday October 8, 1955. p.7.


    Researcher Jim Bennett, in a letter to Jacques Vallee dated Jan. 15, 1992, made some startling disclosures in regards to the Alien situation and the Dulce, N.M. base in particular. It is my belief that even if there is a fascist-CIA cabal trying to establish a world dictatorship using the 'threat' of an Alien invasion to foment world government, that the 'threat' may be real all the same. It is also possible that the 'Bavarians' may be working with very REAL Aliens in an end-game designed to establish a world government using this 'threat' as an excuse to do so, although when the world is under 'their' control the Illuminati may betray the Human race by turning much of the global government control-system over to the Grey Aliens [the Beast?].

    The Aliens may have been collaborating with the Bavarians for a very long time as part of their agenda to implement absolute electronic control over the inhabitants of planet earth. One source, an Area 51 worker -- and member of a secret Naval Intelligence group called COM-12 -- by the name of Michael Younger, stated that the Bavarian Black Nobility [secret societies] have agreed to turn over three-quarters of the planet to the Greys if they could retain 25 percent for themselves and have access to Alien mind-control technology. The Aliens would assist in the abduction, programming and implanting of people throughout the world in preparation for a New World Order -- which in turn would be annexed to the Alien empire. Apparently some top-echelon Bavarians have agreed to this, since they realize that they NEED the Alien mind- control and implant technology in order to carry out their plans for world domination. (NOTE: Although Dan Burisch states that the Tau-9 Treaty with EBES is being negotiated, he gives none of the stipulations. In the present atmosphere of Human intimidation and genocide, I postu- late that the above paragraph must indeed articulate the conditions which the Tau-9 Treaty will force on our Planet's peoples, except if Divine Intervention, natural forces, other parties get involved. We the people are toast, cattle, chattel and slaves to a New World Order system that literally reverts Humanity back to medieval means and methods--thanks to MJ12 never having told us all the Truth.)

    In his lengthy letter, Jim Bennett, director of the research organi- zation 'PLANET-COM', writes: "...1947 brought the passage of the National Security Act, the start of the NAZI GERMINATED CIA and NSA. The influx of at least a hundred Nazi scientists, engineers, etc., into the United States and Canada. (Note: Other sources claim that eventually over 3000 Nazi S.S. agents entered the U.S. in this manner. NOT just former Nazis but ACTIVE Nazi SS's who still maintained national socialist philosophy and agendas they intended to carry through on to their planned conclusion. They were given refuge within the military-industrial complex with the help of members of the Bavarian-based black gnostic -- serpent worshipping -- lodges in America such as the Jesuit-spawned Scottish Rite and related lodges who control the oil-military-industrial complex.

    The leaders of the Military-Industrial Complex or M.I.C. not only gave these fascists refuge following the war, but also financed the Nazi war machine itself during the second world war. - Branton).

    "A Nazi aeronautical engineer, a certain Herr Mieth -- who designed four different types of saucer shaped craft by 1943 using either rocket power or DONUT CONFIGURATION jet turbine engines, with the cabin stabilized by gyro, the compressors rotating in one direction and the expansion chambers and vectored exhausts rotating in the opposite direction -- was traced to Canada in 1947 and began work for the A.V.Roe company [Avroe disk]. The phony AVROE 'aircar' was definitely to disinform the press as to the real projects underway underground in Canada.

    "The eight mile long train that went out of Austria in 1945 [672 traincars!], to the coast of Brittany, the contents loaded on board SHIPS, eventually end[ed] up underground in Southwestern Canada. At the same time over 100 prefab factory buildings were shipped from England to British Columbia. ... the Nazis had everything before any other country, they had radar in 1933, they had infra-red sensors, heavy water, etc., etc.

    (NOTE: Know WHY the Nazis got all this? Because their way of Elitist race-culling is common to the Annunaki race, technologically superior, physical stronger than the Greys, who come from the Sirius system. The way was prepared telepathically by Bavarians and the Theosophy movement, for eugenic control of population through endow- ments by the Rockefeller Foundation on the false accusation that this planet is over-populated which is isn't and never was.)

    We have been told lie after lie in terms of who invented these things. If anyone in the world had access to 'Alien' technology it was the... 'Aryans' [Nazis]. Their metallurgy and casting were flawed or they would have conquered the world. As you probably know, many expatriate Nazis were given carte blanche--new IDs--and were included in [the] startup of more than several departments of the CIA in 1947, Depart- ments including 'genetics and cloning' [with some of the same 'doctors' who had given death camp residents gangrene, etc.] 'designer drugs and mind control' using the same scientists who had designed Methadone and Methedrine for Hitler's maniac efforts.

    In 1952, a public stir caused the CIA to shuffle these fab fellows out of town. My guess is to various underground centers that were being built. "...I have talked to Paul Bennewitz at length, several times. On his behalf, you only tell people how they drove him nuts, not why. I ask myself why would you leave out that reason why they sent him reeling? (Here Bennett is addressing Jacques Vallee con- cerning his book 'REVELATIONS' - Branton) Paul a pilot, he flew over the Dulce area numerous times on his way between Albuquerque and Denver. He took many pictures of the construction going on, and according to Paul, he also took pictures of circular craft on the ground at this site which, as late as 1973 according to him, had large hanger doors much the same as Lazar's second hand explanation about the doors at S-4. [All the stuff from Area 51 and 'S-4' having to do with inertial mass cancellation was moved to an area NEAR ST. GEORGE, UTAH]. The most revealing photos and their negatives dis- appeared in about 1975 when various 'fringe UFO experts' visited Paul. Also, his house was burglarized and ransacked more than once. In later years Moore, Shandera, and Torme made a meaningless tour of Dulce when they went on to Albuquerque [the real reason for their travels] to see if there was any more evidence of serious conse- quence still in Paul's possession that they could grab; and sure enough, he was missing some photos when they left his house. If you even talked to Bennewitz, you would have gotten a lot closer to having a 'revelation'... "The 'waste' from the underground bio-genetic lab [no Aliens involved, although that is where we Humans produce the short lived, big-eyed, big-headed imitation 'Aliens'] comes out in the river canyon about TEN MILES BELOW Navajo Dam... (Note: An alternative scenario to the above would be that reptiloid grey 'Aliens' ARE involved -- AS WELL AS biogenetically constructed beings developed by Illuminati-Thule-CIA- backed scientists working in the Dulce facility - Branton)

    ... although these days they 'treat' it a lot more before letting their 'grey'-water back into the environment. This base and others are of course connected by tunnels to Los Alamos. The Archuleta Mesa installation rivals Pine Gap at Alice Springs, Australia for security, etc. Every U.S. Air Force base has a so-called 'bolt-hole' and is connected to this bolt-hole by tunnel...

    "A group of 21 people led by an individual we will call Rick, went to Area 51 in 1989 in a small bus to watch 'saucers'. They were stopped on 'mail-box road' by two individuals carrying automatic weapons and wearing camo togs. One individual popped a can of 'gas' in the aisle of the bus, and that's all for three hours. When they came to their senses, they cut their trip short and returned to L.A. The five persons got separately regressed using hypnotic regressors that did not know one another, and found that during the lost time their memories had repressed similar events. They had been marched off the bus, taken in jeeps to a building nearby, and had their lives threatened by military personnel...

    "In the U.S., the group that runs the 'Alien abduction scam' can only use some of the hardiest of these short lived bio-genetic bad luck stories--short-lived because they have no digestive tract and can survive only about two weeks maximum after they are removed from the growing matrix; then they deteriorate and die. They have no 'soul' and are not considered 'sentient beings' by Tibetan Buddhists." (Note: One might ask, why would they bother? The REPTILIAN Grays, the 'cloned' branch -- although in addition to the 'clones' there are also apparently the 'polyembryons' and 'egg-layers' -- reportedly have no digestive tract and thus intake 'food' and excrete waste through the skin. Jim Bennett may have just assumed that, since they have no digestive tract they had no way of taking-in 'food', and that they were therefore government creations which die after two weeks of starving. We grant however that Bennett is right in that -- according to the DULCE PAPERS -- Human and cattle DNA may be used to develop "Almost Humans" and other unnatural living forms - Branton)

    "...The army's mind control unit must take well deserved credit for the veterans who seemingly go suddenly crazy, killing many people and then themselves. The most recent event in Killeen, Texas was planned for the day BEFORE a Congressional vote on gun control, hoping to influence Congress with yet another mass automatic killing. Handlers [psychiatrists] at each perpetrators's local Veterans Hospital are involved in each and every case of these mass killings/suicides. Prozac is also involved with each case having been prescribed by the aforementioned 'handlers' in each and every case--the fellow in Canada who killed 12 women at a women's college, the fellow in Stockton, California schoolyard, etc. etc..." (NOTE: These are the Manchurian Candidates sent into the world to create terror and intimidation in our people and our nation by fascist handlers in the Black Ops.)


    Sirhan Sirhan, the man who was convicted of murdering Senator Robert Kennedy, had a psychiatrist by the name of 'Dr. Diamond' who main- tained CIA-fascist connections. Also Sirhan's attorney Grant Cooper, who seemingly made very little effort to defend Sirhan, had CIA- fascist ties as well, leading some to believe that Sirhan was used as a hypno-programmed "Manchurian Candidate" by a fascist cabal, a cabal that murdered not only Robert Kennedy but also his brother, President John F. Kennedy as well.

    Following World War II over 2,000 German 'immigrants' to the U.S. became members of the American Psychiatric Association, which was involved in GUN CONTROL lobbying. In light the collaboration between Bavarian Thule Society and the Bavarian Illuminati and the influx of Thule-backed fifth-column Nazi SS agents into U.S. Intell--with the help of Illuminati-backed Oil barrens like the German-immigrant Aryan-supremacist Rockefellers and their corporate oil-chemical empires [EXXON, ARCO, ZAPATA, etc.]; and in light of the deadly intent of both 'Bavarian' societies to establish a "New World Order" as Adolph Hitler laid out in his second book "The New World Order", one has to wonder WHY so many German nationals would join an association that dealt directly with the study of people's MINDS?

    This is not to say that Germans themselves are to blame, it is rather the German-Bavarian FASCISTS who are behind the New World Order agenda, and especially the Satanist Germanic Black Nobility families who claim direct descent from the early leaders of the [un]Holy Roman Empire of Germany that rose from a remnant of the Roman Empire and kept Europe in an iron grip throughout the Dark Ages. These were the "13 families" who had ruled vast financial empires in Europe for nearly 1500 years. They are once again taking control of the world as they attempted to do with World Wars I and II, provoke a global war that will result in the massive 'de-population' of Blacks, Asians, Jews, Slavs, and many others -- excepting of course for the 'Aryan elite' class. In essence, they intend to finish what Adolph Hitler set out to accomplish. The threat then is from 'Nazism' or National 'Socialism', whether it be European, British or American or whether it be political, corporate or occult National Socialism.


    Norio Hayakawa is the head of the 'CIVILIAN INTELLIGENCE NETWORK' [P.O. Box 599., Gardena, CA 80248]. Mr. Hayakawa was one of several individuals, including a Japanese film crew from the NIPPON Television Network in Japan, who witnessed and video-taped "a flight maneuver of a brightly lit orange-yellowish light making extremely unorthodox flight patterns, including sudden acceleration, descension and ascen- sion -- possibly exerting a force of multiple g's under extremely limited space and time -- and even zig-zag type movements, while on a field trip to an area just outside of 'Area 51' in Nevada on Wednesday, February 21, 1990" [There were approximately 25-to-28 individuals in the group who also witnessed the display.] His brother-in-law Itsuro Isokawa also photographed the object as it was in flight. With over 30 years of in-depth UFO investigative experi- ence, Norio was instrumental in the subsequent production of a two- hour documentary program televised throughout Japan on March 24, 1990. The entire program dealt with Area 51 and also the crew's pursuit of an alleged biogenetics laboratory in New Mexico, that is, the DULCE facility. It is his contention that what could only be described as "...highly intelligent and deceptive 'ultradimensional entities' materializing in disguise as 'Aliens', are collaborating with a secret 'world government' that is preparing (barring unexpected circumstances - Branton) to ingeniously 'stage' a contact-landing...to bring about a 'New World Order'."

    (Note: This Alien-Bavarian collaboration is apparently feigning ani- mosity with one another by pushing for global government so that the world can join together to "fight the Aliens". As in Vietnam and Korea where the Socialist leaders of the United Nations Organization were playing both sides of the chessboard, any war waged by the "New World Order" against the Grays will no doubt be a no-win conflict that will only serve to reduce the population of the planet, which is after all, part and parcel of the overall Draconian-Bavarian global agenda.

    Another possibility that has been suggested is that the Grays will be made out to be the good guys who need 'our' help to break free from the tall Reptiloids and their empire that had conquered them in the past, or visa versa. Actually the collaboration between Reptiloids and Grays has been undertaken with the full consent of both sides, and behind the scenes collectivist Reptiloids, Insectoids, Grays and Bavarian secret society lodges are all working together. Many scenarios are possible... however the important thing to remember is that ANY war waged against the Reptilian Grays that threatens the American Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitu- tion and the Bill of Rights is merely playing into the hands of Aliens, either way you look at it.

    International 'cooperation' in a common defense against an Alien threat should be considered SO LONG AS the national sovereignty of individual nations are not violated in the process. All nations should learn to be self-supporting and not be tempted to succumb to a global economic system -- and therefore a global political system in which money and politics are more or less synonymous. ... In this world, those who control the money CONTROL the governments. Also, independent economies prevent all nations from falling like dominoes if an economic collapse does occur.

    (A target of any future attack against an outside 'threat' to a nation's security should not be extended ONLY to Aliens NOR exclusively against Human conspirators or tyrants; but the target of any future conflict -- in regards to planetary or national defense of Human and civil rights -- should be directed specifically at those 'areas' where collaboration and interaction between Alien infiltrators AND Human collaborators are taking place... for instance, militarized totalitarian areas such as the underground 'joint-interaction' bases of Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica; Pine Gap, Australia; Alsace-Lorraine Mts. area of France-Germany; and of course and probably by far the worst of all, the underground mega-complex below DULCE, NEW MEXICO--where the most degraded and cruel lifeforms this universe has to offer seemingly congregate, conceive and carry out vicious atrocities against their victims who have been taken out of their families, homes and communities and abducted to the base permanantly. Implant-programmed victims existing beyond the confines of their base are nevertheless forced to exist in 'psychological' concentration camps imposed on them against their will by 'collaboration'. - Branton)

    Somebody is going to have to defend Human and civil rights against predatory races in control of this planet. Bavarians introducing perverted sex practices in order to wrest control over populations simply revert civil and familuy "cultures" to barbarism, concealed. Indeed, every civilization so man-handled falls back into tyranny and dictatorship. "Consent of the governed" is invariably trampled by a regime that places a cheap price on life itself--as Annunakis, Satanists, Luciferians, Federalists, Leo Straussians, Fascists, Elitists and Nazis always do.

    Furthermore, Norio Hayakawa contends that the 'GRAND DECEPTION' ... will immediately follow a rapid series of shocking, incredible events in succession, beginning with a Russia-backed Arab Confederacy's attempt to invade Israel, simultaneous worldwide earthquakes, worldwide stock market crash and a sudden, mysterious 'evacuation' of a segment of the planets population--all of which will culminate in a quick official formation of a New World Order [based in Europe] that will last for seven years upon its inception."

    These are the events to which we have become witnesses in 2005, in the exact prescribed order in which these were predicted. Surprise! The Adversary has only been telling us of his designs for 400 years!

    (Note: It is interesting that George Washington's famous 'vision' at Valley Forge accurately predicted the Revolutionary and Civil wars and their outcome, and also a 'third trial' through which America must pass... an air, ground and sea invasion of the America's by a World Order which will have conquered all of Asia, Africa and Europe. Depending on how one interprets the prophecies of Revelation, this siege will last for either 3-1/2 or 7 years and will end with an American victory aided by Divine Intervention.

    (I personally believe that America is the 'wilderness' spoken of in the 12th chapter of the book of Revelation. Since the world empire will last no longer than 7 years according to the books of DANIEL and REVELATION, the invasion/siege of America must also not exceed 7 years, although I suspect that it will be closer to 3-1/2 years. Also, Washington's vision combined with other prophetic sources seem to imply that those who are living west of the Mississippi river at this time will be far better off then those in the 'occupied' zone east of the Mississippi. If General Washington's vision was accurate, then the ultimate outcome of the battle is not the question. The real question is HOW MANY Americans -- North-Central-South Americans -- will survive through to the final victory? - Branton)

    Norio also explains that the 'Grand Deception' and the shocking series of events will "...put millions and millions of people worldwide in an absolute stupor for months during which time a special, extremely effective, multi-leveled 'mind control' program will be activated to calm down the stunned populace..." Hayakawa has himself appeared on Japanese television, has lectured considerably, has appeared on a radio station in Phoenix, Arizona, and has been the subject of an article in the ARIZONA REPUBLIC; he has published articles in 'U.S. Japanese Business News' [March, 1990], was the guest on a Japanese talk show in March and April of 1990, and also appeared on the Billy Goodman 'Happening' on KVEG of Las Vegas several times in early 1990; in 1995 he made dramatic appearances on Art Bell's DREAMLAND broadcast. He was also interviewed on the Anthony J. Hilder Show on "Radio Free America" aired in Anchorage, Alaska, during all of which he spoke extensively about his interesting beliefs concerning the origin and nature of UFO's.

    In a letter dated January 28, 1991, Norio added the following comments concerning the 'Dulce' facility and its possible connection with the 'Mystery of Iniquity' of Bible prophecy: "...I've been to Dulce with the Nippon Television Network crew and interviewed many, many people over there and came back with the firm conviction that something was happening around 10 to 15 years ago over there, including nightly sightings of strange lights and appearances of military jeeps and trucks. And I am convinced that the four corners area is a highly occult area. The only stretch of highway, namely Highway 666, runs through the four corners area from southeast Arizona to North-western New Mexico and up [and into SW Colorado and SE Utah]. I have also heard that this Highway 666 came into existence around 1947 or 1948, fairly close to the time of 1947, the modern-day beginning of OVERT UFO APPEARANCE, i.e. the Kenneth Arnold incident, and coincidentally or not, the establishment of Israel in 1948."

    (Norio believes that the establishment of the nation of Israel in 1948 began the 'countdown' to the final apocalypse -- see Revelation chapter 12, for instance. - Branton)

    The following is a transcript of parts of a speech presented by Mr. Hayakawa at the 11th 'LOS ANGELES WHOLE LIFE EXPO' held at The Los Angeles Airport Hilton Convention Center on November 16 and 17, 1991. The transcript from which we will quote is a revised and expanded version of the address or lecture written on June of 1992 and titled: 'UFO'S, THE GRAND DECEPTION AND THE COMING NEW WORLD ORDER':

    "...AREA 51 is located in the northeastern corner of a vast, desolate stretch of land known as the Nevada Test Site [a large portion of which includes the Nellis Air Force Test Range] but has practically nothing to do with underground nuclear testing. It is located approxi- mately 125 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas and consists of Groom Lake and Papoose Lake Complexes. The presently expanding eastern por- tion of the latter complexes is known as the S-4 site.

    "This entire area is under the strictest control of Airspace R-4808N [with unlimited 'ceiling'], prohibiting any entry therein of air traffic, civilian or military, unless special clearance for such entry is secured well in advance. By land, the area is meticulously patrolled 24-hours a day by several tiers of external security even though it is conven- iently 'covered' by the... Jumbled Hills [...which cover north of the Papoose Lake area], making it virtually impossible for anyone to see the facilities without first climbing atop the hills of the rugged mountain range, off-limits to the public since 1985.

    "The main external perimeter security is now being handled by Wackenhut Special Securities Division, part of the operations of Wackenhut Corporation, a worldwide semi-private security firm based in Coral Gables, Florida which has an exclusive contract with the U.S. Department of Energy and handles not only the perimeter security at the Nevada Test Site but also at many other secret facilities and sensitive installations throughout the U.S. and U.S. interests worldwide, including ground-level perimeters for several large underground facilities in and around Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California.

    "It is also important to mention that dozens of unmanned, miniature- sized remote-controlled automatic security vehicles constantly patrol the immediate perimeters of the S-4 Site, located around [and presently expanding particularly towards the eastern portion of] Papoose Lake. These automatic, miniature sized four-wheel vehicles have been produced by Sandia Laboratories of Albuquerque, New Mexico exclusively for the Department of Energy. ... The outer northeastern perimeters of this area located in the Tickaboo Valley come under the geographical juris- diction of Lincoln County and are relegated to the Bureau of Land Management [B.L.M.]. Yet it is considered highly inadvisable for anyone to even enter the main country dirt road, known as the Groom Road, which begins its southwestern extension towards Groom Lake from a point midway between mile marker 34 and 33 on Highway 375, and leads to the guard shack located two and a half miles northeast of the Groom Lake complexes. ... The first line of exterior security forces [dressed in military-type camo uniforms but with no insignia of any kind whatsoever] consists of the GP patrols [the 'Groom Proper' patrols, in Bronco-type four-wheel drive vehicles] who sometimes drive around at night with their lights off on various country dirt roads adjacent to the outer demilitarized zone, intimidating any civilian vehicle that tries to enter those access roads [off of Highway 375] located on public land. The GP patrols themselves [part of Wackenhut Special Securities Division], however, are strictly ordered to avoid any direct contact with civilians. They are only instructed to radio the Lincoln County Sheriff immediately should anyone be spotted driving on any of those dirt roads. The most common radio frequency used between Security Control and Lincoln County Sheriff's patrols is 138.306 MHZ. "...The only area 'allowed' by the Sheriff for such curiosity seekers to 'congregate' is an open area near a black mailbox located at the south side of Highway 375 between mile marker 29 and 30. Even then, the Sheriff patrol will routinely stop by during the evening to check on the cars parked at the mailbox area. ... Moreover, it is our understanding, based on information provided by a highly reliable source connected to a special U.S. Navy SEAL operations center, that the mailbox area is constantly being monitored by high-powered, state-of-the-art, infra-red telescopes set up at a facility known as Security Control high atop Bald Mountain [10 miles west of the area], the highest peak in the Groom Mountain Range. ... It was precisely at 4:45 a.m. on the morning of Thursday, April 16, 1992, that an NBC news crew, dis- patched to the area to report on the landing of an alleged super spy-plane known as Aurora on Groom Lake, accidentally succeeded in video-taping the first flight [which we have been calling the 'Old Faithful'] of [a] mysterious object while standing at the mailbox area and looking due south toward Jumbled Hills. The footage, taken with a night-scope vision camera, was broadcast nationally on NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw on April 20, 1992. The NBC News reported that it had video-taped a test flight of a new U.S. aerial craft that had definitely defied the laws of physics, and that the news team may thus have taken the first glimpse of the other 'deep black' projects [aside from the Aurora project] being conducted within the confines of the top-secret facility. ... Also in regards to the ongoing program, it is to be noted that usually a day or two prior to significant test flights [i.e., only if the test flight is a significant one, by whatever measure known only to the installation] a vehicle-traffic counter is laid on Highway 93, at approximately a mile and a half north of Ash Springs, right before the juncture of Highway 375. The other counter is set up about a half mile or so west upon entering Highway 375. The obvious question is: in such desolate, less-traveled areas of Nevada, why should there be such traffic counters installed on undivided, lonely highways? It is now my belief that the number of cars being registered that head out west on Highway 375 at such times [particularly in 'clusters', such as caravans] is relayed to several of the security posts at AREA 51, including the main observation post high atop the previously men- tioned Bald Mountain. However, it is very possible that they may now have more sophisticated devices for registering the number of vehicles going through the area. ...

    The February 21, 1990, expedition was instrumental in the subsequent production of a two-hour documentary program entitled 'Saturday Super Special' televised throughout Japan on March 24, 1990, which was seen by more than 28 million viewers on prime time. The entire program dealt with AREA 51 and also the crew's pursuit of an alleged biogenetics laboratory thought to be located just outside of DULCE, a tiny town in northwestern New Mexico, about 95 miles northwest of Los Alamos. ... The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory ... seems to have a Parapsychology Research Unit that coordinates its research activities with DARPA [the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency]. It is my under- standing that some of their activities conducted under the auspices of the Office of Naval Intelligence are being held at locations such as AREA 51. ... ELF [extremely low frequency] wave-emitting devices, scalar machines, electromagnetic beam weapons and highly-defined hologramic projections are just a few examples of the many new types of mind-control 'weaponry' that the government seems to have devel- oped in the past three decades or so.

    Newest researches on special types of hallucinatory and memory-tampering drugs are part of a growing 'arsenal' that the U.S. Naval Intelligence boasts to have developed in its own Parapsychology - Mind Control Unit. ... According to recent information provided to me by a highly reliable informant within a special operations group of the Department of the Navy [D.O.N.], two of the most widely used devices will be R.H.I.C. [Radio Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Control] and E.D.O.M. [Electronic Dissolution of Memory]. The first of the two, Radio Hypnotic Intra- Cerebral Control, calls for the implantation of a very small, elec- tronic, micro-radio receiver. It acts as a Stimulator which will stimulate a muscle or electronic brain response. This, in turn, can set off a 'Hypno-programmed' cue in the victim or subject, which would illicit a pre-conditioned behavior. The second one, Electronic Dissolution of Memory, calls for remotely-controlled production within the brain of Acetyl-Choline which blocks transmission of nerve impulses in the brain resulting in a sort of Selective Amnesia. According to this source, in the hands of certain units within the intell community, both of these methods are ALREADY BEGINNING TO BE USED!

    "An amazing article appeared in the Los Angeles Times on May 12, 1992, announcing that Caltech scientists have recently discovered and con- firmed the presence of 'tiny magnetic particles in the brains of Humans, similar to those that have heretofore been found in other animals.' [L.A. TIMES, Section A, page 3]. According to the Caltech esearchers, it is now an undeniable fact that every Human brain con- tains a tiny natural magnetite particle, even from the time of concep- tion. Could the government, particularly the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, have known this fact for a long time? The answer definitely seems to be in the affirmative! ... It is interesting also to note that as of this writing, many turquoise-colored antenna-towers with triangular configurations on top, are beginning to be constructed along key areas near the freeway systems of many U.S. cities, particu- larly proliferating the Los Angeles and Orange County areas of California. According to several reports, these antenna-towers are presently being used as relay towers for the increasing networks of cellular telephone systems and are being operated by such firms as Pacific Bell and Telesis. Yet the most interesting aspect of the constructions of these strange antenna-towers is that there are increasing reports that the Department of Defense is somehow involved in this operation. The frequency waves being utilized in the cellular telephone communications are, according to several researchers, strikingly close to the range of frequency waves used in several ELF emission and microwave experiments of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory as well as D.A.R.P.A., the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

    Will these towers be utilized throughout the nation? ... In the mean- time, government-sponsored genetics researchers and bio-technology experts at New Mexico's Los Alamos National Laboratory are said to be conducting in-depth studies not only on the total effects of mind-control upon Human behavioral patterns but also on its possible applications relative to such areas as genetics engineering and exploration of the Human genome. (This may be of special interest considering the news in early 1997 out of Edinburgh, Scotland, of the successful cloning of an adult Ewe lamb. There are some who contend that certain technological breakthroughs are allowed to leak out into the public domain only after that technology has been harnessed and used for years by the secret scientific fraternities who serve the agendas of the military-industrial 'elite'. This information also anticipates the work of Dan Burisch for DARPA, that is now extensively documented on the Net--to map the Ganesh Particle, fundamental of life itself.)

    (It is interesting that following the announcement of this discovery a Jesuit priest made the rounds of talk shows defending this 'new' science and advocating the various 'benefits' that it could provide. It is interesting that Adam Weishaupt who founded the Bavarian Illuminati was a Jesuit; and it is also interesting that the Scottish Rite of Masonry originally had its origin within the Jesuit college of Clermont in France. - Branton)

    "A large underground genetics laboratory is thought to be located just outside of DULCE, a tiny town in the midst of the Jicarilla- Apache Indian Reservation located about 95 miles northwest of Los Alamos and 100 miles east of [the] sinister-sounding Highway 666, the only stretch of highway in the U.S. with that designation and the only highway that links the four states of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. ... Perhaps it may just be a pure 'coincidence' that this highway -- befittingly named Highway 666, which originated in southeast Arizona and goes up north -- cuts into northwestern New Mexico, right near the Four Corners area, an area that happens to have one of the most consistently concentrated UFO sighting reports in the country since around 1947. This entire Four Corners area, especially northwestern New Mexico and southwestern Colorado [even extending, for that matter, to the entire southern tip of the state] also has had some of the most concentrated reports of unexplained cattle mutilations in the nation during the late seven- ties and early eighties. Was something covertly taking place in those areas? "Even though we could not locate the alleged under- ground genetics laboratory in Dulce when the Nippon Television crew and I visited the area in late February of 1990, I had several opportunities to interview scores of local residents there that admitted that nightly appearances of mysterious lights -- [occasionally accompanied by unmarked black helicopters] darting over, into and out of nearby Archuleta Mesa and Archuleta Mountains -- were quite common during the late seventies and early eighties. Many of them even claim to have spotted, on many occasions, military- type trucks and jeeps as well as government vans passing through Dulce and loitering around nearby mesas. Occasionally even black limousines carrying what appeared to be 'CIA' agent-types were claimed to have been sighted 'loitering' around the foothills of other nearby mesas.

    We must bear in mind that the Dulce area is only 95 miles northwest of Los Alamos. Los Alamos National Laboratory is one of the top U.S. research laboratories specializing in the study of the Human genome. Also it is a vital center of the government's SDI research and development programs. Just about a hundred miles southeast of Los Alamos is Albuquerque, New Mexico's largest city, and more significantly, a city where Kirtland Air Force Base is located right next to the sensitive Manzano Storage Facility, a top-secret underground military facility [where nuclear warheads are stored]. Sandia Corporation, one of the nations top-secret government contractors specializing in top military-industrial projects, is also located in Albuquerque.

    As far as advanced bio-technology is concerned, I have no doubt that a micro-chip implantation technology is being perfected in which tiny micro-chips could be implanted in our circulatory systems, vital organs and tissues if need be for whatever purpose the future may 'require'. It is my conclusion that a large- scale research has been completed by the government [with possible assistance from 'outside' sources] within the last 20 years or so utilizing tens of thousands of cattle in the Southwest to conduct this covert experiment. Only recently has science proven that cow hemoglobin could be substituted [by utilizing a special purification system] with Human blood in situations of 'unforeseen national emer- gencies.'"


    The Sept. 10, 1990 issue of 'UFO UNIVERSE' related the following under the title-heading, "WILLIAM F. HAMILTON III -- UFOLOGY'S 'MYSTERY MAN' TO REVEAL 'COSMIC TOP SECRETS'":

    "Until just recently, William F. Hamilton III managed to keep up a relatively low profile so that he can continue his work in private and without needless interruption from well-meaning, and nevertheless prying eyes. Admittedly, his name is not known in every household, but the fact of the matter is that 'Bill' is highly respected among his peers. Indeed, what he has to say is as important and vital as the words of flying ace John Lear and former Navy intelligence officer William Cooper, who have gone on record regarding the Alien conspiracy. In fact, much of what Hamilton maintains is consistent with the theory that there is a massive government cover-up on UFOs and Alien visita- tions that reaches right up to the president's private office door, and that the U.S. military has made a secret pact with a group of Aliens known as the 'Greys'. [They] are on earth... mutilating cattle and abducting Humans for experimental purposes. Supposedly the Greys have TAKEN OVER several Top-Secret underground military facilities, AND certain branches of the government [who] are working hand-in-hand with these entities to bring about total domination of the world, while a SECOND group of extra-terrestrials is here trying to protect us...

    "Of a highly controversial nature, many of Hamilton's statements may seem overly 'radical' to even his closest associates, not to mention other investigators who refuse to even seriously consider the docu- mentation he is able to present to bolster his case. ... About ten years ago, a few scientists and engineers, who worked for NASA and shared an interest in UFO abductions, came together to form a group they called Project VISIT -- Vehicle Internal Systems Investigative Team. They studied about 130 cases of UFO abductions with the goal of constructing a model of UFOs, their operation, and the entities who crew UFOs. This is what they found:

    "UFOs have bright interior lighting. Abductees undergo a medical-type examination with apparently highly sophisticated equipment. Burns are suffered by many abductees. Time loss - from 20 minutes to 3 hours - is common. Project VISIT member, Dr. Richard Niemtzow, described the crew members as four feet tall, hairless, grey in color, with no nose, a small mouth and large slanted eyes. The Grey Humanoid is emotionless and communicates by telepathy. The Greys have earned a reputation quite different from the Nordic blondes and other reported species. Most abduc- tions are done by Greys and more than one variation of Grey. The Greys do most of the biological intervening on abductees. Tans, Whites, and Blues (i.e. 'Greys' of other skin colors, gray-tan, gray-white, gray-blue, etc. - Branton) have also been reported by abductees. I [the author] have personally had some sort of encounter with what I call the Whites. They are small with extremely white skin and black, wrap-around eyes.

    "EARTH MADE SAUCERS -- In April, 1984, Lt. General George Bone, Vice Commander of the U.S. Air Force Systems Command was killed while test flying a secret aircraft over the Groom Lake area, a top secret facility located about 100 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. This facility is designated 'Area 51.' The Systems Command reputedly uses this facility to test-fly spy planes, such as the SR-71 Blackbird (now obsolete) or its successor, the Aurora. In the early 1980s a radio technician working at Area 51 reported seeing a saucer on the ground. It was some 20 or 30 feet in diameter, he said, and when it flew, it moved silently through the air.

    Alien IMPLANTS -- "In 1980 when I lived in Glendale, Arizona, I received a call from my friend Walter Baumgartner, who published a magazine of limited circulation called ENERGY UNLIMITED. Walter was a natural technologist. He said that he had started working for a physicist by the name of PAUL BENNEWITZ at Thunder Scientific Labs in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He then proceeded to tell me the story that Mr. Bennewitz had succeeded in communicating with Aliens at an under- ground base situated near MT. ARCHULETA in the town of DULCE that was close to the Colorado border and situated on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation.

    (Branton Notes: Bennewitz had actually stated that he 'interrogated' the Alien-collective via a computer-radio-video link with an 'Alien' computer terminal, by tapping-in to the Aliens' ship-to-base communications frequency and using a type of hexedecimal mathematical code to break the Alien encryption. He first discovered the signals using specialized equipment he had developed, and later concluded that these signals were also being used to influence abductees who had been given electronic mind-control implants.)

    "He told me that these little grey Aliens were abducting and implant- ing people with a device inserted at the base of the skull for the purpose of monitoring and CONTROLLING Humans. He said that the 'govern- ment' knew about this and was involved with Alien activities. He also stated that the Aliens feared our nuclear weapons and nuclear radiation. He told me that Paul was working on a weapon that would be effective against these Aliens.

    UNDERGROUND BASES -- "On April 1 and 2, I spent 24 hours visiting with John Lear at his home in Las Vegas. He took out a stack of papers and had me peruse them at my leisure. His study room had walls covered with aircraft photos and certificates. There was no doubt in my mind that John loved flying. John is a soft spoken individual and frequently, while visiting him, I have watched him putter in the garden. We discussed Area 51. John had some long distance photos of the Groom Lake facility. The one thing that stood out in one photo was the radio tele- scope pointing straight up in the midst of a group of buildings. The scope was probably tracking any overhead spy satellites. He showed me the reference in the February, 1988 issue of GUNG-HO magazine, that [insisted] spacecraft were being test-flown from this facility. John heard rumors that the Greys had a base under the Groom Mountains.

    This is the one we believe is called DREAMLAND. One of my sources [a leak] says DREAM is an acronym that stands for Data Repository Establishment And Main- tenance. John told me the story of Mr. K, whose son Robert was trapped inside a joint Human-Alien underground base in Utah. This Robert had apparently worked at DULCE BASE at one time. MR. K felt like he was being given the run-around by the military in his attempts to locate his son... "I learned that there were a few technical people who worked at Sandia Labs in Albuquerque who were interested in Alien activity. One man I talked to, C.R., knew a mysterious Colonel Ronald Blackburn, who was reputed to have said that there were 600 Aliens at the Groom Lake facility in Nevada. C.R. had investigated a UFO crash near Gallup, N.M. in 1983. This one was also investigated by Tommy Roy Blann. I heard of Colonel Edwards at Albuquerque who knew the AFOSI agent Richard Doty (BOTH of whom worked with Paul Bennewitz in his investigations of Alien activity taking place at the Dulce Base. - Branton). Doty had talked to some investigators about the government cover-up. Why? I don't know. "WEIRD HAPPENINGS AT DULCE -- On April 19, 1988, my wife and I arrived at Dulce, N.M. at about 4:30 p.m. Dulce was a beautiful little mountain town sitting at an elevation exceeding 7,500 feet. There was still snow on the ground by the Best Western Motel. I checked into the motel and called Gabe Valdez. He came over to see me about 9:30 p.m. We talked about UFOs and the cattle mutilations. He said he had not seen any mutes since 1981-82. [I] had him read a letter written by Richard Doty in which Doty denies all involvement with UFO secrecy. He said Doty wasn't telling the truth. This proved true, because Doty started talking again. He told me that Doty wrote a report that stated that Paul Bennewitz was being investigated. Later Gabe offered us a ride around Dulce. He took us in his patrol car and showed us some of the routes. He said he saw glowing orange-lighted airships flying silently around the area frequently. He never saw these airships in daylight. We took a look at the Gomez Ranch, site of some of the mutes that took place in 1978. We asked about Bennewitz's belief that there was a secret underground Alien base in the area. He said he believed about 80 percent of what Bennewitz said concerning Alien activities in the area. ... He definitely seemed to think there was a base in the area, but his idea of where it is located was different than Paul's. He thought that the base might be south of Dulce, closer to the Gomez Ranch. He said he had not found any entries to the base. He had found landing tracks and crawler marks near the site of the mutes. He invited me to come back sometime and climb Mt. Archuleta. Someday I would come back to Dulce, but I had no idea when... A lot started happening in October, 1988. I started investigating the case of a couple who had gone up to a plateau on the south side of the Tehachapi Mountains (outside of Edwards AFB. - Branton) not far from my house. At two in the morning they witnessed a large flashing orb come up from the ground and rise slowly into the sky. They experi- enced about two hours of missing time. Under hypnosis performed by a local hypnotherapist who had taken an interest in UFO abductees, we found that the man could recal having been taken to an underground facility. He kept mentioning 'the Colonel!'..." A DULCE VANGUARD AT DEEP SPRINGS? -- It has been fairly well established that the Dulce, New Mexico, network is the largest and most signifi- cant Alien [Reptiloid/Gray] base network in North America. However, according to one source there is also another 'nest' near Deep Springs, California. This [Dulce-connected?] base -- because of its proximity -- may pose an even greater threat to the Human residents of the 'subter- anean network' who have major city-complexes below California: Mt. Shasta, Panamint Mountains, 29 Palms area, etc. These colonies are reportedly being contested by 'Draconian' vanguard positions near Lakeport-Hopland, Mt. Lassen and Deep Springs, California. On the other hand, some of the non-interventionists 'Nordic' cultures reportedly have their own forward positions near the Four Corners or Colorado Plateau region where the Reptiloids/Greys have their major center of activity. Then there are other areas BETWEEN the two sectors [between the Andro- Pleiadean bases centered under Death Valley and the Draco-Orion bases centered under Archuleta Mesa] where 'collaborators' meet. There are basically three Alien networks at work on earth: The Anti-Grey Nordic [Federation] factions, the Anti-Nordic Grey [Empire] factions and the Nordic-Grey collaborators, which would also include those Terran intell agencies and occult lodges who are involved in collaboration for whatever motive. Even within the collaboration, there is a great deal of struggle over whether the Humanoid or reptiloid agendas should have the upper hand. Within the collaboration itself 'speciesism' [akin to racism] exists at certain levels, so in spite of the species prejudices collaboration continues nevertheless, because of a 'marriage of convenience'. In other words, Greys want to take over the planet and impose a slave society to ultimately serve their empire, but they need the Illuminati's international economic connections to do so; and Illuminati want the same thing, but they realize they need the Alien mind-control and abduction technology to accomplish their goals. So then, it is more of a love-hate relationship. They collaborate in order to set up a planetary government; however, both Humanoids and reptiloids constantly plot for the time when the world government arrives, so once it is established, they can move-in and take full control and expel the necessary collaborators -- the Humans doing away with Greys or Greys doing away with Humans, or whatever the case may be. For instance, Illuminati might negotiate with the Greys, while at the same time develop SDI weapons to potentially use against them. On the other hand, Greys may continue negotiate with Humans while at the same, time implanting micro-electronic mind-control devices in Human agents with whom they negotiate in order to ensure that they remain under Alien control (once the planet succumbs to the New World Order). So a one world government will NOT bring peace to the planet, it will merely be a matter of fighting for control of one super-government rather than for many smaller ones. What many do not realize is, there appears to be a third element behind this agenda, a 'race' of para- physical entities that some might refer to as the 'Luciferians' or 'Poltergeists' -- often described by abductees who have encountered them as being in the appearance of quasi-physical etheric or energy beings seen overseeing and directing the actions of the Humanoid- reptiloid collaborators. Although it might sound simplistic to say this cosmic battle is essentially being fought between 'Nordic' bases near Death Valley and 'Grey' bases near Archuleta Mesa, the true fact of the matter is, when we are dealing with multi-levelled subterranean systems, the 'border zones' are a little more complex than on the surface where we have obvious horizontal borders between countries.

    In 'inner-planetary' warfare, the 'battle-lines' are horizontal or vertical (on the surface or a "Mandelbrot Set" which is inter- dimensional consisting of several surfaces). A battle would be one that is being waged above/etheric, below (in a denser state) as well as within our society, even though outward manifestations of that 'war' might not be immediately perceived for what they are unless one is aware of the REAL (multi-level) conflict behind the scenes. There are also indications that at least CERTAIN factions of the NSA-MJ12-CIA-AVIARY agencies have 'defected' from the neo-Nazi New World Order agenda of "joint interaction" with Reptiloids/Grays, and are now AT WAR with the same. ... Recently, a researcher with the initials K.S., was approached by the family of a U.S. Intell worker [O.S.I.] by the name of 'Tucker', who had disappeared mysteriously. The family was concerned and frightened, as they had discovered in a personal locker of his, SEVERAL papers describing INTIMATE details of activities surrounding the Dulce, New Mexico and Nevada [S-4, etc.] underground installations. Several of these papers are reproduced throughout this present work. Among this large stack of papers was hidden the following letter which was stamped 'SECRET'. The letter, copies of which were apparently also in the hands of a few other researchers as well, stated the following:

    Dear John... "I am writing to you in the event that I do not return. There is a triangle surrounding the Nevada Test Site. There are in fact two of them. Each one frontiers on the other. One is the ELECTRO- MAGNETIC TRIANGLE installed by MJ-12. This is a shield to protect the 'Benevolents' [very Human looking] from the EBEs (so-called "Extra- terrestrial Biological Entities" or Grays - Branton) while they help us develop our counter-attack/defenses. The other is the EBEs' 'trap' keeping the Benevolents in the redoubt... At each corner of the EM Triangle you will find BLM stations and they are transmitters of the shield. Facing each one of these is an EBE transmitter... "THERE ARE MANY OF THESE STAND-OFFS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. It is import- ant you do not interfere by attempting to destroy one of their 'sur- rounds' or they would be able to 'double-up' somewhere else and over- throw that position. Once that link is overthrown, our support team would fail. Their over-extension is deliberate on our part. We are like the Chinese; we can't out-technology them, but we can outnumber them--especially since they can't breed here and it is too far for them to go back home without our help. Many of our EM Triangles are ruses to keep them over-extended. They can't get out of our solar system because our electro-magnetic field (at this time? - Branton) is the wrong frequency for their propulsion system to work efficiently. This explains why EBEs can not commit more vehicles to our solar system. There have been comments among some 'contactees' to the effect that, occasionally the Solar system passes through areas of differing elec- tromagnetic variations as it moves in and out of cosmic energy streams flowing through the universe like a vast universal electromagnetic 'circulatory system'. Certain energy fields are conducive to certain types of propulsion systems whereas others are not; and in these cases alternate or more 'conventional' forms of propulsion must be resorted to. Some even suggest large ships disguised as asteroids, planetoids or even comets are being used by the Greys and Reptiloids to get around this propulsion problem and also to conceal their pres- ence. 'Engineered' planetoids are accompanied with conventional drives to serve as platforms for various operations: abductions, implanta- tion's, mutilations, and also mind control and infiltration activi- ties taking place on or under planet earth. All this would seem logical so as not to attract a great deal of attention and resistance from the masses. Some converted 'planetoids' have been identified as Geographos, Phobos, and even Hale-Bopp comet, accompanied by many unusual anomalies not observed in most 'comets'. For instance, Hale- Bopp comet was 1000 brighter than Haley's Comet was, at the distance from the sun where it was 'discovered'. This is because a 'halo' is NOT caused by ICE-GAS being blown from the surface of the object by solar winds as in the case of most comets. For some unexplained reason THIS comet ejects 7 large streamers or jets of DUST-GAS from its INTERIOR. Many of these jets activate and deactivate at regular intervals, and THIS is what creates the halo; and because of this the halo might have a distinct appearance when compared to comets in the past. TEACHINGS OF THE BENEVOLENT are as follows:

    DISCOURAGE due to Effects : Activities: motocross, auto-racing, skateboarding, roller skating, football, baseball, hockey; Foods: Processed Sugars, soda, White Bread.

    ENCOURAGE -- NONCEREMONIAL LESSONS OF MAJOR RELIGIONS and PREPARATORY SPORTS : swimming, running, hiking, martial arts, survival arts, to teach Children!

    FORBIDDEN -- Alcohol, Illegal/recreational Drugs, Nicotine, Homicide and Waste.

    REQUIRED -- Avoid Weakness : Execute Evildoers, Quarantine Contagious Disease [AIDS] Victims Humanely; Show strength by halt- ing Illegal Drugs, destruction of environment, pollution; Use Nuclear Power.

    STUDY - Bill Of Rights, Biology, Computers, Economics, Geography, History, Latin, Mathematics, Philosophy, Survival Skills, USA's Declaration Of Independence, Constitution, Vocational Skills.

    "Yellowfruit" also provided coordinates for the Electro-magnetic coordinates he referred to in his letter. These include: N 37 22 30 - E 117 58 0; N 38 21 0 - E 115 35 0; N 35 39 0 - E 114 51 0; also Yucca Lake: N 37 0 30 - E 116 7 0. The following information, from William F. Hamilton III, describes further details on the "Yellow Fruit" account -- including claims the Nevada Test Site agent made over the air during the few 'interviews' heard over KVEG Radio's Billy Goodman talk show. COM-12 member Michael Younger has given lectures on the 'Nazi' presence within the Rockefeller-backed Oil companies -- Nazi war criminals and their families smuggled into America following World War II and given refuge within Rockefeller's corporate empire; Nazi's/Bavarians plans selling- out the planet to the Aliens in exchange for one quarter of the "New World Order"; and a MASSIVE Nazi child abduction and satanic- ritual-sexual abuse and snuff-porn ring operating within ARCO, etc.] Younger is or at least was at one time a worker at the Nevada Test Site. This suggests that COM12 is intimately involved in the counter- offensive against the Grays.

    "...Yellow Fruit [the name for the first level of security force at Area 51 and also the name of an old Army-CIA unit] revealed that A CONFLICT IS GOING ON BETWEEN BENEVOLENT ONES and EBE's and that now the benevolent ones had gained the upper hand at Dreamland, where he said a contingent of 37 benevolent ones were stationed and 3 EBE's are held in captivity.

    "Bizarre! Science Fiction? Yellow Fruit knew a lot about the test site area. I resolved to go to the location he gave of the EBE installation in Deep Springs, California and then on to visit Pat at the Rachel Bar & Grill to make contact.] The second level of security he called "Sea Spray" and implied you would have an encounter of the unpleasant kind if you ever met up with them. Callers to the Billy Goodman Radio Happening had already organized trips to mile-marker 29-1/2 on highway 375, where a dirt road leaves the highway to intersect the road to Dreamland. There was a heavy black mail box on this road which identifies it. I got to Rachel early one October morning and left my card with Pat at Rachel's Bar and Grill to pass on to Yellow Fruit. She knew him by sight. I then inspected the dirt roads where people stand to observe test flights. I had already interviewed four witnesses by phone who testified they had seen UFOs over Groom Mountain on certain nights in the same area they were seen by John Lear. I made a second trip to the area in late October where a public group visited Rachel, and that is when I saw [the mysterious] "Yellow Fruit" in the cafe. He later called me on the phone. I left him with a copy of my book, 'Alien Magic' and he remarked on the work I had done concerning searching for underground bases. According to Yellow Fruit and others, there are underground bases and tunnels that conceal activities of Aliens and secret government projects.

    One more note on the Nevada Test Site : - Area 51 - Groom Lake - 'Dreamland' underground facilities: Aside from reports that Dougway, Utah serves as an underground 'link' between Dreamland and DULCE, there is the added claim that another underground link exists farther south, at Page, Arizona. Anyone who has been to the Glen Canyon dam [Lake Powell] could easily observe how the dam might be used as an entrance to such a base, and how the large hydroelectric facility might power base operations. The Glen Canyon Dam connection was not specifically mentioned by former Dulce base security officer Thomas E. Castello, who named Page, Arizona, as a 'connecting' base; however, if there is a base under Page, then it would be logical to utilize this hydroelectric facility in one form or another...


    The mysterious "government insider" whose books have been published by Tim Beckley's Abelard Press of New York, "Commander X," related a very interesting incident which involved the subterranean mega- complex beneath Dulce, New Mexico: "...In another case an old illustrator, John D., does very pains- taking work, but during his being on active duty at Dulce he began to act very queerly. He would write letters to the President informing him of a plot underway to undermine the government and sabotage the base. He began to draw pictures of American flags, beautifully executed. He drew strange designs of mechanical devices, began to visit the library and bring back books on physics and advanced electronics. He hardly knew how to spell the words.

    "He would patiently explain something of a very technical nature which he shouldn't have understood. When asked what he was raving about and why he was causing trouble by writing the President, John D. would say that he had been 'sensitized.'

    "'Last year when I was sick [John D. explained], the doctor on the base gave me sulfanilamide. There is a fifth column in this country that is tied up with Aliens. Selenium is being slipped into SULFA DRUGS, and this selenium lodges in the bones and makes the body receptive to extremely short waves, those in the wave band of the brain--similar to the waves that can be detected by the encephalo- graph. About 300,000 people in this country have been sensitized, and at least seven secret radio stations have been set up in this country, and they are broadcasting to these sensitized persons, instructing them in the best way to perform acts of sabotage against our planet.'"

    These claims as given by the Dulce worker, John D., are incredible indeed, and could easily be dismissed as the ravings of a madman, IF NOT FOR THE FACT that many others are saying basically the same thing--that there is a movement underway to bring the minds of the masses under subjection to an Alien force, whether through electronic implantation and control, subliminal programming, or through other means. Why would 'controllers' use the United States as the major target of their activity? We believe that this is due to the fact that the United States is a place that was originally intended by its 'founding fathers' to be a refuge for peoples FROM ALL NATIONS to come and work out their collective destinies free from restric- tions of prejudice and the oppressiveness of tyrannical rule -- a land where all people could express their creativity, culture and individual destinies without interference. This was their 'inten- tion'; however, it is obvious that the 'dream' has not been fully realized because of collective and governmental compromise of the principle that "all men are created equal". The United States, nevertheless, is unlike any other single nation. It is a cultural "melting pot" and a place where not only international Human soci- eties on the surface CONVERGE and intermingle in a dramatic way, but apparently where Human societies beneath or beyond the earth converge as well. For instance, according to various reports, most non-surface Human societies who are aware of planet earth have their representatives walking among us in our own society [and to some extent, other nations throughout the world], although many of these choose to keep a low profile for either honorable or not-so-honorable reasons. Another factor is the respect which the BILL OF RIGHTS gives to all American citizens, allowing for p ersonal freedom and individuality so long as the freedom and individuality of others is not threatened. Individuality is the MORTAL ENEMY of the Alien "Hive", you could say. The U.S., then, seems to be in essence a "World Scenario", if not a 'universal' scenario in miniature and therefore the 'Conspiracy' sees it as a most valuable prize. Therefore, it would probably not be too 'far out' to suggest that the war between the Human and serpent races from all three 'realms' [extra-terrestrial, ultra-terrestrial and intra-terrestrial] CONVERGE within the United States, and to be more exact, within the vicinities of the Archuleta plateau near Dulce, New Mexico [a MAJOR earth-base of the Reptiloid interven- tionist Empire forces]; the Death Valley region of California [a MAJOR earth-base of the Humanoid non-interventionist Federation forces]; and then we have the 'battle-grounds' between AMERICAN- COM12-CABAL-PHILADELPHIAN-NOR DIC and the BAVARIAN-AQUARIUS-MAJI- PHOENICIAN-REPTILOID forces within high-security military complexes like those which permeate underground territories below California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma and New Mexico... and apparently centered specifically in or near the underground military-industrial systems beneath Lancaster, California; Mercury, Nevada; Burley, Idaho; Dougway, Utah; Page, Arizona; the underground systems below the Denver International Airport of Colorado; and also below Oklahoma City. All of these basing areas are seen by proponents of the New World Order as strategic sites that they MUST maintain control of if they are to force America to submit to a one-world government.


    The elusive "Commander-X" has -- through his reported connections within the Intell Community -- released still further revelations regarding dark secrets of Dulce. The Commander claims to be a member of "THE COMMITTEE OF 12" [COM-12?], an obscure intell group working to educate the public about the joint fascist-Alien threat to America and preserve our Constitutional-based Republic as it was established by original democratic (and not Federalist) founders of the United States:

    "...There were over 650 attendees to the 1959 Rand Symposium. Most were representatives of the Corporate-Industrial State, e.g., The General Electric Company; AT&T; Hughes Aircraft; Northrop Corporation; Sandia Corporation; Colorado School of Mines, etc.; Bechtel is a supersecret international corporate octopus founded in 1898. Some say the firm is really a 'Shadow Government' -- a working arm of the CIA. It is the largest Construction and Engineering outfit in the USA and the World [and some say, beyond].

    "The most important posts in the USA Government are held by former Bechtel Officers. They are part of 'The Web' [an inter-connected control system] which links Tri-lateralist plans, the C.F.R., the Order of 'Illuminism' [Cult of the All-seeing Eye] and other inter- locking groups..."

    Updated link


    "... The Dulce Base has studied mind control implants; Bio-Psi Units; ELF Devices capable of Mood, Sleep and Heartbeat control, etc. DARPA [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency] is using these technologies to manipulate people. They established 'The Projects,' set priorities, coordinate efforts and guide the many participants in these undertakings. Related Projects are studied at Sandia Base by 'The Jason Group' [of 55 Scientists]. They have secretly harnessed the Dark Side of Technology and hidden the beneficial technology from the public. Other projects take place at 'Area 51' in Nevada... 'Dream-land' [Data Repository Establishment and Maintenance Land]; Elmint [Electromagnetic Intell]; Cold Empire; Code EVA; Program HIS [Hybrid Intelligence System]: BW/CW; IRIS [Infrared Intruder Systems]; BI-PASS; REP-TILES, etc.

    "Studies on Level Four at Dulce include Human Aura research as well as all aspects of Dream, Hypnosis, Telepathy, etc. [research]. They know how to manipulate the Bioplasmic Body. They can lower your heartbeat with Deep Sleeve 'Delta Waves,' induce a static shock, then reprogram Via a Brain-Computer link. They can introduce data and programmed reactions into your mind [Information impregnation -- the 'Dream Library']. We are entering an era of Technologicalization of Psychic Powers... The development of techniques to enhance man/machine communi- cations; Nano-tech; Bio-tech micro-machines; PSI-War; E.D.O.M. [Electronic Dissolution of Memory]; R.H.I.C. [Radio-Hypnotic Intra- Cerebral Control]; and various forms of behavior control [via chemical agents, ultrasonics, optical and other EM radiations]. The Physics of 'Consciousness.'...


    "... The Dulce Facility consists of a central 'Hub,' the Security Section [also some photo labs]. The deeper you go, the stronger the Security. This is a multi-leveled complex. There are over 3000 cameras at various high-security locations [exits and labs]. There are over 100 Secret Exits near and around Dulce, many around Archuleta Mesa, others to the source around Dulce Lake and even as far east as Lindrich.

    "Deep sections of the Complex CONNECT INTO [EXTENSIVE] NATURAL CAVERN SYSTEMS. ...INSIDE THE DULCE BASE... Security officers wear jumpsuits with the Dulce symbol on the front, upper left side (the Dulce symbol consists of an upside-down triangle with an inverted 'T' superimposed over it - Branton)... The ID card [used in card slots, for the doors and elevators] has the Dulce symbol above the ID photo. 'Government honchos' use cards with the Great Seal of the U.S. on it, or : 'The Cult of the All-Seeing Eye' [The NEW WORLD ORDER], 13, '666', The Phoenix Empire... '9', 'Illuminism'... 'One out of many.' [and so on]..."


    "Most meetings of 'The Dulce Board' are held in Denver and Taos [New Mexico]. A former U.S. Senator has full knowledge of Dulce. He was among the group that included a number of very prominent government figures who toured the base (i.e. most likely the upper levels only - Branton). In 1979, an 'animal mutilation' conference took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This meeting was used to locate researchers and determine what they had learned about the link between the 'mute' [i.e. mutilation] operations and the 'Alien' government.

    "Another Senator knows about the 'Ultra' secrets at 'Dreamland' and Dulce. Several of my official sources have confirmed this to me. So do many others in government... this is what the UFO researchers are up against...so be careful. You know more than they want you to know. They have also underwater bases off the coast of Florida and Peru."

    The Feb.-Mar. 1991 issue of 'UFO UNIVERSE' carried an article entitled, 'THE DEEP DARK SECRET AT DULCE', written by Bill Hamilton and 'TAL' LeVesque. If planet earth is to be the central 'battleground' or staging-ground for a final cosmic battle between galactic superpowers and if the U.S. is one of the major areas on earth where the 'final outcome' will be decided; and since the Dulce, New Mexico area is considered to be THE MAJOR BASING SITE where Human-Alien collaboration AND/OR conflict is taking place, then we should focus our attention on what has been going on deep beneath this small southwestern town.

    More than any other area in the U.S.--if not the world--this small town has been the epicenter for nearly ever form of paranormal activity one can imagine, including: UFO sightings, UFO landings, abductions, implantation's, Human & animal mutilations, PSI Warfare studies, secret Government-Alien interactions, U.S. 'Constitutional' Government vs. Alien Agenda conflicts, 'Reptilian' sightings, Cryptozoological or Bioengineering phenomena [this was the general area where the famous 'Cabbit', the half cat / half rabbit was captured], underground bases, conspiracy scenarios, Alien infiltration, deep-cavern phenomena, super high-tech activity & MIB encounters OCCUR. In fact, a higher concentra- tion of such activities has been evident in the vicinity of Dulce than any other area in the world, to the point that the inhabitants of this town have for the most part resigned themselves to acknowledge -- although not necessarily accepting -- the reality of such activitiesy, whether they like it or not.

    Bill Hamilton and 'TAL' Levesque take us 'inside' the Hadean-like labyrinths deep within this underground mega-complex, through the eyes of those who have actually been there, so brace yourselves:

    "Dulce is a sleepy little town in northern New Mexico. It's population is about 900 and it is located above 7,000 feet on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation. There is one major motel and just a few stores. It is not a resort town and it is not bustling with activity. Yet, accord- ing to a few outsiders, Dulce harbors a deep, dark secret. That secret is said to be harbored deep below the tangled brush of Archuleta Mesa. That secret involves a joint government-Alien biogenetic laboratory designed to carry out bizarre experiments on Humans and animals.

    "New Mexico State Police Officer Gabe Valdez was drawn into the mys- teries of Dulce when called out to investigate a mutilated cow on the Manuel Gomez ranch in a pasture 13 miles east of Dulce. Gomez had lost four cattle to mutilations between 1976 and June 1978 (and SEVERAL more in ensuing years. - Branton) when a team of investigators that included Tom Adams arrived from Paris, Texas, to examine the site of the carcass. "Curious as to how cattle were being selected by the mysterious mutila- tors, an interesting experiment was conducted on July 5, 1978 by Valdez, Gomez and retired scientist Howard Burgess. The three penned up about 120 of the Gomez beef cattle and moved them through a squeeze chute under an ultra-violet light. They found a 'glittery substance on the right side of the neck, the right ear, and the right leg.' Samples of the affected hides were removed as well as control samples from the same animals.

    "Some investigators attribute the mutilations to Aliens from UFOs. Sightings of strange lights and other aerial phenomena have been reported in many areas where the cows have been found at the time of the reported mutilation. UFOs have been seen frequently around Dulce.

    "I arrived in Dulce on April 19, 1988, to visit with Gabe Valdez and to inquire about the sightings, the mutes, and the rumors of an underground Alien base in the area. There was still snow on the ground by the Best Western motel when I checked in and called Valdez. He made an appoint- ment to see me at 9:30 PM. I found Gabe to be a very congenial host, as he offered to show us around the roads of Dulce that night and point out the various locations where he had found mutilated cows or had seen strange aerial lights. He made the astounding statement that he was still seeing unidentified aircraft at the rate of one every two nights. We took a look at the Gomez Ranch, the road by the Navajo River, and the imposing Archuleta Mesa. Gabe had found landing tracks and crawler marks near the site of the mutes. Gabe was convinced that scientist Paul Bennewitz of Thunder Scientific Labs in Albuquerque was definitely on the right track in his attempts to locate an underground Alien facility in the vicinity of Dulce.

    "I had first heard of Paul Bennewitz in 1980 when my friend Walter called me from Albuquerque and told me he had been working with Paul on electronic instruments. Walter said Paul had not only photographed UFOs, but had established a communication link with their underground base at Dulce. Bennewitz had first come to prominence during the August 1980 sightings of UFOs over the Manzano Weapons Storage Area and Kirtland AFB.

    A KIRTLAND AFB INCIDENT REPORT -- dated October 28, 1980 mentions that Bennewitz had taken film of UFOs over Kirtland. Paul was president of Thunder Scientific Labs adjacent to Kirtland. Bennewitz gave a briefing in Albuquerque detailing how he had seen the Aliens on a video screen (via a computer-radio-video link he had developed using a hexidecimal code after tapping-in to their ship-to-base communications frequency. Paul has developed equipment for Space Shuttles and several Fortune 500 companies. - Branton). Aliens were transmitting signals ... from a base underneath Archuleta Mesa.

    NOTE: "Researcher William Moore claims that government agents became interested in Bennewitz' activities and were trying to defuse him by pumping as much disinformation through him as he could absorb. Whether Paul's communication with supposed Aliens at the Dulce Base was part of this disinformation campaign is unclear. If one were to believe that Paul is the SINGLE source of reports on the Dulce Facility, then it could also be a tactical maneuver to discount and discredit Paul's claim that an underground base exists, if such reports were meant to remain secret. Then the actual disinformation maneuver would be to dis-inform the public and NOT single individuals.

    "In a report entitled 'PROJECT BETA', Paul states that he spent two years tracking Alien craft; that he had constant reception of video from an Alien ship and underground base viewscreen; that he had esta- blished constant direct communications with Aliens using a computer and a form of Hexadecimal code with graphics and printout; and claims to have used aerial and ground photography to locate the Alien ships' launch ports and charged beam weapons. Paul further claimed that Aliens are devious, employed deception and did not adhere to agreements. Paul and Walter were working on a weapon that would counter Alien intrusions.

    "Some will think at this point that we have crossed-over from the land of clear thinking concerning anomalous phenomena to the land of science- fiction. But let us remember that bizarre phenomena such as UFOs conprise may have roots in a bizarre reality. It is expected to be bizarre at first, but as we continue our studies we will evolve to understand.

    "Paul Bennewitz investigated the case of abductee Myrna Hansen of New Mexico who reported having been taken to an underground facility in May 1980. Christa Tilton of Oklahoma also reported an experience of missing time in July 1987 where she had been abducted by two small grey Aliens and transported in their craft to a hillside location where she encountered a man dressed in a red military-like jump suit. She was taken into a tunnel through computerized check-points displaying security cameras. She reported having been taken on a transit vehicle to another area where she stepped on a scale-like device facing a computer screen. After the computer issued her an identification card, she was told by her guide that they had just entered Level One of a seven-level under- ground facility. Christa goes on relating how she was eventually taken down to Level Five. She reports having seen Alien craft and little grey Alien entities in some of the areas that she passed through. ... Christa reports going into one large room where she saw large tanks with computerized gauges hooked to the tanks and large arms that extended from some tubing down into the tanks. She noticed a humming sound, smelled formaldehyde, and was under the impression that some liquid was being stirred in the tanks. Christa has made drawings of much of what she witnessed during her abduction.

    "These tanks Christa talks about were depicted in a set of controver- sial papers called the Dulce Papers. These papers were allegedly stolen from the Dulce underground facility along with 30 black and white photos and a video tape by a mysterious security officer who claims to have worked at Dulce up until 1979, when he decided that the time had come to part company with his employers." The rest of the story is about this security officer who met with one of us in an attempt to tell us the truth about Aliens, the [so-called] U.S. Government and the Dulce base. He announced his intention to come out of hiding and present soft and hard evidence of his claims. It is up to each of us to decide whether this evidence constitutes an addition to the growing proof that a NSC cover-up exists here.

    "In late 1979, Thomas Castello could no longer cope with the awesome reality he had to confront. As a high level security officer at the joint Alien-U.S. Government underground base near Dulce he had learned of and had seen disturbing things. After much inner conflict, he decided to desert the facility and take various items with him.

    "Using a small camera, he took over 30 photos of areas within the multi- level complex. He removed a security video tape from the Control Center that showed various security camera views of hallways, labs, Aliens and 'U.S.Government' personnel. He also collected documents to take with him. Then, by shutting off the alarm and camera system in one of the over 100 exits to the surface, he left the facility with the photos, video and documents. The 'originals' were hidden after five sets of copies were made. (Branton ADDS: These were placed in the hands of five individuals, who were told that if they failed to hear from Castello for three consecu- tive 6 month periods -- normally he would visit each of them every six months -- then they should release the information or do whatever they wanted with it. No one except Castello and the recipients themselves know who these people were.) Apparently, these media were never released.

    "Thomas was ready to go into hiding. But, when he went to pick up his wife and young son, he found a van and government agents waiting. He had been betrayed by K. LOMAS [a fellow worker] who was instrumental in the kidnapping of his wife and child. The agents wanted what Thomas had taken from the facility for which he would get his wife and son back. It became apparent to him that his wife and son would be used in biological experi- ments and were not going to be returned unharmed. That was a little over ten years ago... (1979)

    "How did Thomas get involved? Thomas is now about 50 years old (at the time that the article was written in 1991 - Branton). When he was in his mid-twenties, he received top secret training in photography at an under- ground facility in West Virginia. For seven years, he worked for the RAND Corp. in Santa Monica, California, when in 1977 he was transferred to the Dulce facility (in a similar manner as LOS ALAMOS LABS' scientist Robert Lazar who was transferred to AREA-51 in Nevada, an alternate base similar to DULCE. Lazar claims that he replaced a scientist who died during an 'altercation' with Aliens in the tunnels below the Nevada Military Complex. The point I'm trying to make is that both RAND LABS and LOS ALAMOS LABS apparently have answers to what is really going on under DULCE and AREA-51--if anyone does. - Branton)

    "He bought a home in Santa Fe, New Mexico and worked Monday through Friday with weekends off. All Dulce Base personnel commute via a deep underground tube-shuttle system. At the time, one of us [TAL] was working security in Santa Fe, N.M. and was privately investigating UFO sightings, animal mutilations, Masonic and Wicca groups in the area. Thomas had a mutual friend who came to Santa Fe in 1979 to visit both of us. This individual later viewed the photos, video tape and docu- ments taken from the Dulce Base. Drawings were made from what was seen and circulated later in the UFO research community as the 'Dulce Papers.'

    "Thomas alleges that there were over 18,000 of the short 'greys' at the Dulce Facility. He has also seen [tall] reptilian Humanoids. One of us [TAL] came face-to-face with a 6-foot tall Reptoid which had materialized in the house. The Reptoid showed interest in research maps of New Mexico and Colorado which were on [my] wall. The maps were full of colored push-pins and markers to indicate sites of animal mutilations, caverns, locations of high UFO activity, repeated flight paths, abduction sites, ancient ruins, and suspected Alien underground bases.

    "The security level goes up as one descends to the lower levels. Thomas had an ULTRA-7 clearance. He knew of seven sub-levels, but there MAY have been more. Most Aliens are on levels 5, 6 and 7. Alien housing is on level 5. The only sign in English was one over a tube shuttle station hallway which read 'to Los Alamos.'

    Connections go from Dulce to [the] Page, Arizona facility, then to an underground base below Area 51 in Nevada. Tube shuttles go to and from Dulce to facilities below Taos, N.M.; Datil, N.M.; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Creede, Colorado; Sandia; then on to Carlsbad, New Mexico. There is a vast network of tube shuttle connections under the U.S. that extends into a global system of tunnels and sub-cities.

    "At the Dulce Base, most signs on doors and hallways are in Alien symbol language and a universal symbol system understood by Humans and Aliens. Thomas stated that after the second level, everyone is weighed, in the nude, then given a uniform. Visitors are given off- white uniforms. The weight of the person is put on a computer I.D. card each day. Any change in weight is noted. Any change in over three pounds requires a physical exam and X-ray. The uniforms are jumpsuits with a zipper.

    "In front of all sensitive areas are scales built into the floor by doorways with door control panels. An individual places his computer I.D. card into the door slot, then presses a numerical code and buttons. The person's card must match with the weight and code or the door will not open. Any discrepancy in weight will summon security. No one is allowed to carry anything into sensitive areas. All supplies are put on a conveyor belt and X-rayed. The same method is used in leaving sensitive areas.

    "All elevators are controlled magnetically, but there are no elevator cables. The magnetic system is inside the walls of the elevator shaft. There are no normal electrical controls. Everything is controlled by advanced magnetics, including lighting. There are no regular light bulbs. Tunnels are illuminated by Phosphorous units with broad, structure- less emission bands. Some DEEP TUNNELS use a form of phosphorous pentoxide to temporarily illuminate certain areas. Aliens won't go near these zones for reasons unknown (Note: This suggests these DEEPER tunnels may have originally been constructed in more ancient or pre- historic times by beings OTHER than the current reptiloid-draco residents of the deeper levels of the Dulce 'base' itself. - Branton).

    "Studies on Level 4 include Human-aura research, as well as all aspects of telepathy, hypnosis, and dreams. Thomas says that they know how to separate the bioplasmic body from the physical body and place an 'Alien entity' force-matrix within a Human body after removing the 'soul' life-force-matrix of the Human. (Or in more simple terms, 'kill' the Human being and turn it into a vessel to be used by another entity -- whether Alien OR paraphysical -- to allow that entity to work and operate in the physical realm unrecognized. This appears to be a complex high- tech version of the old 'zombie' traditions.

    (Incidentally, interlinking underground systems converging below Dulce, NM, have been described ONLY IN PART within this and other related accounts. Those sectors of the underground that are 'forbidden' to most Humans and under reptiloid control, are of course those areas that we know the least about. - Branton). Level 6 is privately called 'Nightmare Hall'. It holds the genetic labs. Here are experiments done on fish, seals, birds, and mice that are vastly altered from their original forms. There are multi-armed and multi-legged Humans and several cages [and vats] of Humanoid bat-like creatures (deceased 'Mothmen' or those creatures that John Keel refers to in his book THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES? - Branton) up to 7-feet tall. Aliens have taught Humans a lot about genetics, things both useful and dangerous."

    TAL then describes something which might seem unbelievable if it weren't for the fact that dozens of other sources seem to have con- firmed it. This discovery was reportedly one of the REAL reasons for inciting the 'Dulce Wars': LEVEL #7 is the worst. Row after row of thousands of Humans and Human-mixture remains in cold storage. Here too were embryos of Humanoids in various stages of development. Also, many Human childrens' remains in storage vats.

    Who are [were] these people? [My sources of information include...] people who worked in the labs, abductees taken to the base, people who assisted in the construction, intell personnel [NSA, CIA, etc.], and UFO-Inner Earth researchers. This information is meant for those who are seriously interested in the Dulce base. For YOUR OWN PROTECTION, be advised to 'USE CAUTION' while investigating this complex [if you ever do.] Greys, Reptoids, winged Draco species are highly analytical and technologically oriented. THEY HAVE HAD ANCIENT CONFLICTS WITH EL-HumanS and may be STAGING here for a FUTURE CONFLICT.

    "Principal government organizations involved with mapping Human genetics, the so-called genome projects, are within the Department of Energy; the National Institute of Health; the National Science Founda- tion; the Howard Hughes Medical Institute; and, of course, the Dulce Underground Labs run by the DOE (the "Department of Energy", which ALSO runs the Nevada Test Site. - Branton)

    "Are Alien and Human BIO-TECH being used to nurture and serve us, or is it being used to CONTROL AND DOMINATE US? Why have UFO abductees been used in genetic experiments? "IT WAS WHEN THOMAS ENCOUNTERED HumanS IN CAGES ON LEVEL 7 OF THE DULCE FACILITY THAT THINGS FINALLY REACHED A CLIMAX FOR HIM. He says, 'I frequently encountered Humans in cages, usually dazed or drugged, but sometimes THEY CRIED AND BEGGED FOR HELP. We were told they were hopelessly insane and involved in high-risk drug tests to cure insanity. We were told NEVER TO SPEAK TO THEM AT ALL. At the beginning, we believed the story. Finally, in 1978 a small group of workers discovered the truth. THAT BEGAN THE DULCE WARS.'

    "We may find it hard and unpalatable to digest or even believe Thomas' story, and why should we even give it a hearing at all? Probably for no other reason than the fact that MANY OTHERS came out and told bizarre stories also, and the fact that there may be a terrible truth hidden behind the continuing phenomena of UFO sightings, abductions and animal mutilations, here. Our government intell agencies have had an ongoing watchful eye on all UFO activities for many decades now. These bizarre phenomena must have a bizarre explanation. We may be only one outpost in [a] vast interstellar drama.

    "Recently, researcher John Anderson went to Dulce, N.M. to see if there is anything to the reported UFO activity. He says that he arrived in town coincidentally to see a caravan of cars and a McDonnell Douglas mini-lab in a van going up a rural road near the town. He followed them to a fenced-in compound where he waited to see further developments. Suddenly, six UFOs descended rapidly over the compound, hovered long enough for him to snap one picture, then shot up and out of sight. When later stopping in a store to tell the owner of the UFO photo he had taken, the store owner listened and revealed how he had been a victim cattle rancher of cattle mutes. Their conversation was inter- rupted by a phone call, after which the store owner told John to leave at once, then closed the store after John got in his car. John then saw a mysterious van drive up to the store and a man got out and went in. John decided to leave Dulce at that moment but was FOLLOWED by two men in a car as he left town.

    "Even more recently a research team went up to Archuleta Mesa to take soundings under the ground and preliminary and tentative computer analysis of these soundings seem to indicate DEEP CAVITIES UNDER THE MESA (one source stated that, according to the data collected, these cavities extend to a depth of over 4,000 FEET! - Branton). Perhaps someday we will discover the deep dark secret of Dulce. Whatever the future brings, it won't be dull."


    The following is a list of questions that were directed to former Dulce Base Security officer Thomas Edwin Castello approximately a year before his death [or disappearance]. They are followed by his responses:

    QUESTION - When exactly was the [upper Human-occupied level of the] Archuleta installation constructed?

    ANSWER - I heard Dulce was started in 1937-38 by Army engineers, enlarged over the years, most recent work was completed 1965-66 to connect tunnels to the Page [Arizona] Base, site of one of the older underground facilities. The four corners base is called PERICA. Most Native Americans [Indians] living in that area are aware of that base, and could tell us about the underground life forms that fre- quently are spotted near those communities, Bigfoot, etc.

    (Note: References to the Dulce base here deal mainly with the upper levels, not the extreme lower levels which include vast natural caverns and, some believe, very ancient tunnel systems as well. This would include tunnels illuminated by phosphorus pentoxide which Alien Grays avoid, and the origin of which is unknown. In fact, sources have informed us some of the underground NORAD facilities of Colorado were constructed within already-existing cavern systems, suggesting that Ray Palmer and Richard Shaver were correct when as early as the mid-1940's they wrote about the government's search for ancient under- ground cave and tunnel systems to be converted for their own use. - Branton)

    QUESTION -- By what means was the [upper] installations constructed? Are you familiar with the alleged developments made by the Rand Corporation of a highly-efficient bore or mole machine capable of melting rock using nuclear powered wolfram-graphite tipped 'drill-cones'?

    ANSWER -- According to several senior maintenance workers, part of it was blasted by nuclear devices in the sixties. There are sections, like the shuttle tunnels, that were formed by an advanced tunneling machine that leaves the tunnel walls smooth. The finished walls in those tubes resemble polished black glass.

    QUESTION -- By WHOM was the Dulce installation originally constructed?

    ANSWER -- Nature started the caverns. The Draco [reptilian Humanoids] used the caverns and tunnels for centuries. Later, through RAND Corpora- tion plans, it was enlarged repeatedly. The original caverns included ice caves and sulfur springs that Aliens found perfect for their needs. Dulce caverns rival Carlsbad caverns in size. (Note: Carlsbad caverns and especially the adjacent Lecheguilla caves are officially among the largest and deepest in the world, with several 'leads' that remain to be explored by professional speleonauts - Branton)

    QUESTION -- What exactly are the cattle [and Human] organs such as blood, anal tissue, eyes, reproductive organs, tongues, etc. used for -- i.e. the organs obtained via cattle and Human mutilations?

    ANSWER -- Read the so-called Dulce papers [for more information].

    QUESTION -- Are the various electromagnetically-controlled air or space craft -- [seen] leaving from and arriving at Mt. Archuleta -- manned by Humans, Alien entities, or both?

    ANSWER -- Archuleta Mesa is a minor area... the craft leave [and are stored] in five areas. SE of DULCE, one near Durango Co., one at Taos, N.M., and the main fleet is stored at LOS ALAMOS [under].

    (Note: I believe Thomas Castello is referring to the 'joint-operational' fleet. From combined sources however it appears as if Dulce is absolutely SURROUNDED ON ALL SIDES by Alien bases, and that Archuleta peak -- although apparently the central NEXUS of the entire underground network -- is nevertheless just one part of an overall complex that some claim is nearly the size of Manhattan! One source has indicated there are chambers a few hundred feet below the very town of Dulce itself that are part of level one of the facility. This close proximity may explain why it has usually been described as the 'Dulce Base'. Apparently even with his high-security clearance, Thomas Castello was only familiar with one part of the overall mega-complex which underlies the area. Whatever amount of activity is taking place there, different sources seem to indicate that the town of Dulce nevertheless lies over a major crossroads, convergence or 'intersection' area of Alien activity even though the 'core' of Alien activity has been extended to Los Alamos. Los Alamos and the mountainous regions east and southeast of it in and around the Santa Fe National Forest seem to be the MAJOR 'nest' of Reptiloid/Gray forces in North America, although there is also a large number of 'dens' scattered throughout the underground networks between Dulce and Area 51. Dulce seems to be a major 'through' point for exterran and subterran reptilian activity, a central 'infiltration' zone for surface operatives, as well as an operational base for abduction- implantation-mutilation agendas and also a major convergence for sub-shuttle terminals, UFO ports, and so on. - Branton)

    QUESTION -- Others have suggested that some of the entities below Dulce are not of 'extra-terrestrial' ORIGIN, and that they are actually descended from saurian or reptiloid beings such as the Velociraptors or Stenonychosaurus Equallus -- a 'serpentine' race or races similar to that hinted at in the third chapter of the book of Genesis?

    ANSWER -- Yes, some 'reptoids' are native to this planet. The ruling caste of 'Aliens' ARE reptilian. The beige or white beings are called The Draco. Other reptilian beings are green, and some are brown. They were an ancient race on Earth, living underground. It may have been one of the Draconian beings that 'tempted' Eve in the Garden of Eden. Reptoids rightly consider themselves "native Terrans." Maybe not-- either way we (Humans) are [considered] the 'squatters' on Earth.

    QUESTION -- Some have suggested that the so-called underground 'E.T.' bases and tunnels may, for a large part, be literally thousands of years old. ... constructions of an antediluvian race which attained to a considerable level of scientific complexity, destroyed by a Divinely-initiated cataclysm that took place after they attempted to merge their science with occult/supernatural forces. For instance, some have suggested that the Bermuda Triangle phenomena may be the result of an out-of-control Atlantean experiment that led to a space-time disaster producing "electromagnetic fallout" in the Triangle area (and elsewhere) after powerful forces and energies had accidentally been loosed into the world, that they knew very little about. Do your observations tend to confirm or refute such a possibility?

    ANSWER -- I'm not sure about the Divine part, but these 'Aliens' consider themselves 'NATIVE TERRANS.'

    QUESTION -- Where do the little gray Aliens fit in? ANSWER -- They work for, and are controlled by the Draco. There are other gray skinned beings that are not in league with the Draco. QUESTION -- Did you ever talk to any of the 'Aliens' at the Base?

    ANSWER -- Since I was the Senior Security Technician at that base, I had to communicate with them on a daily basis. If there were any problems that involved security or video cameras, I was the one they called. It was the reptilian "working caste" that usually did the physical labor in the lower levels at Dulce. Decisions involving that caste were usually made by the white Draco. When Human workers caused problems for the working caste, reptoids went to the white Draconian 'boss' and the Draco called me. At times, it felt like it was a never ending problem. Several Human workers resented the "no nonsense" or "get back to work" attitude the working caste lives by. When needed, intervention became a vital tool. The biggest problem were Human workers who foolishly wandered around near the "OFF LIMITS" areas of the "Alien Section." I guess it's Human nature to be curious and to wonder what is past the barriers. Too often someone found a way to bypass the barriers and nosed around. The camera's near the entrance usually stopped them before they got themselves in serious trouble. A few times I had to formerly request the return of a Human worker. QUESTION -- Are there other sites tied-in to the 'shuttle network' other than those you mentioned, and if so, where are the entrances? ANSWER -- WHERE!?! EVERYWHERE! THEY CRISS CROSS THE WORLD AS AN ENDLESS SUBTERRANEAN HIGHWAY. LIKE A FREEWAY, EXCEPT THIS ONE IS UNDERGROUND... The subterranean highway in America is like a freeway except it's underground. That highway depends on electric motors [for trucks, cars and buses] for the paved roads, and it is for limited travel. There is another style of transit for freight and passengers that is for rapid travel. That worldwide network is called the "Sub-Global System." It has "check points" at each country entry. There are shuttle tubes that 'shoot' the trains at incredible speeds using mag-lev and vacuum methods. They travel excelling the speed of sound. Part of your question involves the location of entrances to that base. The easiest way to answer is to say every state in the USA has them. Frequently, the entrances are camouflaged as sand quarries or mining operations. Other complex portals are found on military bases. New Mexico and Arizona have the largest number of entrances followed by California, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri. Of all the states, Florida and North Dakota have the fewest entrances. Wyoming has a road that opens directly into the subterranean freeway. That road is no longer in use, but could be reactivated if they decide to do so, with minimal cost. It's located near Brooks Lake.

    QUESTION -- Are there any 'bases' in the state of Utah? (Note: Thomas mentions several areas surrounding Utah -- Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Idaho where there are 'connections', but little on Utah, which according to some sources, lies directly over one of the largest NATURAL cavern systems in North America, one that is said to reach deep beneath the Western Rockies as well as beneath the Bonneville basin) -- Have you heard anything about an alleged under- ground installation within the Wasatch Mountains...?

    ANSWER -- Salt Lake, Lake Powell Area, Dark Canyon, Dougway Grounds, Modena, Vernal--all have exits there. Others too.

    (Note: There have been many rumors of ancient 'tunnel' systems being intersected during the excavations of sub-basement levels below major industrial and mall areas in downtown Salt Lake City. Various stories surrounding these tunnels include: explorers that entered tunnels and never returned; reports of 'lizard people' down there; reports of Grays working with Humans on electronic equipment and large building projects going on in huge caverns beneath mountains to the east; reports of Humans who are part of an Asian-based 'Agharti' kingdom who maintain colonies in the tunnels and caverns below -- and who are in conflict with reptiloids, grays, and a group collaborating Human fascists from a network of massive underground facilities beneath the Neu Shwabenland region of Antarctica; reports of men in suits having been seen pacing back and forth through large underground chambers carrying uzi machine guns; reports of seemingly bottomless shafts; large tunnels strung with lights that are "big enough to drive a semi-truck through"; sections of tunnel walls that looked solid yet which one could put their hands through; rooms that emanate a strange greenish phosphorescent glow; abductees who are taken below and encounter all types of Aliens; discs seen emerging from mountains to the east and attacking incoming UFOs over the valley; Dungeons & Dragons fanatics who have been down in the tunnels and tell wild stories of hundreds of miles of maze-like passages; reports of connections to the tunnel systems via the sewer- drainage network--especially underneath the downtown "Crossroads" area; reports of Alien activity similar to that in Dulce itself; and reports of a huge cavern network that reaches beyond the border of the state in all directions -- a huge network that connects the underground systems of Nevada with those of New Mexico.

    There is a famous story which is not openly talked about -- two versions ... both may be true. In one version a Mormon Temple worker penetrated an underground tunnel below the 'square' in downtown Salt Lake City and traveled for some distance through a series of underground catacombs until running into a 'lizard'-like man. The creature attempted to attack him but the man escaped and managed to find his way back to the surface. He began telling other people what had happened and soon after- wards the 'government' arrived in the area and went in and closed off many of the tunnels leading to the sub-basements of the Temple. Pre- sumably there was some heated debates over how much of the underground system this denomination was allowed to control. A similar dispute apparently occurred to the southwest where the LDS church maintains a large storage facility under Granite Mountain in Little Cottonwood canyon within the upper levels of a vast network of caverns. Fascist CIA elements and Grays came in and took control of the larger caverns deeper within the mountain and ordered the 'vault' workers to stay out of 'forbidden' areas -- and stated that the "U.S.Government" was now using them for "National Security" purposes and that it was their "patriotic duty" to maintain the secret.

    The other version concerns a custodian who entered a tunnel near the cinemas area below the Crossroads Mall across the street and to the south from the temple square, while excavation was being carried out in a that part of the Mall. The worker entered the tunnel and before long encountered a 'serpent'-type man, beat a hasty retreat, and told his fellow workers what he had seen. The FBI and/or the local police soon arrived and sealed the tunnel.

    Another story involved a young man who, along with a friend, had used a chain tied to his pickup truck to rip-up a manhole cover in the area near the 'Mall' and the 'Square'. They navigated through a maze of sewer passages underneath and came to a shaft that descended in a series of five small 'rooms' one below the other, and from the bottom room a tunnel led south into a large chamber wherein they saw a seemingly bottomless shaft, a large southwest tunnel strung with lights and 'large enough to drive a semi through', and the footprints of some type of three-toed bi-pedal creature. Other sources say early pioneers and settlers of the area who explored these tunnels came in contact with and in some cases even joined with some of the Telosian- Agharti-Melchizedek-Mayan underground colonies below the Salt Lake Flats, the Salt Lake Valley and the Western Rockies. These subter- raneans had formerly established territorial agreements with Reptiloids and Grays before Aliens begun invading subterranean lands below the intermountain west en-masse in the early 1900's. These treaties were part of an attempt to stave off a possible inter-species conflict, as skirmishes between the Humanoids [Teros] and reptiloids [Deros] within the cavern networks of North America had been increasing since the 1920's, 30's and 40's.

    Because of a somewhat non-exclusive collective-mind with which these Humans interact, it was decided that one possible way to 'convert' Reptilians into becoming beings of emotion and compassion was to allow them access to the group consciousness. The reptiloids however, once given access, immediately began taking advantage of the collec- tive and used it to CONTROL the Humans on a subliminal basis. The ease with which this occurred may have been enhanced by the fact that Reptiloids and Grays already operate as part of a collective or group mind, one far more complex than the Ashtar or Astarte collective itself, which many of the 'Aghartians' depended on. This suggests the Reptilian 'collective' or HIVE itself is absolutely void of any and all care, concern or compassion for Human beings. Individual reptiloids operating distinct from the draconian collective might however be 'tamed' by other collective-free Humanoids in some cases -- as some have reportedly been 'tamed' by the Andro-Pleiadean worlds.

    If non-Humans could be severed from 'the collective,' they might be deprogrammed and repro- grammed so-to-speak and even attain individual awareness and a degree of emotion. In such cases it would not be advisable to give these "people" equal standing among Humans, and monitoring should be enforced even if means were found to sever them from the collective mind network. [This is due to their being natural predators and could never be trusted to deal from honesty or fairness.)

    To dominate Reptilian forces, one may offer unconditional surrender, and if this is not accepted, then direct military pressure is justified in light of permanent 'abductees' whom Greys and Reptiloids took captive [those who are still alive] to their underground systems. Most treaties the Humanoids have made with reptiloids 'down under' have been broken ... especially following "the Groom Wars of 1975" and "the Dulce Wars of 1979," when much of the underground U.S. base networks [funded by American tax dollars] were taken over by the Grays.

    Some sources imply that Aliens took advantage of chaos especially during the Dulce wars and commenced to invade and conquer several of the older underground colonies. This apparently led to a rift in the 'Ashtar' Collective, with many Humanoids and hybrids splitting off and joining with the Andro-Pleiadean Federation non-interventionists, and many Reptiloids and heartless Humanoid agents splitting off and joining with the interventionists of the Draco-Orion Empire.

    The Sirius-B system which -- aside from Arcturus and Sol -- has been the major center of 'Ashtar' activity, has since been shaken by this split between the two opposing Ashtarian factions, and war reportedly raged through the Sirius system for several years, according to some 'contactees'... an apparent reflection of the division within the underground networks of North America between the Pleiadean-backed Sirian Humanoids and Orion-backed Sirian reptiloids, both of which had maintained operations in the underground before "Dulce Wars" broke out.

    Dulce wars were just the mere tip of the proverbial iceberg, when we consider that the overall events which happened at Dulce had a chain reaction effect throughout this whole sector of the galaxy. Before the division occurred, Reptiloids were invited to take part in 'peace talks' in Telos and elsewhere as an act of good faith, but the Reptiloid-Grey collectivists were more interested in expanding their empire and feeding an appetite for conquest than they were to make peace, so they agreed to peace treaties they never intended to keep.

    'Trojan horse' manipulation was their goal. A remnant of collaboration is still taking place in the underground facilities near Paradox Nevada, where collectivist Humanoids and reptiloids from Sirius and Sol still maintain a collaboration of necessity -- in order to establish global control systems. However, a large number of Humanoids within that under- ground systems are at war with the collectivist-interventionist Reptilian infiltrators who would otherwise 'assimilate' these Humanoids into their collective through deception, espionage and mind control.

    Several contactees like Alex Collier, Ray Keller, Stan Johnson and others have claimed that the conflicts in Sirius between the Andro- Pleiadean backed Ashtar forces and the Draco-Orion backed Ashtar forces -- which were infiltrated and commandeered by Draco-Orion agents -- have now spread to our Sol system, as both stellar superpowers have focused on this most strategic system, intent on protecting their respective 'interests' here from being subverted by the other side. - Branton)

    QUESTION -- Does the Mt. Archuleta "shuttle system" connect with a shuttle system which allegedly radiates from Mt. Shasta in northern California?

    ANSWER -- Yes. Mt. Shasta is a major site of Alien - Elder Race - Reptilian Race - Human meetings. Beginning with Grover Cleveland, every president in U.S. history has visited Telos City. Truman was supposed to have visited the Lower Realms as a High Archon on Earth. He was supposed to have met the King of the World there, and given him the "Keys to the USA.

    (Note: Whether or not the reigning 'King' of the Agharti realms at the time had benevolent or other motives, subjecting America to an outside superpower without Congressional consent would be considered high treason. Although unelected/appointed 'individuals' working within the Executive-Military-Industrial branch of 'government' might choose to do so of their own volition without Congressional or Senatorial consent, such an act cannot apply to the 'America' which is based on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    There are apparently two 'nations' occupying the United States, the traditional grass-roots 'America' established by the founding fathers and led by the 'Electorate' government, and the fascist Bavarian-lodge- backed 'underground nation' led by Corporate government contesting the original 'America' on its own soil. Some predict an inevitable civil war between the Electorate/Constitutional/Surface government of the US, and the joint Humanoid-reptiloid Corporate/National-Global Socialist/ Underground New World Order government, which incidentally was bought and paid for by American taxpayers and unsavory money-making projects.

    This war will apparently provoke an armed United Nations / New World Order invasion of the USA which, according to George Washington's famous 'vision' at Valley Forge in 1777, will ultimately end with an American victory as a result of Divine Intervention. Something like this may be inevitable if FREEDOM is to be preserved on this planet, and beyond.

    We should never forget however that the NWO corporate elite and their draconian masters intend to 'depopulate' the surface of this planet AND the underground systems as well. According to one Navy intelligence source the 33-plus Masons [there are allegedly several degrees above the 33rd degree which interact directly with draconians and are part of the interplanetary initiatory lodges] intend to set the left-wing caverns and the right-wing caverns against each other to depopulate the underground realms so they can impose absolute Bavarian-Draconian global control of 'both' worlds. The 33+ and higher degrees according to this source intend to ride out the inferno in super-secret fortified caverns while the 33rd and lower degree masons and their respective left-wing and right-wing armies will be left to die on the surface and in subsurface wars. It may be that some of the 33+ Masons intend to ride-out the holocaust in their Alternative-3 bases on the Moon and Mars, IF those bases are still active. Remember, the roots of BOTH 'right-wing' National Socialist AND the 'left-wing' Global socialist agendas trace back to Bavaria.

    And, of course, this is precisely what we see happening, from the perspective of Constitutional governance, that Right and Left are being led into divisions and wars against each other.

    Isn't it interesting that the legendary 'dragon' has TWO 'wings' -- a right wing and a left wing -- both of which are controlled by a single 'beast'?. In essence, when it comes right down to it, the war is between the Judeo-Christian based Constitutional Republic of America and the Luciferian-cult-based Socialist empire of Bavaria. Both the right and left wing movements are Machiavellian extremes created by Bavarian Black Nobility ['Black' here being a reference to something hidden that cannot be seen, and NOT skin color] in order to foment global chaos.

    There are several claims that the collaboration with the Reptilians began with the Luciferian cults of Bavaria, and was later brought into America via the infiltration of the Scottish Rite and the fascist core of the NSA-CIA. There may have nevertheless been a reptilian presence below North America within the caverns that dates back several centuries; however, a MASSIVE reptilian infestation of these underground systems seems to have begun near the beginning of the 20th century. 'Mt. Archuleta' might be considered the 'Capitol' of the Alien segment of the 'secret' [Bavarian-Draconian] New World Order government in America -- with deep underground systems beneath the Denver International Airport being the 'Capitol' of the Human segment of the secret government. - Branton).

    Truman received assurances of new high tech knowledge and victory over all enemies on Earth. He then was introduced to Samaza and Khoach, Aliens from Bootes and Tiphon [Draco], both Reptilian 'kings' or Ambassadors. Truman updated the '100 Treaty' [that began IN 1933, Roosevelt] and requested magnetic advance, space knowledge and experiments. Khoach agreed, Samaza partially agreed. He exchanged hostages for genetic experiments and magnetic advance, but vetoed space and beam weaponry.

    QUESTION -- Did you notice any involvement of high-level Freemasons, Rosicrucians or Jesuits within the underground installation and/or with the Aliens?

    (This question is based on the assumption made by some researchers that many of the Masonic lodges were, beginning about 1776, infiltrated by the Bavarian Illuminati. Much of the Masonic world is ultimately controlled by the Bavarian-lodge-backed 33+ degrees of Scottish Rite Masonry, a 'Rite' which according to early Masonic authority Rebold can be traced back to the JESUIT college at Clermont in Paris -- a Rite which advocates destruction of national sovereign- ties in exchange for world government, destruction of religious and especially Judeo-Christian movements, and destruction of the family- structure to be replaced by 'State' control of children, etc., as opposed to the more traditional Protestant-Christianized YORK RITE of Masonry. The SCOTTISH RITE has attempted to subvert the York Rite since its inception into Masonry.

    This question was also based on claims from a former 33rd degree Mason, James Shaw, that the Scottish Rite headquarters in the "House of the Temple" -- which lies at the northern apex of the pentagram-like street layout of Washington D.C. -- is filled with all kinds of indications of serpent worship in the form of murals, carvings, statues, etc., depicting serpentine figures. Actually, from what my sources tell me, not only are there degrees beyond the 33rd degree, but the 33rd degree itself is made up of two cores, an inner and outer core, the 33rd degree and the 33+ degree. In the past when the 33rd degree initiation was reached, a potential initiate might have been given a Bible or a Cross and asked to spit on it or desacrate it in some manner. If they refused to do this they were told that they had made the "right decision" and remained in the outer core of the 33rd degree, thinking that they had finally 'arrived'. If they did or do commit this form of blasphemy then they are told that they have made the "right decision", and they are sent on to the inner core of the 33+ degree, which is the springboard to the higher levels that interact with the joint Humanoid-reptiloid Ashtarian lodges or branches of the 'Serpent Cult' on other planets, within underground cities, and possibly even other dimensions.

    One source informs me that former president George Herbert Walker Bush -- who was at one time the HEAD of MJ-12 -- had attained to the 42nd degree; however, he may have attained to even higher levels since that time. I would guess that the one who holds the highest level of initiation would be the 'dragon-king' of Draconis himself, or whatever appellation the leader or the leaders of the Draconian Empire may go by. - Branton):

    ANSWER - Yes I did, but that is a loaded question, and I won't comment further. I'm not a Mason, or member of any other secret fraternal group. There is one organization I am a member of [in the USA]. That group is commonly called the "Central Unit." It is a pleasure to tell you that I AM a member of the "Sub-Galactic League" of Costa Rica.

    QUESTION -- Is there any truth to the allegations that the CIA/'Aliens' have established 'bases' on the moon, and also Mars?

    ANSWER -- I've HEARD that too, but I haven't seen proof with my own eyes. Aliens do allegedly have bases on several moons of Jupiter and Saturn. The CIA operates in other COUNTRIES, but I've never heard they operate on other PLANETS

    (Note: Perhaps we should have referred to the CIA's superior agency, NSA, whose personnel reportedly pilot "black-budget UFOs" between the LUNA and DREAMLAND bases. - Branton).

    QUESTION -- Have you heard any hints or rumors suggesting that there may be lower levels beneath the ULTRA-7 level of the Dulce base, and also, where these might lead to and what they might consist of?

    ANSWER -- YES. Your guess is as good as mine... Sure, there was lots of TALK but that doesn't mean it's there. However, I will tell you I saw elevators that were "off limits" unless you had an UMBRA or higher security clearance. At that base, information is supplied to me at a "need to know" basis ONLY! [My clearance was ULTRA-7] QUESTION -- Some insist that the U.S./Secret government has developed its own disk-craft based largely upon top secret antigravity experi- ments carried out by Nazi-German scientists during World War II. Have you heard anything referring to this?

    ANSWER -- When I was working in Photo-security, heard a lot of talk, never saw the proof; but once in the Air Force I developed a roll of film that showed a craft LIKE ADAMSKI'S, WITH A SWASTIKA ON THE SIDE.

    (Note: A letter from 'RJM' of Pennsylvania dated 1-31-91 stated: "...I have a lot of UFO videos. I also have 'THE SECRET LAND' [1947]. It shows Bunger's Oasis and says they discovered warm land at the South Pole. One German author claims the Nazis had a photo-finish FIGHT with Byrd. At the end of the movie, it says: 'Byrd's Intrepid 4,000 met and defeated ANTARCTICA'S TOUGHEST BATTALIONS.' I don't think they were talking about the weather..." (Another source has stated that there were loses on BOTH sides, and the Battle for Antarctica against the Nazi's "Last Battalion" -- which had fortified themselves in underground bases below the moun- tains of Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica -- ended in a stalemate.)

    QUESTION: Why would Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun commit suicide after Hitler had spent so much energy executing over 5000 Nazi officials whom he 'suspected' were behind his assassination attempt at the 'Wolf' bunker--especially if he had a way out via a secret Nazi South Polar base?

    The March 18, 1994, issue of THE PLAIN DEALER [Cleveland, Ohio] carried an AP story titled "DOCTORS FIND BURNT BODY COULD NOT BE HITLER'S". Excerpts include:

    "...French forensic experts say the charred corpse said to be Hitler's is not his body... experts FALSIFIED verification reports ordered by Josef Stalin to APPEASE the Soviet dictator.... the body is actually that of an unknown German male. [The forensic experts] spent more than two years analyzing the autopsy reports prepared by Soviet coroners in the days following [the] surrender of the Third Reich in 1945... the body [said to be Hitler's] had an extra tooth and only one testicle. ... no German doctor who had examined Hitler before his death ever mentioned either anomaly."

    This is also interesting when we consider that the well-known 'abductee' Barney Hill remembered the following experience under regressive hyp- nosis as recorded in the paranormal encyclopedia, "MYSTERIES OF MIND, SPACE & TIME": -- Barney and his wife Betty were abducted by gray- skinned Humanoids "from Zeta Reticuli". HOWEVER, one of the 'beings' on the craft was described by Barney Hill under regressive hypnosis in the following words which are taken from p.1379 of the encyclopedia:

    "...another figure has an EVIL face... HE LOOKS LIKE A GERMAN NAZI. HE'S A NAZI... HIS EYES! HIS EYES. I'VE NEVER SEEN EYES LIKE THAT BEFORE!" Remember that this occurred nearly 15 years after Europe had supposedly been "de-Nazified".

    There seems to be an Antarctic connection with Dulce as well as other possible Nazi connections: German 'tourists' scouring New Mexico, exploring mines and caves and buying up land and mineral rights just before the outbreak of WWII; the Nazi-connected CIA's involvement and their placement of several Nazi SS agents brought into the U.S. via Project Paperclip -- within Dulce and other underground facilities; the involvement of secret Bavarian lodges at Dulce; and the possible Antarctican-Dulce connection to 'Alternative 003'.

    Another interesting connection is the fact that Nazi teams involved in the construction and operation of underground bases below the mountains of Neu Schwabenland and elsewhere in Antarctica were called "ULTRA" teams. ULTRA is also the code-name for the DULCE base! Also, there seems to be a direct connection between the Dulce base and the Montauk base in Long Island -- which was/is[?] reputedly jointly operated by Draconian Reptiloids, Orion Greys and the Bavarian Thule Society--all of which backed the Nazi agenda. - Branton)

    QUESTION -- Tom, did you have access to the Alien craft? Were you ever inside any of them?

    ANSWER -- Yes, I frequently saw them in the garages, there are quite a few of them. The main fleet is stored at Los Alamos. Yes, I entered several craft. There were two things that stick in my mind--the odd spongy feeling of the floor and the unusual pinkish purple color of the lighting. The crew stated the floor becomes ridid in flight, and purple tint of the lighting changes to bright blue white. The entire inside of the aircraft is scaled-down in size when compared to an average Human. Halls were curved and narrow, but somehow, when inside it appears bigger than it looks. Certain areas, the outermost sections, almost felt and looked alive. I was never taken up in one. QUESTION -- Can you give me more information on the reptilian race? What do they do on the sixth level? [The area called Nightmare Hall.]

    ANSWER -- The worker caste does the daily chores, mopping the latex floors, cleaning cages, bringing food to hungry people and other species. It is their job to formulate the proper mixture for Type One and Type Two beings that the Draco Race has created. The working caste work at the labs as well as at the computer banks. Basically speaking, Reptilian races are active at all levels of the Dulce Base. There are several different Alien races that work on the east section of level six (No doubt some collaborating 'Nordic' factions included. - Branton). That section is commonly called "the Alien section."

    Draco are the undisputed masters of levels 5-6-7. Humans are second in command of those levels. I had to ARGUE with one large Draconian 'boss' frequently. His name is difficult to verbalize, Khaarshfashst [pronounced throaty "kkhhah-sshh-fahsh-sst"]. I usually called him 'Karsh' and he hated it. Draconian leaders are very formal when talking to Humans. These ancient beings consider us a lower race. Karsh called me "Leader Castello," but it was used in a sarcastic way. However, the worker caste is friendly enough as long as you allow them to speak first. They will answer if you address them. They are very cautious beings, and consider most Humans to be hostile. They always seem surprised when they found many Humans open and trustworthy.

    There is no fraternizing with Aliens off hours. It is forbidden to speak to any Alien race [in the halls or an elevator] without a clear business-oriented reason. Humans can talk to Humans, and Aliens speak to Aliens, but that is as far as it goes. At work sites, however, it's different. There is "free speech" in the labs. Camaraderie found in labs also reaches the computer banks section. In those areas, everybody talks to anybody. However, it all changes the minute you cross the threshold of the hall. Instantly, all conversations become strictly formal. Hard as it was, several times I had to arrest someone simply because they spoke to an Alien. It's a strange place.

    QUESTION -- Exactly what first made you aware that something was wrong at Dulce? Seems to me that a place as obviously horrible as this one wouldn't need an Einstein to know that this is a CRIME site! What took you so long? Are you the guy who blew the whistle?

    ANSWER -- There are several things you should know about. I took an oath, under the penalty of death, that no matter what I saw or heard I would never divulge the information. Also, I signed a waiver that states, I would willingly give up my life if I was found guilty of 'treason'. At Dulce Base, treason is "ANYTHING that mentions the details of daily operations at this facility, when outside the confinement of the this base."

    When I first arrived, a "need to know" policy was in effect. The story honchos told us was, "This is a Tri-Biotransfer Facility with Advanced Technology doing advanced adventurous methodology for medical and mental gains;" which is a fancy way of saying they do really risky things with Human life just to see what would happen. If a medical cure happens, it will be heralded on the surface of the earth as a marvelous new cure--claiming it was found after years of research at some well known medical lab. The real story of the cure is never explained. After all, Dulce Base IS A SECRET FACILITY!

    These people are very good at what they do. They do not tell the truth about unfortunate people that end up in "Nightmare Hall." I worked with Aliens. With that in mind, you should realize the secrecy and security at that place was intense. Yes, I know this was not the usual hospital type job site, but in the beginning I bought the whole package.

    I was reminded daily by intercom, in the elevators, that "this site does high risk advanced medical and drug testing to cure insanity. Please, never speak to the inmates, it can destroy years of work." I'm sensible; when doctors say don't speak to them, who was I to destroy the delicate situation? But one man somehow caught my eye. He repeatedly stated that he was George S---- and that he had been kidnapped and he was sure someone was searching for him. I don't know why he sticks in my mind, I found I was remembering his face, thinking he sure didn't look or sound insane, but many inmates said that.

    The next weekend I convinced a friend of mine, a cop, to run a check on the guy, saying I had a run in with him and was curious. I didn't mention the base at all. It was a sickening feeling when the computer confirmed that George S. was missing. What's worse, the cops thought he was just another guy that got tired of the daily grind and split. That was the beginning.

    Am I the one that blew the whistle? No. The next Monday, I searched for George, but he was gone. There were no records that explained what happened to him. It was another security officer that came to me saying he and some lab workers wanted an off duty meeting at one of the tunnels, [off the record]. Curiosity took over and I said OK.

    That night, nine men showed up. They said they knew they were risking me turning them in but they wanted to show me some things they thought I should see. One-by-one they showed records that proved many inmates were missing people. There were newspaper clippings, and even photos that they had some how smuggled into the base. They hoped to smuggle them back out, without me turning them in to the honchos. I could see the fear in their faces as they spoke. One man stated he would rather lose his life by trying, than to lose his soul by not doing anything at all. It was that remark that turned the tide. I told them about George and the things I found out about him. After a few hours we pledged to make an attempt to expose the Dulce Base.

    QUESTION -- The name Nightmare Hall is descriptive, but surely there was a 'regular' name. What was it called in the manuals?

    ANSWER -- In the manuals it was called "The Vivarium". It describes Dulce Base as, a "secured facility for tending bio-forms of all types." In their report it is retold, as "a private subterranean bio-terminal park, with accommodations for animals, fish, fowl, reptile, and mankind." After SEEING this 'park' the name Nightmare Hall is far more accurate than the manual. Accommodations for the inmates at Nightmare Hall fall short of the pretty picture the manual describes.

    QUESTION -- You mentioned one reptilian leader, Khaarshfashst. Do you know anything about him, like where is he from? Is he from Earth or some other planet?

    ANSWER -- His name means "keeper of laws". They recieve their name after they reach the "age of awareness". They do not recognize time as an important factor in "being aware" the way Humans do. Upon their "age of awareness" they are cognitive of the station or position they are destined to fulfill. At that time they chose or allow someone to choose their name. The name chosen will include the position they hold and several personally chosen letters. Each letter has a personal meaning, known only to the Alien and the one that chose their name. Since Karsh's name means keeper of laws, his name includes kaash [memory or keep, base word for 'Akashic' record] and fashst [law, base word fast or bind].

    Reptilians choose to be not only private, but secretive of the location of their natal place. To them birth or emergence of life is considered as one of the sacred rites of life. They consider Earth or Terra their "home planet", but several Reptoids discuss several star maps. Most of those stars were within the Milky Way. Within those star maps lies the stars and Planets of the Allegiance. Earth is one of the planets in their trade routes.

    If any Human asked clear questions about the Allegiance, Aliens referred the question to the Draco. The Draco in turn, referred the questions to his supervisor-- me. I did not have that information about the stars, because informa- tion was supplied on a "need to know" basis. I didn't 'need' that information.

    QUESTION -- Did any of the working caste join in the revolt? Could you give me some names?

    ANSWER -- A few of the Reptilian janitorial crew let us know that THEY knew WE were attempting to sabotage the work going on in the sixth and seventh levels. One of them, with the name Schhaal, secretly formed a small group of Reptoids with the same mind set as my group.

    (Take note of the similarity between this scenario and the NBC mini- series "V", available on video cassette after years of non-availability. I have it on good authority that the original author of the "V" idea was an investigator who knew Thomas Castello on a personal basis. He had connections in Hollywood and wrote a motion picture script which was in turn seen and 'borrowed' without permission by an NBC employee, re-written as a mini-series.

    The show was based on Reptilian Humanoids from Sirius-B who had come to earth under the guise of benevolent Human-like space brothers to bring a new order of universal peace. In reality they had a secret agenda to rape planet earth of her resources and steal her people for biological sustenance. This agenda was being contested by Human resistance by those who refused to fall for the Reptilian facade; and these resistors were in turn working with a secret fifth-column of reptilians who did not agree with their leaders' agenda for planet earth. Could this mini-series have had an actual basis in a bizarre reality? - Branton).

    Sshhaal took upon himself the danger of informing me. He was as open as is possible in a unique situation. On the day I found out about it, I was inspecting a camera near an exit tunnel. He approached, stooped down (tall reptiloids average about 7-8 ft. in height - Branton), seemingly scraping some non-existent dirt and he quietly said, "A few of us agreed that you are singular in your interest in missing-Human reports. If true, walk away. I'll reach you. If it's untrue, destroy my life now!"

    My heart almost leaped out of my chest, but I silently walked toward one of the wide halls. For the rest of my life I'll remember those words! It was the first time I KNEW reptilians could have individual thoughts and opinions! Basically, they formed a uniform front with a small variety of interests. Or at least, that was what we had thought.

    It was a couple days before I heard from him again. As he walked beside me in the sixth level's infamous hall, I heard him say "Enter the exit tunnel on the sixth level, north, after your shift." The next few hours were long and filled with thoughts of betrayal--or worse--but I shouldn't have worried. I contacted one of the original nine [resistance] men, and let him know, just in case. Gordon wanted to go with me, but I convinced him to wait a few feet from the exit and pretend he was having trouble with his cart [electric, like a golf cart].

    When I got there, there were three of them. SSHHAAL formally introduced FAHSSHHAA and HUAMSSHHAA [name base word is SSHHAA or assist]. With that, I quickly grabbed Gordon from the hall and the five of us talked and walked in the dark tunnels for about three hours. After that day, our resistance group got bigger and bolder. Ultimately, it ended when a military assault was initiated via the exit tunnels, and they executed anybody on their "list"--Human or reptilian. We fought back, but none of the working caste had weapons, nor did Human lab workers. Only the security force and a few computer workers had flash guns. It was a massacre. Every one was screaming and running for cover. The halls and tunnels were filled as full as possible. We believe it was the Delta Force [because of the uniforms and methods they used] that hit us at shift change and killed as many as named on their "list."

    (NOTE: If Thomas Castello is correct in his assertion, then based on his overall claims as well as claims of others such as Robert Lazar, Phil Schneider, etc., the Dulce Wars were the result of at least five overlapping factors or scenarios which converged at more or less the same time or played into each other. This may have also involved conflict of interest within MJ12 itself, and apparently involved different security forces including Delta Force, Black Berets, Air Force Blue Berets, Secret Service, FBI Division Five, CIA storm- troopers and Dulce Base security.

    (The various factors which seem to have played into the Dulce wars include animosity towards the Greys for their slaughter of several scientists and security personnel in the Groom Wars below Area 51 three years previous, as described by former MJ12 Special Studies Group agent Michael Wolf; accidental [?] encounters between Aliens and Human construction workers and security forces near Dulce as described by Phil Schneider; attack on the Dulce base 'resistance' that was apparently ordered by die-hard collaborators in deep-level intell as described by Thomas Castello; an attempt to rescue several of our best scientists who had been captured by Aliens after they had discovered the "Grand Deception" involving violation of the estab- lished treaties, that is the permanent abduction of thousands of Humans to Dulce and other bases for God only knows what purposes, as described by John Lear --

    (Could it be that MJ12 / PI40 was unaware of these abductees, yet their superior agency, the BLACK MONK / MAJIC agency, was aware and had agreed to an actual exchange of Human life for technology? And another factor would involve a dispute over whether Human security personnel should carry flash guns as opposed to machine guns. All of these issues were apparently contributing factors to the altercation that raged throughout Dulce Base beginning in 1979. - Branton). We to this day do not know who BETRAYED us. Gordon Ennery ran beside me as we ran into the third level exit tunnels, and he died when several bullets slammed into his back. I vaporized that assassin and kept running. And I'm still running. Gordon will be remembered.

    QUESTION -- Tell me more about the flash gun. Is it difficult to operate, or is it like the weapon on Star Trek, that can stun or kill on different modes?

    ANSWER -- [NOTE: One can tell this account was written before the introduction and abuse of "non-lethal" TASER GUNS by police.]

    It is an advanced beam weapon that can operate on three different phases. Phase one, like Star Trek, can stun and maybe kill, if the person has a weak heart. On phase two, it can levitate ANYTHING no matter what it weighs. Phase three is the SERIOUS BUSINESS mode, paralyzes anything that lives--animal, Human, Alien and plant.

    On the higher position on the same mode, it creates a TEMPORARY DEATH. I assure you, any doctor would certify that person dead, but their life essence lingers in some strange limbo, some kind of ter- rible state of non-death. In one to five hours the person will revive slowly; first the bodily functions will begin, and in a few minutes, consciousness followed with full awareness.

    In that mode Alien scientists re-program the Human brain and plant false information. When the person awakens, he 'recalls' the false information as information he gained through experience. There is no way for a person to learn what actually occurred. Human minds remember and believe--completely--the false data. If you attempt to inform them, they would laugh or get angry. They NEVER believe the truth. The mind always forgets the experience of re-programming.

    You asked if the flash gun is difficult to operate. A two-year-old child could use it with one hand. It resembles a flash light, with black glass conical inverted lens. On the side are three recessed knobs in three curved grooves. Each knob is sized differently. The closer the knob to the hand the less the strength. It's that simple. Each knob has three strengths also, with automatic stops at each position. The strongest position will vaporize anything alive. That mode is so powerful, it leaves NO TRACE of what (or whom) it vaporized.

    QUESTION -- Is the weapon called a Flash Gun or is there a different name in the service manuals? ANSWER -- Everybody calls them Flash Guns, or more commonly "The Flash" or "my Flash" when talking about one. In the manual it is first intro- duced as the "ARMORLUX Weapon." After that, it is explained as a Flash Gun.

    QUESTION -- What type of security operates at Dulce Base? What other means are used against espionage or unauthorized entry?

    ANSWER -- I'll mention a few; but it would be nearly impossible to cover them all. Weapons besides flash guns, mostly used are sonic. Built-in to each light fixture [and most camcorders] is a device that renders a man unconscious in seconds with nothing more than a silent tone. At Dulce there are still VCR cameras, eye prints, hand print stations, weight monitors, lasers, ELF and EM equipment, heat sensors and motion detect- ors, etc.

    There is no way a person can get very far into the base. If you made it to the second level, you would be spotted within fifteen feet. More than likely, you would become an inmate and never see the light of day again. If you were lucky, you would be re-programmed and become one of the countless spies for the Ruling Caste.

    QUESTION -- According to certain reports, Dulce Base is host to [other] Aliens that live in level five. Is that true? Can Humans freely roam or meet one-to-one in the halls or is some type of protocol in effect?

    ANSWER -- There is protocol from the first time you enter the base and it must be followed every time you SEE an Alien there. From the working caste to the visiting Aliens, to the Ruling Caste, there is a never-ending checklist of rules, laws, and strict protocols. There is never a chance to roam on the fifth level. The Alien housing area is off limits to all Humans.

    The Hub is surrounded by security, arsenal, military and CIA\FBI sections. The area past the security is one of the most secured areas because it houses so many classified files. The entire east side of the fifth level is off-limits except for security personnel holding ULTRA-7 [security clearance] or higher. The garage on the west side of the fifth level requires ULTRA-4 clearance.

    QUESTION -- Is there proof available that could confirm allegations sur- rounding this underground base, or are we just supposed to believe you? ANSWER -- Many people have asked that one. No, I don't expect people to believe with blind faith. There is tangible proof that has been seen, felt and inspected by quite a few folks. I'm in no position to go on a lecture circuit to explain to every person on a one-to-one basis. I am trying to stay alive. All I can do is state again, that Dulce is a SECRET FACILITY. They work HARD to make sure nobody can find the place. If everyone could easily find it, it wouldn't be a SECRET facility. I've explained the extreme security methods they use. There is other proof available. There are five sets of copies in five different boxes in five different locations that hold complete proof of every thing I have tried to explain. Here is a list of contents of each box (delivered into the safe-keeping of five individuals known only to Thomas Castello and to the individual recipients - Branton):

    • 27 sheets of 8 x 10 photos of Aliens, creatures, cages and vats.
    • One silent candid video tape, begins on the computer banks, shows the vats, multi shots of Nightmare Hall, two shots of Greys, one shot of the Terminal showing sign saying 'To Los Alamos' and about thirty seconds of the Shuttle train arriving.
    • 25 pages of diagrams, chemical formulas and schematics of Alien equipment.
    • A copy of the new treaty complete with signatures.
    • 2 pages of original Alien documents signed by Ronald Reagan [as governor of California], each page includes Reagan's signature. The ORIGINAL set mentioned above is sealed in one piece oxygen free heavy plastic box. That set includes: 27 sheets of 8x10 WITH original nega- tives; video tapes; original micro film from which the video tape was copied; 25 original pages of diagrams [with notations], formulas, Alien equipment schematics plus schematics for Flash Guns; The treaty with Reagan's signature plus seven other political signatures and four Alien signatures.

      The working Flash Gun in that box is an extremely dangerous weapon. In the wrong hands there is no limit on the danger it can inflict. Placed in the hands of certain government agencies, it constitutes no proof of Alien visitation. That government branch KNOWS THE TRUTH, and they publicly lie. Think about it like this--Do you KNOW--for certain--that George Washington lived? Or do you believe what other people SAID about him? There is no one alive that saw with their own eyes what is claimed about him. You judge all you know about him by what other people SAID. Historians SAID Columbus SAID there was a new land, he found. I am SAYING there are Aliens in several under- ground bases in this country, and terrible things happen in those places. If I die before it is proven, keep searching for the proof.

      After all, Dulce Base and other bases aren't going anywhere. Unlike UFO's themselves they are not "here today and gone tomorrow". If they exist, there are bound to be indicators of that fact. - Branton). Demands that the government admit its involvement must prevail. If enough people demand accountability, a way to expose the base will be found, or at least an explanation why they must keep it secret.

      There are MANY people working at Dulce Base that knew me. I chal- lenge those co-workers to speak up--at least anonymously. Send a letter, telegram or fax and to confirm what I have explained. In the name of the brave men, woman, children and Aliens that died TRYING to let the public know what is going on at Dulce Facility to EXPOSE that horrid place before thousands more innocent people are tortured and die unspeakable deaths.

      QUESTION -- What about the elevators? Do they drop from the surface to the seventh level in a couple of seconds? Do you know anything about them? Are they electrically lifted? Everywhere on the surface world there are elevators made by Otis Elevator Company. Does that company make elevators for Dulce?

      ANSWER -- I failed to notice what brand was available in the elevators at the base. I could tell you that there is no elevator anywhere at Dulce that drops from the surface to Level 7. Security blue prints show the levels are stepped-down. Each level drops one floor only. Not even the Hub has an express elevator. After the third level, not only would you change elevators, you are weighed and color coded before you re-enter another car. All elevators are magnetically con- trolled, even the lights in elevators as well as all lights on all levels, are magnetically induced lighting. The light bulbs are not the kind bought on the surface, but a totally different system.

      Illumination found there is a closer match to natural sunlight than any artificial light on the surface. And the shape of the elevators is unique. If you have ever seen a Tupperware sugar bowl, you could see the shape copied in the elevator--sort of like an open ended oval with another half oval on each side. The elevator shaft matches its shape perfectly. Magnetic controls are also in the half oval shape.

      If you could stand in or close to the half ovals, you would feel a slight pull of the power of those magnets. Motion is smooth and silent, there is a nearly unnoticed surge when motion starts and stops. There are no cables needed because the lift is magnetic, not electric. And since there are no cables in the elevator cars, there is no chance of their falling.

      QUESTION -- I understand certain groups of cleared individuals in the USgovernment are collaborating with Alien groups. Is it known how many groups and of what type they are working ?

      ANSWER -- I don't know how many groups or what type they are working with.

      QUESTION -- A mysterious security man calling himself agent "Yellow Fruit" says he worked at Groom Lake [Area 51]. The Security Officer there states he's been in contact with benevolent Aliens at the Groom Lake facility -- are you aware of such a group?

      ANSWER -- Yellow Fruit is one of the slang names for Yellow Jack [or Yellow Flag] that shows quarantine and caution in the labs. There are so many different slang names at Dulce labs that meant quarantine that the workers published a booklet to show them all. At Dulce, Yellowfruit are the lab workers [so called from the yellow light outside each decon- tamination chambers]. Banana is the older workers, lemon is the new guys and so on.

      QUESTION -- Is there an Alien installation under Groom Lake or Papoose Lake at the Nevada Test Site, and are they conducting biological research at these sites?

      ANSWER -- Most of the stuff at the Groom facility deals with defense, but there is a large storage area in the tunnels that holds thousands of Alien craft parts. From what I have heard, medical tests at the Nevada Test Site are conducted by and for the Navy.

      QUESTION -- According to my sources, Aerospace companies have a secured underground installation in the Tehachapi Mountains not far from Rosamond near Edwards AFB. Insiders refer to the Tahachapi Installa- tion as "the Ant Hill," experimenting with advanced technology such as antigravity orbs. Some have seen basketball sized floating orbs patrol the facility, do you have any further information on this?

      A -- The California mountains [Tehachapi, Chocolate, Shasta, etc.] all have Alien security methods and equipment. The basketball size orbs are used to patrol unmanned. They are silent, but when photographing living beings, there is a humming sound. The glow that emits light is a magnetic aura. This [light] is in the visible spectrum [3900 angstroms]. You can see the light, but the light does not reflect off any thing.

      QUESTION -- Is there anything you can tell me about the moon - Alien installations? Atmosphere? U.S. bases?

      ANSWER -- There is not much I can tell you there. I wasn't in the Lunar Program. I heard there was a LOT of equipment sent to the moon between 1959-1964 under "Project Whiteout".

      QUESTION -- How do the Aliens use magnetism? Do they use it as an energy source? Is there more we need to know about magnetism?

      ANSWER -- The Aliens use magnetics for EVERY THING! They use magnetics as the basic structure for their energy source. The more you learn about magnetics, the better. The Human Race calls them 'magnets', the Aliens call them 'lodestar'. They have been harvesting lodestars [lode- stones] for centuries. Not only that, they want ALL the magnetic power on Earth. They intend to continue harvesting that power, now and in the future. As long as we were only using magnetic power as an oddity, there was no problem. But in recent times, Humans began using magnetic power and finding more ways to utilize that commodity.

      There was a treaty made. In the original treaty, Humans (or those who supposedly represented mankind - Branton) didn't mind at all; 'we' considered magnets as hardly more than useless. As people searched for other sources of power, we turned to magnetics. Aliens wanted a new treaty. What could we offer? They chose land, underground mining rights, animals and Humans for new experiments. The general public NEVER KNEW about the treaty. Governmental [Bavarian cultist] heads of the world chose another treaty in 1933. This time 'we' got high-tech knowledge in exchange. So now, the more we use magnetics, the more they claim Humans; and lands of the USA were 'sold' in exchange for magnets. If you doubt it, look around -- there are token companies that really utilize magnetic power, but are depending on electric-based or ceramic magnets, NOT lodestar [magnetic oxide of iron]-based magnets.

      QUESTION -- What do Aliens do with cow blood and other parts from mutilated animals? Do they need these fluids for research or survival?

      ANSWER -- The Aliens use the blood and body parts for formula to keep themselves alive [their food] and for use in the growing vats, and for artificial wombs. Plasma and amniotic fluid are the two most vital ingredients for their lives. Also, the 'sap' of some plants can keep them alive for months. Most plants are parasitic in nature, but red grapes and okra plants can be added to their formula to keep them alive if they have no 'regular' formula.

      QUESTION -- Female abductees report being inseminated by Aliens. Are they trying to hybridize our species?

      ANSWER -- Yes, they are breeding longer-lived workers and slave-warriors for anye upcoming war among Alien races (the Nordic races? - Branton). Serpentine races are in orbit around Earth, Venus and Mars.

      QUESTION -- Abductees have reported that Aliens have the technology to pass their body (and that of the abductee) through window glass. Is this a feat of magic achieved by advanced technology or is it a psychic power?

      ANSWER -- Alien races have mastered atomic matter. They can go through walls like we go through water! It is not magic, just physics. We can learn to do the same thing. It has to do with controlling atoms at will.

      QUESTION -- Are you in communication with benevolent Aliens or do you have contacts that are? If you are, can you tell us how we can communi- cate with their teams?

      ANSWER -- I am not at liberty to discuss communications with friendly Alien life forms. I can tell you there is a friendly factor active in Costa Rica; I am in direct contact with that factor. I am an active member of the Sub-Galactic League of Costa Rica. This organization, using a small satellite dish, a television set and ham radio equipment reached this factor. I might suggest that by using similar equipment and a low band frequency, you may reach the same factor.

      QUESTION -- Do you stay in the USA, or do you live abroad? Do you work now? I know you have been on the run for several years.

      ANSWER -- Yeah, quite a few years. I visit the U.S., but it's really dangerous when I do. I've lived in several countries. I spent a few years in Mexico working as a mercenary soldier. It's rough work, frequently living in the bush, eating what ever I can find. I spent time in South America, fighting the drug cartel [it's not the citizens, it's the secret government, top officials AND American alphabet boys -- CIA, FBI, etc.]. I settled in Costa Rica, 'bought' a small house in Limon. Actually it is a shanty that some one abandoned. I paid the equivalency of $11 to one of the local constables for the right to call it 'mine'. My name changes when I think some one is asking ques- tions. I've worked in one of the underground bases near the Panama border. It's in the mountains, not very far from a passive but 'active' volcano. It is not as fancy as Dulce, but the people are wonderful.

      QUESTION -- What is the best city in Costa Rica for an American to visit and maybe move to live?

      ANSWER -- None of them are worth anything [by comparison], but I like Limon. There is a real culture shock when you get past the tourist sections. Inside the urban areas, it's not so bad, but away from the beaten path the picture changes. There are no improvements in the shanties, no sewers, plumbing or paved roads. But if you stay in the cities, and you don't mind the big difference in culture, Costa Rica and Belize have a lot to offer. Nice weather, great beaches and beautiful trees with fruit growing everywhere.

      QUESTION -- Are there any other security level names [other than 'secret' - 'top secret' - 'ultra']?

      ANSWER -- There are many other security clearances, here are a few: UMBRA, STELLAR, G2-7Z, TRIAD, UMT [Universal Military Training] and UMS [Universal Military Service], ASTRAL and SUB-ASTRAL. UMBRA is higher than ULTRA

      (Note: It may be conceivable that some of the higher security clear- ances are used for joint Human-Alien interstellar projects. For instance, Whitley Streiber described an abduction to another planetary sphere where he encountered ancient ruins, Aliens and Human personnel dressed in military kackies and carrying camcorders, automatic weapons, etc. Obviously such personnel would have to possess an extremely high security classification, such as "Universal Military Service."

      The joint Alien-illuminati "alternative-3" projects have reportedly taken part in joint offensive operations against peaceful residents of other worlds--this claim according to a couple who 'defected' from the alternative-3 movement after an agent from the 'Federation' warned them about such atrocities. - Branton) (So, the Whole Galaxy is populated?)

      QUESTION -- Ever see a badge with 'MAJI'?

      A -- No.

      QUESTION -- Since you have lived in Spanish speaking countries, it's obvious that you are bilingual. What other languages do you speak?

      ANSWER -- Other than English, the other languages I speak are Spanish and Eusshu, the common language [Alien] spoken at Dulce. I speak Spanish fluently and enough Eusshu to keep my self out of trouble. Shortly after I transferred to Dulce, I took a crash course in Eusshu. Any one that plans to spend more than one week working at that base is wise to learn the basics. Otherwise, you are required to wait for an escort to get around. All signs at that base are written in the universally recognized symbolic language. And Eusshu is logical and easy to learn.

      QUESTION -- What are the eating habits of the Aliens? Are they carnivores?

      ANSWER -- That depends whether they are one of the gray worker caste, one of the reptilian worker caste, or one of the higher developed Draconian leaders. Also, created beings--replicants, type two being, or one of the really strange [genetic] mixtures. I'll try to cover a little for each grouping. The standard formula includes amniotic water, plasma and several other body parts [raw, usually bovine]. This nearly clear mixture has a texture of pureed peaches and is almost that color.

      Grays make the attempt not to 'eat' around Humans, because the odor of their formula is VERY unpleasant to ANY Human. Reptilians can spend days or even weeks between feedings. The working caste of reptilians eat meat, insects and a large variety of plants including vegetables and fruit. They prefer meat raw and very fresh, but have learned to tolerate cooked meat, like rare beef steak.

      (Note: According to many abductees, Reptiloids are not above eating Human flesh. It has been said that they prefer flesh that is young enough to be free of toxins, yet old enough to be imbued with a lifetime of "accumulated emotional energy residue" resident within the Human body.

      Some abductees claim, certain reptilian factions have such complex bio-technologies they are able to remove a Human's soul-energy-matrix and place it in a containment 'box', and use the controlled 'body' for whatever purpose they choose. Some abductees also insist that in some cases Reptiloids can create a cloned duplicate of a person in a short time through time warping and replace the soul-energy-matrix of a person back into the new cloned body if their disappearance from society would otherwise create too many problems. This way they can ingest the emotional-residue-imbued original body without the abductee realizing [in most cases] that their soul-memory-matrix has been trans ferred to a cloned body. They would have experienced a total 'soul- matrix' energy transfer and suppression of any memories relating to that process. Cloned Human bodies do not possess integrated emotional residue that the vampirialistic reptiloids apparently crave and find intoxicating in a similar manner as a Human on earth who is addicted to hard drugs. - Branton).

      Reptoid replicants, unlike Greys, eat frequently and usually carry or send for food on their breaks. The Ruling Caste is SECRETIVE about food. They have created several dietary myths that they carefully embellish when a chance arrives. One of their favorite stories involves one of their ancestors' ability to eat an entire flock of geese at one setting. They RARELY eat in sight of others. They carefully choose their food, then carry their meal to their quarters. It is only when dignitaries arrive at a base do they join their meals. They enjoy the same food we do, and they have been seen secretly munching on a freshly found snail.

      "Human-looking" replicants eat cooked vegetables. They rely on vitamins and liquid protein for sustenance. If they have to eat on the surface world, they can eat what ever they are served, but as soon as possible they regurgitate. Their digestive systems frequently fail to process food properly. Engineered beings have a special diet, created for their dietary needs. The mixture includes several organ foods blended with plasmatic fluids, amniotic liquids and parasiti-plasm materials. These unique 'animals' also enjoy occasional green plants, usually grasses or lettuce. Beings that are designed to be warriors eat protein filled liquids.

      QUESTION -- In "the Dulce Papers," copper seems to be high on the list of important imports. In what processes is copper used?

      ANSWER -- One of the main uses of copper at Dulce is containment of ] the magnetic flow; magnets are used every where at that base. The infamous vats' interiors are lined with copper, and the exterior walls ] are clad with stainless steel. The mechanical arm that stirs the liquid is made of a copper alloy. Other uses include dietary needs in a few of the transbiotic beings. There are several specially-made cells or rooms built first with lead, then magnetic steel then clad in copper. It is in those cells on the Fourth Level that contain living aural essence. This essence is what you would call [a captured disembodied] 'soul' or "astral body".

      (Note: This may tie-in with reports of certain remote-viewing "astral spies" who claim to have "projected" into underground facilities like Dulce and Pine Gap Australia--only to have close encounters with astral containment units, or have been captured by the same and released after being 'interrogated' via super-sensitive electronic equipment. In one case an Australian remote-viewer was probing Pine Gap's facility where he also "saw" three other astral spys. The magnetic or astral body of one of these people had been captured by such a containment field, which really disturbed him. This man, Robert, also saw Greys and Reptiloids operating in the deeper levels of Pine Gap and also Nordic-type Humans who were apparently captives and who did NOT seem to be very happy about being there. - Branton)

      QUESTION -- Growing multi-species beings, blood formulas and Human parts in vats sounds like a bad plot from a B-grade science fiction movie. Doctors and scientists of the world claim you can't mix species--

      (Note: Naturally this may be true; however, through genetic bio- engineering and gene-splicing this has apparently been accomplished to some extent - Branton).

      Processes mentioned in the Dulce Papers sounds far fetched. Could you provide information that an average reader can understand about similar technologies?

      ANSWER -- Doctors and scientists on the SURFACE world may say that, but underground--away from prying eyes of ethics boards--they DO GROW TRANS-GENUS BEINGS! There are many written materials available at on bio-engineering since cloning became common. "THE SECOND GENESIS, THE COMING CONTROL OF LIFE" by Albert Rosenfelt, is one. In this book, he discusses "animals that may be especially bred to supply genetically reliable organs for people." -- and "...the use of fetal or embryonic material from which adult sized organs and tissues may be grown..."

      Also he discusses the fact that embryonic tissue has no immunological history; therefore it cannot provoke a defense mechanism in a recipient. IT WILL JOIN A BODY NOT AS A FOREIGN ANTIGEN, BUT AS A NATURAL PROTEIN. He further discusses solitary generation, commonly called virgin birth, but also known as parthenogenesis. With one "virgin birth" in 1.6 mil- lion births average ON THE SURFACE of the world, in Dulce that rate is reversed. Occasionally, a "normally born" Human infant is born in the hospital wards on the Seventh Level. Parthenogenesis is the method used to grow type two beings.

      The now-common transsexual surgery on the surface world, began at Dulce Base. Men became women on a whim in the Seventh Level labs; and with Fourth Level technology, the brain washing process [resulted in] an "eager desire to become a woman," and a poor man [whether willing or unwilling] FIRMLY BELIEVES he always wanted to be a woman. No one can convince him to believe the truth. ALL THINGS ARE TWISTED IN DULCE.

      A quote by Dr. Ralph W. Gerard [in THE SECOND GENESIS] : "There can be no twisted thought without a twisted molecule"--MOST have originated at Dulce.

      QUESTION -- How are Human workers stopped from telling everything about Dulce?

      ANSWER -- Implants, fear threats to harm their families, EM control, also reprogramming with ELF [Extremely Low Frequency] and drugs--these are the most common methods to 'encourage' workers not to divulge the location or daily routine.

      QUESTION -- A construction worker at "The Ant Hill" [Northrop's Tehachapi Base] reports seeing 10-12 foot tall Human-looking beings in lab coats. Who are these guys? Are they from the hollow earth?

      (Note: Hollow Earth theory is one that was postulated by various indi- viduals including Marshall B. Gardner, Raymond Bernard, William Halley - discoverer of Halley's comet, Edgar Allen Poe, Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Cleves Symmes, John Uri Lloyd and others. Basically, the thesis involves what one might refer to as the "Geoconcavitic sphere theory," or that as the earth was forming in its molton state the planetary spin created a hollow or concavity within the center similar to the hollow created by the centrifugal force of a horizontal washing machine follow- ing a spin cycle.

      The theory, which has been postulated in para- geological theories, adventure novels and in some cases even in alleged visits to the "inner world", states that the 'shell' of the earth averages between 800-1000 miles thick, with an interior surface con- sisting of oceans and land illuminated perpetually by a sphere of electromagnetic and/or nuclear energy suspended at the very center of the "empty space". There are reputedly funnel-like openings near the polar regions, perpetually concealed by mist created by the collision of cold air from the outside and hot air from the inside, which permit ingress and egress to and from this inner 'world'.

      The theory states, the inner surface has its own gravity, yet slightly less than the outer surface gravity. One side-theory is that between the inner and outer surface where gravity is nullified there exists a layer of weightless or low-weight caverns in an eternal state of chaos where minerals, liquids, gases and chemicals continually slam together from the earth's rotation, causing intense magmatic activity, a virtual inferno, or "bottomless pit".

      Some have theorized that -- based on the Apocryphal book of Esdras, chapter 13 (containing non-cannonized Jewish legends) the ten lost tribes of Israel disappeared beyond the river Sambatyon to a place in the far north where Humans never lived before called 'Arzareth'. In the last days, a path would be made through the ice and waters of the north and the lost tribes would return. There are three tribes accounted for as of this writing, or rather, two tribes and two half tribes: Judah, Benjamin, half of the Levite tribe, and apparently half of the tribe of Dan if we are to believe the Ethiopian 'Jews' who claim to be descended from Dan. The '13th' tribe would be accounted for by the "fact" that two Josephite tribes of Ephraim and Manassah are considered distinctive tribes in and of themselves. As for the 'giants', some believe that these have a direct connection to the 10-12 foot tall 'Anakim' people mentioned in the Old Testament (Genesis 6) who were driven out of Palestine, but the Torah gives no further details as to their fate--although there have been many reports of such 'giants' being encountered in large cavern systems below Alaska, Oregon, California, Utah, Texas and Mexico, and also reports of ancient grave- sites in the western U.S. and elsewhere where remains of Human giants have reportedly been discovered. Most often they -- like fifth dimen- sional "Sasquatch people" themselves -- have been described as being benevolent, unless provoked. - Branton)

      The deeper you go, the stranger life forms get. Tall men are from sub- terranean levels; lower yet are dwarfed deformed stragglers. I don't trust any of them. There are more intimidating leftovers that both tall men and dwarfed men fear and loathe, similar to Bigfoot in looks, but extremely violent, that are known to enjoy eating what ever they find while it is still alive! SubHuman and demented, they have an IQ around 15 (less than animals).

      (Note: Apparently--according to sources, lower-down 'Bigfoot' type creatures -- having more of a resemblance to apes than to more "Human- like" faces and features of Sasquatch people who frequent the surface -- dwell in wild cavern systems some 6 or more miles deep along with other very large and dangerous insectoid and quadruped or serpentine reptilian life forms reminiscent of a hadean nightmare. This is according to a report I investigated some years ago of a group of speleonauts who reportedly broke into a vast underground labyrinth west and northwest of Cushman, Arkansas, where they encountered these types of creatures as well as friendly blue-skinned Humans who claimed to be descended from a family that had survived an ancient global deluge by taking refuge within a large ship. (And we've all seen the National Geographic issue devoted to the Blue People of West Virginia. So we know this is true.) These ancient peoples claimed their ancestors came to the Americas and discovered the cavern 'world' wherein they commenced to establish their hidden civilization. - Branton).

      The reptiloid [biped as opposed to quadruped or serpentine] lifeforms stay in caves or caverns that aren't very deep, and prefer desert moun- tains due to being cold-blooded. They use camouflage rather than fight, but they do carry vril rods for protection [flash guns]. They have a symbol, not the hokey "snake-with-wings" that I keep seeing in public (used mostly by the GREYS and also as a medical symbol for Delta Force - Branton). The REPTOIDS use a dragon with its tail in its mouth [a circle] with seven pointed stars in the middle.

      QUESTION -- There have been reports of the Delta Force having black vans with no tires that hover over the ground. How much are we [USA] already inter-working with Alien cultures?

      ANSWER -- I haven't seen the black vans you mentioned. We are totally submerged in Alien cultures. Very little of the original Human cultures have survived.

      QUESTION -- How can WE [the public] go after and expose Alien cultures that are covert and threatening? ANSWER -- Leave them alone, unless they appear topside. They stay near the surface, they choose to try to hide and avoid contact. They are soldiers, doing a job and usually there are two or three at each job site. They are 'manning' a remote post. They are not to bother Humans unless someone is endangering the post. Most of them are not hostile and won't kidnap you; but they'll blast you with a flash gun that may paralyze you [you won't remember the flash] for an hour or two and cause confusion and mild fear, to get you to move off.

      That could cause you to black out [pass out] for a while. It's their way to escape and buy time to hide visible equipment. If you know areas with repeated reptilian sightings, then that is the place for you to avoid. They are fearsome to meet face to face, and their voices are harsh and whispery with heavy ss's, but most of them under- stand English [and several other languages]. If you insist on intruding into the area they claim as their own, wear something with a reptile [not something violent like St.George killing the Dragon!] pattern visible.

      If you see one, keep your hands OPEN, palm forward, arms DOWN. That is the non-aggressive approach. DON'T raise your arms, unless told to. DON'T carry anything in your hands or arms. If he doesn't run, walk SLOWLY towards him. Let him speak first. They consider Humans repulsive, hostile and threatening [with good reason!]. DON'T try to offer him anything, DON'T touch him or anything of his. If he hisses at you, back up a couple feet, but DON'T LOOK AWAY! It simply means he finds you smelly. DON'T try to overpower him, he is stronger than ten or twelve men! Usually, if he hasn't run so far, he is curious and wants to communicate with you. RELEASE YOUR FEAR and thoughts of panic.

      QUESTION -- How do we get closer to some kind of data to prove to others whether there really is a danger from non-Human beings?

      ANSWER -- Good question. As in the past, I'm afraid we will find proof the hard way--when we are invaded. Having a small camera with you at all times is one good idea. When you find reptoids, ask them to smile.

      QUESTION -- Is there a specific location where the public can set up their cameras and equipment to DOCUMENT an Alien-government bases and/or their activities?

      ANSWER -- The problem is, most Illuminati/MJ12 meetings are held on military bases or underground in the Shadow Government enclaves. Groom Lake Facility does fly several Alien craft that fly over unpopu- lated areas regularly, back and forth from several bases; Southern California has several notable areas. Twenty Nine Palms -- Lancaster or Chocolate Mountains are well known for such activities.

      QUESTION -- Could you provide us with a copy of your badge or card you used at Dulce? A -- Badges or cards never leave the bases. All exits have bars or walls of metal... to open, to go out requires using the card. When you use it for an exit slot, the card won't come out. Each time you leave the base, you are issued a new card, with all the usual data about you, plus your weight added, corrected daily.

      There are several mines in the Chocolate Mts. that open onto a base highway, but be aware that they are patrolled regularly and there are cameras there.

      QUESTION -- There are so many types of really far out 'Aliens' seen on TV, movies, magazines and popular fiction, is there one type of a fictional unknown race, in your opinion, that fits the term 'Alien'? Yes! There are two--an Alien that is totally interdimensional and can only "appear" as a phenomenon--and the other, having a physical body as Humans do, but of a different sort.

      QUESTION -- What are the dimensions of the Dulce Facility?

      ANSWER -- There are 1,700 paved miles of roads under Dulce and Northern New Mexico., towards Los Alamos is another 800 miles of tunnels. The base is STILL GROWING [due west].

      QUESTION -- What is the maximum depth?

      ANSWER -- The First Level starts 200 feet from the surface. Each level has a ceiling of seven feet, except levels six and seven; the ceiling there is 45 and 60 feet. There are approximately 45 feet or more between each level. The average highway ceiling is twenty five feet. The HUB at the base is 3,000 feet wide. Using a 7.5 minute scale map, you can comprehend the size of the place.

      QUESTION -- Are there "regular vehicle" exits that can be observed from the ground?

      ANSWER -- Yes, but they are inside Los Alamos.

      QUESTION -- Are their aerial exits that can be observed?

      ANSWER -- Twenty miles due north of Dulce (across the border into southern Colorado - Branton) is a large hanger, it is hidden by a facade of cliffs. Look for an isolated short road on the top of a mesa, with no road to or from the top.

      QUESTION -- Are the ventilation shafts visible?

      ANSWER -- The ventilation shafts are hidden by bushes or vents inside caves. There are five on the top of the mesa; be aware there are cameras inside most of the vents.

      QUESTION -- Is there external security, and could we recognize them in or around the town itself?

      There is minimal security on the surface, most of the men [and women] are Air Force or "highway crew" men. There used to be a Best Western Mtel that hosts or hires a lot of Base workers from Level One. I don't know if that motel is still there. Most of the security force live in Santa Fe. Others live at White Pine [Los Alamos].

      QUESTION -- Are there security sensors? What type? If so, what is their power source?

      ANSWER -- Yes there are many types of sensors, radar, infrared, heat sensors, microwave, EMGW, and satellite. Most sensors are powered by magnetic power. The only thing you may notice on the surface would be an occasional satellite dish.

      QUESTION -- If you can, give us some information on the upcoming war with the Aliens. When does it start? Do you recommend going under- ground?

      ANSWER -- Wars have already begun. To start, they use "weather control" devices that can cripple a city in hours. Storms, flood and drought -- with those few things they can bring any country to their knees in a hurry. Yes, I do recommend going underground--conditionally. Choose a location that has a higher elevation than surrounding terrain. Pick out a cave and bury a cache of supplies [including food and water!] ABOVE your location. Place supplies in heavy plastic boxes that have water- tight lids [against burrowing rodents and insects]. Then plan to live like a squatter wherever you can find shelter near when that becomes necessary. If you "own" land ("freehold," not taxable), create a system of tunnels and tell no one. Use your tunnels to secrete supplies, and plan to live in hose corridors (in portable tents with portable potties) when you must.

      QUESTION -- What about the reptilian ships that are in orbit around the equator (presumably including the whatever 'planetoids' arrive in geosynchronous orbits around earth). This phenomenon reportedly led to an NSA project which successfully communicated with Greys and resulted in a contact-landing-treaty scenario (the "Grenada Treaty") involving President Eisenhower and other Executive-Military-Industrial officials at Muroc/Edwards/Holloman Air Force Bases in 1954 - Branton),

      Are they all cloaked?

      ANSWER -- Mostly. They are not cloaked the way you may think. It's more like nobody is learning to SEE what is in plain sight. Just as the mail man becomes invisible because you are so used to seeing him you never noticed he is alive. One of the favorite methods of covert activities is to 'hide' their operation in such an OBVIOUS way [or place] that no one would suspect it is covert (for instance, hiding entrances to underground bases beneath religious {LDS} shrines, federal buildings, mining works, malls, libraries, lodges, hotels or basically areas that one would consider the least likely places to hide or accommodate an entrance to an underground facility. The underground New World Order 'FEMA' facilities throughout the United States apparently utilize this type of concealment with many of their bases. - Branton)!

      QUESTION -- What are the Greys susceptible to?

      ANSWER -- The grays are photosensitive, any bright light hurts their eyes. They avoid sunlight, and travel at night. Camera flashes causes them to back up. It could be used as a weapon against them, but they recover quickly. It could buy enough time to run for it. Use commands or nonsensical words in the form of commands, and they will back up. Their brain is more logical than ours and they do not create 'fun'. They do not understand poetry either. What really confuses them is speaking in "pig-latin". We learned that in a hurry, and used it against them [the GREYS] in the Dulce Wars.

      QUESTION -- Can Greys read your intentions if you came up behind one?

      ANSWER -- Yes. They read your INTENT, because they use your body's frequency. The Human race broadcasts a frequency, that they recognize as an electromagnetic impulse. Each person has a slightly different frequency; that difference is what we call 'personality'. When a Human thinks, they broadcast strong impulses--in the case of 'fear' the frequency is 'loud' and easy to recognize. By the same right, a calm and composed mind-set is also recognizable.

      QUESTION -- Can we shield ourselves against their mental control?

      ANSWER -- We CAN shield ourselves against them; however 95% of the Human race never try to control their thoughts, and controlling our own thoughts is the best weapon. The average person rarely thinks in a clear pattern, but allows their brain to think in a chaotic way. Control your thoughts, AND YOU CAN STOP THE AlienS ATTEMPTING TO ABDUCT AND CONTROL YOU. Controlling my own thoughts have kept me alive for years. QUESTION -- Could you shed some light on the type of Human the Aliens are looking for when they abduct?

      ANSWER -- I can tell you that the most common are petite women in their early twenties or early thirties, dark haired boys between five to nine, small to medium size men in their mid-twenties to mid-forties. But, let me stress that there are ALL TYPES of people being held against their will in the Dulce Base! There are tall heavy men and women, teenagers, elderly folks and very young girls in the cages AND the vats. I only mention the most common age-size are the small young men and petite women. The boys are favored because at that age their bodies are rapidly growing, and their atomic material is adapt- able in the transfer chamber. The young small women are frequently very fertile. The men are used for sperm. I have no idea why they prefer small to average size men.

      QUESTION -- Did you ever see twins or triplets, etc.?

      ANSWER -- Since you mentioned it, no. It never crossed my mind to search for them. But then that doesn't mean they aren't there. There is no way I could have seen everybody at that huge complex.

      QUESTION -- What is the prevalent Human race at the Dulce Base? I am curious about both the Human workers, and the inmates.

      ANSWER -- The Human work force is made of people from every nation on the surface world. The one thing they share is that they all speak english. If you are asking if there are white, black, red, yellow and brown skin color, again I'd have to say that there is no 'prevalent' race there. As for inmates, I could see ALL races there. From what I could see, it looked like there were more 'white' people; but again, I saw a constant flow of different people, many I think, were only there for a few hours. QUESTION -- Please explain the method they use to identify each inmate.

      ANSWER -- No one has a name. When first brought to this facility, they were issued one large 'number'. Usually that code has a mixture of numbers and letters. They show the place, how, and by who, followed by the time, age, sex and finally the personal number [their S.S. number]. For example it might look like this:


      QUESTION -- With that huge facility, trash and garbage must be a real problem, how do they dispose it?

      ANSWER -- It was never a problem. Some of it is 'reformed' or melted down, then remade. Some of the wet garbage is 'eaten' by bacterial forms, and what's left is vaporized in a vat-like chamber. The residue of that action [it takes them months to get enough to measure] is used in a complex lye and used to fertilize crops.

      QUESTION -- Where is your family? Not just your wife and son, but parents and siblings?

      ANSWER -- Cathy and Eric are still missing. My parents died in a car crash when I was in my teens. I have one brother, if he is alive I suspect he is inside an underground base somewhere. I haven't heard from him for several years. Please pray for them, please!

      QUESTION -- What is your birth date, and where were you born?

      ANSWER -- 23 April 1941, Glen Ellyn, IL [actually in a farm at home, in the place now called Glen Ellyn, my birth certificate list is at Wheaton, IL]

      QUESTION -- You have been through so much, and yet keep fighting, what is your biggest fear?

      ANSWER -- That the general public will forget THE TRAPPED INNOCENT PEOPLE in the despicable place, and will ignore THE HUNDREDS OF CHILDREN, WOMEN AND MEN ADDED TO THAT PLACE EVERY MONTH. --End of file--


      ONE MAN AGAINST AN EMPIRE -- The following are quotations from a document [actually a detailed report, called PROJECT BETA] which was compiled by scientist Paul Bennewitz for officials at Kirtland AFB who were working with Bennewitz in an operational plan to bring down the Alien base at Dulce, New Mexico...

      ... That was until 'other interests' deep within the intelligence community got involved and brought enormous pressures against Bennewitz and various Kirtland AFB officials -- Col. Edwards, AFOSI agent Richard Doty, the Wing Commander and others who were involved -- to CEASE the investigation.

      Although Paul has apparently been 'silenced', discoveries which he has made in regards to physical-technological aspects of activity taking place in and around Dulce cannot be silenced. PROJECT BETA is apparently a proposed plan for a physical military attack on one of the major or 'KEY' basing installations of the Draconis-Orion-Reticuli forces, and may be useful in any future attempts to re-take the base from Alien or Alien-controlled elements and to set free the Human captives who are apparently being held in cold storage, in subterranean prisons deep below the surface of the American Southwest [and beyond].

      Before dealing with the report itself, we will quote some correspon- dence between Bennewitz and others, beginning with excerpts from Paul's March 1986 letter to Clifford Stone (now director of UFO CONTACT INTERNATIONAL in Albuquerque):

      "Dear Clifford: --

      RE: Sirian cultures and influence : --
      "...There is so much in this and so much has happened upon a near daily basis to me for seven years that I don't know where to start first. I think probably the best approach is to start out with some explanation in the way of statements relative to Alien cultures here on Earth, their social structures, physical makeup, etc., all of which has been gleaned from direct communications by computer, visual observation, psychological evaluation, and personal interaction.

      "First, there are the Low, High and Very High cultural levels. In the Low CASTES in Alien culture, there are sharply defined rungs that extend from slave level on up. There is no freedom there -- no one crosses these lines -- cross it and you are dead. Everything is watched with optical equipment and monitored by computers and individuals called 'Keepers'.

      "Spheres of many sizes float throughout their environment, monitoring audio, visual and thought frequencies (these have also been observed by workers in underground facilities reaching miles below Edwards Air Force Base and the Tahachapi mountains of California. - Branton).

      These sperical units--which have a highly mirrored finish--can be talked to and transmit conversation. They can cloak and be totally invis- ible. Their control signal can be broken down into varying AM and FM components. There is no trust in Alien society. Everything is watched and monitored. (This is WHY Earthly society is now being covered, watched and monitored, to "mimic" high-tech Alien societies. "Command structure is near totally saturated. Like ancient India, Alien societys' caste systems are impenetrable; there are NO free will choices or options. Illuminati and Bavarians love this kind of top-down control.)

      "Ruling levels wear robes of correct and appropriate colors. Alien government involved with these group is totalitarian. They appear not to observe social and moral principles. Their credo appears to be "total control or kill"--predation without any compromises. These all derive from the Sirian System; and they were called Aeonians, Progenitors, Annunaki long before the Bible was ever put to paper.

      "In the North -- at the river -- the 'Orange' Insignia -- or at the Diamond, as the Alien calls the base, the method of rule is monarchy. The 'king' wears purple. Colors of "high" social levels wear green, yellow, and white. Lower levels wear brown.

      "MORPHOLOGY -- Aliens' body metabolism is very high, estimated at 110 to 115 degrees. Elimination (and sometimes, nutrition) is through osmosis. Skin color of the ruling echelon varies from jaundiced yellow to white, with no hair of any kind. The arms are long -- near to knee length. They have very long hands and fingers. All of them look underfed. They have big heads and eyes. The Humanoid types are generally light green. When in need of formula or dead they turn GREY. Many in this culture walk with a limp or shuffle their feet...

      "There is a council in the North called THE NINE. Each and ALL of them seem to be cut from the same pattern of cloth. All Nine appear to be highly vindictive and ego-oriented. They recognize a 'god' called 'TA'."

      And in a letter to Clifford Stone dated 3/19/86, Bennewitz writes:

      "It would appear that the Greys in the north are near frantic about my communications and want to stop me from talking [Elsewhere, Bennewitz implied it was more of an 'interrogation' - Branton] with Io via the computer. "This morning I have a dark red streak down the left side of my face about 2-3/4 inches long and 1/4 inch wide. Based on experience, I would guess it was done by one of those [mirrored] spheres in the bedroom last night. This is typical of their distorted sense of what is appropriate. They operate by FEAR, but their problem is, I DON'T FEAR THEM.

      "All they have achieved with me is that I totally ignore them. It would appear that they are deathly afraid of the beings called Io and Jo [see High Culture -- the Humanoids]. "You will find, if you have not already, that constant interaction will result in learning how to be aware of, and in turn use, Alien logic. IT IS BECAUSE THEY OPERATE IN FEAR AND DO NOT UNDERSTAND CONCEPTS OF FRIENDSHIP AND TRUST; THAT THEY OPERATE A SOCIETY WHERE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IS WATCHED."

      Naturally, this lack of trust permeates every Alien-Human relationship. Likewise, the Bavarian Illuminati--going through the act and pretense of being friendly--lie and deceive just as their remote ancestors the Sirians did and do. After all, they have been Galactic predators for a million years; and for the past 400 years their descendants have been manipulating homo sapiens toward the Sirian form of governance, which is tyranny without trust. "Now, if you look at those in the north (Colorado? - Branton) pragmatically, they have achieved the ideal in terms of war machines and weapons. With their machines and weapons they are 'brave' -- in their minds -- without them they are just a quivering mass of fear.

      (Note: I can also confirm Bennewitz' observations here, however I would also add that in addition to their technology -- especially mind-control technology -- once one breaks through the complex matrix of LIES that Reptilian-Grey collectives project, then they are found out to be nothing more than 'quivering' worms beneath the 'shell,' as Bennewitz implies. In fact the ONLY power that these soulless vermin -- 'hybrids' and non- collectivist reptiloids not included in this 'flaming' -- have over us are complex DECEPTIONS and OUR reciprocating and capitulating FEARS.

      (Why am I so confident to 'judge' Greys and their collective in this manner? Because I myself had fallen for their lies many times before I discovered what they were REALLY all about. As an example, the collectivist reptiloids-dinoids-greys would have us believe they genetically 'created' us and put us on planet earth. In response 'we' [especially pathetic Human agents who collaborate with them] tend to cower in absolute fear before our/their supposed 'creators' and try to appease them since, after all, "Resistance Is Futile!"

      (In appeasing them, we GIVE OUR POWER TO THEM! We in essence then CREATE a force which is superior to us. - Branton)

      "To further enhance their 'bravery', they seek full control with the IMPLANT. [The relative effectiveness of some of these implants seems to be inversely proportional to expanded memory and awareness level]. They also know that they can control large masses of people with lower intelligence without implants -- shotgun manipulation with the beams [ELF propagation--HAARP]. With that [HAARP] beam they can and do create mass unrest.

      "High Culture Aliens known as the Eoku SAY:
      The High is apparently the culture of Io and Jo. They do exhibit kind- ness, empathy, and extreme intelligence in transmissions through the computer. [Then how, one might ask, can they operate such a death-fear- control-oriented system having committed untold atrocities and viola- tions against Human abductees? Are the Eoku only feigning benevolence? - Branton]. Io's group culture (it is claimed) is the Homo Sapians [Humanoid] variety. "Based upon the input from Jo, his hair is brown and the female Io has red hair. [Red-haired individuals claiming to be Star Travelers have shown up here in Albuquerque on the ground]. They did give indication that bodies of their group are here in Albuquerque in cryogenic con- tainers. That location is tentatively the FAA complex north of Albu- querque, a fenced and guarded highly secure area. They indicated through the computer that eight of the Eoku were shot [by the US Government] and eleven bodies were the result of crashes. [Note: The Eoku are not what are normally known as Greys--or at least the ones that directly interact in Human abductions].

      The transmission went on to say :
      "There are more bodies in storage... I don't know where they all are. I knew the bodies had been moved from Maryland and are presently under US Navy jurisdiction. Yesterday, the computer indicated a total of forty bodies [had been moved]."

      [ONE EDITOR NOTE: "At last count there were more than 135 bodies in USGovernment hands -- of various descriptions: some Humans, Greys, Reptilians, etc." - Val Valerian]

      "I was shown a color photograph by Richard Doty two years or more ago of a purported Alien lifeform held prisoner. Supposedly it was taken at Los Alamos. He was alive -- a light green color -- big eyes -- standing directly in front of the camera... So far I know very little about the High except for what I have experienced. They are Homo Sapien, and I would guess that they are the same that accidentally [?] zapped Travis Walton. If the numbers are correct out of the computer, they number over 5,000. The other group is, I believe, equivalent in numbers."

      Indications seem to be that they are operating from a star ship in far orbit around the Earth. "The culture has apparent social values and emotionalism. They seem to display kindness and concern for individuals [Then again we must ask, WHY are they considered 'leaders' of Aliens which show little if any 'concern' for individuals? - Branton]. Their technology is superior to ours and also to the Greys based in the north, who are trying to "play god" with badly distorted logic.

      "The 'Very High' are very few in number. Their entire structure of knowledge and social interaction is so far advanced that it is near impossible for me to relate to. Again, much of this is based on personal experience about which I have never spoken with anyone. In fact, you are the first. I would guess that these 'very high' are quite old -- 1000 years is not apparently unrealistic. I would guess that there are a few of them on the star ship used by the 'high', and that they are preserved and cared for by those on the ship... For over 300 years, a conflict has been going on between the Greys, who are basically warlike and aggressive, and the higher factions in the infrastructure."

      [Bennewitz does not explain the apparent dichotomy of how compassionate Humanoids and malevolent reptiloids who are at war with each other could be part of the same 'infrastructure'. Perhaps both the Grays and Humanoids utilize the same collective-mind-network and therefore are intricatally tied-in with each other whether they like it or not. This would make the "High" and "Very High" leaders in something equivalent to the Ashtar collective. - Branton) (PRECISELY! They know how to "talk nice."--Editor)

      P R O J E C T B E T A

      WITH SUGGESTIONS AND GUIDELINES -- PROJECT BETA Investigator -- Physicist -- Paul F. Bennewitz --
      The following are key mile posts established or discovered during the continuing scientific study concerning Alien intervention and its result. [Study limited solely to New Mexico facilities].

      1. Two years continuous recorded electronic surveillance and tracking with D.F. 24 hr/day data of Alien ships within sixty [60] miles radius of Albuquerque plus 6000 feet motion picture of same -- daylight and night.
      2. Detection and disassembly of Alien communication and video channels -- local, earth, and near space.
      3. Constant reception of video from Alien ship and underground base viewscreen; Typical Alien, Humanoid and at times apparent Homo Sapiens.
      4. A case history of an Encounter Victim in New Mexico which led to the communication link and discovery that apparently all encounter victims have deliberate Alien implants along with obvious accompanying scars. The victim's implants were verified by x-ray and Cat Scan. Five other scar cases were also verified.
      5. Established constant direct communications with Aliens using a computer and a form of Hex Decimal Code with Graphics and print-out. This communication was instigated apparently after the US base was vacated (following U.S. intelligence's apparent loss of Dulce Wars? - Branton);
      6. Through the Alien communication loop, the true underground base location was divulged by them and precisely pin-pointed.
      7. Subsequent aerial and ground photographs revealed landing pylons, ships on the ground; entrances, beam weapons and apparent launch ports; along with Aliens on the ground in electrostaticly supported vehicles; charging beam weapons also apparently electrostatic.
      8. Cross correlation and matching by triangulation, etc., to official NASA CIR [color infrared] high resolution films confirmed base locations resulted in exposure of US Military involvement, yielding precise coor- dinates and US base layout.
      9. Prior Alien communication indicated USmilitary involvement and presence of a USAF ship; but due to subjective factors, it was being ignored at the time.
      10. Subsequently, Aliens verified with the CIR that there was indeed a ship, actually more than one; two were wrecked and left behind and another built. This ship is atomic powered and flying. The Alien indi- cated its base location.
      11. It was learned two women and a boy near Austin, Texas, were exposed to severe radiation at close range and the ship was last seen going West with helicopters at bay. In addition, the US Government was quietly picking up the [medical] expenses.
      12. Subsequent inspection of motion photos taken during the study revealed the US ship or one like it flying with Aliens. These match the CIR where two can be seen on the ground; and in the later photos taken on the ground after the base was abandoned.

      "So in very brief form, here is with reasonable accuracy what trans- pired prior to the end of 1979 or shortly thereafter.

      "The computer communications and constant interaction with the Alien in this manner WITHOUT a direct encounter has given a reasonably clear picture of Alien psychology, logic, logic methods and prime intent.

      "It is important to note at the outset, the typical Alien is DEVIOUS, employs DECEPTION, has NO INTENT of any apparent peace-making process and obviously does NOT adhere to any prior arranged agreement. This is a matter of CULTURE, which percolates down to personal values. Lies and deception are considered valid ways of negotiation; and all agree- ments are subject to abandonment, default or avoidance. This method is also typical of the Earthly Globalist, nee Leo Straussian, Federalist, Illuminati, etc., on the world stage at the present time.

      "In truth they tend to LIE, however their memory for lying is not long, and direct comparative computer printout analysis reveals this fact. Therefore, much "drops through the cracks," so to speak; and from this comes the apparent truth: "It is not the intent of this report to criti- cize or point fingers. Obviously, whoever made the initial agreement was operating upon a basis of Truth, Logic and Reason, not that of an Alien, and in so doing apparently walked innocently in time into a trap. The Aliens indicated that the 'Greys'--apparently the group initially involved in the agreement--were still upset about the initial capture and subsequent death of the first eight of their co-fellows.

      Another group of Aliens exists calling themselves, in Computer language, the 'Orange,' whose base is on the west slope of Mt. Archuleta directly west of the south end of the U.S. base and near NW of the apparent main landing area they call in Computer language, "The Diamond," so named because from a distance, it looks diamond shaped in photos looking sw past the observation tower toward the ridged peak SE of Mt. Archuleta.

      "That base extends north of this peak to the edge of the cliff down going along a road past a large alloy dome thirty-eight [38] foot diameter with a twenty [20] foot hole in the top. "Based upon aerial photos during which Aliens were caught in the open and launching (and some launches appear to be coming from the direction of the dome), I would guess it is an under- ground launch egress facility."

      In the NASA CIR there is what appears to be a black limousine alongside the dome on a ramp. Surprisingly it is precisely the size of my 79 Lincoln Town Car. Wheeled vehicles and what appear to be Snow Cats or Catapillars can be seen throughout the CIR -- car and truck tracks, trucks and jeeps. I don't believe Aliens have wheels -- Humans do.

      "Numerous road blocks extend northward through the U.S. base along a well-maintained road thirty some-odd feet wide -- apparently gravel -- near all-weather -- numerous turn arounds and wheel tracks into launch preparation areas with ships; pads marked with twenty-six [26] foot Xs; and servicing facilities, tanks, etc.; two domed polygon high voltage buildings on north and east sides of the road; also an apparent founda- tion for another or a helo pad; test stands, Human housing, water tank [thirty-two foot diameter]; and at one of the main road blocks, two large vehicles parked across the road. Also at that point another apparent black limo with tracks leading to it to the west of the road. All tracks and vehicles have been dimensioned and match military vehicles' dimensions.

      "I were to make a guess, I would estimate the likelihood that apparent black limousines must be CIA. This is but a limited inventory of what was there on Sept. 8, 1978, included only as evidential matter for your perusal and confirmation. The road, which incidentally the natives, the tribal chief, reservation police and highway patrolman know nothing about, comes in off of a trail from the north. Starting at the trail, line-of-sight to the large plateau area and the alloy dome, the road, in the middle of nowhere on the Jiccarilla Reservation, is precisely 12,888 ft. long airline distance. The total Alien basing area, which apparently contains SEVERAL cultures [now all under the designation 'UNITY' in their Computer language] is approximately three (3) Km wide by eight (8) Km long [multi-level]. A conservative guess based upon the number of ships presently over this area and on the ground in CIR photos, the total Alien population at this point is AT LEAST two thousand and most likely MORE. The Alien indicates MORE are coming or on the way."

      "I won't attempt to speculate in this report as to how the initial US contact was made, what transpired or how many were able to escape. The Alien has communicated his account; and if totally true, it certainly is not pleasant. Much detail has been omitted; however, the import is this : Constant computer communication re conditions of morale and insight into "what makes the Alien run". This is VERY valuable data.

      1. Most importantly, the Alien will allow no one to leave without being implanted and after knowledge of it is deleted. They simply will not allow it. All indications are that communication or language cannot result without the implant [with the exception of Binary and Computer]. This would indicate a possible immediate threat or danger for anyone -- military, Air Force, or otherwise that has been at the base. They WILL NOT remember the implant in any case [the contactee here included].

        "The reason for the implant is multiple for both language or communica- tion by thought [there is no apparent language barrier to thought] and also COMPLETE ABSOLUTE CONTROL by Aliens via program-beam or direct contact. ... I have tested this and found that during this programming the person then has no memory of the act/conversation afterward. IF THIS HAS HAPPENED TO THE MILITARY, I NEED NOT ELABORATE AS TO POSSIBLE CONSEQUENCES. The victim's 'switch' can be pulled at any time and at the same time they are "walking cameras and microphones" if the Alien chooses to listen in with the use of their beams. ... No classified area of any endeavor in the U.S. is inviolate under these conditions. However, realize the scars, barely visible, CAN be seen. ALL are exactly located and ALL are accessible by x-ray.

      2. Also note that all Aliens -- Human, Humanoid alike -- all must have implants -- without them, no direct communication is apparently possible. So one can most generally arbitrarily say that IF a person states he/she communicated by thought with an Alien -- he/she most likely has been implanted. They may also claim to be overly psychic and be able to prove this; again through the link transplant, he/she is given the information by the Alien and does not realize.

      3. Most importantly, Aliens, either through evolvement or because Humanoid are 'made,' will exhibit tendencies for bad logic [bad by earth logic standards] so they ARE illogical. In point of fact, they appear to have many more frailties and weaknesses than a normal Homo Sapiens [for which they attempt to compensate by use of technology - Branton). To an Alien, the mind is key (not feelings or the Will to live); and therein lies a great weakness which will be discussed later.

      4. They ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED. It is suspected if one was considered a 'friend' and if one were to call upon that 'friend' in time of dire physical threat, that 'friend' would quickly side with the other side. The computer indicates in comparison, that no known earth protagonist, Russian or otherwise, exhibit these tendencies to any major degree, indicating the DANGER involved in making any kind of agreement with these Aliens -- at least of this species.

      5. Aliens do KILL with "the beam" generally, exhibiting a three to four cm purple circle at the point of impact. If done from the rear, they aim for one or both shoulders. The results on cattle are the same, essen- tially exhibiting purple beneath the hide, with burned circles on the outside.

      6. Cattle mutilations are the other side of the coin and will not be delved into here, although they are a part of the overall picture-- that of wasting Life. It appears their Humanoids are fed by a formula made from Human OR CATTLE tissues or BOTH, and they are made from the same material by gene splicing or plundering female encounter victim's ova. Resultant embyros are referred to by Aliens as merely an 'organ'. Time of gestation to full term as a utilizable, ready-to-work hybrid appears to be about one year -- a year in Alien time -- I do not know.

        "Solution: I doubt there is an immediate total 'cure' per se -- however, they MUST BE STOPPED, and we have to get off dead center before we find time has run out. (Remember, this was written in the early 1980's, and the Bavarian/Illuminati have had an additional twenty-five years to assemble the dictatorship that will transform this planet into the New Tyrannical World Order.) They are picking up and 'cutting' [as Aliens call it] many people every night. Each implanted individual is apparently ready for the pull of their 'switch'. Whether all implants are totally effective I cannot predict; but CONSERVATIVELY I would estimate at least 300,000 or more in the U.S. and as least 2,000,000 if not more worldwide have been implanted. Now you know why people are oblivious to danger.

      WEAPONRY AND INHERENT WEAKNESSES : "One tends at the outset [I did] to look at their machines and say -- there is no defense or offense. One is overwhelmed by their speed, apparent capability of invisibility and 'cloaking' capability, and other covert capabilities not discussed here. In particular, beam weapons are themselves a direct threat because our own law enforcement agencies now use those against the populace, at will. But let us first look at just what these weapons are.

      It is an electro-static weapon with plasma generating voltages and an internal storage device, pulse-powered. The beam, totally effective IN ATMOSPHERE, can be loaded with hydrogen or oxygen. Range? Average, ground weapons -- maximum two (2) Km if it is dry, capable of sustain- ing just so many full power discharges -- slow leakage occurs continu- ously; therefore, they must be recharged. During rain the weapon becomes ineffective, swamped, thus discharged (this should be considered in any future potential offensive strike against any base - Branton). The range is near totally lost at that point.

      "On the disks and saucers, the weapon is generally situated on the left side or top center and has a maximum range of two hundred [200] meters at which point it will plow a trench in desert soil. When fired, it fires both to the front and to the back equally. Reason? Because of their mode and methods of flight. If equilibrium is not maintained, the saucer will spin out.

      Hand weapons? I estimate based upon visible damage observed--not too much velocity nor staying power but at short range -- deadly, less than a .45 cal automatic.

      (Note: This may explain the late Phil Schneider's claim that at close range the radiation-beam weapons of the Aliens he encountered beneath Dulce were deadly; however, at long range less so... although at long range the beam weapons are capable of inducing severe radiation damage - Branton). At one meter range, estimate of beam temperature 1600 degrees F or higher; it can vaporize metal. Apparently the disks and weapons operate from a storage source. In time, without periodic recharge, this source is depleted. The design they traded to us was at least thirty years old -- employing an atomic source. Possibly they may still have some -- it would appear so -- their staying power is obviously much longer.

      AIRCRAFT HELICOPTER VULNERABILITY : ANY of our aircraft, helicopters, missiles or any AIR FLIGHT vehicle can be taken down instantly with no use of weaponry. The Aliens simply need do no more than make one invisible pass and their bow wave or screen or both will take the air lift vehicle down. The pilot obviously will not even know what hit him.

      (Perhaps Stealth type fighters equipt with electromagnetic force shields may be more effective in this regard... also advanced infrared scanners may be used to detect 'cloaked' Alien ships before they have a chance to attack. - Branton). For Humans on the ground, the Alien can use weaponry or bow wave. A partial pressure envelope can hit with the power of a tornado; shock rise time and G force is instantaneous. However, they dare not hit the craft physically because they ARE fragile, and in fact under slow flying conditions within our atmosphere, hold a very tenuous position. Without power, the balance or equilibrium, they lose it.



        "Because of this apparent control, INDIVIDUAL INSTANTANEOUS DECISION- MAKING BY ANY Alien IS LIMITED. IF THE 'PLAN' GOES EVEN SLIGHTLY OUT OF BALANCE OR CONTEXT, THEY BECOME CONFUSED. Faced with this, possibly, their Humanoids would be the first to break and run.


        Psychologically, at the time of this report, Aliens' morale was down, near disintegration. There was pronounced dissention in ranks, even with Humanoids on staff. Communications can encourage dissent. DUE TO THEIR OWN INTERNAL VULNERABILITY MIND-WISE TO EACH OTHER, THEREIN LIES A PRIME WEAKNESS]. Inter-echelon and individual 'trust' appears to be totally lacking, and suspicion of each other is rampant.

        They are highly segregated as to castes -- a 'low' dare not conflict with a 'medium' or 'high,' or it literally means death. Death is, to the Humanoid, deprogramming or in the end perhaps total physical death. THEY APPEAR TO BE TOTALLY DEATH-ORIENTED, and because of this, absolute DEATH-FEAR-oriented. THIS IS A PSYCHOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE for Humanity endowed with "souls." The computer also gave indications of a possible adverse or 'ground programming'.

      2. Consider their ships -- most if not all run on magnetic charge. Its source depletes, and so dependent upon size, depletion can occur within a week or less. Ships can replenish each other but only up to charge balance. This is done with antennae-like extensions and the charge is distributed observing conservation of energy laws. THEY CAN REPLENISH FROM POWER LINES -- BUT AGAIN ONLY TO A POINT -- so time of flight is limited. Deprived of their base recharge capability, it is indicated that all ships will come down within six months to a year unless they can get transported out -- back to the prime mother ship.

        Alien disks and saucers in general cannot fly in space because of their mode of flight (i.e. unless they are within an interplanetary or interstellar 'launch' or 'carrier' vessel - Branton). Therefore, deprived of a home base, it is not likely they can endure without resupply. THEIR CAPABILITY IN POWER SURVIVAL OUTLASTS THEIR CAPABILITY IN FOOD OR FORMULA SURVIVAL. IF THEY DO NOT GET THE FORMULA/FOOD WITHIN A CERTAIN PERIOD OF TIME, THEY WEAKEN AND DIE. This means, they feed on US because we do not "sell them hospitality."


        (Note: We should also take into account the possibility of subterranean water sources. Also, if the base can be weakened by shutting off the supply-line of water, the 'formula', and so-on, it might be wise for the sake of Humanoid 'prisoners' below not to wait until the base is too weak; otherwise this might endanger Human captives. It is suggested that in addition to strategies that Bennewitz gives in this document, an all-out underground invasion force should also be considered -- similar to the "Tunnel Rats" of the Viet Nam war -- a force that is prepared to enter the base when it is at a specific 'weak' point, and make strategic or surgical 'kills' of enemy forces while still consider- ing the Human and hu-brid captives. A multi-leveled operation utilizing surprise, confusion and intimidation to their fullest potential should be considered... and the sooner the better considering the continuous infiltration and sabotage of all levels of our society. - Branton).

        Simple? Not really. However, THERE IS A WATER INTAKE AND THERE IS A DAM UPSTREAM THAT CAN BE TOTALLY CUT OFF AND THE WATER RE-ROUTED TO CHAMA, NEW MEXICO. SHOULD THIS OCCUR, AT LEAST THREE INTERNAL BASES WILL GO DOWN. They could possibly go atomic periodically, but obviously problems without cooling. Once the bases are pressed on a large scale, all disks and saucers will go airborne immediately. TROOPS ON THE GROUND CAN GAIN TERRAIN COVER TO QUITE A DEGREE -- IT IS ROUGH TERRAIN.

      3. OUR NEED IS FOR A WEAPON, workable and preferably NOT like Aliens'. I believe unless Aliens' are caught unawares [with their screen up, their weapons are equal so they are like children pillow boxing], there can be no eviction result. WHATEVER THE WEAPON, IT MUST PENETRATE THEIR SCREEN AND IT MUST ALSO PENETRATE THE GROUND. I BELIEVE I HAVE THAT WEAPON.

      (Note: Was this suggestion of Bennewitz' for a 'ground-penetrating device', the original inspiration for the Los Alamos 'Excalibur' weapon -- a nuclear device which was designed to rapidly drill a hole through the earth and destroy 'Aliens' in their underground bases? - Branton).

      Two small prototypes have been funded and constructed by my Company. Tests conducted to date indicate they do work and work rather well, considering their small size. Because of this weapon's present status and proprietary nature [a basic patent is in process], the theory will not be explained here. However, the weapon appears to do two things at very low power.

      1. The disks within its range begin to discharge when exposed to the weapon beam. To counteract, they must apply more power, and in so doing consume power. Again conservation of energy laws strictly apply.

        (Note: Wilhelm Reich, whose research has been suppressed by certain 'interests', gained some level of success with a beam-weapon of this type. Reich was able to 'discharge' the energy of UFO craft that had appeared over his research facility--Alien craft that were apparently curious about his work in regards to his 'Orgon' energy powered 'cloudbuster' experiments. - Branton)

        This effect can be observed on detection instruments as they back away in response to slow discharge. DISCHARGE, AT LOW POWER IS SLOW, BUT AT HIGH POWER IN THE FINAL SOPHISTICATED WEAPON, THE RATE CAN BE INCREASED BY MANY ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE.


        (That is to say, electromagnetic crystalline 'implants' that link Aliens' together into a collective mind or group intelligence. - Branton)

        It is believed at this early stage, based on tests, this weapon when full on and full size will kill and bring down disks at substantial range. Alien weapons operate substantially the same as their disks, using a charge source and charge distribution. So, in the same sense it is indicated that this weapon design will pull their charge weapons down very quickly. The range of my weapon exceeds that of their present weapons, and in its most sophisticated form can be readily computer- controlled to allow extremely rapid tracking and lock-on regardless of speed, along with electronic wobbulation of the beam. IT IS A BEAM WEAPON, and even at this early stage of miniature prototype testing and development, it indicates EVENTUAL superiority to their weapons.

        1. Initial logistics plan sequentially implemented is as follows:


        AN ATTACK MUST BE DIRECTED NEAR ENTIRETY ON THE GROUND FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. One would, if familiar with Aliens' capabilities, infer vehicle ignition problems will be encountered. This is precisely true; however, the reason for this is not mysterious but is based upon good solid laws of physics and are known. From experience gained through my study, it is now known how to prevent this from happening, and that will be discussed in detail at some later date. All electrical and electronic equipment must be 'hardened' using some specific techniques prior to engagement. Because of the known capability of Aliens (by use of canning beams to know in advance the details of planning] only an initial outline is presented in this report.

        Again, through communicative interaction (computer-linked interrogation - Branton) with the Alien, testing has simultaneously been done on this facet, i.e. eavesdropping and ways to abort their capability are tested and proven.

        The program would be instigated in phases. The first phase--planning and logistics--would include continued implementation and testing of a final weapon prototype through a pre-production stage. Production of at least fifty minimum quantity should be planned. Additional backup spares should also be brought on line.

        On a full time shift basis, it is estimated that at least one year or less would be required to arrive at the pre-production stage. A team would be organized by THUNDER SCIENTIFIC to accomplish this. The key work is now and would be done by an associated company, BENNEWITZ LABS., LTD. [NOTE: I believe everybody in these reports is already dead-- assassinated. And the work, in fact, has been done.] Specific attack phases would be incorporated:


        2. Once deprived TOTALLY of water for a minimum period of four weeks, conditions in the Alien bases under discussion will have badly deteri- orated. PSYCHOLOGICAL SHOCK IS EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE WITH THE Alien; total advantage can be taken by instantaneous action or planned observ- able deviation from any norm. AT LEAST THREE BASES WILL GO DOWN.

        3. If they follow their normal strategic pattern as when pressed pre- viously, they will launch most if not all ships.

        4. Prior to the implementation of water deprivation, weapons should be deployed at strategic hardened locations and activated in a certain pre-planned sequence determined by final weapon coordinate locations.

        5. This will put an immediate power drain upon those airborne and Aliens' weapons ringing their bases.

        6. Because of inherent psychological aspect of Aliens', much can be done in the open with no attempt to preserve secrecy. Much of what is done can be of a diversionary nature. UNDER MOST CIRCUMSTANCES THEY WILL ATTEMPT TO HARASS BUT WILL NOT OPENLY ATTACK.

          (Note: From my own personal experience and research, Grays and other members of the 'Draconian hive' are more susceptible to and dependent on mental or psychological warfare than on material warfare, although they have used physical weaponry in the past when pushed into a corner -- as in airborne assaults between their craft and ours or ground assaults against their underground strongholds--as 'Dulce' and 'Groom' wars have established. Being 'logic-based,' they would prefer to take control of a target planet by way of psychological infiltration without risking loss of machinery and personnel. An Alien race would have to be extra- ordinarily over-confident of their own superiority to undertake an all-out attack like that depicted in the motion picture INDEPENDENCE DAY.

          [As has reportedly been the case with other targeted planets, the Reptiloids/Greys hold back a physical attack until they have succeeded in infiltrating the targeted planetary culture via Trojan-horse type interactions with some of the more self-serving elements of that planet's culture. In the case of planet earth the Nazified CIA and NSA agencies were chosen. These collaborators--and in many or most cases Alien infiltrators, clones, cyborgs or 'implantees' working within these agencies--in turn set inhabitants of the targeted planet against each other so as to bring about world depopulation, to the point where resistance to the invasional attack is minimal.

          [Aliens have sought out those eco-political cult leaders who are willing to 'sell out' their own world to the Alien agenda in exchange for promises of Alien assistance in implementing a so-called joint- operational dictatorship--one in which their own respective power cult[s] would supposedly be the favored power structure once the planet is assimilated and annexed to the Alien empire. However, if we are to consider historical trends of Alien collectivists, they may only favor this cult until it has served its purpose. Following the establishment of the Alien agenda, these power cultists might at best be totally mind-controlled and at worst be eliminated--in that Aliens have no sense of honor or loyalty to those with whom they have established agreements. They only have their agenda, and they will justify ANY course of action that best serves to bring about that agenda.

          [The Human cultists would become so preoccupied with establishing their own planetary empire, that they are blind to the fact that Aliens are merely USING them. Until their usefulness is exhausted, Aliens will USE Human cultists to foment internal planetary sabotage and infiltrate and dis-able major freedom-fighter or resistance movements from within.

          [There are three major 'collaboration' elements on earth -- the Bavarian Lodges, the CIA-NSA-Rockefeller agencies, and the 'Nazi' forces within the "New Berlin - 211" base network beneath the mountains of Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica. Agents of the Bavarian Lodges AND German-immigrant Rockefellers DO work together within the CIA [Central Intelligence Agency], NSA [National Security Agency], UNO [United Nations Organization], and NWO [New World Order] agendas. The establishment of the Antarctic bases may have been the idea of the highest-ranking Nazi's rather than the Rockefellers, although the Bavarian lodges [Illuminati, Thule, Vril, etc.] WERE involved; however, there are many indications suggesting that the Antarctican, Bavarian, and Rockefeller agendas are increasingly merging with each other, suggesting that all three are now working together, at least to some extent and especially at the higher levels. There seems to be a "serpent cult" at work at the very highest levels of these three groupings composed of Humanoids and repti- loids operating as part of a marriage of convenience, in that the Reptiloids/Grays need the political-economic-social[ist]-military- industrial connections of the Humanoids to gain footholds within Human society, and Humanoids need the implant/spacecraft/mind control technology to implement their "New World Order".

          [Lower levels of the Bavarian-NSA-Antarctican factions may seem to be in conflict with each other; however, where this exists it may all amount to a Hegalian-Machievellian type manipulation imposed by the higher levels of the Draconian hierarchy in order to keep the lower levels compartmentalized and therefore more easily controlled. Occasional 'purges' have been carried out to root-out those who are not 100% devoted to the Draconian/Illuminati cause.

          [In America there are fifth-column 'saboteurs' within the Patriot- Militia movements who are supporters of "White Supremacy Americanism". Whether knowingly or unknowingly these agents work for something called "The Order" [of the Fourth Reich]. Part of their mission is to divert attention from the Draconian-Orion-Ashtarian and Bavarian-NSA- Antarctican "New World Order" agenda and to an over-emphasized 'Zionist' threat based on the forged 'revelations' within the "PROTOCOLS OF ZION" document, which was in fact created by the Russian Secret Police for this very diversionary purpose. There are indications that the Bavarian occult lodges, CIA-NSA agencies, and even the Antarctican factions have fed the Patriot network with RACIST and therefore anti-American ideologies meant to fragment and discredit Militias and make them out to be neo-Nazi fanatics. In this manner several of the patriotism-based militia groups have been 'corrupted' and have defeated their very purpose-- that is to defend a Constitutional republic wherein "all men are created equal". - Branton)

        7. Throughout and prior to this, the open computer communications link will be operational for continued PSYCHOLOGICAL INTERROGATION. (This link was shut down with the death of the author, Bennewitz.)

        8. At some point in time -- again resting upon battle status, THE DEPLOYMENT OF OFFENSIVE FORCES MUST BEGIN. This deployment should be done in a near instantaneous manner under certain special conditions that can be discussed.

        9. The weapon system should be kept powered up throughout. In this manner, their disks will be made to stay airborne. They cannot land during the interval the system is powered.

        10. When the weapon is used in one specific power mode, in addition to continuous discharge on the disks that are airborne and the ground- based weapons, MIND CONFUSION AND DISORIENTATION WILL BUILD IN THOSE PERSONNEL AT THE BASE AND UNDERGROUND. At the end of four to five weeks or less, all weapons should be totally discharged and power out in the bases. Most personnel if not all, will be totally incapacitated. THE FEEDING FORMULA WILL BE DOWN AND ITS CRITICAL PROCESSING RUINED. ALL [Alien] EMBRYOS SHOULD BE DEAD AND ALL HYDROGEN AND OXYGEN CONSUMABLES DEPLETED.

          (Note: This is of course speaking in 'conventional' warfare terms; however, one must balance this by taking into account the psychic- supernatural aspects of this conflict scenario as well. In such an event the chaplain may be of as much importance as a commanding general himself, especially in regards to reinforcing within ground troops the mental-spiritual attitude necessary to counter the 'fear' projected by Alien sorcerer and psychic warfare specialists via occult-technology. Maintaining a state of absolute confidence and 'faith' in one's ability to establish a victory over the Aliens is essential, in that if one's confidence is broken as a result of psychic attack, then it would be very difficult to even make an attempt to follow through to final victory... the battle is already lost.

          [Other possibilities should also be considered in a future assault on this major Nexus of Alien activity. For instance, if the extent of the base is much deeper and wide-spread then previously believed -- via interconnected caverns and shuttle terminals -- then these facts should be brought into the scenario as well. For instance, 'Aliens' might escape 'through the tubes' to other installations. Even if this does occur, this major basing complex can be fully taken by Human forces and then used as a 'staging' area to initiate attacks in alliance with other Humanoid cultures 'below' or 'above' who are also at war with the 'Draconian Collectivist' Reptiloids and Grays -- against their various strongholds which undoubtedly exist throughout the 'inner realms'. - Branton)

        11. Based upon data gathered on the miniature prototype weapons, the full power weapons should have no problem holding off the disks. In many cases some will break within the first forty-eight hours without being directly hit.

        12. At that point, standard weapon technology and logistics can come into play and be used to the extent of destruction desired at the direction of those in charge.

        13. The communications can be used throughout to determine status and near the end to attempt to instigate surrender. If no response results, then they should simply be closed in and waited out.


        Weapons theory and prototypes were built to capitalize upon and test two KEY and prominent weaknesses discovered. This in-house funded pro- gram has been expensive, in excess of $200,000; done ON BEHALF OF OUR NATION and handled in the best representative manner Humanly possible.


        2. Though their ships are magnificent, they are also weak -- solely BECAUSE of their method and unique mode of flight. They do not have a stable fighting platform

          [Note: The effectiveness of stable-flying conventional jet aircraft ARMED with advanced beam weaponry has been confirmed by the 'South African Incident,' which was investigated by QUEST INTERNATIONAL, a British UFO research organization made-up of former police, security and military officials.

          [The inciident involved a UFO that was reportedly intercepted using an experimental aircraft-mounted THOR-II laser cannon. The weapon was fired and several blinding flashes were seen by the attacking Mirage-jet pilot, and the disc crashed at high speed into the desert sands of the Kalahari. The craft was brought to a South African base, and using hydraulic equipment the 'door' was opened and two blue-gray Aliens with reptilian features staggered out and were apprehended. When one doctor attempted to take a blood sample from one of the creatures, the being attacked him and its claw-like hands left deep scratches on his face and chest. The Aliens proved to be rather vicious and seemed to operate on an individual-collective intelligence mode. Subsequent research suggested a possible genetic connection 'similar' to that of the early bi-pedal saurian species on earth according to one leaked document--that the Aliens were highly adaptable or mutational. In the event of jet-mounted beam weapons, however, the PROBLEM would be our ability to determine whether these craft are friends or foes!

          [The QUEST INTERNATIONAL officials have revealed sufficient evidence to prove that either the event DID happen OR that the international intelligence community had collaborated in a massive and expensive UFO hoax. Either way, the implications are pro- vocative. - Branton).

          Charge distribution CAN also be discharged. The weapon does this -- even in its present miniature prototype state. "IT IS NOT THE PURPOSE OF THIS REPORT TO IMPLY THAT THE OVERALL PROBLEM WILL BE SOLVED WITH THE CAPTURE OF THESE BASES. Obviously IT WILL NOT, but it is a firmly- based beginning with a high degree of rated projected success ratio. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO IMPLY THE Alien WILL NOT FIGHT; THEY MAY -- THOUGH THEIR INCLINATION IS GENERALLY THE OPPOSITE -- THIS BASING AREA IS KEY! WITHOUT IT, THEIR MISSION IS IN VERY DEEP TROUBLE.

          It is noted that these are not the only bases on earth. There ARE others. With a conservative estimate using typical logistic support numbers, it is not unrealistic to say there are 50,000 Aliens (at the very least - Branton; Now in 2005--25 years later--numbers are unsure.) within the ecosphere of earth and near space.

          [Note: Even IF this basing nexus is captured by U.S. Constitutional forces and a large percentage of the underground 'joint-operational' agenda is forced from the underground networks of the USA, it is very likely that they would NOT retreat to other planets, but would instead retreat to their more ancient underground strongholds in other parts of the world. This would not necessarily end the activities of the serpent cult [Humanoid-reptiloid collaboration] on earth, but it would provide a BASE from which future atrocities of the 'serpent cult' may be battled on, below, and beyond planet earth. Such an action would no doubt provoke a negative response from other Human power-centers on Planet Earth that are also being manipulated by and/or have been infil- trated by Aliens; for instance, the Bavarian cults and their "New World Order" forces. The Draconians might, as suggested in the 12th chapter of the book of Revelation, attempt a military attack against the USA in order to prevent the takeover of "their" underground fortresses here -- or an attack after the fact in retaliation for such a take-over.


          [According to several contactees, many Federation forces and personnel from the Andromeda and Pleiades constellations, and also from Tau Ceti, Procyon and other star systems, are so absolutely devoted to a belief in non-interventionism that they have blockaded our Sol system from Draconian-Orionite interventionists who would take advantage of this critical and unstable time in earth's history, to claim yet another treasure planet -- perhaps the most strategic planet of all -- for their empire. This would have a devastating impact on all Federation worlds, since this planet and all its chemical-mineral-plant-animal- liquid-genetic-etc. resources could be used as a staging world for Draconian attack against other Federation worlds.

          [As this is being re-written, Federation Personnel are fighting and dying near the outskirts of our Sol system, according to Contactee Alex Collier and others, in order to prevent this from happening and to prevent continued 'intervention' in the affairs of planet earth by the various galactic vermin, scum, parasites, and filth that have poisoned and destroyed countless Human colonial worlds throughout this galaxy and possibly others. No matter what trials we as Americans must pass through in the future in order to defend our nation and our planet from the draconians and their ungodly Human "New World Order" collaborators, NEVER forget that we are not only fighting for our families, our communities, our states, and our nation. We are also fighting for our planet, our star system, and for OUR GALAXY! - Branton)

          [Some of us will be lost in the endeavor that is obvious -- however, done NOW, the advantage is gained along with new additional technology to prepare for the next stage. "The key to overall success is -- they TOTALLY respect FORCE. And with them, the most effective method is to stubbornly continue to pick and pull at their defense WITH NO LETUP. Faced with the total loss of a base that has taken YEARS to construct, it is believed that their mission WILL be grossly weakened and badly slowed.

          (Is this why they retreated to Iraq? Eh? Why we're bombing Iraq with depleted uranium, to get down to their level? )

          [As Americans, in this particular instance, we MUST realize that we in this case cannot rely upon our inherent moral principles to provide the answer. Negotiation IS OUT. This particular group can only be dealt with NO DIFFERENTLY than one must deal with a mad dog. THAT method they understand. (This has led some to suggest that the only way to deal with Grays is through direct force and threat of death. That is, to demand unconditional surrender of their forces to ours and threaten their total destruction if they do not comply. It is possible, according to some contactees, that certain of the reptilian life-forms can be tamed -- that is, IF they are somehow disconnected from the Alien collective-hive mind. This would be especially true with the genetic 'hybrids' and especially those hybrids who possess a Human soul-matrix. Even if they surrender, Aliens that are truly non-Human -- that is, no soul -- can NEVER be allowed to work and operate on an equal basis with other Humans, but must EVER remain subservient. And I would personally suggest--prevented from reproducing after their kind, since they do not possess the integral 'conscience' necessary, of their own initiative, to overcome their base animal or predatory instincts or drives.

          [For those who may disagree, just look at the known history of the Reptiloids/Greys in their dealings with Human beings. One should not be mislead by the apparent "superiority of intelligence" of the Greys, since their intelligence is a direct result of a collective mind. And without the 'collective' hive and operating on their own, they are mentally inferior to Human beings, at least on an individual basis. The Greys have told some individuals that they are 'legally' here on earth and in America because of the 'treaties'. Did they 'legally' implant numerous influential men and women with mind control devices against their conscious will? Did they 'legally' and permanently abduct untold thousands of men, woman and children to their underground bases? Are they 'legally' mutilating and stealing our livestock? Did an elected Congress 'legally' agree to these treaties -- or was it an Executive branch of government which has appointed numerous UNELECTED personnel and agencies, in many cases hirlings of unelected corporate-military agendas, who in turn have established 'treaties' with an Alien force or forces? Just how 'legal' is the U.S. presidency anyway, following the death of John F. Kennedy, IF Lyndon Johnson was an accomplise in a fascist coup d'etat of the Executive branch of the U.S. government in 1963? Were any of the Corporate-CFR-TLC 'presidential' hirelings who came into office following this Executive coup d'etat 'legal'? Were their Executive Orders, for instance those connected with FEMA which 'authorize' the destruction of the U.S. Constitution in the event of a 'national emergency', 'legal'? Or could it be that such Executive Orders are not worth the TOILET PAPER they are written on? The fact is that the Greys, with the help of their mind-controlled Human zombie collaborators, HAVE INVADED OUR COUNTRY, OUR AIRSPACE, AND HAVE UNDER- MINED OUR LANDS; and they are freely VIOLATING the personal and mental integrity of our people against their conscious consent. - Branton].

          Therefore, in ELIMINATING this threat, we most certainly cannot be called the 'aggressor', because we HAVE literally been invaded. In final conclusion, A) They CANNOT under ANY circumstances be trusted. B) They are totally deceptive and death oriented and have no moral respect for Human or Human life. C) NO NEGOTIATION, AGREEMENT nor PEACEFUL COMPROMISE can be settled upon in any way. D) NO agreement signed by both parties will EVER be adhered to NOR recognized and respected by Aliens, though they might attempt to make us believe otherwise. E) ABSOLUTELY NO QUARTER can be allowed under ANY circum- stances. Once the offense is instigated, it cannot be abandoned. If it is, reciprocal reprisal will immediately result. They must be made to come down -- destroy themselves which is a standing order if the ship is failing or leave earth immediately -- NO leeway of any kind can be allowed or tolerated.

          For those of you who would question the need to take the offensive against the Reptiloid/Gray strongholds at Dulce and elsewhere, let me just remind you of the kind of Alien mentality we are dealing with here by relating the following three incidents:

          According to well-known Ufologist Brad Steiger, in the book THE RAINBOW CONSPIRACY, co-authored with his wife Sherry Steiger, a terrifying incident occurred in 1955. This was one of SEVERAL reports of UFO attacks against civilians, civilian airlines and military planes and jets that were documented in the book. In many cases many notorious airline crashes were accompanied by UFO activity reported by witnesses just prior to the disasters or disappearances. Usually there are few actual witnesses to aircraft related 'disasters' or 'disappearances'; however in this particular case there was. A civilian pilot and his friend were engaged in some prospecting projects near the headwaters of the Agua River near the city of Prescott, Arizona. The two men SWORE that they had observed two brightly lit UFOs attack a military plane as it directed "some kind of strange beams" at the aircraft, causing it to explode. Worse yet, according to the civilian pilot and his friend, when both of the airmen ejected from the doomed and burning aircraft and began floating down to the ground in their parachutes, the UFOs swung back around and seared the survivors with the same deadly rays, apparently killing them both.

          In an article titled, 'INCREDIBLE UFO INCINERATION'S: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE COMBUSTIBLE KIND', researcher Larry E. Arnold describes the following terrifying encounters:

          ...Of the many episodes involving UFOs and the spontaneous combustion of Humans, quite probably the most disastrous event [if true] in MODERN times occurred to the African village of Kirimukuya on Mt. Kenya. For several nights in June 1954, young Laili Thindu and his shepherd companions listened to the pounding of their neighbors' drums announcing a wedding about to take place on the mountainside. They also watched STRANGE LIGHTS soar around this 'sacred' peak in central Kenya. They naturally were startled when bright beams flashed from these soaring lights, then concerned that the drums were now silent. The next morning Laili learned that 'all the dancers, all the children, all the livestock, -- the entire population of the village -- had been seared to death by terrible streams of light from glowing objects,' report Brad Steiger and Joan Whritenour in their book, FLYING SAUCERS ARE HOSTILE. 'It was not until Laili Thindu ventured into Nairobi that he was able to tell his story to someone who recognized the tale for what it really was: the annihilation of an African village by a UFO..."

          In the Spring 1991 issue of UFO JOURNAL OF FACTS, Forest Crawford, a researcher for the well-known MUFON aerial phenomena research organi- zation, related his personal encounters and conversations with a man he identified only as 'Oscar', who was involved in UFO crash/retrieval projects in earlier years. Oscar stated that on one occasion he and his team recieved an assignment to investigate a disc that had crashed near Phoenix, Arizona and was then transported to an underground base in North Dakota. The team descended into the deeper levels of the COMTRAPAC submarine base in San Diego where high-security OSS personnel directed them to a tube-like shuttle. Entering the shuttle they prepared to "shoot the tubes", and eventually emerged into the lower levels of the North Dakota base.

          Once they arrived, they were told that they would not be allowed to visit the surface of the base during their stay. 'Oscar' viewed the disc which had originally held a crew of three Human-like pilots. Two were found outside the craft dead from radiation exposure and other injuries, whereas another was found in an injured state within the secured conditions inside the craft after the team had succeeded in opening it using a sonic resonator. The operation was initially carried out under the direction of Commander Charles Turner, a friendly man who Oscar got along with well.

          However without warning another high-ranking officer who everyone feared and who did not appear friendly at all came on the scene. He stated that he was now in charge and began ordering all kinds of experiments and exploratory surgeries on the Humanoid -- who was still alive -- in spite of the fact that the anethsesia had little or no affect on him. Some samples of his organs were also removed for study.

          The new man in charge was Frank Drake, who later became involved with the OZMA and SETI radio-dish experiments, which had initially pointed their dishes at Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani and began receiving intense signals suggesting intelligent life. These initial reports were a mistake or irrelevant according to Frank Drake and his colleagues, and nothing remarkable resulted 'publicly' from the SETI project -- 'officially' that is -- however this and similar projects continue to recieve a great deal of funding supplied by loyal American taxpayers. Drake named the disc-recovery research project OSMA [with an 'S'], and continued to torment the Humanoid with various surgical procedures until he finally died.

          Oscar had given the Humanoid the nickname 'Hank', which was an Amerindian word meaning 'troubled spirit'. According to Forest Crawford, before the Humanoid died, 'Oscar' had learned several interesting things from other researchers on his team as well as from the Humanoid himself, who had projected images and messages to Oscar via some form of telepathic-empathic-visual-encephalographic wave transfer. The 'man' was approximately 5' 8" tall, of Human-like Meso-American or Mediterranean appearance yet with a face and nose that was slightly 'broader' than the average earth-person, muscular yet not fat -- however he was somewhat heavier for his size than earth people, suggesting that his planet of origin possessed gravity somewhat greater than earth's.

          Crawford stated: " ...The pattern from the panel inside the ship was confirmed by 'Rapp' to match stars of the constellation Eridanus as seen FROM EARTH. It was later confirmed by Hank that the stars of origin of his people were Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani. In later sessions Oscar discussed some reasons for the presence of the Aliens. He said THEY DO NOT LIKE THE SITUATION WITH SOME OF THE SMALL GREY AlienS...

          ('Hank' also stated that the particular group of Aliens that his people most often encountered were the gray-whites, which are apparently a genetically engineered reptiloid-insectoid hybrid race. - Branton).

          The Tau Cetians feel that the abductions being carried out by some of the Greys ARE A GREAT INJUSTICE TO HumanITY. 'THEY ARE A PARASITIC RACE THAT HAS AND IS PREYING ON Human CIVILIZATIONS THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE,' Oscar relayed. He added that our government's involvement with the grays IS VERY DANGEROUS AND OUT OF CONTROL... Oscar is ADAMANT that [they] are using Human FLUIDS FOR SUSTENANCE. They feed by immersing their arms in vats and/or rubbing the fluids on their bodies. HE CLAIMS THAT THEY ARE ALSO KIDNAPPING CHILDREN. The Tau Cetians have been preyed upon by these Aliens before, and they are working with other races and communities that were also victims. ONE SUCH RACE THAT OSCAR CLAIMS WAS RUN OFF THEIR HOME PLANET BY THE BUG PEOPLE [Hank's defini- tion of these Aliens, because of their partly insectoid nature and parasitical character] WAS WHAT WE NOW CALL THE NORDICS OR PLEIADIANS. He claims, because of his ongoing contacts, he was made aware of the Billy Meier case in Switzerland and swears that is a real contact...

          (Note: Others claim that the Meier contacts and photos are faked; however, they may not have been aware of the fact that some of the very first skeptical investigators who came to Meier attempted to see if they could reproduce the photos by making their own models and taking pictures of them. Several of these models and the photos were given to Meier -- the exact motive for doing so is not known. However, later investigators saw these 'models' in Meier's home and took some of the faked photos that the initial investigators had left with Meier, found the hidden 'strings' through photo analysis, and came to the 'logical' conclusion. Was Meier "set up" or was it just one big misunderstanding? Other evidence tends to confirm Meier's claims, including other eye-witnesses to unusual UFO activity, photo's of UFO's passing behind trees, motion picture footage, and so on. - Branton)

          I find all these comments interesting especially when you consider one investigative detail of this case. I have seen Oscar's house, his Mother's house, his work shop and truck, and at no time were any books, magazines, transcripts or movies about any subject, let alone recent UFO material, found... Could he be an avid reader of the latest and most controversial UFO documents and just be hiding them when we come over? This is highly unlikely, since without a phone, our visits were always unannounced. ...

          [Oscar, who has since had subsequent contacts with Tau Cetians] wants people to know that if they are contacted by the Tau Cetians [Humans such as he described] to not be afraid because they are here to help."

          DULCE BASE


          An ongoing investigation: "THE DULCE BASE" by Jason Bishop III

          This facility is a "GENETICS LAB" and is connected to Los Alamos via a "Tube-Shuttle." Part of their research is related to general effects of Radiation (Mutations and Human Genetics). Its research also includes other "Intelligent Species" (Alien Biological Life Form "Entities").

          In the revised September 1950 edition of "THE EFFECTS OF ATOMIC WEAPONS" prepared for and in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission under the direction of the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, we read about how "complete underground placement of Bases is desirable."

          On page #381: "There are apparently no fundamental difficulties in construction and operating underground various types of important facilities. Such facilities may be placed in a suitable existing mine or a site may be excavated for the purpose".

          CAUGHT IN THE GAME -- Centuries ago, "surface people" (some say, Illuminati) entered into a pact with an "Alien Nation" (hidden within the Earth). The U.S. Government, in 1933, agreed to trade Animals and Humans in exchange for High Tech Knowledge, and allow "others" to use UNDERGROUND BASES (undisturbed) in the Western USA. A special group was formed to deal with Alien Visitors. In the 1940's, "Alien Life Forms (ALF)" began shifting their focus of operations from Central and South America to the USA.

          The Continental Divide is vital to these "Entities". Part of this "need" has to do with Magnetics (Substrata Rock) and high energy states (Plasma). [See: BEYOND THE FOUR DIMENSIONS, Reconciling Physics, Parapsychology and UFOs by Karl Brunstein. Also: NUCLEAR EVOLUTION, Discovery of the Rainbow Body, by Christopher Hills.] The "Four Corners" area has a very high concentration of Lightning Activity, underground waterways and cavern systems, fields of atmospheric ions, etc, etc.

          WHOSE PLANET IS THIS? -- What we who live on the surface consider to be "Aliens" consider themselves to be THE "Native Terrans". They are an Ancient Race (derived from a Reptilian Humanoid species that cross-bred with sentient Humans). They are PREDATORY, as all reptiles are : untrustworthy, manipulative, mercenary agents for an Extra- terrestrial Culture (the DRACO) who are returning to Earth (their ancient "Outpost") to use it as a staging area for future conquests.

          But this Alien cultures--Serpants--are in conflict with the Sovereign YHVH over whose Agenda will be followed for this Planet. YHVH has covenanted, to "bring to ruin those ruining the earth." [Rev 18:11] All the while, Reptilian "hive mind"--Mental and Psychological Control-- has been and is being propagated to keep Humans "in their place", especially since the Forties. Mind Control now encompasses electronics, drugs and the psychiatry profession, which has adopted the political stance that "dissent from dictatorship" is a mental illness.

          The DULCE Complex is a Joint US Government / Alien Base. It was the first built with Alien collaboration (others are in Colorado, NV, AZ).

          SECRET "ACTIVITIES" -- Paul Benewitz reports about his study into the Dulce area, "Troops went in and out of there every summer, starting in '47. The natives do recall that. They also built a road - right in front of the people of Dulce and trucks went in and out for a long period. That road was later blocked and destroyed. Signs on the trucks were 'Smith' Corp. out of Paragosa Springs, Colorado. No such corporation exists now - no record exists..... I belive the Base - at least the first one was being built then under the cover of a lumbering project. ... problem - they NEVER hauled logs. Only BIG Equipment".

          R&D AND THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX -- THE RAND CORP. became involved and did a study, for a Base. Most of the lakes near Dulce were made, via Government grants 'for' the Indians. NAVAJO DAM is the main source for conventional electrical power, with a second source in EL VADO (also, an entrance). Note: If RAND is the mother of "THINK TANKS", then the "FORD FOUNDATION" must be considered the father. Rand secrecy is not confined to 'Reports', but on occasion extends to Conferences and meetings. On page #645 of The PROJECT RAND, proceedings of the DEEP UNDERGROUND CONSTRUCTION SYMPOSIUM (March 1959) we read:

          "Just as airplanes, ships and automobiles have given man mastery of the surface of the Earth, Tunnel-Boring Machines... will give him access to the Subterranean World". Note: The Sept. 1983 issue of "OMNI" (pg#80) has a color drawing of "THE SUBTERRENE", the Los Alamos nuclear-powered tunnel machine that burrows through the rock, deep underground, by heating whatever stone it encounters into molten rock (magma), which cools after the SUBTERRENE has moved on. These underground tubes are used by electro-magnetically powered "Subshuttle Vehicles" traveling at high speed. They connect the "Hidden Empire" Sub-City Complexes. Also, the top-secret project code-named: "NOAH's ARK", uses "TUBE-SHUTTLES" in connection with a system of over 100 'Bunkers' and 'Bolt Holes' established at various places in the Earth, with other bases inside the Moon and Mars. Many of these underground cities are complete with streets, sidewalks, lakes, small electric cars, apartments, offices and shopping malls.

          21st CENTURY POWER: "BIO-TECH" -- We are leaving the Era of expend- able resources, like Oil based products. The Power of the Future is re-newable resources...

          "Biologically" Engineered. The Dulce Genetic Research was originally funded under the cloak of "BLACK BUDGET" Secrecy. (Billions $$$$) They were interested in intelligent "Disposable Biology" (Humanoids), to do dangerous atomic (plutonium) rocket and saucer experiments. We cloned "our" own little Humanoids via a process perfected in the Bio-Genetic Research Center of the World, Los Alamos! Now we have our own disposable slave-race. Like Alien "Greys" (EBES), the US Government clandestindly impregnated females, then removed the hybrid fetus (after three months) and accelerated their growth in the Lab. Biogenetic (DNA Manipulation) programming is then instilled - they are "Implanted" and controlled at a distance through RF (Radio Fre- quency) transmissions.

          Many Humans today are also being "implanted" with Brain Transceivers. These "chips" act as telepathic "Channels" and telemetric brain manipu- lation devices. The network-net was set-up by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agengy). Two of the procedures were, RHIC (Radio- Hypnotic Intercerebral Control) and EDOM (Electronic Dissolution of Memory). The brain transceiver is inserted into the head thru the nose. These devices are used in the Soviet Union and the United States as well as in Sweden. The Swedish Prime Minister Palme gave the National Swedish Police Board the right (in 1973) to insert brain transmitters into the heads of Human beings COVERTLY! They also developed ELF and EM wave propagation equipment (RAYS) which affect the nerves and can cause nausea, fatigue, irritability, even death. This is essentially the same as Richard Shaver's Cavern "Telaug" Mech. Research into bio- dynamic relationships within organisms ("BIOLOGICAL PLASMA") has produced a RAY that can change the "genetic structure" and "HEAL". Shaver's Cavern "BEN-Mech" could HEAL!

          WARNING: MANIPULATION AND CONTROL : FEAR, FRAUD AND FAVOR -- The Pentagon, CIA, NSA, DEA, FBI, NSC, etc. capitalize on the beliefs of the American Public. The Secret Government is planning to 'stage' a contact-landing with "AlienS" at some point. This way, they can 'CONTROL' the release of Alien-related dysinformation and misinfor- mation. We will all be told of an Inter-Stellar Conflict. But, what looks real may be "FAKED" because the same Draco-Serpants that fooled our ancestors are going to work on us.

          What is disinformation? Is your attention being diverted by a Strategy or a "SHADOW PLAN"? How would you know?

          OVERT AND COVERT RESEARCH -- As US Energy Secretary, John Herrington named the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and New Mexico's Los Alamos National Laboratory to house new advanced genetic research centers as part of a project to decipher the Human Genome. The Genome holds the genetically coded instructions that guide transformation of a single cell - a fertilized egg - into a Biological Being. "The Human Genome Project may well have the greatest direct impact on Humanity of any scientific initiative before us today", said David Shirley, Director of the Berkeley Laboratory.

          Covertly, this research has been going on for years, at DULCE LABS. Level #6 is privately called "NIGHT-MARE HALL", it holds the Genetic Labs. Reports from workers who have seen bizarre experimentation are as follows:

          "I have seen multi-legged 'Humans' that look like half-Human / half- octopus. Also Reptilian-Humans, and furry creatures that have hands like Humans and cry like a baby; it mimics Human words... also huge mixture of Lizard-Humans in cages". There are fish, seals, birds and mice that can barely be considered those species. There are several cages (and vats) of Winged-Humanoids, grotesque Bat-like creatures ... but 3-1/2 to 7 feet tall. Gargoyle-like beings and Draco-Reptoids.

          Level #7 is worse, row after row of thousands of Humans and Human mixtures in cold storage. Here too are embryo storage vats of Humanoids in various stages of development. There are over 18,000 "Aliens" at Dulce Base. In late 1979, there was a confrontation (over weapons), scientists and military personnel were KILLED. The Base was closed for a while. ... But, it IS currently active.

          Note: Human and animal abductions (for their Blood and other parts) slowed in the mid-1980s when the Livermore-Berkeley Labs began pro- duction of artificial blood for Dulce. William Cooper states:

          "A clash occurred where in 66 people, of our people, from the National Recon Group, the DELTA group, which is responsible for Security of all Alien connected Projects, were killed." The DELTA Group (within Intelligence Support Activity) have been seen with badges which have a black Triangle on a red background. DELTA is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. It has the form of a triangle, and figures prominently in certain Masonic Signs.

          *EACH BASE HAS ITS OWN SYMBOL. The DULCE Base symbol is a triangle with the Greek letter "Tau" (T) within it and then the symbol is inverted so the triangle points down. * The Insignia of "a triangle and 3 laterial lines" has been seen on "Saucer (transport) Craft", the Tri-Laterial Symbol. * Other symbols mark landing sights and Alien craft. The Alien Symbol language appears a lot at the Facility.

          During construction of the Facility (which was done in stages over many years) Aliens assisted in the Design and Construction materials. Many of the things assembled by the workers, were of a Technology they could not understand, yet...it would function when fully put together. Example: The elevators have no cables. They are controlled magnetically. The Magnetic system is inside the walls. There are no conventional electrical controls. All is controlled by advanced Magnetics. That includes a magnetically induced ( phosphorescent ) Illumination System. There are no regular light bulbs. All EXITS are magnetically controlled. Note: it has been reported : "If you place a large magnet on a entrance, it will affect an immediate interruption. They will have to come out and reset the system."

          THE TOWN OF DULCE -- The area around Dulce has had a high number of reported Animal Mutilations. The Government and the Aliens used the animals for Environmental tests, Psychological Warfare on people, etc. The Aliens also wanted large amounts of blood for genetic, nutritional and other reasons. In the book, "ETs & UFOs - THEY NEED US, WE DON'T NEED THEM," by Virgil "Posty" Armstrong, he reports how his friends (Bob & Sharon) stopped for the night in Dulce and went out to dinner. "They overheard some local residents openly and vociferously discussing Extra-terrestrial Abduction of townspeople for purposes of experimentation." The ET's were taking unwilling Human guinea pigs from the general populace of Dulce and implanting devices in their heads and bodies. The townspeople were frightened and angry but didn't feel that they had any recourse since the ET's had our Government's knowledge and approval. Recently, participants in a "field investigation" of the area near Archuletta Mesa were confronted by two small hovering 'Spheres'. They all became suddenly ill and had to leave the area.

          "THE MONITORS": ABDUCTIONS -- In the Fifties, EBES (Greys) began taking large numbers of Humans for experiments. By the Sixties, the rate was speeded up and they began getting careless (they didn't care). By the Seventies, their true colors were very obvious, but the "Special Groups" in Government still kept covering up for them. By the Eighties, the Government realized there was no defense against "Greys". So... programs were enacted to prepare the Public for open contact with non-Human "Alien" Beings. The "Greys" and the "Reptoids" are in league with each other. But, their relationship is in a state of tension. The "Greys" only known enemy is the Reptillian Race, who are on their way to Earth (inside a planetoid).

          Some forces in Government want the Public to be aware of what is happening. Other forces (The Collaborators) want to continue making "whatever deals are necessary" for an Elite few to survive the conflicts. The Future could bring a Fascist "WORLD ORDER" or a transformation of Human Consciousness (Awareness). The struggle is NOW...your active assistance is needed. Prepare! We must preserve Humanity on Earth.

          MIND MANIPULATION EXPERIMENTS -- DULCE Base has studied mind control implants, bio-psi units, ELF cevices capable of controlling mood, sleep and heartbeat etc., etc. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) uses using these technologies to manipulate people. They establish projects, set priorities, coordinate efforts and guide participants in these undertakings. Related Projects are studied at Sandia Base by "The Jason Group" (of 55 scientists). They have secretly harnessed the Dark Side of technology and hidden beneficial technology from the Public. Other projects take place at "AREA #51" in Nevada. ... "DREAMLAND" [Data Repository Establishment and Maintenace Land], ELMINT [Electro-Magnetic Intelligence], CODE EMPIRE, CODE EVA, PROGRAM HIS [Hybrid Intelligence System], BW/CW, IRIS [Infrared Intruder System], BI-PASS, REP-TILES.

          BETTER LIVING THROUGH BIO-TECH --Studies on LEVEL #4 at DULCE include Human-aura research, as well as all aspects of Dreams, Hypnosis, Telepathy, etc. They know how to manipulate the BIOPLASMIC BODY (of Man). They can lower your heart beat, with Deep Sleep "DELTA WAVES", induce static shock, then re-program via a Brain-Computer Link. They can introduce data and programed reactions into your Mind (Information impregnation) - the "Dream Library". We are entering an ERA of mechanization of Psychic Powers. The development of techniques to enhance man/machine communications, nano-tech, bio-tech micro-bachines, PSI-War, E.D.O.M. (Electronic Dissolution of Memory), R.H.I.C. (Radio-Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Control) and various forms of behavior control (Via Chemical Agents, Ultra-Sonics, Optical and other forms of EM Radiation) : The Physics of "Consciousness." The development of "BIO-TECHNOLOGIES" will mean revolutionary changes in the life of every Human being now on Earth!

          WARNING...FASCISM IS "CORPORATISM" -- We have passed the point of no return, in our interaction with "Alien" Beings. We are guaranteed "a Crisis" which will persist until the final REVELATION (or conflict). The crisis is here. Global and real. We must mitigate or transform the nature of the disasters to come, and come they will. Knowing is half the battle. Read the book, "THE COSMIC CONSPIRACY" by Stan Deyo.

          THE PHANTOM EMPIRE: ABOVE THE LAW -- The Dulce Base is run by a "Board." The Chairman of the Board is JOHN HERRINGTON. JIM BAKER (of TENN) is the CIA link to Dulce. House Speaker JIM WRIGHT, D-Texas (the nation's third highest office) is Treasurer at Dulce. There is currently a power struggle going on. As Rep. William Thomas, R- Calif., put it... Part of Jim Wrights problem is, HE fails to understand what's equitable and fair. It's the arrogance of power." Even among his fellow Democrats, many find Wright to be "uncomfortably aloof". Wright's operating style leaves him vulnerable. Most meetings of "The Dulce Board" are held in Denver and Taos (N.M.).

          Dulce & Other Underground Bases and Tunnels -- Excerpt from "Cosmic Top Secret," by William H. Hamilton III, Formatted By CammoDude, 09-13-99 Reformatted by Kidd 09-13-00; and again 09-13-05 by Emily Cragg

          Underground Bases & Tunnels -- Does a strange world exist beneath our feet? Strange legends have persisted for centuries about the mysterious cavern world and the equally strange beings who inhabit it.

          More UFOlogists have considered the possibility that UFOs may be emanating from subterranean bases, that UFO Aliens have constructed bases to carry out various missions involving Earth or Humans. Belief in a subterranean world has been handed down as myth, tale, or rumor down the generations from all over the world. Some of these stories date back to ancient times and tell tales of fantastic flora and fauna that can be found in the caverns of ancient races. Socrates spoke of huge hollows within the Earth which are inhabited by men, and vast caverns which rivers flow.

          A legendary large cavern supposedly exists below Kokoweef Peak in southwestern California. Earl Dorr, a miner and prospector, followed clues given to him by Indians. He entered Crystal Cave in the thirties and followed a passage down into Kokoweef Mountain until he attained a depth of about a mile. There, he entered a large cavern which he proceeded to explore for a distance of eight miles. At the bottom of the cavern, a river flowed, rising and falling with lunar tides and depositing black sands rich in placer gold along its banks. One day, crazed by fever, Dorr used dynamite to seal shut the entrance to his fabulous cavern, and started a legend that still lures men to seek the fabled wealth below Kokoweef.

          Nowhere is the belief in a subterranean world more prevalent than with Indians of North America. The Hopis believed they emerged from a world below the earth through a tunnel at the base of the San Francisco peaks near Flagstaff. There are also legends about mysterious Mount Shasta in northern California. The mountain is said to have housed a race of surviving Lemurians who built a sanc- uary in the depths of the earth to escape the catastrophes that befell them. These Lumerians allied themselves with space travelers that built a saucer base inside the mountain.

          Whether ancient cities exist in caverns below the earth is anyone's guess, but it's a fact that governments have built underground tunnels and facilities for a variety of reasons. The Chinese, Russians and Vietnamese all built subterranean tunnels and bases. It shouldn't come as a surprise that America has been building its own underground world.

          Where civil engineering goes today, military engineering already went yesterday. A report in the August 7, 1989 edition of U.S. News and World Report, reveals the secret plan to carry on government in case of a disaster. The plan is called "Continuity of Government" or COG. The article stated that COG is the government's ultimate insurance policy should Armageddon ever arrive, providing the program runs smoothly. In 1982, a new secret agency, the Defense Mobilization Planning Systems Agency was created and reports to the President. In the event of a nuclear attack, special teams equipped with war plans, military codes, and other essential data would accompany each designated presidential successor to secret command posts around the country. Besides the president, another 46 key officials named in the Joint Emergency Evacuation Plan (JEEP) would be evacuated. There are 50 of these underground command post bunkers located in 10 different regions of the country, and each is linked with others via satellite or ground-wave relays.

          The U.S. Air Force sponsored research in deep underground construc- tion as early as 1958. The RAND corporation carried out this research, and published proceedings from symposiums held on the subject of construction methods and equipment, utility installation, and the use of nuclear bursts to produce underground cavities. Of great concern to underground construction engineers was the problem of ventilation. They considered it advisable to take into account all types of ven- tilation contamination, and not just radioactive fallout.

          Underground works include ingresses, egresses, and accommodations. The first two are generally provided for by shafts or tunnels, while the third requires larger openings, such as halls, chambers, cells, vaults, or other open spaces. Many problems in design and construction are common to all three, but problems associated with larger openings in rock, required for accommodation purposes, are generally more com- plex and difficult than those for the smaller openings of tunnels or shafts.

          Operation and maintenance of underground installations can also pose special problems. Huge boring machines with large-diameter disc- grinders are used in constructing tunnels. Tunnels are needed to link one accommodation area to another, or one facility to another. The English Chunnel project is the largest engineering project in Europe, linking France and England through a three-tunnel railway. Eleven boring machines were used in the project, so large and so long, they had to be assembled in underground areas 65 feet high. Six of the machines dug the submarine tunnel between the Dover Strait and Pas de Calais and five dug the land tunnels leading away from the channel to aboveground terminals.

          The front of the boring machine contains tungsten-tipped picks that workers guide with the use of laser projections on video screens. These boring machines are like huge, steel-encased worms. Sealed in each machine are teams of 35 men who line the cavity of the tunnel with concrete and guide the muck down the track. These machines bore the hole, remove the earth, and pave the inside of the tunnel with precast concrete segments. The digging face of it is a 95-ton, 28-foot-6-inch diameter disc, divided into cutting blades. The borer is 300-feet long.

          The September 1983 Omni ran a picture story on the "Subterrene," a nuclear tunnel-boring machine developed at Los Alamos. That machine burrows through deep underground rock, heating it to a molten state (magma), which cools after the Subterrene moves on. The result is a tube with a smooth, glazed lining that can be used for high-speed transport shuttles that link the sub-base complexes.

          The Spanish want to put a tunnel through the Pryenees and bore a road to Morocco on the African coast. Interestingly enough, an inventor named Charles Kaempen had already invented a composite pipe that has enormous tensile strength and he developed an undersea trans- portation tube that uses his unique system of lock coupling and merely has to be laid on the sea floor--obviating the need for excavating and tunneling. He made a proposal to Spain to build their link from Spain to Morocco using his new tube technology.

          Tunnel boring is undergoing a boom according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (Dec. 12, 1990). Susan Nelson, director of the American Underground Space Association is quoted in the article as saying, "There is simply a lot more interest in the world these days in tunneling and use of the underground in general." It says the underground is crowded with government-funded mega-projects and proposed projects.

          Norwegians want to burrow under the fiords. The Japanese are toying with tunneling through to South Korea. Canadians are building a tunnel from New Foundland to Prince Edwards Island. In America, there are 87 public-works projects planned for the early 90's alone. Bear in mind the fact these are all classified as civil engineering projects. In 1959, the Rand Report carried photos of the giant Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs). Large scale military engineering projects may made extensive use of these machines since the fifties.

          Tunneling is getting a boost because of the increasingly crowded global landscape. Planners in Northern Italy are burying stretches of a freeway in a tunnel to avoid cutting a road through historical important forest and farmlands. Mr. Russell J. Miller of the Colorado School of Mines and director of the Center for Space Mining in Boulder, Colorado, is working on studies to determine the feasibility of putting space bases and cities underground on Mars and on the moon. Of course, someone from somewhere else may have already beaten Mr. Miller to the punch.

          Informants have told us that underground facilities utilize transport tubes to shuttle workers to and from work. This is more than a subway. These tube trains use high technology. It isn't surprising then to learn that Frank P. Davidson of the MIT has a plan to unclog the air- ways by designing electric "wingless airplanes" that hurtle across continents and oceans in sealed tubes or tunnels that are essentially frictionless vacuum chambers. Perhaps he should meet with Dr. Kaempen and consider using his composite pipe as the tube.

          Underground diggers have their own society called "Moles," who find talk of tunneling and tunnels spicier than most of us surface dwellers. It's no secret that governments have built their own secret underground railways and tunnels. China's leaders built secret rail tunnels under Bejing that would enable them to flee in a crisis. According to a Chinese civil servant, tunnels linked leader's homes, government build- ings, the central bank and an army base. That sounds like a well-thought- out-plan. Grab your prized possessions, cash from the bank, armed guards from the base, and run like hell! The network was built up over a period of 40 years as a defense against foreign invaders. We can be sure that what China has done we did before.

          Japan, dense and overcrowded, is giving serious thought to living underground. They are planning to build underground sewage plants, underground railroads, and underground cities. According to a recent issue of Omni, The Taisei Corporation is planning to build a subter- ranean mall called "Alice City." There would be underground stores, offices, hotels, theaters, and sports arenas. Strolling spaces would meander through interior spaces populated with trees, birds, fish tanks, bridges, and waterfalls. The Shimizu Corporation has a blueprint for constructing an underground grid that would span 2,000 square miles underneath Tokyo. This grid would contain a number of commercial centers connected by subway trains that could shuttle workers to and from work.

          According to science-writer Isaac Asimov, there are advantages to living underground. For one thing, no one would worry about the weather. The temperature could be held at a fairly constant level, between 55 and 60 degrees F, and a lot of energy used for heating and cooling could be saved. Without the diurnal sun cycle, no one would know day from night. People could be working around the clock or playing around the clock, depending on their penchant. All trans- portation, communication, and housing could go underground, freeing the surface world from Human trampling. The surface of the planet would have a few nice restaurants and recreation centers where people could observe clear blue skies, the returning planet and animal life, and have room for all to roam on a weekend hike. Earthquakes would cause only one-fifth the damage to underground structures that they cause to surface structures.

          In a provocatively speculative book entitled Alternative 3, author Leslie Watkins proposes that scientist have become concerned with the state of the Earth's atmosphere, a scenario that is much easier to accept these days. Secret meetings between scientist produce three alternatives for handling the imminent danger.

          "Alternative 1" was a plan to blast holes through the stratosphere to release heat and pollution. "Alternative 2" was a plan to relocate Earth's population in mass- ive underground caverns drawing fresh, cool air from the soil. (Perhaps there is a real Alternative 2 in progress). "Alternative 3" was to escape the Earth and go to Mars. We will con- sider Alternative 3 later. Whether any real such alternative plans exist is not being argued here, but the concepts are useful in examining future directions of secret projects.

          The Atomic Energy Commission initiated Project Plowshare in 1957 to develop peaceful uses of nuclear explosives. It has explored the use of nuclear blasts to build harbors, dams, highway cuts, and canals, and to stimulate oil and natural gas production by following up the widely used practice of detonating ordinary chemical explosions in oil- and gas-bearing strata. The first test of this technique, known as Project Gasbuggy, took place 4,240 feet below ground in a desolate area of New Mexico know as the San Juan Basin, on December 10, 1967, where a 26-kiloton nuclear "device" was exploded in a sealed well.

          While Gasbuggy was only a single experiment, the A.E.C., in partner- ship with Austral Oil Company of Houston, subsequently began the first of what promised to be a long series of even larger nuclear explosions, on the order of two 100-kiloton shots each year, for a period of 10 years or more. The first explosion, known as Project Rulison, was a 40-kiloton shot, some 8,400 feet below ground at a site near Rifle, Colorado, on September 10th, 1969.

          A method that has been suggested to build bases on the moon may already be in operation on Earth. With the use of controlled nuclear blasts it will be possible to excavate cavities beneath the lunar surface. A missile could be used to drill a hole approximately 50 feet deep, then a second blast would produce a cavity about 45 feet in diameter. An igloo would be constructed over the hole, a plastic bag dropped down the cavity and filled with air. The work area and living quarters would then be constructed.

          It may prove more efficient and practical to "house" future moon colonies in artificial or natural caves beneath the lunar surface than to attempt construction of exposed meteorite domes. Living quarters, spacious parks, lakes, and wooded areas could be constructed underground. A transportation tube would connect various colonists to other ports and distant parts of the moon.

          Back on Earth, we have reports of equally suspicious parks. An ex- security officer who once worked underground in the Groom Lake area of Nevada, said he once saw a baseball diamond and an Olympic-sized swimming pool in one of the caverns a mile below the Nevada desert. What's going on in the deep underground tunnels below Mercury Base at the Nevada Test Site? After hearing the story of Bob Lazar on KVEG radio, a construction worker called Billy Goodman and Bob Lazar to say, "We are the construction workers...we put things together and take them apart...of the meeting of seven people, there are two who will come forward to support you." This mysterious caller further said, "There's more than just tunnels down there. There's everything you can imagine down there. I know because we put it up. We installed. We did everything."

          Informants have mentioned underground tunnels and facilities in New Mexico at Dulce, Sunspot, Datil, Corona, Taos Pueblo, and Albuquerque; in Arizona in the Santa Catalina Mountains; in Colorado at Delta, Grand Mesa, and Colorado Springs; in California at Needles, Edwards AFB, Tehachapi Mountains, Ft. Irwin, Norton AFB, and Morongo Valley; in Nevada at Blue Diamond, Nellis AFB, Groom Lake, and Papoose Lake areas, Quartzite Mountain, and Tonopah.

          I became interested in a possible underground installation in the Techachapi Mountains in the summer of 1988. A young couple, Ray and Nancy, reported that they had gone to a plateau in the mountains after Ray's shift work had completed at the Northrop Plant. Ray was inspector on the B-2 project. The plateau is adjacent to the perimeter of the leased Tejon Ranch where Northrop has built a secret underground facility. It was about one o'clock in the morning when Ray and Nancy spotted a brilliant orb coming out of the ground which flashed light in their direction. They could not account for two-and-half hours of missing time. Ray thought that they had the orb under observation for about an hour, yet the next memory is of sunrise! Under hypnosis, Ray recalls being abducted and taken to an underground base populated by little grey EBEs and Air Force and security personnel. The EBEs were examining Nancy who had been restrained on a metal table. Ray's emo- tions swelled under hypnotic recall of the incident.

          A local man claims he saw a flying saucer emerge and take-off from a silo on the property. A disgruntled contractor reported that he worked on constructing the tunnels in the underground area and was bothered by the Air Force probes that were often seen hovering in the tunnels. He described these probes as small orbs, and said that this facility was nicknamed "The ANTHILL" because of its resemblance to underground ant colonies. The tunnels have round doorways without doors. Adjacent to the doorways are security panels with red and green lights. There are some kind of cylinders embedded in the doorway jams that protect a field of energy of some sort.

          Black helicopters have been sighted around Boynton and Secret Canyon near Sedona, Arizona. A man living in Long Canyon has sighted a lot of strange things in the canyon areas, and residents suspect a govern- ment installation has been established in, of all places, Secret Mountain! One of my investigators hiked to Secret Canyon late one night and was stopped by a voice on a loudspeaker and a laser-targeting light on his chest. He was told he had entered a restricted area and to turn around and leave.

          We have now spotted and photographed small orbs around the "Anthill." These orbs definitely exhibit the peculiar characteristics reported in other UFO sightings. Since that time, we have located two other secret facilities. One is at a place in the Mojave-Desert called Llano. It is an extremely secure facility, but witnesses have seen a bright light burning atop a pylon inside of a movable behemoth-sized struc- ture. This light does not illuminate the interior of the structure! Orbs have been seen in the vicinity of this facility as well.

          We can only conjecture about what covert programs are being conducted away from preying eyes. The underground can and does hold all sorts of secrets. Some of the most amazing revelations about what goes on in underground projects comes from a mysterious informant named "Thomas," who claims there is indeed a deep dark secret harbored underneath the imposing mountainous elevations of Northern New Mexico.

          According to Thomas, the on-site Alien androgynal breeder is capable of parthenogenesis. At Dulce, the common form or reproduction is by polyembryony. Each embryo can and does divide into 6 to 9 individual "cunne" (pronounced cooney, i.e. siblings). The needed nutriment for developing cunne is supplied by the "formula" which usually consists of plasma, deoxyhemoglobin, albumin, lysozyme, cation, amniotic fluid and more.

          The term "genome" is used to describe the totality of the chromosomes unique to a particular organism (or any cell within an organism), as distinct from the genotype, which is the information contained within those chromosomes. Human genes are mapped to specific chromo- somal locations. This was an ambitious project that took years and a lot of computer power to accomplish.

          Is/was Alien and Human BIO-TECH being used to nurture and serve us, or is it being used to control and dominate us? Why have UFO abductees been used in genetic experiments? It was when Thomas encountered Humans in cages on Level 7 of the Dulce facility that things finally reached a climax for him. Row after row, thousands of Humans, Human-mixture remains, and embryos of Humanoids were kept in cold storage.

          Thomas also says Aliens don't want land, gold, minerals, or water that we posses, nor even Human or animal life. What they do want is magnetic power that surges on and through the Earth. Aliens harvest this magic power in a way unknown to us. Thomas says Aliens recognize this power as more valuable than any other commodity on our globe.

          It may be unpalatable to digest or believe Thomas' story. In fact, it seems like part of a living nightmare. There is evidence that some- thing strange does go on at Dulce. Does Thomas have the answer? Our USgovernment intell agencies have had an ongoing watchful eye on all UFO activities for many decades now. This extraordinary phenomenon must have an extraordinary explanation. We may be only one outpost in a vast interstellar empire.

          In May 1995, Phil Schneider did a lecture on what he had discovered. Seven months later he was tortured and killed. This man's final acts should not go unnoticed. And this was his presentation at that time.


          "It is because of the horrendous structure of the federal government that I feel directly impelled *not* to tell anybody about this material. How long I will be able to do this is anybody's guess. However, I would like to mention that this talk is going to be broken up into four main topics. Each of these topics will have some bearing on what you people are involved in, whether you are patriots or not.

          "I want you to know that these United States are a beautiful place. I have gone to more than 70 countries, and I cannot remember any coun- try that has the beauty, as well as the magnificence of its people, like these United States.

          "To give you an overview of basically what I am, I started off and went through engineering school. Half of my school was in that field, and I built up a reputation for being a geological and structural engineer with both military and aerospace applications. I have helped build two main bases in the United States that have significance as far as what is called the New World Order. The first base is the one at Dulce, New Mexico.

          I was involved in 1979 in a firefight with Alien Humanoids, and I was one of the survivors. I'm probably the only talking survivor you will ever hear. Two other survivors are under close guard. I am the only one left that knows the detailed files of the entire operation. Sixty-six secret service agents, FBI, Black Berets and the like, died in that firefight. I was there.

          "Number one, part of what I am going to tell you is going to be very shocking. Part of what I am going to tell you is probably going to be very unbelievable, though, instead of putting your glasses on, I'm going to ask you to put your "scepticals" on. But please, feel free to do your own homework. I know the Freedom of Information Act isn't much to go on, but it's the best we've got. The local law library is a good place to look for Congressional Records. So, if one continues to do their homework, then one can be standing vigilant in regard to their country.

          ::: Deep Underground Military Bases and the Black Budget :::

          "I love the country I am living in more than I love my life, but I would not be standing before you now, risking my life, if I did not believe it was so. The first part of this talk is going to concern deep underground military bases and the black budget. The Black Budget is a secretive budget that garners 25% of the gross national product of the United States. The Black Budget currently consumes $1.25 trillion per year. At least this amount is used in black programs, like those concerned with deep underground military bases. Presently, there are 129 deep underground military bases in the United States.

          "They have been building these 129 bases day and night, unceasingly, since the early 1940's. Some of them were built even earlier than that. These bases are basically large cities underground connected by high- speed magneto-leviton trains that have speeds up to Mach 2. Several books have been written about this activity. Al Bielek has my only copy of one of them. Richard Souder, a Ph.D architect, has risked his life by talking about this. He worked with a number of government agencies on deep underground military bases. In around where you live, in Idaho, there are 11 of them.

          "The average depth of these bases is over a mile, and they again are basically whole cities underground. They all are between 2.66 and 4.25 cubic miles in size. They have laser drilling machines that can drill a tunnel seven miles long in one day. The Black Projects side- step the authority of Congress, which as we know is illegal. Right now, the New World Order is depending on these bases. If I had known at the time I was working on them that the NWO was involved, I would not have done it. I was lied to rather extensively.

          ::: Development of Military Technology, :::

          Implied German Interest in Hyperspacial Technology, and More -- "Basically, as far as technology is concerned, for every calendar year that transpires, military technology increases about 44.5 years. This is why it is easy to understand that back in 1943 they were able to create, through the use of vaccum tube technology, a ship that could literally disappear from one place and appear in another place. My father, Otto Oscar Schneider, fought on both sides of the war. He was originally a U-boat captain, and was captured and repatriated in the United States. He was involved with different kinds of concerns, such as A-bomb, the H-bomb and the Philadelphia Experiment. He invented a high-speed camera that took pictures of the first atomic tests at Bikini Island on July 12, 1946. I have original photographs of that test, and the photos also show UFO's fleeing the bomb site at a high rate of speed.

          Bikini Island at the time was infested with UFO's, especially under- water, and the natives had problems with their animals being mutilated. At that time, General MacArthur felt that the next war would be with Aliens from other worlds.

          "Anyway, my father laid the groundwork with theoreticians about the Philadelphia experiment, as well as other experiments. What does that have to do with me? Nothing, other than the fact that he was my father. I don't agree with what he did on the other side, but I think he had a lot of guts in coming here. He was hated in Germany. There was a $1 million reward, payable in gold, to anyone who killed him. Obviously, they didn't succeed. Anyway, back to our topic - deep underground bases.

          ::: The Fire Fight At Dulce Base :::

          "Back in 1954, under the Eisenhower administration, the federal govern- ment decided to circumvent the Constitution of the United States and negotiate a treaty with Alien entities. It was called the 1954 Grenada Treaty, which basically allowed Aliens involved to take a few cows and test their implanting techniques on a few Human beings, but that they had to give details about the people involved. Slowly, the Aliens altered their part of the bargain until they decided they wouldn't abide by it at all.

          Back in 1979, this was the reality, and the fire-fight at Dulce occurred quite by accident. I was involved in building an addition to the deep underground military base at Dulce, which is probably the deepest base. It goes down seven levels and over 2.5 miles deep. At that particular time, we had drilled four distinct holes in the desert, and we were going to link them together and blow out one large section at a time. My job was to go down the holes and check the rock samples, and recommend the explosive to deal with the particular rock. As I was headed down there, we found outselves amidst a large cavern that was full of outer-space Aliens, otherwise known as large Greys. I shot two of them. At that time, there were 30 people down there. About 40 more came down after this altercation started, and all of them were shot and killed with our weapons. We had surpised a whole underground base of existing Aliens. Only later, did we find out they had been living on our planet for a long time, perhaps a million years. This could explain a lot of what is behind the theory of ancient astronauts.

          "Anyway, I got shot in the chest with one of their weapons, which was a box on their body, that blew a hole in me and gave me a nasty dose of cobalt radiation. I have had cancer because of that.

          "I didn't get really interested in UFO technology until I started work at Area 51, north of Las Vegas. After about two years recuperating after the 1979 incident, I went back to work for Morrison and Knudson, EG&G and other companies. At Area 51, they were testing all kinds of spacecraft I'd never seen before.

          How many people here are familiar with Bob Lazar's story? He was a physicist working at Area 51 trying to decipher the propulsion factor in some of these craft.

          ::: Schneider's Worries About Government Factions :::

          Railroad Cars and Shackle Contracts -- "Now, I am very worried about activities of the the federal government. They have lied to the public, stonewalled senators, and have refused to tell the truth in regard to Alien matters. I can go on and on. I can tell you that I am rather disgruntled. Recently, I knew someone who lived near where I live in Portland, Oregon. He worked at Gunderson Steel Fabrication, where they make railroad cars. Now, I knew this fellow for the better part of 30 years, and he was kind of a quiet type. He came in to see me one day, excited, and he told me "they're building prisoner cars." He was nervous.

          Gunderson, he said, had a contract with the federal government to build 107,200 full length railroad cars, each with 143 pairs of shackles. There are 11 sub-contractors in this giant project. Supposedly, Gunderson got over 2 billion dollars for the contract. Bethlehem Steel and other steel outfits are involved. He showed me one of the cars in the railyard in North Portland. He was right. If you multiply 107,200 times 143 times 11, you come up with about 15,000,000. This is probably the number of people who disagree with the federal government.

          No more can you vote any of these people out of office. Our present structure of government is "technocracy", not democracy, and it is a form of feudalism. It has nothing to do with the republic of the United States. These people are god-less, and have legislated out prayer in public schools. You can get fined up to $100,000 and two years in prison for praying in school.

          I believe we can do better. I also believe that the federal government is running the gambit of enslaving people of the United States. I am not a very good speaker, but I'll keep shooting my mouth off until somebody puts a bullet in me, because it's worth it to talk to a group like this about these atrocities.

          ::: America's Black Program Contractors :::

          "There are other problems. I have some interesting 1993 figures. There are 29 prototype stealth aircraft presently. The budget from the U.S. Congress five-year plan for these is $245.6 million. You couldn't buy the spare parts for these black programs for that amount. So, we've been lied to. The black budget is roughly $1.3 trillion every two years. A trillion is a thousand billion. A trillion dollars weighs 11 tons. The U.S. Congress never sees the books involved with this clandestine pot of gold.

          Contractors of slealth and death industry programs include : EG&G, Westinghouse, McDonnell Douglas, Morrison- Knudson, Wackenhut Security Systems, Boeing Aerospace, Lorimar Aerospace, Aerospacial in France, Mitsibishi Industries, Rider Trucks, Bechtel, *I.G. Farben*, plus a host of hundreds more. Is this what we are supposed to be living up to as freedom-loving people--profiteering off death and destruction? I don't believe so.

          ::: Star Wars and Apparent Alien Threat :::

          "Still, 68% of the military budget is directly or indirectly affected by the black budget. Star Wars relies heavily upon stealth weaponry. By the way, none of the stealth program would have been available if we had not taken apart crashed Alien disks. None of it. Some of you might ask what the "space shuttle" is "shuttling". Large ingots of special metals that are milled in space and cannot be produced on the surface of the earth. They need the near vaccum of outer space to produce them.

          We are not even being told anything close to the truth. I believe our government officials have sold us down the drain - lock, stock and barrel. Up until several weeks ago, I was employed by the U.S. government with a Ryolite-38 clearance factor - one of the highest in the world. I believe the Star Wars program is there solely to act as a buffer to prevent Alien attack - it has nothing to do with the "cold war", which was only a toy to garner money from all the people - for what? The whole lie was planned and executed for the last 75 years.

          ::: Stealth Aircraft Technology Use by US Agencies and the UN :::

          "Here's another piece of information for you folks. The Drug Enforce- ment Administration and the ATF rely on stealth tactical weaponry for as much as 40% of their operations budget. This in 1993, and the figures have gone up considerably since. The United Nations used American stealth aircraft for over 28% of its collective worldwide operations from 1990 to 1992, according to the Center for Strategic Studies and UN Report 3092.

          ::: Guardians of Stealth and Delta Force :::

          Origins of the Bosnia Conflict -- "The Guardians of Stealth: There are at least three distinct classifications of police that guard our most well-kept secrets. Number one, the Military Joint Tactical Force (MJTF), sometimes called the Delta Force or Black Berets, is a multi- national tactical force primarily used to guard the various stealth aircraft worldwide. By the way, there were 172 stealth aircraft built. Ten crashed, so there were at last count about 162. Bill Clinton signed them away about six weeks ago to the United Nations. There have been indications that the Delta Force was sent over to Bosnia during the last days of the Bush administration as a covert sniper force, and that they started taking pot shots at each side of the controversy, in order to actually start the Bosnia conflict that would be used by succeeding administrations for political purposes.

          ::: Thoughts on the Bombings in the United States :::

          "I was hired not too long ago to do a report on the (1993) World Trade Center bombing. I was hired because I know about the 90 some- odd varieties of chemical explosives. I looked at the pictures taken right after the blast. The concrete was puddled and melted. The steel and the rebar was literally extruded up to six feet longer than its original length. There is only one weapon that can do that - a small nuclear weapon. That's a construction-type nuclear device. Obviously, when they say that it was a nitrate explosive that did the damage, they're lying 100%, folks. The people they have in custody probably didn't do the crime. As a matter of fact, I have reason to believe that the same group held in custody did do other crimes, such as killing a Jewish rabbi in New York. However, I want to further mention that with the last explosion in Oklahoma City, they are saying that it was a nitrate or fertilizer bomb that did it.

          "First, they came out and said it was a 1,000 pound fertilizer bomb. Then, it was 1,500. Then 2,000 pounds. Now its 20,000. You can't put 20,000 pounds of fertilizer in a Rider Truck. Now, I've never mixed explosives, per se. I know the chemical structure and the application of construction explosives. My reputation was based on it. I helped hollow out more than 13 deep underground military bases in the United States. I worked on the Malta project, in West Germany, in Spain and in Italy. I can tell you from experience that a nitrate explosion would not have hardly shattered the windows of the federal building in Oklahoma City. It would have killed a few people and knocked part of the facing off the building, but it would have never have done that kind of damage. I believe I have been lied to, and I am not taking it any longer, so I'm telling you that you've been lied to.

          ::: The Truth Behind the Republican Contract With America :::

          "I don't perceive at this time that we have too much more than six months of life left in this country, at the present rate. We are the laughing stock of the world, because we are being hoodwinked by so many evil people that are runing this country. I think we can do better. I think the people over 45 are seriously worried about their future. I'm going to run some scary scenarios by you. The Contract With America. It contains the same terminology that Adolph Hitler used to subvert Germany in 1931. I believe we can do better. The Contract With America is the next-to-the last ditch effort by our federal government to tear away the Constitution and the Bill of rights, right before Patriot Acts I and II.

          ::: Some Statistics on the Black Helicopter Presence :::

          "The black helicopters. There are over 64,000 black helicopters in the United States. For every hour that goes by, there is one being built. Is this the proper use of our money? What does the federal government need 64,000 tactical helicopters for if they are not trying to enslave us. I doubt if the entire military needs 64,000 worldwide. I doubt if all the world needs that many. There are 157 F-117A stealth aircraft loaded with LIDAR and computer-enhanced imaging radar. They can see you walking from room to room when they fly over your house. They see objects in the house from the air with a variation limit of 1 inch to 30,000 miles. That's how accurate it is.

          Now, I worked in the federal government for a long time, and I know exactly how they handle their business.

          ::: Government Devices :::

          AIDS as a Bioweapon Based on Alien Excretions and Earthquake devices. "The federal government has now invented an earthquake device. I am a geologist, and I know what I am talking about. With the Kobe earthquake in Japan, there was no pulsewave as in a normal earthquake. None. In 1989, there was an earthquake in San Francisco. There was no pulse wave with that one either. It is a Tesla device that is being used for evil purposes. The black budget programs have subverted science as we know it. Look at AIDs, invented by the National Ordinance Laboratory in Chicago, Illinois in 1972. It was a biological weapon to be used against--WHOM--the people of the United States? The reason I know this is that I have seen the documentation by the Office of Strategic Services, which by the way is still in operation to this day, through the CDC in Atlanta.

          They used glandular excretions of animals, Humans and Alien Humanoids to create the virus. These Alien Humanoids the government is hobnobbing with are the worst news. There is absolutely no defense against their germs - none. They are a biological weapon of terrible consequence. Every Alien on the planet needs to be isolated from Humans.

          "Saddam Hussein killed 3.5 million Kurdish people with a similar bio- logical weapon. Do we, the people of this planet, deserve this? No, we don't, but we are not doing anything about it. Every moment we waste, we are doing other people on the planet a disservice. Right now, I am dying of cancer that I contracted because of my work for the federal government. I might live six months. I might not. I will tell you one thing. If I keep speaking out like I am, maybe God will give me the life to talk my head off. I will break every law that it takes to talk my head off.

          Eleven of my best friends in the last 22 years have been murdered. Eight of the murders were called "suicides." Before I went to talk in Las Vegas, I drove a friend down to Joshua Tree, near 29 Palms. I drove into the mountains in order to get to Needles, California, and I was followed by two government E-350 vans with G-14 plates, each with a couple of occupants, one of which had an Uzi. I knew exactly who they were. I have spoken 19 times and have probably reached 45,000 people. Well, I got ahead of them and came to a stop in the middle of the road. They both went on either side of me and down a ravine. Is this what its going to take? I cut up my security card and sent it back to the government, and told them if I was threatened, and I have been, that I was going to upload 140,000 pages of documentation to the internet about government structure and the whole plan. I have already begun that task.

          "Thank you very much." End of May 1995 Lecture

          M O N T A U K -- USCovert PARANOIA OR Tempest in a Teacup?

          PHOENIX UNDEAD - Montauk Air Force Station -- THE MONTAUK PROJECT AND CAMP HERO TODAY, Copyright © 1998, Fair Use Cited, John A. Quinn, NewsHawk Inc.


          I have already written and disseminated one report on the covert government's secret electromagnetic/radio frequency mind control project based at a documented subterranean facility beneath the derelict Montauk Air Force Station, at the extreme east end of Long Island's south fork (entitled "Montauk Air Force Station"). These activities, an outgrowth of some very esoteric research directly linked to the (in)famous "Philadelphia Experiment" (Project Rainbow--later Phoenix) and both the interdimensional and psychotronic (linking mind to machine [computer]) ramifications of this work, reached literally heretofore unimaginable levels of Human (technological) control over parameters of our "reality" in the Montauk experiments; including all conceivable implications of that word.

          As has been stated by others, the masterminds behind the Montauk / Phoenix Project attempted to "play God. "

          WHAT'S WHAT--A RECAP

          This entire field of research, including the legendary Philadelphia Experiment activities, dates back originally to the later 1930s. These were early attempts at achieving radar invisibility ("Stealth") and according to some sources literal sight invisibility as well using "inter-dimensional" technology devised primarily by Nikola Tesla and Janus Von Neumann. By all accounts these experiments at the Philadelphia Naval Yard in the early 1940s ended in uncontrollable and nightmarish failure when the ship was thrust into hyperspace; reappearing with a severely damaged crew only after the generators, transmitters and other equipment had been destroyed.

          During the 1950s, under the scientific leadership of Von Neumann, these earlier efforts gave birth to both the interdimensional / time travel and the psychotronic / mind control aspects of the Montauk Project operations.

          It must be pointed out to those revisionists who discount the reality of the Philadelphia Experiment and also to those whose minds boggle at the contemplation of such subjects, that there is ample evidence in the public record alone, (newspapers, magazines, periodicals, etc.), showing that in the later 1930s and early 1940s Naval Intelligence and other agencies were indeed wholeheartedly researching radar cloaking technology with the top minds of the day in physics, including John Hutchinson, Emil Kurtenhauer, Albert Einstein, Von Neumann and Tesla.

          Although not often discussed then or now, literal sight invisibility was also a subject of considerable interest in this work. Sites for this research were first the University of Chicago and then later The Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, New Jersey.

          In recent years much evidence has surfaced indicating that Montauk's base and the subterranean facilities have been and are still the site of the Phoenix Project and are used for a significant number of top secret, ultra-classified research and experimentation into inter- dimensional technology, quantum and particle physics (black hole simulation), psychotronics, super-powerful electrical and electro- magnetic fields, weather control, electronic and drug-based mind control, and more recently, genetics and particle beam technology.

          The preponderance of this evidence strongly suggests that a great many of these activities have been thoroughly malevolent as to both their desired ends and the means used to achieve those ends, and have utilized unwitting and even helpless subjects--including at times, youngsters abducted from surrounding communities. Some of these experiments in controlled warping of our time-space continuum had such devastating results and almost inconceivably awesome potential consequences that several project insiders conspired to sabotage the proceedings in August 1983, forcing the base's total--but as it turns out--only temporary, abandonment.

          Allegedly, a time tunnel-type linkup with the Philadelphia Experiment exactly forty years previously (August 12, 1943) was achieved then-- apparently an attempt by project operators to repair or undo damage they felt had been done to the time-space continuum during the 1943 experiment; thereafter, the project ended temporarily, and the surface of the property was then donated to N.Y. State in 1984 expressly for use as a public park. The N. Y. State Parks department continues to "maintain" the surface of the property in a thoroughly deteriorated, unusable condition with public access forbidden, in blatant collusion with the federal government in covering up the existence of an active underground installation beneath this most unusual and singularly uncongenial state "park".

          One of the characteristics of this project and others like it is the fact that there are a large number of "tentacles" connecting to other aspects, angles, influences and offshoots: it seems hardly a day passes when I don't find or receive information revealing some heretofore unknown or hidden element of the Montauk (Phoenix) Project or about related or similar operations. It literally never seems to end. As a result, it's difficult to bring the work to a satisfying closure, and it's become necessary to follow my initial report on what's known as the "Montauk Project" with this update.

          Let me point out at the onset that this latest report, to a noticeably greater extent than the first, contains material quoted directly from other sources. All such material is so identified, and the reason this is the case is that the highest priority for me right now is the dissemination of information about the Phoenix/Montauk Project to the very greatest extent possible. And rather than interpreting or rewording certain material it was more effective and/or expeditious to simply quote larger segments of the material.

          I would like to assist readers in understanding the intent of this endeavor to bring the truth about the Montauk Project--as well as similar and/or connected projects--to public attention by whatever means and to the greatest extent possible, for the sake of my child and all children, all people and for the sake of Human freedom on this planet we call home.

          The Human race could be about to enter a period in which we will be subjected to nonstop, invasive and pervasive mind, mood, consciousness and even body control carried out through the use of electromagnetic / radio frequency transmissions on a worldwide basis; this in addition to severe and extensive social manipulation and consciousness modi- fication programs already operating to an extraordinarily pervasive and effective degree through mass media and entertainment, religions and other forms of social programming and indoctrination such as cults and belief systems. This while the food supplies of the Human race become increasingly contaminated by not only toxic pollutants, but by health/mood altering substances and additives in and irradiation of our food and water supplies--increasingly deficient nutritionally and downright unhealthy due to pervasive global environmental and ecological degradation. In addition to all the aforementioned methods and "systems" of malicious manipulation, there would appear to be indisputable instances in which some individuals are also being monitored and/or manipulated by "controllers" of one sort or another through the use of physical, biological implants.

          We are already witnessing the near-total collapse of even a pretense of a free press and certainly a democratic government here in the United States. We are already witnessing massive deployment of experi- mental (and perfected!) biological weapons against the American people and even more so against third world countries (such as AIDS and ebola: see Dr. Leonard Horowitz's book, "Emerging Viruses: AIDS And Ebola," which proves that these and other deadly diseases were genetically engineered by covert government contractors mainly at Cold Spring Harbor Labs on--you guessed it--Long Island). We are witnessing the deployment of numerous electro-magnetic mind modification programs-- of particular importance is the Tesla-based HAARP technology, now being implemented not only in pursuit of mind control objectives, but also a number of other highly malicious, oppressive, unethical, unconsti- tutional, as well as ecologically dangerous goals.

          (It's hard to believe this original manuscript was threaded together twenty-two years ago in 1983, it's so up-to-date in 2005. Moreover, the progress toward Tyranny and Dictatorship is visibly unrelenting, and America is bound and gagged at this point in time--bound by false flag terrorism and election fraud and gagged by a complicit Press / media --Editor)

          THE FREE PRESS--DEAD AND BURIED -- What's one of the most distressing things to me is the ever-increasing degree to which the major news / information media have blatantly become a party to promulgating and fostering some of the most egregious and destructive of the many coverups, disinformation campaigns and distractive, meaningless manufactured news events which the covert government is disseminating-- all for the purpose of diverting our energy and attention from significant--even vital--issues. In other words, we are getting almost pure crap from the mass media regarding almost any issue of any import- ance whatsoever--most certainly on any information which would tend to give the lie to those deeply embedded traditional concepts held on the part of a large percentage of Humanity (including many North Americans); concepts which bolster the global position of the "powers that be" and enable further exploitation of the Human race.

          A good example of the tremendous degree to which the major news media organizations are called to heel is seen in the facts surrounding the two-year hiatus in the professional career of CBS broadcaster Connie Chung, who had the misfortune to have ended up being paired with Dan Rather several years ago. On a live call-in TV talk show some two years ago, Ms. Chung responded with a bit too much candor to a question as to what actually gets reported publicly by the major news media, given the great number of stories and items which come from the numerous sources of "raw" information.

          How are the stories which get the attention of the media chosen and by whom? Connie Chung replied to the effect that it wasn't too hard to decide what stories get aired--they just checked with Washington D.C. to see what had been cleared for publication by the government.

          As a result of her being foolish enough to tell the truth in what was likely just a naive, probably unintentional and inadvertent slip, within no more than a few hours Ms. Chung was out of a job and remained blacklisted in the industry for a good two years, only resurfacing in 1998 with a position at ABC--sufficiently chastened, some no doubt believe, to allow her to grace the public airwaves once again.

          There are a great many indications of the implementation of the New World Order and the list grows by the hour. Of prime importance in these malignant plans for our future is the literal control of or at least substantial interference with and manipulation of our brains, minds and consciousness/awareness by Montauk-type technologies. Clandestine agencies have been covertly researching various means of mind control for quite a long time. Based upon what I have discovered, the Montauk Project represents the pinnacle of achievement in this entire field.

          More than a few researchers think that there is strong evidence indi- cating that the government has in place at this point mind, mood and consciousness modification EM/RF transmitters in most major (and not so major) population centers; evidence also that mass internment centers exist (above ground) in certain sectors of the country, to handle potentially millions of people--troublemakers and dissidents of one stripe or another and likely those (especially in poverty classes) who don't succumb as easily to the EM/RF transmissions.

          Of course, globally implemented HAARP operations and numerous subter- ranean installations across the country round out the picture of where we stand in terms of our literal oppression by covert "Shadow" government.


          The great majority of responses to date to the information in my initial report have been serious, interested, concerned and at least willing to impartially consider the information as valid... and certainly urgent. Additionally however I have been picking up a somewhat faint but persistent hum (mostly on the Internet) of what I believe is the evolving response emanating from the spin doctors and damage control agents of the (covert) government to the increasing flow (flood) of information now "coming out" which pertains to the Montauk Project--the Philadelphia Experiment--Rainbow/Phoenix Project: and the connections to Brookhaven National Labs (BNL), Airborne Instrument Labs (AIL), Siemens/ITT, as well as links to a tremendous number of other top-secret "research" activities such as MK-ULTRA and other more well-known mind control projects, connections to collaborative operations with ET's, connections to what's known as the "New World Order", and to numerous other tentacles of the beast. The list really never seems to end and neither, it seems, does the story.

          This currently materializing "spin" which the (covert) government and its allies are very carefully leaking in their attempt to manipulate the whole Philadelphia/Montauk deal goes something like this:

          "O.K. Maybe we have been researching some incredibly advanced science for a number of years. It's (maybe) true, it's true. We have actually warped time and space.. once or twice... or did we? Anyway, we couldn't say anything about it because of the--Commies... or Aliens... or even the hippies... or whatever. Had to keep it secret. National security and so forth. And yes, we did some incredible things, but can't unfor- tunately reproduce a lot of it (naturally). And isn't all in the advancement of Human knowledge and the greater good (yuk yuk) after all? And yeah, maybe there is more to the Stealth's radar invisibility than a funny shape and a matte black paint job. O.K. So we lied a little." And so on. You get the idea.

          The unspoken Big Lie in all this is that the supreme and overarching prime directive of pretty much everything to do with Rainbow / Phoenix / Montauk, at least from Philadelphia on, was really what could be termed mind control--but even that doesn't really convey the breadth and scope of the operation's goals and actions. It's really much more along the lines of reality engineering and consciousness control.

          The knowledge gained at such a steep price--through research that culminated in the experiments at the Philadelphia Naval Yard in 1943 and the subsequent endeavors on Long Island--of methods for gaining access to, and actually traveling to other dimensions and periods of time, has been primarily applied or implemented to further the goals of manipulation and control of Human, perhaps even global (or planetary-- as in Gaia-) consciousness. All of these most advanced scientific technologies have been utilized in service of "mind control".

          This is the stuff the spin doctors can NEVER smooth over; the horren- dous and virtually inconceivable abuses of Human beings and of Humanity which have taken place and are taking place in this and similar or related projects. The covert government considers it terribly important for truth about such operations to be kept hidden and buried, because there is really no conceivable excuse (lie) anyone could ever come up with which could possibly justify or condone, in the minds of the public, the operation of such projects by our government or any agencies / consortiums connected to our government in even the most tenuous way; as well, because we are--especially in modern technological societies-- immersed in a veritable sea of electromagnetic / radio frequency trans- missions, a portion of which are intentionally engineered to have any number of effects on our consciousness and physical wellbeing--even those which are not so intended have well-documented and generally negative, debilitating effects upon biological health and mental functioning.

          Who could ever justify such wholesale and deliberate, unconscionable, thoroughly malignant abuse of Human rights and of spiritual freedom such as has occurred in the government's mind control operations? Thus, the mind / consciousness / reality control aspect of the Montauk Project is where I intend to put my focus.

          Preston Nichols, a project "survivor" and author a several books about the Montauk Project, supports this adherence to focusing on the funda- mental truth about the Montauk Project. He adamantly stands by his contention that the primary underlying basis of the Project is mind / reality control and also his contention that large numbers of children have been abducted (NOT [only] by ETs!) for use in this and related / similar operations. I have found very solid evidence of such activities in other covert mind control operations as well.

          T H E "Alien" A N G L E

          My first report on the Montauk Project almost completely avoided any mention whatsoever of any alleged ET/UFO connection to the Montauk Project. There are indeed numerous allegations of ET involvement with Rainbow/Philadelphia/Phoenix/Montauk, as well as with other covert activities by covert government, but that topic will not be explored extensively this report. Others have been and are researching these aspects and I'll leave it to them.

          I have not included much of this information mainly because I've come to the conclusion that the UFO field overall has become a literally hopeless morass and teaming snakepit of a seemingly infinite amount of half-truths, misinformation, distortions, false leads, hidden agendas. ... in short, that the entire field of research has been massively subverted by agents of the covert government who have almost totally muddied the waters beyond any hope of clarity--at least for now. (Serious and sincere researchers, don't be offended!) Additionally, I don't feel that I personally can verify most of this information to a degree I would like.

          A percentage of the technology used in the Phoenix Project and also in the Stealth aircraft is said to derive from "Alien" sources, and charges have been made that in return for such technology the government gave certain of these Aliens "permission" (as if they had any right to do so!) to abduct and experiment upon its citizens.

          Several people have reported on significant and in some cases fairly well-documented instances in which there was Alien or ET involvement in very specific aspects of the Phoenix Project. I have no reason to doubt them, and this is in general correlation with a tremendous amount of evidence and certainly testimony from the UFO research field as a whole. To me the primary issue is the "Human beings" involved in and respon- sible for this project as well as any and all connected and related projects--where great numbers of their fellow Human beings have been so horrendously and brutally victimized and had their most fundamental rights on every level thoroughly abrogated and violated. And all this at the hands of what many still believe to be a freely elected representative government of, by and for the people.

          I personally don't know which "Aliens" (whatever their true origin) were or weren't involved with any aspects of this entire field. I don't doubt that there could well have been such involvement, but that to me is another issue to be dealt with by others, or by myself at a later time. I am mostly concerned with those members of our government, certain secret cultic organizations, extremely wealthy international consortiums, and private corporations which are so thoroughly and deeply involved in this project and a great many other similar and related ones.


          Some critics, even a number of conspiracy researchers, charge that Preston Nichols, Peter Moon, Al Bielek and others who claim involvement in the Project such as Mike Ash, Duncan Cameron (the number one psychic used in the Montauk Project through the 1970s and early 1980s) and even perhaps myself, are intentionally (or not) spreading disinformation about the Montauk Project--on such points as that noted just previously-- that the whole shebang (Phoenix) has involved major collaboration on the part of "negative" ETs.

          I will stand behind the information conveyed in my report 100%. I spent great deal of time researching many different angles and sources of information regarding the Montauk Project. As for dispersions toward Preston Nichols, I have to say that I have found him to be a very reliable and solid witness and that for myself, his information checked out across the board--right down the line; to the extent that it was at all possible to verify particular information. Not once that I'm aware of have I ever been either deliberately disinformed or even uninten- tionally misinformed by Nichols. On certain technical subjects he most definitely knows what he's talking about and has in general been quite forthcoming and helpful.

          Questions arise as to why someone like Nichols would be allowed to spread his information about the Montauk Project without any retaliation-- if it were true; implying that he therefore must be (even unwittingly) purveying disinformation. In my first report I cover two incidents in which at least partially successful attempts were made on Nichols life or at least well-being; Al Bielek has had some very mentally and phy- sically debilitating and intensive EM / RF transmissions directed at his residence for extended periods of time.

          I myself was the object of some most unusual, distinctly threatening and almost incomprehensible scrutiny as a result of some on-site public relations activities I engaged in at and near Montauk Air Force Station in 1996. More recently, in 1998, I have found myself subjected to blatant surveillance there. No conceivable reason exists why I would be singled out for this kind of intrusive observation if there were not something peculiar and secretive going on at the base, and if I were considered a threat of some kind. Significant also is how I could have been identified as one to be surveilled this way, within the short amount of time I was at or near the Air Force Station during June and July 1998.

          There are some things which argue strongly against Preston Nichols, presumably Al Bielek, Peter Moon, Duncan Cameron and others being part of a government disinformation campaign team whose job it is to spread distortions, half-truths and falsehoods about the true nature and purpose of government mind control projects.

          Firstly, these people do not represent any unified cohesive "front" whose members all mouth exactly the same line. There are substantial individual differences in personality, intent, direction, philosophy and focus among these people. They have different views on certain aspects of the Project and in no sense do these people act in concert as some kind of "programmed" government disinfo team; I find absolutely no indication that is the case--based upon my personal contacts for three years with several of the "principals" of the Montauk Project investi- gations.

          Secondly, I can't believe that the covert government would ever employ such a diverse, unlikely, "motley" and--to be honest--rather unlikely seeming crew as this to spread any disinformation about anything. The members of this group (such as it can be called a "group") have NO such cohesive centralized and coordinated operation going in any way. They are very much individuals who act as such and hold differing views on things and It is humorous to think that any "black ops" agency in their right mind would ever consider turning Preston Nichols or the other principals named loose with any serious disinformation program to carry out. Most of these guys don't even have computers, or if so don't access the Internet. Big disinformation operation.

          Another point: when Preston Nichols began making public utterances about Montauk, there was very little awareness of the existence of anything like the "Montauk Project", even among researchers of subjects like conspiracies, coverups, UFOs and black ops. Why would the govern- ment initiate a disinfo operation if there was no generally distributed "INFO" to "dis" about? By doing so they would be calling some attention to a project whose existence was basically completely unknown in any general sense.

          W H O'S...C R A Z Y...A N Y W A Y?

          In early October 1998 another example of retaliation directed against Nichols occurred. In a move which seems to indicate a disturbing new trend in covert government dealings with troublesome or recalcitrant individuals who are a threat to secrecy, a serious attempt was undertaken to get Preston Nichols put away on insanity charges!

          To put this in context, several months ago a man I will call Mr. Coffee emailed me an extensive account regarding his having been trained as a mind controlled government agent, most notably while in college in upstate New York (his entire account is quoted later in this article). This fellow subsequently connected with and became friendly with Nichols in New York, and they have since determined that Coffee was involved with some sub-project of the Montauk Project. Nichols, along with myself and others who have had personal contact with this man, feel he is rational, coherent and credible, and that his information dovetails well with that from other sources.

          About a month ago Mr. Coffee was on a L.I. cable talk show in which he totally spilled major beans about his past--as to involvement in and victimization by government mind control programming since early on in his life. The next day he says agents tried to kill him.

          Not long after this Mr. Coffee was arrested at his home in NJ by local cops--there initially to confiscate his legal handgun by court order, due to a formal complaint against Coffee having been filed by a sus- piciously vengeful ex-girlfriend (as in, she was put up to it by FBI). Though he acted in complete compliance with all the officers' requests, some discrepancy regarding the status of the handgun was used as an excuse to indicate that Coffee had been abusive and uncooperative toward the cops and he was arrested. Mr. Coffee was then immediately remanded to a mental institution from which he has spent several weeks trying to extricate himself. So far he is out of the bin, but the presiding judge has not yet closed the case.

          Now a similar tactic is being tried on Nichols. Some people in the government must be very scared. Preston has not been arrested--yet. However the feds are moving in--trying a "John Ford" on him by having him declared legally insane. Interestingly it appears the as yet unidentified agents/officers who invaded both Nichols' home on Long Island as well as some rural property he owns in Pennsylvania were from New Jersey. There is no information yet on what if any formal charges are being leveled at him. Agents are "gathering evidence" from his properties under what is apparently a federal warrant--as agents have crossed state lines in enforcing it, and I guess they can take that "evidence" to some paid-off judge and get an order remanding Nichols to a government psychiatric facility.

          Of course someone or some (covert) government agency instigated this, to get Preston out of circulation.

          I would say this shows that the entire Montauk Project issue and related issues (such as other MK operations, HAARP, Fight 800, etc.) have become a major concern to certain powers that be at this time. Considering Preston's not-inconsiderable clout with certain "Constitu- tionalist" elements of the government--in particular the military, whoever is behind this business is definitely pretty powerful--and/or wacko.

          A further note on the issue of "retaliation" (or lack of) against Nichols: he has benefited from certain useful connections which have for the most part deterred seriously harmful moves against him: most notably ties to certain Air Force contingents. Nichols worked with this group at the Camp Hero underground between 1994 and 1997. He let me know that this particular group told him specifically they were not conducting "Montauk Project" mind control operations, but rather "legitimate" (in their terms) defensive particle weapons activity. He is not saying he can completely guarantee that this was in fact the case, but he was unable to find any direct evidence of mind control operations at the base. This Air Force group claimed to support the U.S. Constitution, and to be opposed to the methods and goals of the Montauk Project and the plethora of ties to very far-reaching and in fact ancient agendas which support what might be called the New World Order, including links to the Nazi movement of the "past" and its current descendants and supporters.

          Additionally Nichols and other Air Force personnel have successfully deprogrammed a number of "Montauk Boys" victims. He told of how an anti-New World Order Air Force group raided an underground base near Montauk in Sag Harbor, Long Island during August 1996, and came up with a database of 30,000 programmed individuals from that location alone. Nichols has indicated that, despite the fact that ("legitimate") Air Force elements controlled Camp Hero until 1997, covert government groups continued to operate a number of other nearby locations, including one just north of Montauk Village beneath an old WW2 Navy submarine base (more on this location to follow!).

          To reiterate: there has been no indication that Nichols or any associated with him in publicizing the Montauk Project are in fact spreading disinformation. He and others like him will readily admit that, due to the nearly inconceivable manipulations of mind, consciousness and to some degree reality via Montauk-related technol- ogies, it's certainly within the realm of possibility that they may to some extent still be fulfilling some programmed function. Having pursued this story from a relatively straightforward journalistic approach, I can say that Nichols' basic story holds up extremely well; that there is solid confirmation on many key elements of his testimony; that there is substantial scientific corroboration and outright veri- fication for many of the scientific fundamentals underlying the both the psychotronic/mind control and time/dimensional shifting elements of the project; outright proof of some very significant tangential connections; a voluminous amount of anecdotal, word of mouth material and a very large number of personal accounts of truly odd experiences at the Turtle Cove/Camp Hero/Montauk Air Force Station location.


          Some researchers and investigators also have difficulty accepting certain of these alleged activities as being scientifically possible or real. For example, one of the fundamentals of the entire project is "psychotronic" technology, or the interfacing of mind to computer. Psychotronics does work--this is an established scientific fact--and is utilized in fully functional online technology in countless applications at this juncture. I cite solid evidence to support this within my report. Sorry folks, if you don't like the idea of it; neither do I. Ignoring or denying it won't make it go away, however.

          I believe the scientific validity of both the interdimensional and mind control aspects of the Montauk operation has been reasonably well established. To the extent which the information about the Montauk Project seems scientifically questionable, I would remind readers that the entire history of science has been thoroughly manipulated like nearly everything else, and the true state of scientific advancement is definitely being kept from the public and in fact from many scientists. Indeed even Einstein and certain contemporaries were fed manipulated and incomplete data during the development of the theories of relativity and Unified Field Theory, and subsequently so were other physicists during the development of quantum physics. I quote some very intriguing material from Byron Weeks in exploring this very topic in a section called Scientific Manipulations And False Data further on in the report.

          There is some additional hard evidence in this underground facility as of the first week of February 1998; a sealed entrance to the under- ground was demolished in what would probably have been some sort of "hostile" paramilitary action; additionally a securely locked and guarded entrance gate was thoroughly smashed and demolished. The same thing happened as well about 5 months ago to the main entrance to the property. The implications of this, backed up by some very solid evidence, are discussed in this report update. Another "manhole"-type underground entrance had remained only incompletely covered by a large boulder for many months, and visible through the opening was the metal ladder bolted to the wall of the shaft below. This entrance was thoroughly closed up with a removable (given the requisite heavy equipment) cement cap and the whole thing then buried under a dumptruck load of dirt--right after I visually inspected the entrance in late June 1998. Weird. And, a rather strong indication that this entrance is to some degree salient to the issue, "What were they doing in there?"


          Michelle Guerin, who has uncovered within herself buried memories of some very traumatic and significant events at Camp Hero and nearby Ditch Plains, has provided the following information on a number of points concerning the Montauk Project and related issues (Michelle has a web site detailing some of her Montauk experiences at-- http://members.aol.com/nymush/ sands.html).

          "Preston Nichols states in his books that he worked for "BJM" (note: "BJM"="AIL"), a well known defense contractor on Long Island. While a pseudonym has been used for the company in order to protect himself from possible lawsuits, I have a friend that did indeed work with Preston at a well know defense contractor on Long Island.

          "I have an uncle that is very familiar with the area around Montauk, as he spent most of his summers there, from childhood through adulthood. Up until 3 years ago, he owned a home in Montauk. My uncle has some very unusual memories concerning something that happened at the camp when he was younger. At the time, his family summered at a campsite near Camp Hero. Due to an impending hurricane, the residents of the campsite were evacuated to the base. All of the children were housed in a separate building, on the second floor. During the night, he woke up and recalled seeing a face at the window, and was mesmerized by the eyes. He's never forgotten this. Remember, he was on the second floor! He only related this story to me after I told him of my own experiences at Montauk.

          "My cousin (his daughter) then told me of her memories of Montauk. Every summer when they arrived there, for about a two week period, she would experience an unusual "sensation"... she would feel depressed, uneasy and lethargic for no apparent reason. Then she said it was as if she would get used to the sensation, and it no longer bothered her. She had never mentioned this to her family until I started to ask about Montauk.

          "I myself have been to Montauk and can attest to the strange "vibes" there. My psychic antennae seems to be most affected in an area near the location of the Sage radar dish, along a stretch of an isolated road known as Old Montauk Hwy. We had been able to verify (through the use of an EMF detector), anomalous EM readings in that location." --Michelle Guerin

          I got a very noteworthy email from a woman in the New York area regarding the fateful day of August 12, 1983, when the major phase of the Montauk Project "crashed and burned". Judith wrote to me as follows. "I live in the tri-state area so your article interested me. I did some research at the New York Public Library a couple of months ago on the Philadelphia Experiment--supposedly the ship which disappeared-reappeared in Montauk August 1983--I was living in Manhattan at the time and I clearly remember a late night news broadcast about this ship reappearing and the reporter saying the base was totally closed, nobody could get in to check it out. But, I could not find anything in the local newspapers about it from 1983. What I DID find was that the entire midtown area in Manhattan lost ALL electrical power at about the time the ship was supposed to have shown up. The subways were virtually stopped. The outage was so severe as to have crippled midtown for an entire three-four days before it could be restored. I seem to remember this too back in 1983. There is no mention in the papers about WHY this occurred." --Judith

          Several other individuals from the New York/Long Island area with whom I have spoken also recall seeing a spot on local news about the military vessel which appeared mysteriously off Montauk Point for at least a few days that August. The following, written by Stephanie Chesler, was posted by Ellie Crystal on her web site.

          "I read with great interest your material about Montauk in the Universal Updates. I grew up in a small town called Port Jefferson on Long Island's north shore, about half way to Montauk from the city. My father worked with a division of Grumman Aerospace on top secret projects that involved the Navy, and I remember our neighbors often told my mother that the FBI had come around the neighborhood to "check" out my father's activities in the community. I remember him speaking about rumors of an underground base at Montauk."

          "My neighbor across the street was a scientist of some sort that worked with government. He never revealed to me exactly what he did, but he had some very complicated electronic apparatus in his garage that I was fascinated with. I babysat his children twice a week, and I would always take a peek in the garage after I had put them to bed. When I questioned him about the purpose of the instruments, he blew me off with a wrong answer. I knew enough that he was lying, as I was keenly interested in science at that time, having won first place in the High School Suffolk County Science Fair two years in a row.

          "The other strange thing was that they were definitely under some kind of guard or surveillance that my neighbor was completely aware of. There were frequent visits by unmarked cars parked in front of their house, always with two men in the front seat. Very weird for a quiet suburban neighborhood!! My father was told it was government job related, not to worry about it. When I was in my sophomore year at school (1976-77), my neighbor hurriedly asked me to watch his children for a weekend, while he and his wife looked for a house to relocate in Montauk. They told me they had bought a pharmacy there. The move was completed in less than two weeks. Strange though, when I drove to Montauk to return a book I had borrowed the family had vanished! There was only one pharmacy in Montauk at that time, and they had never heard of my neighbor. I never saw them again.

          "Another interesting thing was that I frequently did see a greenish glow in the sky, always on cold winter nights in the direction of Montauk. I wouldn't say it was a beam, but it was definitely localized in certain areas of the sky. When I told my science teachers that I had seen this occur, they told me I was imagining it, as we were too far south to observe an aurora borealis type of sky. But I know my family and I saw it!

          "Here is the strangest story of all. My family frequently went to Wildwood State Park just east of Shoreham. I remember always passing a small sign on a metal fence gate off what was then a two lane road that read TESLA Research Station. On this particular day my family decided to take a walk on the beach, which is composed of pebbles, not sand. I lagged behind at quite a distance, picking up beautiful pebbles and looking for frosted sea glass. All of a sudden I froze as I sensed a "wall" of energy enveloping me. It had moved rapidly from off the Long Island Sound, heading from the north to south. I didn't like it at all, and somehow I felt trapped. I seemed to move in slow motion, as if thick honey had been poured over me. When I screamed to my family for help, my screams seemed to bounce back at me as if deflected by some invisible wall. They never even looked at me. But I was struggling with all my might to break free of this energy. I was very cold and sobbing and my heart was pounding very quickly. I ran toward my family, with a huge effort, and I felt a resistance, sort of like traveling through a wall of very thick jello, then a pop as I began to more easily run like a devil was after me. My father looked up in a panic when he saw my state, and told me they hadn't seen me at all for the last few minutes. After all was said and done, my "adventure" was chalked up to an overactive imagination. I was told I read too much and I was actually teased quite a bit about this incident.

          "Well, there are some of my wild stories!! I never did figure out what happened to me on the beach at Wildwood, but my family can tell you I never went to that section of the beach again!" --Stephanie Chesler

          Christine Oliva wrote to me with some very intriguing recollections of her childhood on Long Island with a father deeply involved in covert government /military projects and a knowledge of the under- ground at Montauk, as well as her own experiences working at numerous defense contractors on Long Island herself.

          "I was wondering if you are aware that there are underground tunnels leading from AIL to who knows where, I suspect that the tunnels lead to Montauk and also Brookhaven Labs. I grew up on Long Island, my father was involved with black projects for many years during his career as a electronic engineer, mathematician, designer and inventor. He was definitely involved with the manufacturing of microchips and helped to design one so that it may go into some of the spaceships that we sent to outer space. All of the work he did for our government was top security cleared, his history follows from WWII with Nazi technology.

          "Not to get off the subject of AIL, I worked there among other places and my work was also security cleared although not as high a clear- ance as my father. AIL is priority on my mind because of the extensive interrogation I got there from the persons doing the security clearances, these people definitely were not your average guy on the street. They looked mean, and acted very cold, I felt as if I were being inspected under a microscope.

          "This was the first time I felt like this while being cleared for security. I will never forget it. They asked the most ridiculous questions, and expected me to remember my grandparents histories, and asked me also if I could remember more than that regarding my family's history. After I passed their interrogations, (seemed like hours for me! and their staring at me was very uncomfortable), I had to go for drug and other medical examinations in order to satisfy their qualifications. These people were not playing around!

          "After a few months working at AIL, their were rumors that there were many stairways leading to secret doors that lead to underground tunnels and parts of the building you could not get to unless you knew how and where they were. It was as if there was another part of the building hidden away from everyone else.

          "One day I was approached by a fellow whom I did not know well, he started talking about these secret entrances, I now feel as if he was testing me out for some reason. I acted surprised at what he was telling me, because I was! I heard rumors before, but thought they were just that. He asked me if I believed what he was saying, and I sort of doubted him (I am the type of person who does not fall for rumours easily), and when he saw the doubt on my face, he asked me if I would like to see what he was talking about. I said to myself something was wrong here, who was this person?, why was he approaching me with this information?, and why didn't he care if he got caught?, the red flags were thrown up for me!, I followed my intuition that danger was near. I felt very uneasy and angered that he would suggest such a thing to me knowing very well how dangerous it was. I said to him, No thank you, and didn't he realize the dangerous situation he would be putting the both of us in? He laughed and said "Oh come on, nothing is going to happen"!. I said again no thanks and walked angrily away. I know he was not lying! And I still cannot figure out why he chose me among all of the rest to tell me this, and to try to persuade me to go along with him. I can only thank God that I did not follow him out of curiosity.

          "So there is my story about AIL and the underground tunnels and secret doorways to who knows where. Again my gut feelings say that most of Long Island has these underground tunnels leading from mili- tary outposts, electronic manufacturing facilities, military airports, etc. I believe that Brookhaven labs is also intertwined underground with the rest.

          "I now know that because of working at the places I did, and the type of work I did, I was definitely controlled in some way, since childhood I might add; and I suspect that ELF waves were used on me and who knows what else. My memory has been definitely affected. The time sequence is a mess for me remembering those years. In other words, I can remember important events, but not the sequence in which they occurred. Very frustrating to say the least. Everything is scrambled for me."

          A further message from Ms. Olivo revealed the following : ""Ok, first of all I had no idea that Nichols worked at AIL too! Amazing!, who knows?, I probably brushed shoulders with him and didn't know it. Or at least my mind won't let me remember it! I am hoping that my father being old now, and probably retired, won't care anymore. I am of course not on speaking terms with him sad to say, because I know within my heart, he knows a mouthful and more! He definitely knows about Alien technology. He said some very important things to me about it when I was very young, and now when I reflect back, Alien technology was his forte.

          "My father did some really awful things to my deceased mother and me while I was growing up and later on. This included brainwashing, hypnosis, and God only knows what else he did in his laboratory in our family's basement home. I do believe that the phenomena that took place during those years was due to his meddling around down in the basement of our home with all kinds of equipment, radars, oscillators, generators, I know for a fact that the company he worked for, Loral-- located in Vermont and then Long Island, loaned him all of that equip- ment, some of it was way to expensive for him to buy on his own, and why would he when the company gave him all of it.

          "He would go to his regular job daytime, and then come home to continue his job in the basement. This went on for thirty years, and the last time I saw the basement, he added computers that he built himself to do God knows what. Even though my father being as such, he is still my father, and I haven't come to the point yet in revealing his name to anyone. For some reason I still feel protective of him, but if there were someone I could really trust, I guess I would reveal his name as long as I was kept updated to what was found concerning him, and given the truth, and guaranteed that no harm would come to him. I wouldn't even mind someone asking him questions, but he is tight lipped, believe me. Now that all of this stuff has come out, he might not be."--Christine Olivo

          THE SAGE STORY -- I think there is a good chance that most or all of the SAGE radar sites were deliberately chosen to coincide with geomagnetic hot spots, earth grid power points, or something along these lines, and that (most) SAGE sites have had a connection to mind control all along; in other words I consider it possible that the SAGE system had at least a twofold agenda going since its incep- tion or soon after. Nearly all military installations have been constructed on earth grid power points; in particular those constructed in this century.

          It wouldn't surprise me if some of the other SAGE radar sites are used in Montauk-type operations as well. At a SAGE location in Germany it was observed that many of the people in the adjacent town seemed to be "under the influence" of EM/RF mind manipulating trans- missions; San Francisco area researcher and author Ken Wells, Jr. informed me that there is a SAGE radar site close to San Francisco. (All SAGE radar dish sites were constructed with at least four levels of underground directly underneath the supporting tower structure itself.)

          When the Phoenix operation pulled in to Montauk Air Force Station, they weren't exactly strangers to the Air Force there, and in fact base personnel relateyd to the new arrivals data they had amassed on how the SAGE transmissions caused some very definite effects on personnel at the base, which varied depending on the particular frequencies being transmitted by the SAGE dish. (One gets a good idea exactly what kinds of "effects" these were further ahead in this report, in the section entitled More Weird Tales Of Montauk AFS).

          Important information about the Montauk base as well as some excep- tionally intriguing anecdotes come my way from a former Air Force radar technician/engineer named Bob Tidwell. Bob was briefly sta- tioned at Stewart AFB, an installation otherwise noteworthy for the fact that it has without doubt figured significantly somehow or other into the (lower) Hudson Valley UFO phenomenon. Many black NSA choppers seen at or near the sightings of the giant boomerang (and other craft) were traced to Stewart by investigators during the course of this years-long series of UFO sightings--unsurpris- ingly, long after Stewart's "official" closure.

          Tidwell has some pertinent technical information regarding SAGE and other radar systems. He also notes that it was highly unusual for a SAGE site to situated so close the shoreline--virtually all other sites he knows of are much further inland. He specifies a few other instances of incongruities and anomalies regarding the equipment used at Montauk AFS. Additionally, Tidwell's information shows how Stewart was used as a staging area for operations at the Montauk base, and probably as a paper trail cover for Montauk as well.

          The following material is from a number of emails sent to me by Mr. Tidwell. "These special sites were referred to as SAGE sites, which is very misleading. SAGE (Semi-Automated Ground Environment) actually refers to the manner in which radar and communications information was automatically routed from all radar sites to a central Control & Command center. Most locations also had an associated "ground radio" site that would allow C&C to communicate with whatever inter- cept aircraft were currently in that particular area. This specialized system involved the setup of multiple communications paths and new protocols to insure that all of this information would reach C&C. This new technology would later evolve into today's World Wide Web. I don't know why theses sites themselves were referred to as SAGE, unless it was a ploy to draw attention away from the manner in which our radar sites communicated with C&C.

          "The Air Defense Command constructed most of these sites in the 1950s, but most were decommissioned in 1969 and 70, because of the new air- borne radar aircraft, which overcame the curvature problem without having to use the lower frequencies. Some sites that were in sensi- tive areas remained open as late as 1980.

          STRANGE GOINGS ON -- "I can positively say that this site (Montauk Air Force Station) was in operation, in some manner, as late as 1972. This was verified to me by a personal friend a few years ago. He was serving submarine duty in the area, and was leaving for extended sea duty within a few days. He and several shipmates were on shore leave on Long Island, and were looking for a beach area to have one last beer party before shipping out. One of the guys suggested the old Montauk Base, as it was deserted, and they could get drunk and spend the night on the beach without getting into trouble.

          "They were able to enter the base area ok, the main gate was open and in disrepair, so they started looking for a good place to party. When they came to the location of the radar site they discovered a shiny new security fence, and were immediately surrounded by armed security police. They were then escorted off base and told never to come back (emphasis added).

          "It has been suggested to me by several persons during my investiga- tions that Stewart AFB was acting as a staging and transfer center for Montauk. Stewart certainly had connections to the electronics and radar schools at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi. I myself was given orders to the 1st Air Force at Stewart. When I questioned my orders, I was told that Stewart was indeed my correct destination, and to consider my orders secret, even though this was never officially stated on paper. I've been told that certain personnel were being brought into Montauk through Stewart, in order to eliminate a paper trail leading back to Montauk. (emphasis added)."

          This last comment is very interesting to me because I have heard the same kind of thing from other sources and this practice may in fact be continuing presently. In fact in 1996, while combining a visit to my family in East Hampton [Montauk is in E.H. Township] with my ongoing investigation into the project, I overheard at a supermarket some comments made by the two guys in front of me (one in particular was especially talkative--almost in a nervous fashion) to the checkout girl. This fellow was saying that he and his companion had just arrived in the area, and in fact had orders to report to Montauk! (obviously there is no overt military facility ON THE MAP anywhere in this area these days). His decidedly more taciturn buddy grunted in a discourag- ing way--like, "shut up dude," but blabbermouth kept on obliviously, to the effect that they had come in "through New Jersey" (as if to provide some paper trail cover) in order to be stationed at Montauk. After they left I inquired of the young lady about their comments, adding, "what branch of the military has an active installation at Montauk?" She replied animatedly, "yeah! That's just what I was wondering!"

          If I had to hazard a guess as to which branch of the military these guys were in, I would say Navy. I definitely didn't seem to get an "Air Force" vibe. Also as they were both pretty chunky I would think they were probably officers of one degree or another!

          Tidwell continues: "I remember the trip up there, and the trip back, but the few days that I was there are only a blurred memory. I remember showing my orders to the guard at the main gate, and being directed to a location that was away from everything else. There was a small one- story barracks-like building that had been converted into office space. I went in and presented my orders. There were only three people in this building; a female secretary, a First Sergeant, and a Captain. I remember then being told to go outside and police the area (pick up cigarette butts) while they checked my orders. Looking back now, this memory seems very absurd, having a new person walking around, picking up trash in a dress blue uniform.

          "After what seemed like an hour, I was called back in and told to go into the Captain's office. He informed me that my orders were a mistake, and that I would be reassigned to another location. He had my new orders on his desk, already typed out, except for the new location. The nearest location would have been Buffalo, but the Captain simply asked me where I wanted to go. (This is unheard of in the military) In a daze I said "back to Alabama." He then took my orders out to the secretary, and returned a few minutes later with the Alabama location typed in. He never called or checked with anyone to ok this, and I never checked in with the base personnel office, which is standard practice. They seem pleased to get me out of the area.

          "One of the things that seemed to trouble them was that I had gotten married a few months earlier, and had brought my wife with me. I vaguely remember being there about one to two weeks, and had even rented a place to live. I also have vague memories of shopping on the base, although I don't remember anything else about the base. Also, why would I be there that long if I had gone in and was told that I wasn't supposed to be there?"

          "So, I loaded up my car and drove back to Alabama. I spent the next year at the Dauphin Island radar site (I found out later that this was one of the most sought after assignments), until it closed. We were again asked to fill out the dream sheets for reassignment. After the site closed, the personnel began leaving for their new assignments. After a while the base commander called me into his office and wanted to know why I was still there, and hadn't left yet. I informed him that I hadn't received my new orders yet. They started checking, and appeared to be experiencing some confusion. At one point I was asked if I had been getting my paychecks ok.

          "The next day I was called into the commander's office, and laying on his desk were my new orders, with the new assignment location blank. I was again asked "where do you want to go?" The nearest location that was still active was North Charleston S.C., so I requested that. He took the orders out to his secretary and returned a few minutes later with that location filled in. Back then I didn't question any of this strangeness, I just told myself that I was being extremely lucky.

          "I spent my remaining two years at North Charleston. While going through my out-processing physical, several doctors were very interested in my knees. They asked several times if I was having any trouble with them. This seemed strange to me, as I have never had any trouble with my knees in my life. I was them asked who had performed the reconstruction work on both of my knees, as they were amazed at how precise it had been done. I told them that they were mistaken, and that nothing had ever been done to my knees. This seemed to really trouble them. Later, when I got home, I examined my knees and discovered traces of faint surgery marks on both knees. The marks are still visible today.

          "After going back to civilian life, I occasionally would have a recurring dream. In this dream I was told that I would have to go back into the Air Force and work for an additional two years. I thought that this dream might have a connection with being on inactive duty status for two years before I would receive my permanent discharge, but the dreams continued on for about 20 years. They were very vivid, and were always connected in some way. I would be stationed at a strange radar site, and worked on equipment that I was not familiar with. The site was located on what appeared to be a section of a larger base, although I couldn't quite picture the base. It was also located near water. In the dreams I would do normal everyday things (besides work at the radar site), like shop in stores and ride around in my car. It was as if I were reliving another life in my dreams.

          "Then, sometime in the early 90s I noticed a book titled The Montauk Project -- Experiments in Time. The name drew my attention, so I picked up the book and started thumbing through it. My blood then seemed to turn into ice water, for here was the location that I had been dreaming about. All of the photos and illustrations had been in my dreams, even the ones that supposedly pertained to time travel.

          "I know that there wasn't enough time for me to have been stationed there, as I was only in New York for a few days, although several people that have helped me with this (author Marc Davenport and quantum physicist Dr. Fred Allen Wolf), insist that some form of time travel could have been involved.)

          "A few vague memories that have come back to me my time at Stewart are: being taken to a Holiday Inn(?), to a room on the second floor, and being strapped into a chair and drugged. There is also a memory of being put on an aircraft and taken to another location. This reminds me of your mention of psychotronic devices, maybe used for mind control. Another point that has surfaced in the last month concerns the time that I was stationed at Dauphin Island. I wrote an article for my newsletter about UFO radar reports, and used my knowledge of working on equipment at North Charleston. After completing the article, I realized that I didn't refer back to my experience at Dauphin Island. I then realized that I didn't remember exactly what it was that I had worked on there. I do remember everything else there, except what I was supposed to actually be working on, and probably would not have realized this had I not have decided to write the article.

          "As a quick note, during my investigation into sites and bases here in Alabama, I discovered that Maxwell AFB, at Montgomery, was the original NORAD Command & Control Center. I have several eye witnesses to the fact that Maxwell has several underground levels. My investi- gation into this goes as far as to even show what happened to the dirt that was removed. It is still being used for research and development projects, among other things, and one of my information sources stated that the basic research for the HAARP project was conducted at Maxwell. I haven't been able to confirm this, but thought that it might fit into your research."--Bob Tidwell

          Tidwell recollected an incident which happened to a friend of his in the Air Force around 1980. This fellow had just reported to a base in Maine, and the next thing he knew he was waking up in Navy hospital in Boston. He was told that he had fallen and hit his head badly. He h ad no recollection of any such event or what happened in between that and waking up in the Navy hospital. As fortune would have it he was befriended in the hospital by a nurse, and when he was released he was given some time off from active duty to continue recuperating. The nurse invited him to spend a few days with her at her parents' house on Long Island. Major and continual feelings of deja vu washed over this fellow after he arrived on Long Island, coupled with some very strange feelings about things that he felt may have happened to him during the time he was supposedly "unconscious" after his "accident". As Tidwell put it, "He then told me about having dreams of being sta- tioned at an unusual site that he felt was located at Montauk Point. In his dreams he felt as if he were an officer, because everyone would salute him. He also said that the site was a joint Air Force-Navy project of some sort."

          This person became progressively more curious about what might be going on and subsequently became aware of the Montauk Project operation, which he was sure he had somehow been involved in. As Tidwell noted, the man believed, based on what he found out about the Montauk Project, that it was an operation involving both the Air Force and the Navy (as HAARP was originally). Not many people know this and I don't believe it was mentioned specifically in Nichols' books.

          Tidwell also relays how his friend has to have a yearly checkup as a requirement for his disability classification. Bob writes, "Every time he undergoes his physical, he is questioned as to his medical records. It seems that he has two identical files with his correct name and social security number on each file. The other file incorrectly identi- fies him as a Marine Corps Captain. (He was put into a Naval Hospital after his injury, not an Air Force Hospital)".

          NO RECORDS OF AIR FORCE RADAR PERSONNEL FROM MONTAUK! -- Bob Tidwell keeps fairly close contacts with other Air Force radar techs, and they are somewhat a specialized breed. He confided to me that although there is absolutely no doubt that Montauk AFS exists (or existed), that it was a radar station for the Air Force and that obviously it was staffed, neither he nor any of the numerous radar techs he has contact with know of or ever heard of anyone who was ever stationed at Montauk.

          Here's what Bob had to say. "Radar Techs tend to stay in touch with each other, even after all these years. I contacted some of them and requested the names of anyone that was stationed at Montauk AFS, and at a site that I'm looking into here in Alabama that may have been similar. What we discovered was that none of us has ever heard of anyone that was ever stationed at Montauk, before or after 1969. This is very odd, in that we are usually able to track down people from sites all over the world. There are major web sites devoted to us radar techs, but nobody can remember ever hearing of anyone that admits to being stationed at Montauk. We put out feelers everywhere and came up completely blank. The radar site was there, no question about that, but the people that were stationed there are like ghosts. The same is true for several other sites that I am looking into.

          "We did find out that when Montauk closed in 1969, and was reopened through TAC, that this was most unusual, and also suggests to us that the site was being used as a cover for something else. I did find out though that Montauk's military connections after 1969 were being made through Hancock Field in New York. Hopefully this can be of use to you."--Bob Tidwell

          MORE WEIRD TALES OF MONTAUK AFS -- Information which strongly suggests that some most unusual things were going on at Montauk Air Force Station in the late 1950s and early 1960s comes from a fellow who's father was an Air Force Colonel and assistant base commander at Mitchell Air Force Base in central Long Island (he wishes to retain anonymity). Periodically, personnel from Montauk AFS would come to Mitchell for R&R. These fellows caused considerable consternation and distress to personnel at Mitchell due to the peculiar, bizarre, dissociative and generally loony behavior exhibited by just about all of them. Among other oddities, a number of the men became totally lost and disoriented, though they had not gone very far at all from the central base area. The group from Montauk was monitored closely and constantly by their commander. Something seemed seriously out of whack with the entire group and the Mitchell commander was asked by other Mitchell personnel to have the Montauk group leave before their R&R tour was over. This was in the very early 1960s, and the number of these kinds of occurrences prompted this colonel to conclude that some- thing was indeed amiss at Montauk AFS, and to drive out to Montauk a number of times with his son in the interest of attempting to find out what was going on at the Camp Hero location.

          Even though the phase of the Phoenix Project--now known as the Montauk Project--had not yet "officially" gotten underway, let's not forget that Camp Hero has had a reputation of being a "psych" base pretty much throughout its entire existence, shortly after the land was legally stolen from its Montauk Indian owners around 1910. In other words it has always been a center for experimental, psychologically oriented or based (i.e. intelligence) government projects. Nichols indicated that there were some indications that even before the Montauk project commenced there were ties between Brookhaven Labs with it's considerable (ex)-Nazi scientist contingent, and the Montauk Point base on a major earth grid power point, with it's connections to the preexisting underground and a significant, well-established pro-German (Nazi/Aryan) community in the Montauk area. On top of this, there is some very strong evidence that Montauk (Camp Hero) was the site of some weirdness with psychedelic drugs in the mid-60s. As Peter Moon noted, there is almost certainly a link to Timothy Leary and Richard Albert of Harvard during this period of time at Montauk Air Force Station. A base building which had a number of rooms painted in full on psychedelic style circa 1967-68 were found and videotaped by Preston Nichols with a video crew at Montauk Air Force Station.

          A Mrs. Sneed of Sag Harbor visited Montauk AFS in 1980 and related to me her experience there. She was with a friend and on legitimate business for her husband, a retired military man. The trip was pursuant to certain consumer goods and other items being made available to veterans at a major discount and obtainable at the PX of any nearby military base. Mrs. Sneed had with her the letters/documents of authorization. Montauk AFS was the closest base to them so that's where they went. (Let's not forget however that Montauk Air Force Station was officially decommissioned and closed 11 years prior to this; of course the reality was that it was NOT closed and naturally many people in the area knew this obvious fact).

          Strangely (or not!), they were treated with extreme brusqueness, suspicion and rudeness, first by guards at the entrance to the base, then by other base personnel and officers called to the scene by the guards, all of whom attempted in every possible way to deter the women from entering the property, despite being shown the official authori- zation numerous times.

          Mrs. Sneed refused to back down, having made up her mind not to have undertaken the 50+ mile round trip for nothing; and seeing no good reason why the desired items should not be made available according to the terms of the authorizing document she presented. Finally the women were admitted and escorted directly to the PX with vehicles directly in front and in back of their car. They were not allowed to stop or slow down. Although the base itself did seem to be unusually quiet on the "surface", judging solely by the reception they'd received there was obviously something rather "important" and secretive going on there. Mrs. Sneed stated that there were air vent stacks protruding from the ground all over the place. She told me she felt very strongly at the time that substantial underground activity was taking place at the Montauk base and in fact commented on this to her friend. Mrs. Sneed stated that though she and her friend couldn't possibly be any threat in any imaginable way to anything (legitimate at least) that was going on there, they had people standing right next to them when they went into the PX, and were escorted right back to their cars and right off the base. According to Mrs. Sneed, everyone they encountered was acting very strangely, downright creepy...

          WHO'S RUNNING THE SHOW -- BELIEF SYSTEMS--ILLUSION OF CHOICE -- The readers' interest and intelligence, as evidenced by their willingness to look beyond the nearly worthless disinformational slop and tripe doled out by major news and information media on almost every subject of any importance whatsoever, is greatly appreciated. At this point in time the owners and operators of the major news organizations, to a very large degree, are thoroughly connected to the "powers that be" behind the scenes of our society; they are part of the overarching "mind-controlling" structure now in place and many of the employees of such organizations are themselves "mind controlled" for the most part and avoid or ignore stories and information which wouldn't further the aims of the "controllers;" employees controlled in their thinking through the threat of job/income loss if nothing else. The mass media corporations support and further the aims and practices of our covert government--disseminating disinformation which aids the coverups of some of the most grievous wrongs committed against us by our (secret) government. By controlling the general information which is in fact made public, the plan to (further) manipulate the consciousness and awareness of Humanity is already in progress--in fact well under way. The real story is definitely not on CBS or anywhere else like that!

          It has crossed my mind more than few times lately that with the astonishing array of mind-, mood-, thought-, body-, and environment- (as in HAARP) -altering technologies at the disposal of the covert government and it's New World Order/Big Brother/1984 objectives, it would be extremely easy, and undoubtedly quite tempting for these "devotees of evil" to attempt to manipulate much of the world's population, in accordance with the "religious" beliefs of a good percentage of Humanity, into believing that the entire life support framework on Earth is crumbling, (which to some extent it may well be due to rapacious and devastating environmental policies and agendas set by the covert government), and/or that we are under attack from some thoroughly evil, possibly cannibalistic Aliens hell-bent on enslaving, raping, pillaging and in general destroying H umanity and maybe our planet as well. (Funny how that's exactly what the covert government is doing!!)

          There are innumerable adherents worldwide to the plethora of "apocalyptic" false religions fostered and propagated by the malignant secret, cultic "brotherhoods" underlying so much of the world's power genuine structure. Among these false religions I would include at l east the institutionalized and popularized versions of most of the world's primary organized religions. The concepts, precepts and beliefs instilled in the followers of these religions create within them fertile ground for both general social control, more overt forms of manipulation and blind obedience to "authority", in addition to creating a fundamental psychological framework or mindset within great numbers of Human beings which greatly increases their suscep- tibility to the more brutal, intensive and destructive types of advanced mind control programming we find being implemented in such projects as MK-ULTRA, Phoenix, and of course Montauk.

          What's further distressing is that even a social "movement" such as what's known as the "New Age" philosophy, which has some undeniably positive aspects including a sensitivity and openness to the fundamental connection within each of us to all life and to higher realms of under- standing, wisdom and awareness, as well as an enhanced sense of respect for and desire to coexist with all facets of nature on this planet, can be "infiltrated", subverted and manipulated by the some of the many tentacles of the beast that is the worldwide covert control system or government.

          I believe that more than a few fundamental "New Age" tenets and theor- ies such as an impending pole shift, dimensional shift, or other galactic or planetary realignments of a potentially massive, even catastrophic nature, including the "end of time" scenario as per the Mayan Calendar and other schools of esoteric knowledge, could be getting played upon through the implementation of some very subversive social manipulation by some very devious people and agencies, using any and all available means of influencing and shaping Human consciousness--including certain highly advanced technologies like those EM/RF systems perfected in the Montauk Project, and now HAARP.

          It would be pretty easy to make it seem like the poles, magnetic fields and everything else are shifting if the ionosphere is being whipped into a veritable frenzy with HAARP's EM/RF transmissions which deeply impact weather, mind, seismic activity, and just about everything else! And HAARP is just one of the ways in which various aspects of our reality" can be manipulated and our perceptions thus "controlled".

          Byron Weeks has put it as well as I ever could, and I reprint below some of his thoughts on this topic. "With what we know of electronic warfare I am sure that it has occurred to many of you that we have the potential for one heck of a millennial celebration! We have harnessed the Tesla Effect and are able to roil the magma at the core of the earth enough to create tectonic plate disruption sufficient to produce earthquakes and volcanoes. The HAARP Project has demonstrated the ability to control weather, produce giant storms, cause severe droughts, and quite probably the phenomenon known as "El Nino". High wattage microwaves are capable of melting rocks and leveling small mountains. ELF waves are versatile and have been used successfully in mind control, with a typical reaction of the hallucinated appearance of Alien beings. Holographic projections can show realistic movies against the sky, and could entertain us with a fake Second Coming of Christ, angels in the sky, trumpets, and celestial music. Biological warfare could give a good imitation of the punitive plagues of the last days...

          "Do you suppose any of the above might cause chaos and rioting that would necessitate calling in United Nations troops to keep order? If that wasn't dramatic enough, our government, which has buddied up to Russia in a continued war against the drugged-up and dumbed-down people of "Amerika". Along with the anticipation of Global Governance, the NWO probably has more up its sleeve, such as planned economic col- lapse, and civil insurrection engendered by the collapse of welfare payments, and involving rabid minorities armed with Chinese weapons and whipped into a finely tuned state of paranoia through the appli- cation of ELF waves.

          "It has always been a little troubling to me to consider that a loving Eternal Father in Heaven would bring the dreadful punishment of an Apocalypse down upon a sinful world. Could it not be that what the prophets have always told us may have come from God's foreknowledge of Mankind's tendency to self destruction? Perhaps He thinks it wiser to let us decimate ourselves, since the Human experiment has not turned out very well, anyway.

          "But we can be very proud that our technology has advanced to the point at which we can self-annihilate in a very short time whenever the fancy strikes us. Imagine! Our very own Apocalypse! I guess we can show those Aliens a thing or two!" --Byron Weeks

          THE FUNDAMENTALS OF CONTROL -- The entire philosophical impetus and conceptual basis for what the secret government is trying to accomplish with what I've called "reality control", implemented on a very wide- spread basis, is a subject worthy of much study in itself. Others have done a tremendous amount of excellent research and writing on this topic, which needs not be duplicated--even if I could do so. Rather, it makes sense to quote some pertinent material from different sources, to help portray some of what underlies the Montauk Project and many other mind control--consciousness manipulation operations.

          Again, Byron Weeks has some excellent writing on one aspect of this; the complete de-spiritualization of Human beings. In other words, inculcating the concept that we are nothing more than "meat machines", thoroughly mechanistic biological systems whose "consciousness"-- in terms of emotion, creativity, or any "higher" awareness whatsoever, not to mention the anything remotely spiritual--is nothing more than a synaptic byproduct of the interactions of purely physical components and processes. In other words, we are nothing but a body--a view rein- forced by our civilization's officially sanctioned modern "science" at every conceivable turn. As Mr. Weeks put it in, "The Psychology Behind Mind Control and Psychic Warfare" : "Body identification gives rise to a host of sociological phenomena, the least of which is the mechanistic view that consciousness is a product of the brain, and secondarily that the mind is centered in the brain. Dr. Jose Delgado was one of the chief proponents of this viewpoint. Delgado was the author of the book, "Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society." For Delgado, the mind existed only in the brain; to postulate its existence as an inde- pendent entity was to him sheer nonsense. He rejected the concept of free will, and proposed that the mind was a functional entity produced by the electrical operations of the brain, and as such should be manipulated and controlled in order to control the behavior of the population. This was a view that seems to be shared by proponents of the New World Order. Delgado, since the mid-1970's, was the director of the Spanish neuro- physiological laboratory Centro Ramony Cajal. As time went on, his interests shifted from direct stimulation of the brain to the broader area of the biological effects of electromagnetic fields, an area that has been eagerly embraced by the military and political system as a means to achieve their goal of absolute control of the population.

          "There are several psychological schools of thought that have been adopted by government psycho-scientists and the military to justify mind control. All of them relate to the idea of psychic energy as originating in the Human psyche, typified by the work of Carl Jung. The energy originating in the Human psyche consists of thoughts, feelings, emotions and neuro-physiological stimuli and responses. It consists of a physical component that can be measured and an etheric hyper-spacial component that can only be measured by specialized equipment."

          SCIENTIFIC MANIPULATIONS--FALSE DATA -- Weeks goes on to describe coher- ently and lucidly how the public is continually manipulated and our evolution and progress substantially restricted by the suppression, destruction, and/or alteration of significant, important information. Weeks refers particularly to an alteration of Maxwell's equations that resulted from Maxwell's extensive research into electromagnetism-- alterations which drastically affected the entire course of "mainstream" science and physics forever afterward; notably in the information made available to scientists and physicists off the time such as Einstein, as well as the subsequent conceptual framework which Einstein arrived at.

          To cut to the chase, the missing link which would provide the key to the unified field theory was deliberately cut out of Maxwell's equations by a rather sinister group of scientists before Maxwell's work was presented to the scientific community and the world. Of course, his original work and all the implications thereof were and are now known to the covert world government, as are the resultant advanced sciences and applications of this knowledge to very high technology.

          This technology is all being implemented in the furtherance of unques- tionably evil, abusive, oppressive, brutal and rapacious agendas and goals; with consequences which are destructive to nearly every signi- ficant aspect of Human beings, destructive to Human societies and any of its positive, hopeful and constructive goals, and destructive globally, to the fabric of life itself; in part due to a general state of mind which has no understanding of, respect for, and con- nection with and to nature and the earth with its multitude of life forms; a state of mind which is the product of our current deHumanized, mechanistic and massively mind controlled (through every available means) existence at the hands of the worldwide covert government and its super hi-tech arsenal of mind manipulating technologies.

          I found the information below regarding Maxwell's original equations and the interdimensional implications thereof very interesting, and I feel extremely relevant to what is known about the work of Wilhelm Reich regarding what he called "orgone" energy; some characteristics of which are "electromagnetic" in nature but outside of the commonly understood "EM" frame of reference. The information is also quite relevant to what Preston Nichols has reported on regarding the Montauk Project-- both the mind control and interdimensional/time travel aspects of the Project.

          From "The Suppression of Vital Data in Physics," by Byron Weeks:
          "For thousands of years, many discoveries have been suppressed from the populations of the planet in order to keep them in bondage. The burning of the libraries of Alexandria is one example of how infor- mation can be suppressed. Another example would be the common tech- nique of suppression of scientific information by alteration of the information itself.

          "Perhaps the most blatant and far reaching alteration of data was the alteration of Maxwell's equations. James Clerk Maxwell was a mathe- matical genius who lived in the late l9th century. His original work, which is available to covert scientific departments in the government, had the potential to radically alter the entire course of our civilization. It is certainly clear to most of you by now that the Human population can easily be manipulated by electronic means using various methods developed through the military industrial complex. What may not be clear to you is that many of the EM effects can be initiated from outside of what is normally seen as the electromagnetic spectrum. Just as a magnetic field in a wire is at right angles to the current flow, other fields and waveforms exist that are an integral part of the electromagnetic spectrum, yet exist at a certain number of right- angle rotations (orthogonal rotations) away from the electromagnetic field components we are normally accustomed to. If these hyper-spacial components, which are not subject to the usual electromagnetic con- straints of time and space, are generated and manipulated, they can in turn generate EM effects that have the capability to influence Human biology and consciousness. Let's take a brief look at how and by whom the equations of Maxwell were changed, in order to make subsequent open scientific development that would have influenced civilization in a positive way impossible." --Byron Weeks

          The following section contains crucial information about the massive deception and manipulation of scientific concepts which so extensively impacts our view "reality" in this present day materialistic culture, and is quoted directly from Valdamar Valerian's Matrix III, Volume One, 1992, p.310-311):

          LIES LIES & MORE LIES -- "In late 1864, James Clerk Maxwell published his epic material on electromagnetic waves. His material dealt not only with electrical and magnetic waves, but also the relativistic / ethereal psychoactive component of these waves (representing electro- magnetics of the second order and above). The equations also included transformations that enabled the change from inertial frames of reference to non-inertial frames of reference. Maxwell's original equations were written in Quaternion notation, a complex mathematical system available at that time before Vector Analysis was introduced by Oliver Heaviside. Today's generalized equivalent of Quaternions is Tensors.

          "In short, Maxwell's original work gave the necessary information for gravitational propulsion and psychoactive devices. Someone somewhere recognized this, for shortly after his death, the mathematician Oliver Heaviside, the chemist Willard Gibbs, and physicist Heinrich Hertz decided to "edit" or "interpret" Maxwell's famous equations which were, in the original form, the foundations of electromagnetics and Unified Field Theory (UFT). This "unholy trio", especially Heaviside, disregarded the Quaternions or Scalar components of Maxwell's original equations because they represented potentials and not fields. He thought potentials were akin to "mysticism", because "everybody knows" that fields contain mass, and mass cannot be created from apparently nothing, which is what potentials are, both literally and mathematically; they are an accumu- lation or reservoir of energy. Furthermore, not only did they throw away the gravitational component with the Quaternion/Scalar, but also postulated that gravitation and electromagnetism were mutually exclusive-- not interdependent.

          That was the death blow to subsequent efforts by scientists to realize a functioning unified field theory. Because of this one act, electro- magnetism was reduced from its original five dimensions to only four: X, Y, Z, and time. The element of G was removed. Because of this deliberate act, twenty-two other errors exist today in electromagnetic theory. The very concepts of force, mass and charge are ill-defined, and the so-called "static" electrical charge has been discovered by Quantum mechanics not to be static at all, but to move rotationally by virtue of the quantum mechanical spin. Finally, adding insult to injury, the so-called "imaginary components" of Maxwell's original equations as well as the mutilated version of the equations have also been discarded or ignored. With this last error, the door to hyper-spacial domains was forever closed, for the present mathematics and physics of electromagnetic theory do not allow for hyper-spacial domains (domains outside of three dimensions), superluminal signals (signals that exceed the speed of light or are infinite in speed), and a unified field theory.

          "The edited version of Maxwell's work, which every physicist and engineer has had to contend with, discards electrogravitation, and avoids the unification of gravitation and electromagnetics. It also prevents the direct engineering of gravitation, space-time, time flow rates, free energy devices, and quantum changes, which is viewed by the altered equations that are vector-based as only a statistical change. The quaternion approach captures the ability to utilize electromagnetics and produce local curvature of spacetime. Heaviside wrote a subset of Maxwell's equations where this capability is excluded.

          "Dr. Henry Monteith has independently discovered that Maxwell's original quaternion theory was a unified field theory. Einstein assumed, because he only had access to the altered equations, that curving spacetime could only be achieved by the weak gravitational force due to mass, that the local frame would always be a Lorentz frame, which would mean that all operations would be constrained to "conservation laws of physics". In the 1960's the Hertz (Hz) replaced Cycles Per Second. Since, then everyone thinks that all electromagnetic waves are hertzian. Only the upper portion of the spectrum before Infrared contains Hertzian waves. ELF and ULF are not; waves in biosystems and natural phenomena are not Hertzian in nature." --Valdemar Valerian

          There are two researchers who have contacted me independently with what I feel is some quite significant information. The work of each these individuals dovetails and coincides to a great degree with that of the other on some very intriguing points. The information brought forth by each is very significant in relation to the truly ancient history of Montauk, and what's more to the real history of the Human race on earth as well.

          Dr. Bruce Cornet of New Jersey was the first of the two to contact me. Dr. Cornet's detailed and extensive research relates to the tetrahedral physics developed by Carl Munck, Bruce Cathie and Richard Hoagland (who popularized it), and applies tetrahedral formulas to the northeastern U.S. in particular in this case--as it relates to a planetary grid system and specific power points. Cornet has accomplished this by means of correlating the tetrahedral data to topographical features, geomagnetic anomalies and known locations of metaphysical / parapsychological phenomena, and has cross-referenced this data this with the esoteric and ancient history of the region to come up with some most intriguing ideas.

          In terms of hard evidence of the effects of geography on human menta- tions, I offer this statement, which came my way through Bruce Cornet, through Mr. Bob Tidwell:

          "I was assigned to Stewart AFB, near Newburgh (lower Hudson Valley area) in 1969, so I'm familiar with that area. (I was only there for two weeks, and that's a story in itself. Stewart was used as a staging point for Montauk personnel.)" Let's keep in mind here that Montauk Air Force Station was officially decommissioned in 1969. Why would the Air Force need a staging area for a base which was closed? In fact, Stewart AFB was also supposedly closed right around this time as well, though it is well known throughout the area that it in fact is not the least bit closed--even today! Stewart AFB seems to have played a rather significant role in some way or other in the widely publicized "Hudson Valley UFO" phenomenon, tens of thousands of sightings of mostly huge boomerang-shaped craft throughout much of the mid and late 1980s).

          Another researcher named Michael Lawrence Morton contacted me with some similar questions and speculations: to whit, that he had applied the tetrahedral formulas of Munck, Cathie and to some extent Hoagland, to the area around Turtle Cove/Camp Hero using topographical maps, and come up with what was to him some very startling correspondences. Within the central area of Montauk Air Force Station itself according to the noted formulas, The two main bunkers and radar hill itself came up as being very major geographical power spots--right on the nose so to speak! Granted that these hills were the result of construction by the govern- ment and military within (mostly we think) the 20th century-- nevertheless the data and numbers on these three small hills are so significant that it appears certain that construction took place at these exact locations (leylines) precisely because of their "tetrahedral", planetary grid significance. Dr. Cornet estimated that the date that large-scale terraforming to create such "energy features" would have taken place would have been at least 10-12,000 years ago. Interesting to note is that the Montauk Indians are believed to have inhabited what was until recently the island of Montauk for at least 8,000 years, if not longer.

          MONTAUK--THE PROJECT THAT WON'T DIE -- The Montauk Project (especially the EM/RF mind control aspect) was reactivated--more like exhumed from the grave--in 1988, and a phase of the project was carried out at Camp Hero until around 1992. There are some indications that security had then become excessively problematical, as the first Montauk Project book by Nichols and Moon had been published and curiosity seekers and others were becoming far too prevalent and nosy. There are other rumors of conflicts among different groups over the use of the facility, and in 1993 the Montauk Project moved out.

          The Project was eventually reorganized at Robins Air Force Base near Atlanta. However, after a period of time it seems Project directors realized that certain aspects of the Project just couldn't be imple- mented adequately other that at Camp Hero, due it would seem likely to the geomagnetic characteristics of Montauk. Additionally, director- ship of the Montauk Project appears to have shifted to the Navy at this time, as has occurred with HAARP. A linking of some elements of the Montauk Project to HAARP, previously often suspected and which may have already existed, has now been proved to be underway at the Camp Hero location.

          RECENT CHRONOLOGY OF CAMP HERO AND THE PROJECT STAR WARS -- There are some signs and testimony that "negative", malevolent forces were evident at the power spot and subterranean facilities / laboratories at Montauk Air Force Station, between (approximately) 1993 and mid-1997, although more recently this appears to have changed once again.

          Between 1993 and 1997 the facility was operated by an Air Force con- tingent utilizing particle beam technology in defensive operations in anticipation of Hale-Bopp and the object said to be trailing that comet; perhaps also against "hostile" UFOs.

          CHANGING OF THE GUARD -- In late February of 1998, a psychic in NYC told me that her reading on Camp Hero indicated to her that the time portal so to speak was currently shut down. Not long after, in a phone conversation with Al Bielek, he told me more or less the same thing: that certain groups closed off the access to the portal (stargate) for those regressive forces which have been responsible for so much of the severe horror and abuse at Montauk--not only abuses against Human beings, but abuses of the power point / interdimensional gateway itself.

          According to Bielek, the Montauk Project per se, which Moon and Nichols wrote about and which my report covers, was primarily being operated from the future, and that the project was (and still is) in support of the so-called "New World order" objectives, using a veritable army of 5-10,000,000 intensively programmed individuals in the U.S. alone. This is why NWO operatives are not being overturned by honest politics, because they have access to and can manipulate the actual future.

          Bielek informed me that these negative agencies have numerous other locations in the U.S. and elsewhere worldwide, some very close to the Montauk base itself; in fact some within a few miles (one directly north of the village of Montauk beneath an old Navy submarine base on Fort Pond Bay). So, it's not as though they've packed up and gone home! Bielek also told me that "positive" (for lack of a better word), Constitutionalist groups within the U.S. Air Force are instrumental in rousting these creeps to some extent--NOT that the Air Force is totally unified on this or related issues. It seems that most of the armed services are in a condition of schizophrenia on the whole issue-- with some elements supporting the New World Order and some not. (This schizophrenia is apparent in the conduct of the Iraq & Afghanistan military operations, which propagate genocide among American soldiers, not merely on the "enemy."

          Bielek's information indicates that the Camp Hero underground (as opposed to other underground facilities in and near Montauk) was recently the site of a defense operation utilizing particle beam weaponry and other technologies, reportedly directed against malevolent ET intrusions. According to Al Bielek this Air Force crew deflected the Hale Bopp comet from a collision course with earth, and that the object "hiding" behind it was then destroyed (however an escape pod did manage to bail out before destruction). The reason this object was targeted was that the Air Force called in over 130 remote viewers to get a reading on the trailing object and came up with 130+ different readings--indicating to them that the object was being heavily cloaked/screened and therefore it's intentions had to be considered hostile. Time manipulations have been involved in some of this defensive activity by Bielek's accounting, and that the fact that the time portal has been shut off does in fact have some drawbacks from this perspective.

          I subsequently contacted Preston Nichols to get his input on this. For the most part he did in fact corroborate Bielek's information--in fact much of it came from Nichols. However, he can and will NOT say positively that there were no negative forces anywhere in the extensive Montauk underground during this period of time.

          As best he could personally determine and through his active contacts with Air Force agencies recently at Camp Hero, there did not appear to be any EM mind control operations going on there at the time, but given the way projects can be hidden within other projects and the way compartmentalization works, secret agendas can be piggybacked onto "legitimate" operations with no way for anyone involved in the aboveboard activities to even be aware of it. Nichols pointed out that his most recent investigations indicate that there are EM/RF mind control trans- missions still being picked up in the vicinity--by his estimation emanating from Block Island, about 15 miles directly east of Montauk Point, but not emanating directly out of Camp Hero.

          He confirmed Bielek's statement that anti-"NWO" Air Force agents raided an underground base about 15 miles west of Montauk in Sag Harbor being operated by the Montauk Project's mind control crew in August of 1996, and turned up records on 30,000 programees (New World Order shock troops-- mostly recent ones) at that base alone! Apparently this caused (the Air Force) some consternation; in some respects there is a serious secret conflict or even a war underway between two opposing factions within the (covert?) government. Apparently this "Montauk boys" programming operation in Sag Harbor was operated with the assistance of a Catholic religious order known as the Pallotine group: a monastic order working with the secret government to help train an elite fighting group of children along the lines of Delta Forces. More on this aspect later in this report.

          TROUBLED TIMES AT CAMP HERO -- It would seem that there were some sort of contentious or adversarial activities at the Air Force Station beginning in late 1997. In mid-February 1998 in the immediate vicinity of Camp Hero State Park/Montauk Air Force Station, the following conditions were observed :

          There is an old bunker southeast of the base proper outside the "restricted area" which is relatively close to the lighthouse and right on the Atlantic cliffs, with a paved circular area directly in front of it which was (at one time) an artillery emplacement. (This was the location where Siemens-subsidiary Cardion Corporation tested a very high tech particle beam radar system for at least five months in 1994--all clearly visible from the lighthouse).

          The bunker entrance adjacent to this circular concrete area was recently demolished in an "unauthorized" and "unofficial" fashion in an obviously substantial endeavor, according to certain witnesses from the Montauk area. A section was completely broken through the thick concrete exposing an underground area. This hole was then subsequently cemented over again by certain authorities.

          A contingent of people from Montauk were at this location checking out the current situation there after having witnessed the previous conditions just described. Continuing along the remnants of Old Montauk Highway west through the locked "fisherman's gate" towards the "fisherman's (parking) lot", the first paved road on the right (heading roughly north) leads to the southeast entrance to Camp Hero/Montauk AFS. About halfway to that entrance along this road on the left (west side) is a large boulder which had somehow been moved a bit, and clearly visible underneath was a well- maintained concrete well or entrance with a metal ladder bolted to the side-- all in good repair. Despite extensive drenching rains around this time, when a rock was dropped there was NO SOUND of it hitting any water. The boulder hiding this entrance was quite large and would require at least a few people to move it.

          Further on this road at the base entrance, the extremely sturdy locked gate at this entrance was severely impacted, smashed and basically wrecked-- although entry with other than a tank would not really be possible. The same thing also happened to the main entrance to Montauk Air Force Station off Highway 27 (Montauk Highway) about 6 months ago, and to at least one other entrance, at the baseball field "leased" (by whom I haven't ascer- tained) to East Hampton Township for recreational use by the residents of the small neighborhood right nearby--the old base housing area.

          Consequently, we who have lived here for a long time and are aware of clear proof now exists of a maintained covert subterranean facility operating at this location, a facility whose very existence has been covered up for years--as it is currently by covert federal intelligence / military groups, the NY State government and the NY State Parks System, and other local and regional governments and relevant agencies.

          SCHISM WITHIN THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT -- Certain underground facilities at Montauk AFS, as noted, were used by the Air Force in what they considered legitimate defensive operations related to Hale-Bopp comet and an object (said to be) following it. Preston Nichols, as noted, was in fact working occasionally with the Air Force during this time on a sort of "consultant" basis. Nichols believes these operations were not in any way a part of the "Montauk Project".

          At this time as well (1996-1997), Nichols was openly working with an Air Force contingent which had busted the "Montauk Project" mind control operations in Sag Harbor as described above. Apparently the Air Force was either unaware of the mind control operations at the WWII Navy base on Fort Pond Bay in Montauk or else these activities started up (again?) more recently (since 1997).

          Nichols has affirmed that he had not been in the Montauk underground since late spring of 1997 when the comet departed our skies. His suspicions that the current tenants at Camp Hero/Montauk Air Force Station are Navy operatives connected to the HAARP project got some solid confirmation from a source who often receives reliable information from connections in certain ultra-top-secret intelli- gence and military agencies. This source has stated that the Navy / HAARP contingent has without doubt taken control of the Montauk underground installations, in a decidedly heavy-handed fashion; i.e., they were definitely not given the keys.

          A linking of certain aspects of the Montauk Project with the global capabilities of HAARP is high up on the agenda right now, as well as using the Montauk (Turtle Cove) power spot to boost other HAARP (Tesla technology) operations and experiments.

          DOWN THE HATCH -- This would be a good place to pass along some information conveyed to me by Preston Nichols in March 1998. I asked Nichols if he was consciously aware of how one enters the underground facility at Montauk, and if so, whether he would tell me. He replied instantly, "Sure, I know. The main checkpoint entrance to the areas of the Montauk underground which I and Air Force personnel I was working with used is beneath the "Montauk Tower" building right in the middle of Montauk village!" This was most interesting because that building has had an unusual history, and was the subject of some investigation on my part not l ong ago. The results of that investigation make up the latter section of Part 4 of my report on the Montauk Project. Suffice to say here that my investigations on this particular building, purportedly at this time privately owned "residential condos", turned up a substantial number of major anomalies, incongruities, and obvious indications of outright BS, lies and misrepresentation on the part of numerous government / bureaucratic officials at various regional and local levels, real estate agents, supposed occupants... you name it.

          The roughly 9-story building was constructed in the 1920s--a peculiarity in its time and still the tallest building on Long Island's east end (that's not saying much, mind you). After failing to attract many tenants, it was appropriated during WW II by the U.S. Navy, which operated a submarine base with underwater "sub pens" about a mile north of the village on Fort Pond Bay as well as at Camp Hero, and the "Montauk Tower" became a major command point.

          It's history after WW II is notably obscure; I think it's safe to say that the structure was utilized by means of tunnels connecting it to Camp Hero at Montauk Point during the 1950s and 1960s before the "Montauk Project" per se got into gear, in certain forerunner projects being operated on Long Island, as well as during the Montauk Project from roughly 1970-1983. And as we now know, even after it's supposed conversion to privately owned condominium residences, it is still in fact part of the secret operations in Montauk NY.

          One thing I asked about continually when I was posing as a prospective buyer for certain units available (supposedly) for sale was what was the basement of the building used for; how did one gain access to the basement, and such. Never once did I receive a straightforward, clear response to this line of inquiry from any supposed tenants or realtors. And guess where one gains access to the Montauk underground? Well, of course not by way of the penthouse apartment, though that "apartment" was unquestionably an Air Force facility staffed with Air Force personnel, at least up until mid-1997.

          Nichols said that one enters an elevator which goes to the basement: however, this is NOT the main elevator for the six floors of "condos", which has no button for a basement level (I know because I was in it). After exiting in the basement, one walks to a small room off the main basement in which there is another elevator which seems to go down quite deep. One exits into a small room with armed guards and is there subject to what Nichols called a retina scan: word is that this does more than just correlate patterns in the iris and such, but in fact actually can scan thought and consciousness as a way of making an absolutely foolproof identification. From there one enters into the underground.

          Considering the high levels of obvious bullshit surrounding everything about this building and what it's supposed to be, I wasn't too surprised to hear this from Preston Nichols; nevertheless, there it is in black and white: eyewitness testimony about how one gains entry to the Montauk underground facilities.

          Towards the completion of the "Sky Pebbles" operation with the Air Force and prior to the U.S. Navy assuming control of the Montauk underground, Preston Nichols entered the underground by means of the entrance beneath the "Tower" building in the middle of the village of Montauk, in the company of an Air Force General. Nichols says this man had orders from the Pentagon granting him access to the subterranean facility; he and Preston were authorized to snoop around making sure that by all indications and evidence the operations being run there were the operations which had in fact been authorized.

          A question arises however as to which levels or areas of the underground the general and Nichols were given access to. Furthermore, the way compartmentalization works, certain groups could be involved in certain activities without any knowledge that their operations may be a small part of some much larger project, the overall scope of which they are not even remotely aware. Also, secret agendas can be piggybacked onto "legitimate" operations with no way for anyone involved in the above- board activities to even be aware of it. Thus, at Montauk for instance, there could be Air Force people working on something to do with particle beam technology, with no knowledge that, for example, it's being used against ETs. Again, there may be personnel there who are unaware that their particular activities may in some way "plug into" HAARP operations; or if they do know that, are completely ignorant of what some of the real objectives of HAARP actually are!

          WHO'S ON WHOSE SIDE -- Of particular interest as well in this account is the fact that some cadre within the Air Force dispatched this general to the Montauk underground to check up on what was going on there: in other words, to check up on what some other Air Force faction was doing or had done in the "Sky Pebbles" (Star Wars) particle beam operations. This would tend to bolster reports of a massive, virtually across-the- board split within the many levels and layers of the federal government-- both covert and overt--and certainly within the military and intelligence agencies, into at least two main factions: pro- and anti- New World Order. Undoubtedly many further subdivisions and splinter factions exist within these two general camps.

          NEARBY UNDERGROUND FACILITIES -- In late 1996 I took a ride with Preston Nichols northeast of the village of East Hampton and north of Amagansett, in the Devon, Stony Hill and Springs areas. In the woods west of Albert's Landing and Devon we found what seemed clearly to be the remains of an old bunker; several are known to have existed in the general area. This particular location seemed as though it had been excavated, cleared and then "landscaped" a bit--perhaps 5 to 10 years previous to our visit. These bunkers, which date back to before and during WW II, connected underground and underwater to Montauk, via tunnels beneath Gardiner's Bay. Noteworthy also is that there is said to have been a Nazi underwater submarine pen near Stony Hill, linked to an underground facility there. (Don't laugh: there is voluminous evidence of a great many instances of a highly peculiar and rather constant Nazi presence and a strong Pro-Nazi element on Long Island before during and after WW2. Peter Moon has covered many facets of this entire mind-blowing story in the Montauk project book series coauthored with Preston Nichols, and I refer readers to this as well as to the sources Moon cites for further details.) As it seems the bunkers and underground facilities were still intact during the 1970s there is a strong likelihood these bunkers were somehow used in the Project--perhaps as a way to bring kids into the underground for programming. As at Camp Hero, there were recreational facilities quite nearby often used by youth groups, day camps and boy/girl scouts. Later on this same trip, while driving through the surrounding woods, Nichols noticed and commented upon the numerous red standpipes protruding from flat cement slabs, all throughout this mostly undeveloped area. These seemed at first glance to be fire hydrants. There are some resi- dences here, but the density is fairly sparse. It seemed a bit unusual to have so many hydrants in this kind of area, so we stopped and checked them out more closely.

          It seems that a good percentage of these numerous standpipes were not in fact hydrants, because in most cases there was a smaller straight pipe with a vented cap adjacent to the larger pipe which looked like a hydrant. This immediately gives rise to the solid hypothesis that these larger pipes are not for getting water from but are in fact for pumping something, such as fuel, into--obviously into underground storage tanks--which would need to be vented. Some of these concrete slabs did not have this vent pipe, indicating that they were in fact the "real" fire hydrants in the area.

          These same kind of standpipes with accompanying vent stacks are seen along Old Montauk Highway directly adjacent to Camp Hero. (It's really sad and pathetic when Government employees are suspicious of virtually everything their Employer (the Feds) ask of them.)

          Following this train of thought along some very substantial and well- bedded tracks, there can't be too many reasons for numerous (fuel) storage tanks throughout this area; the private residences here use no common fuel tanks or anything like that. It stands to reason that such underground storage tanks are in fact for adjacent underground facilities, and the existence of bunkers in the general area which were once linked to the Fort Pond Bay Navy base and Camp Hero would lead one to think that this area still has such connections, and that there is some kind of currently active underground here.

          Nichols also noticed on this trip the existence of triple phase electrical lines all throughout the area; this would be totally unnecessary in any residential or even light-industry area and would simply never be seen in such areas. Triple phase power lines are only for heavy industry or other activity in which major amounts of electrical power would be used. This does not fit at all with any of the visible, surface conditions and characteristics of this entire area of eastern Long Island. Shipbuilders or other known industries nearby would not use triple phase power, either.

          My trip to the area in June and July of 1998 brought to light some other conditions regarding this general vicinity of East Hampton Township in relation to apparent underground installations, which is discussed further along in the article.

          Changing locales a bit, there is some corroborative testimony regarding very substantial underground areas at Brookhaven National Laboratories, related by a building contractor from eastern Long Island. He told reporter Jerry Cimisi from Dan's Papers on Long Island that he has on several occasions done on-site construction work in the subterranean levels of BNL, and stated in no uncertain terms that the underground areas at Brookhaven were vast--and that only refers to what he got to see!


          On June 24, 1998, I visited the Camp Hero location. As has so often been the case, strangeness and peculiarities awaited me literally the instant I arrived in the area.

          My first order of business was to check out the so-called "senior center" directly adjacent to the restricted portion of the old Air Force Station, which was completed about two years ago and is ostensibly operated by the Town of East Hampton. My knowledge of the demographics of the region leads me to seriously question the necessity of constructing this facility at the furthest eastern extremity of East Hampton Township. The number of seniors who are full time residents of the Town and who live in reasonable proximity to the location would have to number very few. What would be the point of incurring the excessive transportation costs of bussing folks from other areas of the Township to this remote location, when a facility could very easily have been constructed in a much more central location? No one I've had contact with has ever seen this facility being used for its intended purpose, nor any purpose whatsoever.

          Not surprisingly, it was dead as can be, in midafternoon on a weekday. I spent about ten minutes "casing out" the place. After two years of even intermittent use one would expect to see some indications of wear and tear regarding things like paint, carpets, windows, doorknobs, doorsills (especially) and so on. Such is not the case with this "senior center". The building is literally spotless and appears virtually untouched since the completion of construction. These must be the neatest seniors on the face of the earth, and are apparently invisible to boot.

          Earlier this year Preston Nichols visited the Camp Hero location with a British film crew that was filming a documentary on the Montauk Project. As Nichols has previously been specifically warned by a judge that if found on the restricted portion of Camp Hero he will be jailed, Nichols waited for the film crew off to the side of the main entrance road in visual proximity to the new senior center, while the crew went to the then-demolished main entrance gate and beyond, into the restricted portion. (The senior center is just east of this entrance road, in a field at the western border of the neighborhood which used to be base housing immediately north of the inner perimeter [restricted portion] of Camp Hero / Montauk Air Force Station. This housing was later deeded over to the town of East Hampton in 1984 and the properties sold via lottery to supposedly lower income families).

          Nichols noted that, as usual, there was no indication of any activity whatsoever at the senior center and no vehicles parked there. Imagine his surprise then, when the exterior cellar door of the building opened up and a man came out, walked over to the entrance road, and looked down the road towards the main gate where the film crew was, clearly attempting to figure out who they were and what they were doing. One would have to wonder how this fellow could have been at all aware that anyone was at the base's main entrance--as he was in the basement of the senior center which is several hundred feet from the entrance road and several hundred yards from the entrance gate. Also questionable is why this person would even be the least bit interested in the presence of people at the base entrance, as he would supposedly have been an East Hampton Town employee. Things became even stranger when this fellow realized Nichols was sitting at the side of the road watching the entire proceedings--he did a noticeable double take and retreated back into the basement of the "senior center"! Okay...??

          During my brief visit to the facility after having been there for about six or seven minutes, I observed a red pickup cruise rapidly past the senior center in the direction of the small neighborhood just east. It's undeniable that some of the residents of this neighborhood are in fact base employees, as was elaborated on in my first report on the Montauk project. Less that a minute later, the pickup scooted back in the opposite direction. The driver was going at a noticeably quickened speed both times. Such maneuvers could possibly be explained as someone having left somewhere (such as home), realizing they had forgotten something and quickly returning. The problem with that explanation is that the vehicle was going the wrong way--that is, first towards the residences and then away. There was no chance the driver had time to go to any of the houses in the area--also, there are few places of employment nearby the driver could have been coming from, suddenly realized they had forgotten something, and turned around. Even if that were the case, why suddenly turn around and leave if you were nearly home? This just seemed really odd and I believe I was being surveilled. Incidentally I noticed a video cassette of "Men In Black" on a table right in front of the window inside the building.

          I checked out this senior center on two other occasions over the next two weeks: never any sign of activity, other that some things were moved around on a desk in a small "office" and the "Men In Black" video was gone. On one of these other occasions as I was just leaving I distinctly heard a vehicle zipping along the entrance road leading to the base's main entrance gate. There is only one turnoff which is the road to senior center and the small neighborhood; the vehicle had already passed this intersection and no one could have gotten up to and then through that locked gate very quickly, yet within about a minute there was no sign of this vehicle anywhere around the area as I drove out! Bizarre, as usual. Also, though the main entrance gate was demolished in late 1997 along with nearly all other entrances, it has since been fully repaired and the high-security electronic touchpad and key entry system completely replaced.

          SOMETHING FISHY AT "FISHERMAN'S LOT" -- Back to the events of my first visit. After being apparently surveilled by the red pickup while at the "senior center", I then drove up towards the lighthouse, turning right (south & west) off the paved road onto the dirt road which enters the "fisherman's gate" and the unrestricted portion of Camp Hero. Although this area is open to visitors on foot, only vehicles with a special Camp Hero fishing permit may drive into this area. These permits number about 200, and are given out by lottery, along with a key to the gate. New York State and Town of East Hampton fishing or parking permits, though also required, are NOT sufficient to gain access to this location.

          No sooner did I leave the paved road than a late-model white Blazer or similar vehicle with tinted windows and a conspicuously large antenna jutting up from its rear pulled off directly behind me. To my surprise the gate was unlocked and wide open, and I briefly considered driving in, but the close proximity of the other vehicle deterred me, so I backed up and parked along the dirt access road and walked in. There were absolutely no indications the white Blazer was being driven by a "fisherman" as it entered Camp Hero.

          I was there to check out the reports mentioned above concerning a forcible entry into the old bunker by the cliffs, and also the report of an under- ground entrance covered by a boulder, along the southeast entry road to the base. I did find evidence that the bunker had been broken into-- according to reports, in the later fall of 1997. As I had parked in a questionable location (the opposite side of the dirt road had a "No Parking" sign) I started to return to the car, and was intercepted by the white Blazer just as I was exiting through the gate. The vehicle popped up from a side road south of the gate and inside the perimeter at the exact moment I was going off the property and the driver scrutin- ized me thoroughly and blatantly. I repeat, no fishing gear of any kind whatsoever was noticeable on or in this vehicle and the driver was obviously not going fishing.

          I drove my car around the loop at the lighthouse while deciding whether or not to drive in the fisherman's gate to look for the underground entrance, which I then decided to do. As soon as I entered the still- open gate, I was approached head on by a late-model dark green Blazer, also with a large antenna and tinted windows, coming from the direction of the "fisherman's parking lot". This vehicle, again, had no fishing gear of any kind visible on or in it, and the driver did not appear to be involved in fishing at all.

          He slowed and scrutinized me closely as well, and appeared to be about to hail me down, but I kept going, checked my rearview mirror to ascertain that we were not in sight of each other and turned right onto the southeast entrance road to the base. The entrance gate to the inner perimeter on this road was in very ruined condition, and was held together by locked chains. (I noticed on a subsequent visit that the heavy steel of the gate had been cut in numerous places with a welding torch--hardly the kind of equipment teenage vandals would haul around on foot!) On the west side this road I did indeed find the manhole-type underground entrance, almost completely covered by a large boulder and some smaller rocks. If one did not know what to look for one would most likely never find the opening despite it's being right next to the road. I stress again that I was not under visual surveillance at this point.

          I then drove out of the area, and--what a surprise !--when I reached the gate, I was literally boxed in by the dark green Blazer, which somehow had gotten behind me (coming from the same direction as when I had first seen it about two minutes earlier), and the white Blazer as well, which again suddenly appeared from the side road, just in time to sandwich me between the two vehicles! The driver of the white Blazer, which was more or less facing my car, stared at me long and hard and in fact appeared to be smirking--almost laughing. This time I got a good look at the fully "Aryan" racial characteristics of the thin, youngish driver. (If I had to guess which branch of the military he might be in I would say probably Navy). I can't imagine how the dark green Blazer could have retraced its path and gotten back in a position to be coming from the west again in such a short time as it took me to find the underground entrance and then head out--maybe two minutes at most.

          I slipped out through the fisherman's gate and was immediately tailed by the white Blazer, so I decided to pull into the lighthouse parking lot (I figured the Blazer would not pull in there so as to preclude any possible confrontation initiated by me and this proved correct; also I wanted to give the impression that I was hanging around the area to give these security guys something to worry about). I waited till the white Blazer disappeared on around the loop, and then I left. I next went to the baseball field under East Hampton Town jurisdiction which is directly north of the restricted portion of Camp Hero and east of the small neighborhood, from which there are two locked, gated entrances to the inner base (although there is no fencing of any kind along the entire remainder of the perimeter in this area!!). One of these gates has been substantially dismantled with a welding torch and is held together by locked chains.

          Several days later on Saturday, June 27, Michelle Guerin, who originally gave me the information about the bunker break-in and the manhole-type underground entrance, revisited this area of Camp Hero with some colleagues. Keep in mind that since she and others observed this under- ground entrance in February 1998 until my visit on June 24 1998, the condition of this underground entrance remained more or less exactly the same. Yet within three days of my thoroughly surveilled visit, and it would seem in response to it, Ms. Guerin noted that the boulder was moved and the entrance had been buried under a pile of dirt. I corroborated this information and found out some other things as well on July 2, as I will relay below.

          I was informed by Nichols, who got the information from someone with connections to Brookhaven Labs, that BNL uses white and dark green Blazers for security and that's who was surveilling me at Camp Hero on June 24.

          It must be pointed out that the entire state of affairs regarding the "fisherman's gate", the "fisherman's parking lot" and the special access permits for this location is--like nearly everything about Camp Hero and its administration--peculiar, contradictory, confusing and suspicious. There is no way to do any "fishing" from the cliffs 50 feet above and 60 or more feet inland from the surf, and there are no direct access roads or paths from this "fisherman's parking lot" to the surf. Although often completely empty, the lot is sometimes occupied by trucks with camper shells and RV-type vehicles, with people sitting around in lawn chairs. None of the vehicles I have ever observed there give any indication of being owned by fishermen, none of the people I have ever observed hanging around there seem to be doing any fishing and I have never observed anyone fishing (surfcasting or otherwise) along the beach below this area. These points are corroborated by everyone I've ever spoken with who has been there. What's more, there is standard beach access for vehicles with East Hampton Town and NY State permits on the north side of the lighthouse. The entire business with this "fisherman's lot" and access to same is clearly a total shuck-and-jive operation. These must be agents of some kind reporting in and/or awaiting directions, programming, etc.

          THE POWER POINT -- I visited the area again with my 5 year old son on June 28 but did not go near any of the restricted or weird areas. In fact we spent nearly the whole time, roughly an hour, at the shoreline. My main focus was Turtle Cove itself, where I found the feeling to be quite energizing and definitely powerful, almost psychoactive. It's very dramatic and visually attractive spot as well, with a look and feeling more reminiscent of some of the West Coast than much of the nearby Long Island shoreline. Overall I liked Turtle Cove as did my son and found the energy there to be positive and strong.

          COVERING UP A COVERUP -- My next significant foray to the vicinity of Camp Hero came on the evening of July 2. A quick walk to the fisherman's lot showed that several pickup trucks with camper shells were now there, along with a late model, very large and luxurious motor home with Penna. license plates and a very unusual-looking antenna on its roof. This nonresident having been allowed one of the relatively few Camp Hero fishing permits (and other Town & State permits required as well) while so many residents of the area fish for a living seems unlikely and/or incongruous to say the least. As well, a couple of the other somewhat scruffy-looking trucks had out-of-state plates also.

          I next went to the manhole-type underground entrance which Michelle Guerin noted had been buried right after my June 24 visit. Indeed the entrance was buried under a large pile of dirt, but what I found after digging away some of the pile was that the entrance had in fact been sealed with a solid, 5 inch thick cement cap in which was embedded an iron rebar "handle"; in addition to which the entire entrance and cap were then buried beneath a large mound of hauled-in topsoil.

          Obviously, this entrance is active to some degree, and it was sealed in such a way as to permit removal of the cement cap via the rebar handle with appropriate equipment. However, it was apparently not desirable to have this entrance easily located or identified, so the entire setup was then further obscured with the pile of dirt! Doubly weird in the true Camp Hero tradition. It is a fact that many of the other unusable, defunct or unoperational underground accesses on the base have been permanently sealed: that is not the case with this one.

          PARTICLE ACCELERATORS, DELTA-T ANTENNA "HAARPING" -- I returned to the lighthouse parking lot where I teamed up with Preston Nichols and a fellow I will call "Mr. Coffee", whose emails to me concerning his involvement in a recent phase of the Montauk Project follow later in this report.

          Mr. Coffee penetrated the restricted portion of Camp Hero while Nichols and I remained outside. Coffee wanted to see if he got any unusual feelings or picked up anything about the area. (A strong yes on both counts). While we were exiting the area to the west of the base (the opposite side from the lighthouse/fisherman's gate approach to Camp Hero) along a dilapidated remnant of the old shore highway, I was struck by the sight of fresh and very clear tire tracks entering a large puddle or small pond (which never seems to dry up) from the direction of the base--tracks which neither exited the other side of the puddle nor backed up! Nichols had just finished observing that the puddle always seems to be there whether or not there had been recent rains, and felt that there could be some kind of entrance beneath the puddle.

          Later that evening Nichols powered up some banks of signal receiving equipment he has installed in a bus, and gleaned the following information from the data generated by the equipment. The signals received indicated to Nichols that particle accelerators were in full operation at very high output, both offshore from Montauk Point (the subterranean facility extends out under the ocean) and at Camp Hero. Nichols then ascertained that the Delta-T antenna in the Camp Hero underground was emitting EM fields indicative of interdimensional / time travel operations.

          This data would tend to reinforce the scenario that particle accelerators are being used in highly advanced, relativistic, interdimensional operations linked to certain aspects of the Montauk Project now merged with HAARP, under the control of the U.S. Navy and in conjunction with Brookhaven Labs. These are of course ultra-classified, above-top-secret agendas being pursued.

          This also tends to reinforce a gradually strengthening impression that what is to me the most unarguably negative aspect of the Montauk Project, the mind control/(child) psychosexual abuse aspect, has been split off from the interdimensional/time operations, which are now under the larger umbrella of the Navy's HAARP operations, into a separate project which however is under the Navy's control as well. It's important to keep in mind however, that HAARP, as is irrefutably proved by internal government / military documentation on the project, most assuredly already had its own covert agenda running with regard to utilizing the HAARP (Tesla) technology as a means of mind manipulation / control--perhaps somewhat more in the sense of a "weapon". According to the same documentation, these EM/RF weapons should be accessible for use against domestic "enemies" (U.S. citizens!): such as, people who disagree with the government (their own words)!!

          THE (NAVY'S) BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN -- Due to information relayed to me from several sources, I did some investigation in the area of the old WWII Navy submarine base on Fort Pond Bay, north of Montauk village. Word is that this is the current site of the Montauk Project mind control operations. As this is an old military facility and as the Montauk tunnel network definitely connects to this area, it would seem inevitable that the subterranean portions of this base, probably newly enlarged and refur- bished, are being utilized for clandestine activities.

          In fact I became curious about this area in 1991, before I ever knew (consciously at least) about the Montauk Project, when I realized that a fairly large area of land here was totally undeveloped, in a region where wholesale dismemberment of larger tracts of woodland and farmland for very expensive, lucrative real estate speculation and development is completely rampant. I wondered to myself what forces could have deterred all development of this area in such a heated real estate market, while so many acres of less accessible prime woodland and farmland has been devastated by the developers on eastern Long Island. (Some of the old Navy base property is within Koppleman County Park.)

          The reasons for the total lack of development in this area became clear when I found out this is an "old" military facility. Furthermore this is in close proximity to Fort Pond, where my family used to come for late summer vacations in the late 1950s, and may have some connection to what appears to be an involvement to some degree in Montauk project activities on my part--an involvement which according to my consistent intuition dates from a rather early age. As does Camp Hero, this area has lots of "roller coaster" hills, most not more than 75 feet in elevation. It is indisputable that many of the hills at Camp Hero are manmade and conceal underground facilities--I feel strongly the same is true at the Navy base.

          According to information relayed to me, the old Navy base is currently an active site for the "New World Order"-related Navy contingent running the present-day "Montauk Boys" mind control operations, and subjectively speaking, I would have to say the "vibes" and the energies in general in this neck of the woods are palpably weird, negative and downright disturbing, as I will soon elaborate on.

          On July 7 I decided first to take the Long Island Rail Road from East Hampton to Montauk, as the line runs smack through the middle of the Fort Pond Bay area in question--the trip serving a double purpose as my son wanted to take a train ride. I had not taken the train along this stretch in probably thirty-five or more years. For some strange reason, although the train's speed was quite rapid while going through the woods of Hither Hills State Park (directly to the west of both Koppelman County Park--which "covers" some of the old Navy base property--and of the remainder of the Navy base itself) the train slowed to a literal crawl while traversing the Navy base area, both on the trip into Montauk and on the westbound trip later.

          What was also very strange is that on the westbound trip through the Navy base--no more than a mile from the train station, I became aware of a strong melancholy, withdrawn and depressive state of mind which not only came over me and even more so over my five year old son, but seemed very definitely to affect everyone else in our car to some extent-- this while the train crawled slowly along. As the train left the area and picked up speed going into the Hither Hills the mood seemed to noticeably lift and lighten all around, though I must say my son seemed affected by this negative energy the rest of the day. (I think its likely the trains have to slow down here to decrease interference of some kind from the diesel locomotives with certain [electromagnetic] activities going on underground).

          I can also recount an episode from summer 1986, when I went with my parents for a hike in the creeping dunes area of Hither Hills. As I recall there was an access road somewhere north of Montauk Highway at the eastern end of Napeague (possibly through the Lazy Point vicinity) from which one could enter this section of the park on foot.

          Although it was a rather typical hot and muggy day, no one seemed to be feeling any discomfort at the outset. Yet within about 15 minutes, my mother, then in her early 60s and in quite good health, suddenly and without any apparent outward cause (such as spoiled food, heat, or whatever) became nearly totally incapacitated, though very vague as to what exactly was bothering her. She just appeared totally sapped of energy physically and mentally and felt very faint; she indicated that all she wanted to do was get out of the area. To me there was even at the time something really weird about this, as there didn't seem to be any specific ailment or symptom which my mom could put into words-- just felt terrible--really ill all over. The condition did not persist or show itself to be any kind of medical or other problem. She recovered rather quickly--within a half hour or so after leaving. This has always stuck in my mind as a very bizarre occurrence.

          While waiting for the return train I and my son took a short walk to the so-called "bottomless" pond immediately north across Industrial Road from Fort Pond. Peter Moon has noted that this small (perhaps 300 feet in diameter) body of water is completely separate from Fort Pond and is reported to be exceptionally deep. Montauk being the remnants of an undersea volcanic mountain, perhaps this is an extinct lava tube filled with water. To the best of my ability I attempted to visually ascertain whether this body of water was notably and unusually deep, and it certainly seemed to be so: the water right at the edges of the pond was very dark. The bottom of the pond was not visible anywhere that I could see; it drops off immediately at the sides except for some boulders, and I was unable to touch the bottom right next to the banks with a stick roughly 10 feet long. This in direct contrast to Fort Pond itself no more that twenty-five feet away, where the sandy, gravelly bottom is clearly visible, and gently slopes away in rather normal pond-like fashion.

          Subsequently I drove to the old Navy base area on Fort Pond Bay--first to Navy Road, which runs (roughly) east to west along the shore of Fort Pond Bay, and was again struck by the rather inexplicably depressive atmosphere here. Considering the general milieu and economic base of East Hampton Township and indeed of most of the Montauk area, and the generally agreeable way this area is geographically situated above Fort Pond Bay, one would rather expect the "look and feel" of the area to be much more pleasant and appealing. Yet the feeling around there is strongly grim, unfriendly, unappealing, somewhat dilapidated and oppressive overall. Right after turning off Second House Road towards Navy Road I noticed a small landscaping/topsoil operation with no clearly observable sign or business name, which gave off a strange vibe and seemed to be an especially ] run-down business, though two young men were working--in robotic slow motion--digging in one of the piles of material. I spotted a sign on a post which read -- "Smile. You're under observation by our new 24-hour surveillance camera." (!?!?). It seemed impossible for this run-down dirt-fill operation to have been the object of such severe and continuous intrusions as to warrant 24-hour surveillance!

          Continuing west on Navy Road directly north of the railroad tracks, one comes to the end of this small neighborhood and approaches a locked gate, beyond which the road continues into the heart of the old Navy base itself. The roller coaster-style hills abound in this area. A definitely unfriendly man exiting through the gate on foot at this time responded monosyllabically to my queries as to whether this was an access to the County park and about which direction exactly one would go. Peter Moon had just informed me that when he visited this area, he crossed over the railroad tracks to the south and soon came across large quantities of trash and waste materials strewn throughout the woods of what is apparently Koppelman County Park. This would without doubt be illegal dumping of a decidedly nasty variety, as these woods are supposed to be for nature preservation and recreation; as well there are a number of residences in relatively close proximity.

          ILLEGAL DUMPING AND INTIMATIONS OF SUBTERRANEA -- After leaving the Navy Road area I turned up a road which roughly parallels the railroad tracks and Navy Road to the south (I think an extension of Industrial Road) and found myself behind a large trash-hauling truck from Mickey's of Montauk which continued west on this road past the small neighborhood of a dozen or so homes, whence the truck turned right into a large clearing-- apparently a workyard for Mickey's trash-hauling operation. As it turns out, this would be directly south of the area where Peter Moon had seen all the garbage illegally dumped! A couple of workers at this location, as with the workers at the landscaping/topsoil facility back a ways, seemed to be moving in a dazed, almost robotic fashion. (Mind controlled slave workers?)

          East Hampton Town, of course, has authorized, designated landfill and recycling areas and the woods west of the village of Montauk is not one of these. Without doubt something peculiar, unpleasant and illegal is going on with this secretive dumping of trash, and there is very often a mafia connection to such illegal dumping in the northeastern U.S.-- particularly in New York and New Jersey. The mafia has already been shown to be connected to covert, clandestine government operations in the Long Island area.

          Could there be a connection between this dumping activity and secret projects? I believe there could be. Underground facilities generate waste just like any others--in fact would likely generate a fair amount of fairly toxic waste due to the nature of much of the clandestine activities. As for the more typical types of garbage generated by the large numbers of people who work and even live in these underground installations, where is this sizable quantity of trash supposed to go? These thousands of people are not considered residents of the Town of East Hampton and cannot be a factor in any demographic data for the town in terms of waste management operations and planning; so, where does all the garbage from the underground go? Could it be it's hauled out by mafia-connected trash-hauling outfits who bring it to the woods near the old Navy base--among other places--for illegal disposal?! Also, consider what the subliminal effect would be upon someone hiking in the area and coming upon lots of rotting trash. Yech! Let's go elsewhere!-- a result surely quite desirable to those operating the subterranean facilities.

          CORRELATIONS BETWEEN UNDERGROUND FACILITIES AND (UNDEVELOPED) SURFACE AREAS -- Preston Nichols had made a comment to me that while he had been working with the Air Force at Camp Hero on the Hale-Bopp operation, most of the moving around between different locations underground was done with golf carts. He further noted that there were extremely long corridors or tunnels going as far as Block Island offshore from Montauk Point to the east, and extending underground westward to East Hampton.

          In agreement with this statement by Nichols, and also in agreement with information noted earlier in this report about the presence of unusual hydrants or standpipes and a triple phase power line in the Stony Hill area of East Hampton (known to have had bunkers and undergrounds dating to WWII) there is yet another area of the Town of East Hampton where there is a notable and rather illogical lack of real estate development. This is a surprisingly large area in fact, right between the Stony Hill and Fireplace neighborhoods on the north and East Hampton Village on the south. As this has never even been productive farmland, the pressures for real estate development of these scrub woods would logically be extreme, and yet there is virtually no such development in an area several miles square. There is extensive development further out from the village in all directions, yet not here. This is sort of an island of rather thor- oughly preserved woods here surrounded by very high-priced sub-rural homesites. It just seems inexplicable to me, considering the general thrust of real estate development in this region. Also in this general area there is a small antenna farm with some decidedly unusual looking receivers and other equipment.

          I think this is probably the location of the East Hampton underground and that as with the Shadmoor region of Montauk (a Camp Hero military annex in the Ditch Plains area discussed in Part 4 of my first report), the Montauk Navy base and Camp Hero itself, extensive development is not allowed so as to prevent any kind of interference or conflict with the underground facilities that such development might precipitate.

          RELATED/SIMILAR PROJECTS -- A WEST COAST PARALLEL -- For a number of years I've resided principally in Northern California. I know for a fact that schoolkids from all over Northern California on field trips to the San Francisco area use the "old" military facilities north of the Golden Gate (within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area) for bivouacking overnight, as the federal government (still the owners of the property--though the military facilities are supposedly "closed" or "decommissioned") offers the "accommodations" to school districts all over Northern California, to use for sleepovers during their field trips, etc. Uh-huh...

          We got the following information from a schoolgirl who was there in that context recently. Although the area where they were spending the night was supposedly not militarily active, a missile mounted on a flatbed trailer, visible behind a chain link fence in the evening, was gone the next morning! One might well wonder what else might have happened during the night at this location where those kids were, given the documented tunnels, etc. in this region. The region in and around the Golden Gate National Recreation Area on both the San Francisco and Marin sides, as well as areas of nearby Sonoma, Napa and Lake counties, are reported to have a number of extensive underground areas--some engineered and constructed since the arrival of white people and some far more ancient. As at Montauk and elsewhere, the covert government has created numerous underground installations at the many military and ex-military sites (and other locations) throughout the general area.

          Peter Moon has made allusions to the fact that the San Francisco peninsula and the Golden Gate region as a whole is a substantial earth grid power point itself and this factor has been known and utilized by cultic, secret "brotherhoods" directly linked to the worldwide shadow government. There is a SAGE radar site in the Golden Gate area as well.

          One of the covert government's more "well known" facilities in the general area is Bohemian Grove in Sonoma County's Russian River region. I can attest from personal recollection during the time I resided in nearby Santa Rosa in the 1980s, that over the years a number of local residents have reported on some decidedly peculiar and even vile and very ugly events occurring at this heavily guarded, completely isolated, remote, exclusive "campground" in the woods where many of the "shadow" government's most powerful figures come to "unwind" and "party". These incidents were reported to local law enforcement agencies and made public through the regional news media.

          Certain of these incidents, regarding the physical / sexual abuse of women by groups of men have been reported on by the local Sonoma County press and substantiated by testimony such as that emailed to me by "Sue Ellen" and reprinted in the section of this report immediately following. She describes her sister's forced involvement in very unpleasant episodes at Bohemian Grove during the time she was employed at the Pentagon. I have recently read other testimony describing truly horrendous incidents at Bohemian Grove and the proclivities of some of it's more "illustrious" members; people like George Bush.

          Further substantiation of the conditions at Bohemian Grove comes from Cathy O'Brien. While I cannot personally vouch for the accuracy of the following material and though some reasonable doubts and suspicions about both Cathy O'Brien's and husband Mark Philips' credibility have been raised, I am nonetheless including here an excerpt from Ms. O'Brien's, "The Trance Formation Of America," which describes her own experience at Bohemian Grove. I am doing so because it does jibe substantially with my own personal knowledge of numerous allegations and charges made about Bohemian Grove on the local level, involving the same kinds of unpleasantries and atrocities related by Ms. O'Brien.

          "I was programmed and equipped to function in all rooms at Bohemian Grove in order to compromise specific government targets according to their personal perversions. "Anything, anytime, anywhere with anyone" was my mode of operation at the Grove. I do not purport to understand the full function of this political cesspool playground as my perception was limited to my own realm of experience.

          "My perception is that Bohemian Grove serves those ushering in the New World Order through mind control, and consists primarily of the highest Mafia and U.S. Government officials. I do not use the term "highest" loosely, as copious quantities of drugs were consumed there. Project Monarch Mind-Control slaves were routinely abused there to fulfill the primary purpose of the club: purveying perversion. Bohemian Grove is reportedly intended to be used recreationally, providing a supposedly secure environment for politically affluent individuals to "party" without restraint. The only business conducted there pertained to implementing the New World Order, through the proliferation of mind-control atrocities, giving the place an air of "Masonic Secrecy". The only room where business discussions were permitted was the small, dark lounge affectionately and appropriately referred to as the Underground.

          "...My purpose at the Grove was sexual in nature, and therefore my perceptions were limited to a sex slave's viewpoint. As an effective means of control to ensure undetected proliferation of their perverse indulgences, slaves such as myself were subjected to ritualistic trauma. I knew each breath I took could be my last, as the threat of death lurked in every shadow. Slaves of advancing age or with failing program- ming were sacrificially murdered "at random" in the wooded grounds of Bohemian Grove, and I felt it was "simply a matter of time until it would be me".

          "Rituals were held at a giant, concrete owl monument on the banks of the Russian River. These occult-like sex rituals stemmed from the scientific belief that mind-controlled slaves required severe trauma to ensure compartmentalization of the memory, and not from any spiritual motivation." --1995 by Cathy O'Brien with Mark Phillips

          This "owl" monument does indisputably exist, as attested to by many other accounts which tell also of similar grotesque, terrifying, perverted and even deadly horrors at the outwardly idyllic compound. I've been in contact with a woman in Sonoma County who gave me a good bit of information on underground facilities in the Bay Area, including Hamilton AFB in Marin, which--surprise--has supposedly been closed in the mid-1980s but in fact is positively NOT closed. (The AF was still answering the phone as of a few years ago.) There is a foster care facility directly adjacent to the base property, and the FBI is on the board of directors for this "home". It's virtually guaranteed that there have been ties to the Presidio Monarch Project operation at San Francisco's Presidio Army base. At the Child Development Center's day care facility on the base several hundred children were subjected to psychosexual mind control programming by Army Colonel Michael Aquino, an intelligence officer who also worked for the CIA and other intelligence agencies. Additionally Aquino was head honcho of the "Temple of Set", a Church of Satan offshoot based in San Francisco which provided both the seemingly requisite conceptual cult underpinning for the Presidio's kiddie mind control operations.

          In further exchanges she told of growing up in the Santa Rosa area; her dad was a dabbler in the OTO (Crowley) and similar mystical stuff. In the 1960s or 70s she happened to meet a fellow who was the Civil Defense coordinator for the Santa Rosa area in the 1950s. He told her that there was a substantial underground facility (which I have heard mentioned elsewhere) beneath an AT&T building in downtown Santa Rosa; further discussions revealed that this facility stretched for several miles to a military airfield. Part of this installation would now be directly beneath the Santa Rosa Mall, a major hangout for kids, and probably several schools, residential, industrial and office districts.

          Back then, Ms. Gulson was not really able to plug this kind of info into any larger scenario. Later she became very interested in mind control activities by the government, especially involving children. As in many other regions of the Unites States there is no shortage of clandestine, bizarre government operations throughout this area--one of which is an underground facility/base constructed in 1992, about 15 miles SE of Santa Rosa, near the boundary with Napa County.

          I mentioned this information to my acquaintance, Judy Gulson, and she told me that she already knew of the facility. Regarding this subter- ranean base: The Napa Sentinel thoroughly investigated the secretive goings-on in the mountains between Napa and Sonoma County. Their exhaustive research, involving many calls to Washington D.C. as well as to two local Air Force facilities, determined that, on the record at least, this was a classified operation (according to Travis AFB and Hamilton AFB (in nearby Marin County) to construct an underground facility to be staffed and operated primarily but by no means only by FEMA! Many black unmarked choppers were seen in association with both the construction and subsequent operation of this facility. A large microwave transmitter there is aimed at Santa Rosa.

          On paper, and sinister enough in its own right if one takes onto account FEMA's secret charter and agenda, this facility is ostensibly part of the "continuity of government (in chaos)" system of numerous, bomb / radiation-safe underground installations nationwide; a system supposedly designed to ensure the maintenance of law, order and government during a time of national emergency, social/civil upheaval, extreme natural disaster (perhaps induced by HAARP!), or other situation which causes a definite collapse to some degree of the federal government; FEMA's operating charter also call for the reins (or is that "reigns") of the federal government and virtually all its powers being passed into FEMA's control if deemed necessary.

          However I personally think it's very likely that this new underground base near Santa Rosa is actually more than a FEMA hangout. A weird point in all this, which Ms. Gulson and I both noted, is that Hamilton Air Force Base, contacted by The Napa Sentinel during its investigation, was supposedly been closed a number of years ago; in fact at one point Marin County was supposed to acquire the property for use as some kind of park (sound familiar?). The deal never finalized, and most people think the installation is closed and mothballed. Guess what--it's not! It is in some level of operation, staffed by at least some AF personnel. Another very interesting point--immediately adjacent to this base is a privately-run foster home called St. Vincent's Home for Boys, on the board of which is the FBI! Oh really! I imagine other unlisted members of the board of directors are the NSA and CIA. As seems to happen so often in this whole business, there is a wellknown writer on mind control operations who according to some, is himself actually tied to the some agencies and operations he has written about; a man who has some strange connections, including to the above-mentioned foster care home. The following comes from Ms. Judy Gulson in northern California.

          "The whole subject of Walter Bowart is really up for grabs and conjecture. A man in Petaluma has a web site called THE PAGE. His name is Walter Radtke--aka Walter Alter. Recently, I was in email contact with a woman named Kathleen Sullivan, an MK-ULTRA survivor. I was doing some research on mind control and somehow connected up with her. Kathleen was gearing up for this conference in Atlanta and was emailing all sorts of stuff. I happened to mention something about the Alter/Radtke Web Site and the information there. She became hysterical and claimed that Bowart is Radtke/Alter.

          "Now, I have been in touch with Radtke/Alter.....never mentioned anything about Kathleen Sullivan. Out of the blue, he emails me saying that someone was accusing him of being Walter Bowart. He says, "Who's Walter Bowart?" I became uneasy and answered, "With all of the information you have at your site, you surely must know of Walter Bowart!!!"

          "I have never spoken with this man in person. I know where Walter Radtke lives; he is in the phone book. This past weekend I was in Petaluma and drove by his house. Kathleen said that he would be living in a cul de sac. The reasons for that are security, she says. Sure enough, he does live in a cul de sac.

          "In addition, after further research, I found that a corporation owns the house. Walter Radtke/Alter tells me that he works at St. Vincent's Home....right next door to ("decommissioned"!) Hamilton AFB.....and the FBI is on the board of the Home. The Home is privately held. There is much strangeness.....not the least of whom is Kathleen herself." --Judy Gulson.

          SACRAMENTO VALLEY: MAJOR TRANSMISSIONS DISCOVERED -- In the summer of 1998 Preston Nichols was contracted to do some scientific work for a private party in the Sierra Nevada Mountains east of Sacramento California. Nichols became aware that Beale Air Force Base, somewhat near his location, was emitting signature EM/RF frequencies indicative of "Delta T" interdimensional / time travel operations in progress. Furthermore, Nichols also noted the presence of extensive and pervasive "435 Mhz" transmissions capable of implementing mind control, weather control and other relativistic, high-energy physics functions such as interdimensional / time travel operations. The transmission blanketed the entire central Sacramento Valley region--even beyond some of the lower mountains to the west. Only after several mountain ranges were passed did the signal finally begin to diminish. Nichols reported that he had never seen such a pervasive signal and believes that is somehow propagated upon the water molecules in the air, enabling it to "saturate" an area, especially a geographic basin area such as the Sacramento Valley, in a way unlike other EM/RF transmissions. Indications are that a ground based transmission is being deployed. Nichols speculated that there is some kind of link to HAARP operations going on, very likely but not exclusively to the weather control aspects of HAARP.

          NEWS OF STRANGENESS IN DENVER, CALGARY (From A Survivor), NEW YORK CITY -- A man now living in Calgary named John Tooker has had substantial recall of personal involvement in the Montauk Project. Tooker believes that he was in fact a participant during the Montauk Project operations in the late 1970s and early 1980s, while in an altered state of mind and/or some alternate, parallel reality or "timeline". Tooker says he was rather a different person when he worked on advanced time-related technologies at the Camp hero base; that is, literally--that he may have been subjected to some kind of age regression and/or transfer of consciousness, along the lines of that reported by Al Bielek, and that he was "Daniel John Waters" during this period a Camp Hero.

          Mr. Tooker has reported on some extremely timely info about some VERY odd goings on in Calgary, which sound amazingly similar to a lot of the information coming in about Denver. (Denver has been named by some as the "Capitol" for the western U.S. sector in the possibly impending New World Order).

          Given the fact that Calgary is in roughly the same geographical rela- tionship to the continental divide (the Rockies) as is Denver, perhaps there is some esoteric/earth energy relationship as well, which may make Calgary suitable for use as another Western North America NWO "nerve center".

          Tooker informed me that a Canadian Armed Forces base in Calgary, although recently "closed" and decommissioned (here we go again) is in fact still functioning, but has become extremely secretive about doing so. This is based not only on direct observation but also eyewitness testimony from a security guard who was working there; just recently, this guard, who is a close friend of Tooker and has worked with him on some research was summarily transferred from the location without explanation.

          There was more notable weirdness--quite significant in my opinion-- which he told me of going on there; for instance, so-called cell phone transmitter towers have been appearing everywhere in Calgary. A similar state of affairs exists in New York City, where these transmitters have been installed on nearly every street corner!

          These so-called cell phone transmitters are being installed in tremendous numbers all over the country now, and that while cell phone communications may be one of the purposes of these towers, there is in fact a covert purpose as well and that such transmitters are being unquestionably used for mind modification/control of the general population. Most of the towers are operating at ten kilowatts of power or higher--much more power than is needed for only cell phone transmissions.

          (My current residence is in a very sparsely populated mountain region of Northern California, and sure enough, within the past two years one of these transmitters was installed on a mountain quite nearby.) Al Bielek, having left Denver after living there for about 18 months, told me the city was literally crawling with "Montauk boys" and to some extent "Montauk girls"; young people with Aryan (Germanic/Nordic) racial characteristics programmed with the Montauk and "Monarch"-type techniques to be sleeper agents to be utilized in the covert government's astonishing array of brutal, vicious, psychotic, satanic and murderous "operations" and "activities", and also during the projected implementa- tion of the so-called New World Order.

          Bielek had a number of casual interactions with some of these people while in Denver. Bizarrely, and remarkably like what Al Bielek was telling me about Denver, Tooker said that the streets of Calgary have as of fairly recently become inundated with a tremendous number of street people, the great majority of whom fit the "requirements" for the typical "Montauk Boys" to a T! Holy shit!

          There is solid evidence, some in photographic form, of a tremendous, many-leveled and multipurpose subterranean city easily one hundred square miles beneath the finally completed Denver International Airport, which houses a vast array of different underground facilities including those necessary for a national government to operate, as well as underground freeways and a subterranean rail line connecting this to other subterranean complexes operated by the covert government.

          In addition to all this the floor of the main terminal at Denver Airport is constructed of a material which is said to be impervious to particle beam and EM pulse weapons. The floor and walls have a number of esoteric Masonic symbols and phrases, as well as murals depicting global destruction and apocalyptic themes. If the place was plastered with Buddhist, Jewish or Christian symbolism, you can bet some Constitutionalist or civil libertarian would be raising hell.

          Denver Airport

          Obviously many more subterranean installations exist nationwide and worldwide. I have been told by Preston Nichols, which was corroborated by other sources, that in fact large portions of Long Island have underground facilities, (including of course Brookhaven Labs--a point confirmed to Long Island reporter Jerry Cimisi by a private contractor who's worked often on the Brookhaven facility), AND that these are connected to many other such facilities nationwide (and worldwide) by an extensive and elaborate super-high-speed underground rail system.

          Nichols also told me that the Lower Hudson Valley region, where so many hundreds of thousands have had "UFO" sightings, contacts, and like experiences, has major underground installations--vast in fact. This is borne out by Ellen Crystal's research in the Pine Valley, NY region, where she documents numerous instances of craft disappearing under- ground and the sounds of tremendous subterranean construction activity; also by Larry Warren (principal Bentwaters AFB/Rendelsham RAF UFO witness), who said that the Plattsburg, NY area (Upper Hudson Valley) was the site of an enormous subterranean government military installation; as well Mr. Warren was has been in an underground base in Egypt while in the service, which he says was about as big as NY State! (Bentwaters itself, of course, is situated above a huge underground.)

          In yet another correspondence to me from Judith, she comments on a recent trip she made through several northeastern states in 1997. "Back to the underground. According to conspiracy theories, experi- mentation may be going on there--possibly underground living quarters-- do you know anything more, proven or theory, about what may be actually happening?"

          "I took a 4 day trip through DC, MD, OH, PA--driving in July--I saw some very unusual situations there. First, unexplained spikey dust all over the forests in MD & PA. In PA, on the turnpike in about the center of the state, I ran across this weird area, where again, the vibes were very high, the traffic was mesmerized in there, you go through 3 tunnels in and 3 tunnels OUT of there. There were an inordinate number of 18-wheelers in there with NO identifying names or signs on the sides. There were thousands of cars in there, lined up bumper to bumper, not moving and it was a major freeway, for reasons unknown. I got out of my car and found that the steep embankment there was throbbing--you could hear the sounds of machinery below the surface. It was spooky--but obviously something was going on down below. Of course, PA is mining country, but this seemed too close to the surface...I spoke to a doctor who knew the area and knew PA. He had heard of this particular stretch of PA and knew that whatever was going on was highly unusual." --Judith.

          TESLA TECHNOLOGY USED FOR DIABOLICAL PURPOSES -- A gentleman from Pennsylvania named Ron Hannivig contacted me after reading HAARP's Covert Agendas with some startling testimony about the U.S. (shadow) government's long interest in and experience with the fundamentals underlying much of what HAARP technology is based upon long before there was HAARP--which to great extent is the awe-inspiring technology developed by of the "father" of our modern AC electrical power system, Nicola Tesla.

          Hannivig reports that he personally worked on the construction of a "Tesla EM Tx site" in West Australia during the 1960s; a location roughly on the other side of the world from Montauk. According to Mr. Hannivig, there are a number of such sites worldwide, which would correlate with what others have discovered about HAARP. From Ron Hannivig--

          "Been reviewing your work regarding the ongoing activity out on Long Island, NY ... by way of messages being forwarded to my attention - and thought you might be interested in considering my findings.

          "From what I can gather - at the time, the area around Montauk Point, Long Island, NY was a prime portal - a "wormhole", in the time/space conundrum. By the way ... it is understood there is another such "wormhole" located not too far from Montauk - in Block Island Sound ... very near Fishers Island, NY (this island is actually in NY - however, it's located right off the coast of New London/Mystic, CT). This wormhole appears at a pinpoint location ... and been trying to verify the report/s for about a year.

          "Back in the mid 1960's - I had worked during the construction phase of a massive Tesla EM Tx (electromagnetic transmission) site located upon The North West Cape of the Exmouth peninsular, West Australia ... and was there the day it was officially turned over to The US Navy. It was subse- quently named the Harold Holt US Navy Communications Base ... named after the former Prime Minister of Australia - who mysteriously drowned while he was in office. At the time of his drowning - I was in West Australia, and nobody I knew believed it was an accident.

          "Today - we (my Australians contacts and myself) believe Prime Minister Holt had been seriously questioning the true mission of this American US Navy base upon Australian soil - and as a result, was rubbed-out. The prime requirement of these Tesla EM Tx sites are their location relative to MN (magnetic north) and those selected targets to be zapped by an electromagnetic slug (of sheer energy) ... setup an electromagnetic force field ... cause holographic type illusions to simulate UFO type activity ... fully distort the time/space conundrum ... Of course, this list can continue on, to include mind altering experiments, etc... Furthermore, this same great arc alignment includes a fourth plot point - which is the interpolated timely position of MN ... a prime factor in implementing this quantum type technology.

          Four plot points representing interconnecting events, all of them falling upon a common great arc ... becomes prima facie evidence. Therefore, given this alignment - relative to MN ... the generating facility for the activity on Long Island, NY would actually be located on the other side of the world. Distance is not a real factor ... it's the alignment, relative to the elusive positions of MN. Finally ... if I had not actually worked at this massive West Australia Tesla EM Tx facility - I would likely not have been able to make this connection. Any questions, please feel free to ask. The dedicated target of The Tesla facility I know to be at Exmouth is just south of Long Island, NY." --Ron Hannivig

          I do believe Mr. Hannivig has a fairly solid grasp of the nature and purpose of these sites in general, although I found some of the scenarios painted as to the potential and/or planned uses for these sites and the "Tesla" technology to be unlikely and a little extreme. Hannivig indicated that in his firm opinion the Tesla technology as implemented through HAARP would be utilized to trigger a major undersea seismic event, a coast and causing an exceptionally large hurricane/tsunami, at will.

          I ran Hannivig's ideas past Preston Nichols and I find myself in agreement with his general assessment of Hannivig's ideas: that is, although such a scenario is technically possible, there is way too much the overt government/"Establishment" and the covert government/New World Order would stand to lose--far to much of the country's and the world's industry, banking, commerce, wealth and power, as well as great numbers of military, governmental and scientific facilities are centralized or located along the Atlantic seaboard of the US for such a move to be seriously considered or enacted. (Perhaps, however, the Southern Gulf Coast is not quite so "dear.")

          Hannivig noted that the Tesla EM/Tx site which would likely implement this would be on the opposite side of the globe--in Australia. Yet on July 18, 1998 at least three significant tsunamis caused by a seismic event occurred in the South Pacific, and as many as 8,000 people--mostly children--may have perished on Papua/New Guinea's north coast, in addition to which entire villages and a large portion of the whole culture, a way of life, were utterly decimated. The story of this immense Human tragedy completely vanished from sight and consciousness within days and was subsequently unilaterally avoided by the mass media...for some strange reason (not to mention the sudden tsunami Dec 26, 2004, that killed 300,000 in the Indian Ocean.)

          My thought was this. Given the undeniable and relentlessly "Nazi"-like, pro-"Aryan" mindset and worldview of so many in the covert government, perhaps the scenario Ron Hannivig envisioned was fairly correct--but in reverse. In other words, perhaps the HAARP facilities on Long Island were utilized to trigger an undersea quake which caused the devastating and deadly tsunamis in New Guinea. After all, nothing vital to Establishment or covert (global) government interests in terms of global resources or power base was lost and no white people perished: only thousands of brown-skinned people's lives were lost.

          Mr. Hannivig has commented in reply that the Papua/New Guinea tsunamis could have been artificially triggered. One would have to plot the trajectories in terms of the relations to Magnetic North to determine where the Navy's HAARP/Tesla sites would need to be in order to have triggers the undersea tremors off New Guinea, and if in fact there are such transmitter sites at these locations.


          Monarch and MK-ULTRA programming -- Serious students of mind control may know of a talk given by Dr. D.C. Hammond on artificially induced Multiple Personality Disorder--i.e., the deliberate fracturing of a person's personality and consciousness coupled with mind "programming": by means of ritualistic psychosexual abuse as well as drugs and EM/RF signals. These operations are often carried out by "satanic" cults directly linked to intelligence/military covert government agencies for the purpose of creating Monarch-type agents. I am including in this report a portion of some of his comments on this topic. I found it to be one of the most lucid and understandable explanations of the entire system and how (tragically well) it works and has worked, on a truly unbelievable number of people nationwide.

          Dr. Hammond has worked closely with a substantial number of victims of government (intelligence)-run mind control operations and has a solid grasp of both the overall extent and scope of the programs and also the impact of these kinds of activities upon the personal lives of those unfortunate enough to have been subjected to them.

          "At the end of World War II, before it even ended, Allen Dulles and people from our Intelligence Community were already in Switzerland making contact to get out Nazi scientists. As World War II ends, they not only get out rocket scientists, but they also get out some Nazi doctors who have been doing mind-control research in the camps. They brought them to the United States, in "Operation Paperclip."

          "What they basically do is they will get a child and they will start this, in basic forms, it appears, by about two and a half after the child's already been made dissociative. They'll make him dissociative not only through abuse, like sexual abuse, but also things like putting a mousetrap on their fingers and teaching the parents, "You do not go in until the child stops crying. Only then do you go in and remove it." They start in rudimentary forms at about two and a half and kick into high gear, it appears, around six or six and a half, continue through adolescence with periodic reinforcements in adulthood. Basically in the programming the child will be put typically on a gurney. They will have an IV in one hand or arm. They'll be strapped down, typically naked. There'll be wires attached to their head to monitor electroencephalograph patterns. They will see a pulsing light, most often described as red, occasionally white or blue. They'll be given, most commonly I believe, Demerol. Sometimes it'll be other drugs as well depending on the kind of programming. They have it, I think, down to a science where they've learned you give so much every twenty-five minutes until the programming is done. They then will describe a pain on one ear, their right ear generally, where it appears a needle has been placed, and they will hear weird, disorienting sounds in that ear while they see photic stimulation to drive the brain into a brainwave pattern with a pulsing light at a certain frequency not unlike the goggles that are now available through Sharper Image and some of those kinds of stores. Then, after a suitable period when they're in a certain brainwave state, they will begin programming, programming oriented to self-destruction and debasement of the person. In a patient at this point in time about eight years old who has gone through a great deal early programming took place on a military installation. That's not uncommon.

          "I've treated and been involved with cases who are part of this original mind control project as well as having their programming on military reservations in many cases. We find a lot of connections with the CIA. This patient now was in a Cult school, a private Cult school where several of these sessions occurred a week. She would go into a room, get all hooked up. They would do all of these sorts of things. When she was in the proper altered state, now they were no longer having to monitor it with electroencephalographs, she also had already had placed on her electrodes, one in the vagina, for example, four on the head. Sometimes they'll be on other parts of the body. They will then begin and they would say to her, "You are angry with someone in the group." She'd say, "No, I'm not" and they'd violently shock her. They would say the same thing until she complied and didn't make any negative response. Then they would continue. "And because you are angry with someone in the group," or "When you are angry with someone in the group, you will hurt yourself. Do you understand?" She said, "No" and they shocked her. They repeated again, "Do you understand?" "Well, yes, but I don't want to." Shock her again until they get compliance. Then they keep adding to it. "And you will hurt yourself by cutting yourself. Do you understand?" Maybe she'd say yes, but they might say, "We don't believe you" and shock her anyway. "Go back and go over it again." They would continue in this sort of fashion. She said typically it seemed as though they'd go about thirty minutes, take a break for a smoke or something, come back. They may review what they'd done and stopped or they might review what they'd done and go on to new material. She said the sessions might go half an hour, they might go three hours. She estimated three times a week.

          "Programming under the influence of drugs in a certain brainwave state and with these noises in one ear and them speaking in the other ear, usually the left ear, associated with right hemisphere non-dominant brain functioning, and with them talking, therefore, and requiring intense concentration, intense focusing. Because often they'll have to memorize and say certain things back, word-perfect, to avoid punishment, shock, and other kinds of things that are occurring. This is basically how a lot of programming goes on. Some of it'll also use other typical brainwashing kinds of techniques. There will be very standardized types of hypnotic things done at times. There'll be sensory deprivation which we know increases suggestibility in anyone. Total sensory deprivation, suggestibility has significantly increased, from the research. It's not uncommon for them to use a great deal of that, including formal sensory-deprivation chambers before they do certain of these things.

          "Now the problem is there are many different layers of alternate personalities with this stuff. What we have up here are innumerable alters...we found out that all of this great work had done nothing but deal with the alters up here and had not touched the mind-control programming. In fact it was not only intact, but we found one who was having her therapy monitored every session by her mother, out-of-state, over the telephone, and that she still had intact suggestions that had been given to her to kill her therapist at a certain future time.

          "...I have the very uncomfortable feeling from some past experience that when you look at this you will find the large proportion of ritual- abuse victims in this country are having their ongoing therapy monitored.

          "I remember a woman who came in about twenty-four years old, claimed her father was a Satanist. Her parents divorced when she was six. After that it would only when her father had visitation and he would take her to rituals sometimes up until age fifteen. She said, "I haven't gone to anything since I was fifteen." Her therapist believed this at face value. We sat in my office. We did a two-hour inquiry using hypnosis. We found the programming present. In addition to that we found that every therapy session was debriefed and in fact they had told her to get sick and not come to the appointment with me. Another one had been told that I was Cult and that if she came I would know that she'd been told not to come and I would punish her. If anything meaningful comes out in a patient who's being monitored like that--from what I've learned thus far, they're tortured with electric shocks--my belief is if they're in that situation you can't do meaningful therapy other than being supportive and caring and letting them know you care a lot and you'll be there to support them. But I wouldn't try to work with any kind of deep material or deprogramming with them because I think it can do nothing but get them tortured and hurt unless they can get into a safe, secure inpatient unit for an extended period of time to do some of the work required. I have a feeling that when you make inquiries you're going to find that probably greater than fifty percent of these patients, if they're bloodline, meaning mother or dad or both involved, will be monitored on some ongoing basis. [Pause]

          "The way you create Manchurian Candidates is you divide the mind. It's part of what the Intelligence Community wanted to look at. If you're going to get an assassin, you're going to get somebody to go do something, you divide the mind. It fascinates me about cases like the assassination of Robert Kennedy, where Bernard Diamond, on examining Sirhan Sirhan found that he had total amnesia of the killing of Robert Kennedy, but under hypnosis could remember it. But despite suggestions he would be able to consciously remember, Sirhan could not remember a thing after he was out of hypnosis. I'd love to examine Sirhan Sirhan." --Dr. D.Corydon Hammond

          From "Sue Ellen", a well-known Mormon singer
          One thing which has been cropping up more and more in the info I've been getting is the tremendously extensive use of children in mind control operations and the unbelievable high level of infiltration into the child care and education systems on the part of agencies carrying out these operations. The following was emailed to me in 1998 by a woman who has lived much of her life immersed in the world of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, as well as government phychosexual- abuse mind control programs linked to military bases and kiddie-porn operations.

          "First off, I am one of 13 children. I am also a professional singer. I have three CD's and 9 cassettes that I have produced for the Mormon (LDS) music market. I am kind of famous in my market and have won what you might call 'grammy' awards. My albums sell all over the world. I was raised by Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Maria (Santa Barbara County), California. My sisters Dawn and Priscilla have worse stories than mine, but let's just say we've all experienced some crazy times. My mother was a religious fanatic. She was third generation incest. My father was secretive and also religiously 'affected' even though he did not practice what he preached. His mother molested him. We were the 'perfect' large Mormon family. My dad was a music teacher. My Mom produced babies almost every year that I remember growing up. I was the second mom by the time I was six years old and learned how to cook and do laundry. My Dad was apparently into child pornography and 'sold' us to the government.

          "When my sister Eve was reportedly gang raped when she was 11, she started running away and was put into a Catholic convent in Los Angeles-- (this is really, really strange considering how Catholics and Mormons get along). I am sure she was MKULTRA'd there. Her story is very interesting and is picked up in the military where there was a base she was on that served up a lot of drugs. She says that Crystal Gayle and a well dressed man asked her to mule drugs for her 'country'. He spilled a file on my whole family in front of her on the floor. She picked it up and saw every one of us in it! She says we were all sold to the government according to him. She also says that everyone on that base almost is now famous! It was like an entertainment base... training ground for the MK stars. She names a lot of them. She is a multiple personality and a recovering alcoholic and drug abuser. It took me many years to get this all out of her. Now her life makes sense to me.

          "Louisa, my other sister had hysterical black out/non breathing spells since the day she was born. I know now that she was a victim of sexual molestation from my dad (her primary caretaker at the time). She remembers it until she was four or five. Memories keep coming up for her. She was also molested at age 16, when my dad 'flipped out' and had full penetration sex with her. He ran away to Hawaii and wrote me on an old garbage bag that he didn't remember what he did and that he was sorry. I was a very religious girl at the time and thought the world had come to an end and was just 'waking up' to the possibility of these horrible things happening to people.

          "Did I tell you that Louisa (one of my sisters that worked for the Pentagon), just told me about another memory about Vandenberg AFB where she remembers being hooked up to this helmet with wires. She got sick when the memory was coming up. She's had so many of them, she knows what to expect now and gets through it all better than she used to.

          "My family is a nightmare. Anyway, Louisa ended up working for a man that was third from the top at the Pentagon. She worked as his assistant and decoded top secret government files (all in Disney and Alice in Wonderland, etc. language), and made reservations for his regular trips to Santa Rosa where he would meet his buddies at the 'good ole' boys' fart club there. You've probably heard of Bohemian Grove. She was 'losing' time on occasion and was eventually raped by this man. When she tried to go through even the proceedings to indict him, she was unsuccessful and bullied. She quit the armed services and has had a family of six children. She is just now waking up to what has happened to her and the memories are surfacing. I am worried for what they may have programmed into her when she wakes up!

          "Anyway, to my story. As if my family of origin wasn't bad enough. My husband's family is involved, too! My husband's dad was in the Army (a colonel) and Navy and is now retired. He would take the kids to Disneyland every year for ten years while he learned some ridiculous language school for the army (a language he cannot even speak hardly a word of to this day when asked, so I think this was a cover for what he was really doing). He was a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and became a Mormon Bishop. Sounds great, huh? The only problem is, I found out he molested a niece in the family and had never 'repented' before accepting the 'calling from the Lord' as BISHOP! Red flags started going up all over for me. His family is even worse than mine!

          "I could go on. It's too long. Anyway, that's a start. These are painful memories and I want to see that those bastards that are playing around with people's emotions get what they karmically deserve AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I want to however stay out of fear and not give into hate. But let me know how I can help you GET THESE GUYS! THERE'S ONLY A FEW OF THEM AND A WHOLE LOT OF US!! "I hope that's enough of an advantage.

          "There was a report done by the "Strengthening the Saints Committee" where they asked a sort of high ranking church official to do a study and report. He interviewed 60 victims of satanic ritual abuse. These Satanic Ritual Abuse victims pulled the lid off pandora's box by all saying pretty much the same thing: "They took me to the church/temple to get baptized. They dunked me. I think they were trying to drown me. "They asked if I loved Jesus. I said yes. They dunk me again. They ask if Jesus will save me. I say yes, they dunk me again. This goes on and on and Jesus doesn't save me. Then Satan comes and saves me and he's the one who really loves me and now I will do anything he says.

          "They have all seen murder. Some have participated and remember it. They all have emerging memories in their 30s and 40s. That is when this stuff comes out. Anyway, a lot of them are under psychiatric care and many were referred by the psychiatric world where split personalities are becoming so common because of these rituals. They are so horrific that the victim simply can't endure unless they run away into another personality that's stronger or whatever. It's the saddest thing in the world. These are sadistic soul murderers." --"Sue Ellen"

          THE PALLOTINE GROUP -- Another connection to organized religion surfaced when Preston Nichols was working with Air Force agents in deprogramming a number of "Montauk Boys" at Sag Harbor, as noted in the section of this report on corroborative evidence. The Pallotine group, by means of various youth related services and facilities, has been tied to the procurement of children for use in the project. Preston Nichols called it a monastic order working with the secret government to help train an elite fighting group of children along the lines of Delta Forces. Strangely, the Pallotines, considered to be a "militant" order by the Roman Catholic Church, are said to have extensive interactions and liaisons as well with many other organized religions. The unfortunate children are procured for the Project through various youth related services and facilities operated by The Pallotine group, and those deemed suitable for such "service" to their unconstitutional secret government are funneled through the Pallotine network into the Montauk Project. Judging by some photos on the Pallotine web site, These 'fathers' look like real CIA types. They have a remarkably creepy message on the web site also, which reads in part--"for those that have gone astray... this is where you will find your salvation" and that "Jesus is going to refresh and REMAKE you". I definitely won't be planning to worship at these guys' church!

          Though this may sound somewhat hokey and not particularly significant or relevant in the bigger picture, I can say this: Preston Nichols feels that the information he has found out relating to the Pallotines and many of the world's organized religions is a major aspect of the Phoenix/Montauk Project, which until now has been almost entirely unknown and completely hidden. Due to what he feels is the extreme emotionalism and at times irrational nature of how many relate to religious beliefs in our world, Preston Nichols stated that he is NOT going to publicize the information he has uncovered regarding the Pallotine organization; because it exposes the deep involvement of many organized religions in the mind manipulations perpetrated against Humanity by the covert world government, it is severely damaging to these religions, and because it could lead to an extrordinarily volatile and in fact dangerous situation for him personally.

          OTHER LINKS -- The Order of the Rosy Cross as well the Knights of Malta, to which George Bush belongs, and also the Skull and Bones Society, to which both Bush and supposed political rival Bill Clinton both belong, have been mentioned as other religious or "philosophical" organizations which have been and are linked to the Montauk Boys operations, and are tied in fundamental ways to the New World Order in general. In addition, the various organi- zations mentioned are linked to Masonic systems.

          TIES TO THE MILITARY -- Substantial and virtually indisputable evidence of direct links between certain military agencies and a number of mind control operations has already been well documented by other writers and researchers, and some new evidence is provided in this report in the preceding material by the Mormon singer "Sue Ellen" regarding child abuse and psychosexual programming at California's Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Barbara County. Worthy of special note regarding this topic is the body of information relating to the Monarch Project operation at San Francisco's Presidio Army base, in which hundreds of children at the Child Development Center's day care facility on the base were subjected to psychosexual mind control programming under the general direction of Army Colonel Michael Aquino, an intelligence officer with extensive and significant connections to the CIA and other intelligence agencies. Aquino also ran and operated the "Temple of Set", a Church of Satan offshoot based in San Francisco. Due to major ties to the CIA on the part of Aquino and other principal defendants, and just as in the McMartin Preschool case in Los Angeles County, no one was ever found guilty in the Presidio case despite substantial hard evidence and the testimony of hundreds of youngsters, parents, and mental health care professionals.

          From Judith, who provided some very interesting information noted earlier in this report on some unusual occurrences in NYC and Long Island on or around August 12 1983 (a highly significant date in the Philadelphia/Montauk [Phoenix) saga], comes testimony which corroborates so much other information on the ritualistic abuse of children in programming/mind control operations designed to create "sleeper" agents with thoroughly controlled alternate personalities.

          "Thanks so much for the articles and your recent correspondences. I have not gone over the articles in depth, but the info in your letters has me very intrigued. You certainly have done your research. I am most interested in the underground info you may have delved into. My father an AF colonel, graduated from West Point, 1944. I lived there as an infant in the early 1950s. Yeah--there WERE tunnels at West Point--most notably under the day care center. Children were assaulted there, my sister and I both. Some very sadistic acts going on there. Vampiresque-cults in that area.

          Also, a great deal of extra frequencies in and around West Point and that whole area. Not a question and they continue today. There are particular buildings at West Point which have definite frequency problems. Those of us who seem to be much more attuned to the change in frequency levels (my theory is that all military people have been set-up with implants--possibly mind controlled too--and are thus very sensitive to changes in frequencies in the air in any environment), notice these changes from one city-town-territory to the next. I am sure that Montauk is filled with frequency problems and is hence, quite magnetic and charged.

          "Send any other information my way--as you have it. Thanks much..." --©Judith

          BLOOD LINES -- Research has shown an extraordinarily high level of involvement on the part of certain families or clans--blood lines, in other words--in a great many interdimensional activities and related operations along the lines of Philadelphia/Montauk; members of which apparently possess specific psychic and genetic characteristics which facilitate certain of these endeavors. Many of these blood lines are German (Teutonic) and/or Celtic. The primary psychic used in the "heyday" of the Montauk activities up until 1983 was Duncan Cameron, directly related to the truly horrible Ewen Cameron who conducted the well-known experimental mind control research (mostly drug-based with some EM/RF aspects also) at Montreal's Allan Memorial Institute (mostly in the 1960s and early 1970s.). Duncan's father was deeply involved with clandestine (and not so clandestine) government agencies which funneled hordes of Nazi officials and scientists into this country; much of this well before the end of WWII.

          The Kennedy clan is historically related to the Cameron clan and Joseph Kennedy, in his office as US ambassador to Great Britain, was unabashed in support of Hitler even after WW2 began--in direct conflict with the position and wishes of his president Franklin Roosevelt. Masterminds of Philadelphia/Montauk and related operations are thoroughly tied to the Nazi/Aryan agenda and even for lower level, non-esoteric, noncritical activities and experiments will often utilize subjects with "Aryan" genetic characteristics and blood lines: these people are often of German or Celtic descent. The reason these groups have been "selected" (let's not say "chosen") for such a thoroughly unenviable distinction in connection with such activities is due to what project operators believe are strong psychic, intuitive and mystical/ magical abilities inherent in people of these races.

          To whatever extent this may be true, those of Celtic/German descent are most unfortunately being exploited in service of a truly hellish and near-unremittingly evil agenda. It seems more and more evident that cherishers of true Human dignity and freedom must all use any powers we do indeed possess; such as positivity of thought and strength of mind, body and spirit, used with compassion and insight, to overturn and counteract the operations of these despoilers of Humanity to the greatest extent possible. Aleister Crowley, a British intelligence agent with strong sympathies for the Nazi movement in addition to (being) a well known "mystic", was thoroughly in on much of this type of skullduggery earlier in the century, employing his own peculiar mixture of mysticism, Aryan fascism, elements of psychosexual mind (and astral) programming, and cloak-and- dagger weirdness. The Crowleys also reputedly has clan connections to the prominent mystical family Cameron and Aleister himself had strong connections to Montauk.

          SCIENTOLOGY / DIANETICS -- Another family name which Peter Moon has found crops up in this field with notable frequency is Wilson. One member of the Wilson clan who has been very influential in the modern world and who has been consistently in opposition certainly to some of the agendas of the secret (worldwide) government is L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology. Hubbard is the name of his adoptive parents but he was born a Wilson. Peter Moon was fairly high up in the Scientology network in the 1970s when Hubbard was quite active personally, and has researched this genetic angle exhaustively. Whatever one's personal views on Scientology, (and by many indications it's been thoroughly subverted by infiltrators after Hubbard's death), they did seem to be dedicated to a relatively enlightened agenda, which sought real psychological clarity and freedom from pathological, kneejerk states of mind imprinted onto our subconscious from past traumatic events, even prior to the present lifetime.

          It's an undeniable fact that Hubbard and Scientology were mercilessly and relentlessly hounded and harassed by Federal authorities back when he was alive (and likely since!) way beyond any reasonable degree, and that alone would give one reason to think that he was probably on to something both important and positive. Though not publicized much in the more popular, "outer" teachings of Dianetics, those in Hubbard's inner circles were quite aware that some of his non-published, internal material which Hubbard allowed access to addressed very specifically ill-intentioned extraterrestrials or extradimensionals which capture Human souls--usually between life- times.

          These beings implant (false) spiritual, psychological even sociopolitical concepts designed to keep souls trapped and enslaved as it were--by continually and endlessly reincarnating into an external reality or world already heavily controlled and manipulated in so many ways; by those who maintain and broadcast the dominant "frequencies" which make up the (quantum/ electromagnetic) matrix of our perceived and experienced reality via such operations as the Montauk project. This fits some vast agenda of Human spiritual (and physical!) enslavement and corresponding conditions; a longstanding agenda of the secret, cultic "governments" which support, further and foster this ongoing, mass manipulation of the Human race through the indoctrinated and/or enforced political, religious and other social systems.

          William Bramley's exceptional book, "The Gods Of Eden," one of the more unusual "UFO" books ever written, covers this very angle in tremendous detail and provides ample documentation that the predominant "control group" which attempts to run the show here on Earth, as manifested in the ruling secret brotherhoods/ societies/ governments (i.e. the Bilderbergers, CFR and the like), is inextricably tied to specific ET groups. As per further information on L. Ron Hubbard, he did a stint in Naval Intelligence where he assimilated a lot of the information the government had amassed resulting from their research and experiments into drug-based mind manipulation and narcosynthesis-- this in the 30s! Hubbard took the information and techniques and applied them in a methodology supposedly aimed at "empowering" (in pc 90s-speak) and liberating people on very fundamental psychological levels from ingrained, encoded (often deliberately) "engramatic" behavior and states of mind, usually programmed by traumatic means (intentionally or not). It does not seem as though Hubbard wanted to be a cult leader, no matter how the government has tried to portray him, and much of his work comes across as predominantly sane and useful.

          Hubbard was vehemently opposed to psychiatry and in particular (interestingly enough!) to the ubiquitous Dr. Ewen Cameron, who at different times has been--incredibly--the president of the American Psychiatric Association, the Canadian Psychiatric Association, and the World Psychiatric Association. In light of that, and given Ewen Cameron's truly odious, cruel, horrible, and unpardonable activities, any reasonable person would be more than a little suspicious of the motives and agenda of psychiatry in general, as Hubbard most certainly was.

          Far too often psychiatry is used as a tool of social behavioral control and modification, used to force subjects' minds to conform to certain concepts, beliefs, structures and mores imposed from without; strictures which again nearly always reinforce the wishes and aims of society's prevailing rulers and of the status quo.

          Montauk Project author Peter Moon was a Scientology member and in fact occasionally worked directly with Hubbard. Moon seems certain that Hubbard in fact was pretty much on the opposite team, certainly in terms of the known objectives of Phoenix/Montauk, regarding "mind control". Moon believes Hubbard to have been on the whole dedicated to the personal spiritual emancipation of Human beings from programming of virtually any kind, and my admittedly skimpy knowledge of Scientology/Dianetics would tend to back that up. I think the movement has suffered from a personality cult syndrome, and that Hubbard may in fact have had a bit of a messiah complex running, but I do find some quite worthwhile elements in the Dianetics material.

          Hubbard was of course a participant in the so called "Babalon Working", some mystical ceremony enacted along with fellow Aleister Crowley adherents Jack (JPL/Cal-Tech/Father of modern rocketry) Parsons and Marjorie Wilson Cameron. This ceremony has been said to have certain esoteric correspondences with the Philadelphia Experiment, and may have (helped) open some dimensional channel enabling negative ET's easier access to our dimension/reality--a new freeway was put in. Perhaps to that extent Hubbard was some kind of influence on the more mystical aspects of Montauk/Phoenix operation, but I see any evidence he would have supported the specific goals of the project at all. Perhaps it would be best to note however that there are a substantial number of people who dispute that statement and would even dispute that Hubbard and his organizations ever had any beneficial, Humanitarian or positive goals and agendas at all.

          STANFORD, SCIENTOLOGY AND THE CIA -- Interestingly, other information about the connection of certain Scientology members to some of the secret government's "unusual" experimental research activities comes from premiere mind control researcher and author Alex Constantine, who has authored a wealth of excellent books and articles on the general topic of government sponsored, administered and operated mind control projects, including certain of those based on electromagnetic/ radio frequency transmissions.

          I quote below a section called "Psychic Spying at the Stanford Research Institute Or CIA Mind Control?" from Constantine's Virtual Government. "Concrete evidence that electronic mind control was the true object of study at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) was exposed by the Washington Post in 1977. When the Navy awarded a contract to the Institute, "the scientific assistant to the Secretary of the Navy, Dr. Sam Koslov, received a routine briefing on various research projects, including SRI's. As the briefer flashed his chart onto the screen and began to speak, Koslov stormily interrupted, 'What the hell is that about?' Among the glowing words on the projected chart, the section describing SRI's work was labeled, 'ELF and Mind Control.'

          " 'ELF' stands for 'extremely long frequency' electromagnetic waves, from the very slow brain frequencies up to about 100 cycles per second. ... But the 'Mind Control' label really upset Koslov. He ordered the SRI investigations for the Navy stopped, and canceled another $35,000 in Navy funds slated for more remote viewing work. Contrary to Koslov's attempt to kill the research, the Navy quietly continued to fork out $100,000 for a two-year project directed by a bionics specialist. The "remote viewing" team at SRI was really engaged in projecting words and images directly to the cranium. It was not a Humanitarian pastime: the project was military and test subjects are subjected to a lifetime of EM torture plied with the same thorough disregard for Human rights as the radiation tests conducted at the height of the Cold War. To be sure, the treatment subjects have received at the hands of their own government would be considered atrocities if practiced in wartime.

          Mind control was also used in domestic covert operations designed to further the CIA's heady ambitions, and during the Vietnam War period SRI was a hive of covert political subterfuge. The Symbionese Liberation Army, like the People's Temple, was a creation of the CIA. The SLA had at its core a clique of black ex-convicts from Vacaville Prison. Donald DeFreeze, otherwise known as "Cinque", led the SLA. He was formerly an informant for the LAPD's Criminal Conspiracy Section and the director of Vacaville's Black Cultural Association (BCA), a covert mind control unit with funding from the CIA channeled through SRI. The Menlo Park behavior modification specialists experimented with psychoactive drugs administered to members of the BCA. Black prisoners were programmed to murder selected black leaders once on the outside. The CIA/SRI zombie killer hit list included Oakland school superintendent Dr. Marcus Foster, and Panthers Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, among others. DeFreeze stated that at Vacaville in 1971-72, he was the subject of a CIA mind control experiment. He described his incarceration on the prison's third floor, where he was corralled by CIA agents who drugged him and said he would become the leader of a radical movement and kidnap a wealthy person. After his escape from Vacaville (an exit door was left unlocked for him), that's exactly what he did.

          "EM mind control machines were championed at SRI by Dr. Karl Pribram, director of the Neuropsychology Research Laboratory: "I certainly could educate a child by putting an electrode in the lateral hypothalamus and then selecting the situations at which I stimulate it. In this was I can grossly change his behavior." Psychology Today touted Pribram as "The Magellan of Brain Science." He obtained his B.S. and M.D. degrees at the University of Chicago, and at SRI studied how the brain processes and stores sensory imagery. He is credited with discovering that mental imaging bears a close resemblance to hologram projection (the basis for transmitting images to the brains of test subjects under the misnomer "remote viewing"?).

          "The SRI/SAIC psi experiments were supervised at Langley by John McMahon, second in command under William Casey, succeeding Bobby Ray Inman, the SAIC director. McMahon has, according to Philip Agee, the CIA whistle- blowing exile, an affinity for "technological exotics for CIA covert actions." He was recruited by the Agency after his graduation from Holy Cross College. He is a former director of the Technical Services Division, deputy director for Operations, and in 1982 McMahon was appointed deputy director of Central Intelligence. He left the Agency six years later to take the position of president of the Lockheed Missiles and Space Systems Group. In 1994 he moved on the Draper Laboratories. He is a director of the Defense Enterprise Fund and an adviser to congressional committees.

          "Many of the SRI "empaths" were mustered from L. Ron Hubbard's Church of Scientology, Harold Puthoff, the Institute's senior researcher, is a leading Scientologist. Two "remote viewers" from SRI have also held rank in the Church: Ingo Swann, a Class VII Operating Thetan, a founder of the Scientology Center in Los Angeles, and the late Pat Price. Puthoff and Targ's lab assistant was a Scientologist married to a minister of the church. When Swann joined SRI, he stated openly that fourteen "Clears" participated in the experiments, "more than I would suspect." At the time he denied CIA involvement, but now acknowledges, "it was rather common knowledge all along who the sponsor was, although in documents the identity of the Agency was concealed behind the sobriquet of 'an east-coast scientist.' The Agency's interest was quite extensive. A number of agents of the CIA came themselves ultimately to SRI to act as subjects in "remote viewing" experiments, as did some members of Congress." --1996 Alex Constantine

          STANFORD / CIA IMPLANT/MIND CONTROL EXPERIMENTATION -- In a rare example of a crack in the mass media's wall of silence and coverup regarding mind control projects in general and electronic mind control in particular, the Sonoma County Independent weekly newspaper, in their July 9 1998 edition, featured a front page article on electronic mind manipulation by the means of surgically implanted microtransceivers. The article focuses primarily on the case of a Silicon Valley family; in particular, activities involving their son. Writer J. Douglas Allen-Taylor details a litany of horrors suffered by the Kats family at the hands of "scientists" and "doctors" working at Stanford University Medical Center facilities in the service of government intelligence agencies; pursuing extensive mind control agendas which utilize physical implants for monitoring, tracking and activating pre-encoded psychological "triggers".

          Edward and Claudia Kats, Russian immigrants who left when Russia was still part of the Soviet Union, relate how their son Jay was first implanted during a 1982 tonsillectomy operation at Stanford Medical Center. Edward attests that he himself was then implanted during an operation at Kaiser Hospital in 1991. They suspect that the initial reason for the interest on the part of the CIA was the family's suspected but nonexistent connection to the KGB. Subsequent experimentation continued even after the agency realized there was no such connection, as son Jay was inducted into a full-on mind control operation. The article mentions the blond haired, blue-eyed appearance of Jay, and this makes me suspicious that perhaps the real reason for the interest on the part of the CIA has to due do with genetic/racial factors.

          The Katses describe how the implants affected Jay's mood, mental acuity, attitudes towards other people...the works. His school performance deteriorated tremendously and he began to get in trouble with the law. They believe he and Edward are the target of trans- missions which are intended to induce them to commit any of a wide range of preprogrammed actions--even crimes. Claudia noted in the article that threats, "bad thoughts" and negative, (self)- destructive concepts and attitudes or "feelings" are also transmitted. Edward Kats feels that large segments of the population, in particular racial minorities, are being subjected to the same kind of programming; for one reason, to instigate continual social/civil unrest and disturbances.

          The Katses and their legal representatives have filed formal and well documented complaints and reports with a host of law enforcement, judicial and other governmental agencies on many levels. Predictably, no serious interest has been shown nor any actions taken in response to the charges.

          Another Silicon Valley resident mentioned in the article is David Duval, who feels he was implanted because of his suspected links to illegal drug trafficking, and is being used in the expectation that he can help track the whereabouts of certain kingpins in illegal drug operations.

          Santa Clara University law professor Alan Scheflin, author of a very hard-to-find 1978 book called "The Mind Manipulators," says that clandestine mind control experiments have been going on in the US for many years, and that a good number of these involve implantation with just the kinds of devices referred to in the above allegations.

          THE LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD MASSACRE -- In late October of 1997, "Investigative Report" on the Arts & Entertainment Network carried a report on the Colin Ferguson murder trial. Ferguson had been found guilty of murdering six and wounding another thirteen during a deadly and inexplicable outburst aboard a Long Island Rail Road commuter train in late 1993.

          A brief segment towards the end of the A&E report showed reporters interviewing a "Raoul Diaz", outside the courthouse where Ferguson's murder trial was in progress. Diaz, who had appeared to testify in Ferguson's behalf, described how he had been kidnapped while driving a taxi in the Bronx, and subsequently placed on a Long Island Rail Road train at Penn Station bound for Hicksville. Someone of Oriental appearance sitting directly adjacent to him on the train displayed a small handheld device and commented that he was employed by the CIA. He said to Diaz, "look at that black man over there", then pressed something on the device and Ferguson immediately fell unconscious. Appearing visibly ill at ease during the interview, Diaz nervously continued with his astonishing account when someone behind him whispered something and the interview was terminated abruptly.

          There was no explanation offered by either those conducting the interview at the time or by the producers of the A&E report for the information related by Diaz. The intended inference would seem to be that this was just some screwball, though he certainly didn't appear so. Diaz came across as coherent, rational and credible, gave no indication of being a wacko.

          Diaz was not allowed to testify at the Ferguson trial by Ferguson and/or the judge, and to my knowledge, no other witnesses who had some other peculiar and troubling information to impart about that train ride to hell ever got to testify either. Diaz has literally never been heard from again, certainly not in any public way. Strange as well that Ferguson, a man with some obvious and substantial mental impairment, was allowed by the judicial system in a blatant procedural anomaly to conduct his own defense--which, though tech- nically permitted under the U.S. Constitution, is almost never granted in practice in a mass murder case such as this, with some good reason.

          I first heard this information in 1995 from Montauk Project book series coauthor Peter Moon, about the Oriental man who urged Diaz to observe how the small handheld remote control transmitter could make Ferguson nod off. Why Diaz would have been kidnapped and placed on the train to so observe the clandestine technology which apparently activated the terrifying and deadly proceedings is anyone's guess. How interesting that this took place on Long Island. Notice we are talking about electromagnetic/radio-frequency mind control here-- the undeniable specialty of the Montauk Project.

          It could be the killings were an attempt to exacerbate racial tensions in the New York area which had already been rather strained for years. Or maybe only one or several of those killed were actually the real intended victims and the mass shooting was to cover up that fact-- as it would look like the target(s) died by chance with the others in an indiscriminate mass shooting.

          Perhaps this was a preliminary test-run of technology which could subsequently have been used in the astonishing number of mass murders committed by young teen or preteen boys in the past couple of years in the United States--often at schools.

          Indications are that tremendous numbers of young people from the streets of America--those millions who for reasons of social disinte- ration, family conflicts, subliminal entrainment, outright mind manipulation or a combination of these and/or other factors are now filling the streets of American cities and even smaller towns; drifting, homeless and undirected--are being inducted en masse at this period of time and programmed via the technologies perfected at Montauk; computer- assisted EM/RF mind control utilizing deliberately caused "multiple personality disorder" syndrome conditions to create thoroughly programmed alternate personalities within targeted subjects. Various combinations of agendas from other projects like Monarch and MK-ULTRA as well as the Montauk Project are being implemented via these operations.

          Nearly every major population area in the country has a "Montauk Boys and Girls" project underway at this time. Children programmed through various means (such as having schoolchildren on overnight field trips bunk at "decommissioned" military facilities during which time they are abducted, programmed and returned. Subsequently, triggers and cues embedded in popular mass entertainment (for example, the movie Scream has been cited as inspiring certain of the horrendous, grisly mass murders committed by young adolescents in the U.S. recently) can set these "sleepers" off in predetermined ways.

          Parents: more than ever, and in ways you would never have dreamed of, watch out for your children--who they are with, what the influences on them are, where they go, what they are interested in.

          TEENS AND PRETEENS WHO (MASS) MURDER -- The ongoing string of mass murders committed by young boys often right around the age of puberty (considered to be a very significant age by the Montauk Project mind control experiment operators), has finally pushed me over the brink; into confronting head-on the likelihood that this and a veritable blood orgy of similar mass murders by youngsters in the past couple of years--mostly but not only in the southeastern U.S.--are the result of some sort of mind control program.

          I have had strong suspicions that the Jonesboro, Arkansas massacre in March 1998, a May 1998 graduation dance massacre in Edinboro, Pennsylvania and a subsequent school shooting rampage in Springfield, Oregon--to name only the some of the more recent incidents--represent the tip of the iceberg of some serious and extensive youth-directed mass-conditioning programs currently underway. Regarding the Arkansas tragedy in particular, there were some very troubling aspects to the mass shooting there by two youngsters, aged 11 and 13, who murdered four schoolmates and a teacher while wounding 11 others. The two were in possession of a number of weapons, camouflage clothing, a van stocked with provisions and "survivalist" gear, among other oddities, and there were reports of ties to a satanic cult of some kind currently popular in the southeastern U.S.

          Despite a fairly rigorous childhood and teenagehood in New York City and Long Island, and many years since spent in other major urban areas like L.A. and the Bay Area, I must say I can really recall no precedent for these types of mass slayings perpetrated by teens and preteens, against their peers or elders, often carried out at (usually public) schools. What in the name of God or any standard or concept of a more evolved, civilized and positive existence and being; what in the name of any decency, reason, compassion, or awareness could possibly be motivating or compelling these young people to manifest such remorseless, shameless and vicious violence in mass murder?

          And notice also that this is not happening in New York, L.A., Chicago or other large cities. Its happening mainly in quiet, totally "typical", rural/suburban Middle American communities, among predominantly white, middle class people.

          I think programming is on the scene here in a most major style. Subliminals embedded in popular entertainment could even be the triggers for certain preprogrammed behavior and responses ready to be "activated".

          In fact, in one of Alex Constantine's articles on the mass ritual sex abuse case involving McMartin Preschool and their outright CIA connections, he notes that many of the CIA's child oriented MK operations are "administered" by an Indonesian religious cult: one of the leading members of this cult is also a principal officer in a MAJOR computer games software manufacturing/developing business. He doesn't name names, but I believe it must be either Sega Genesis or Nintendo or some corporation rather close to them in terms of market share, from the way he writes it. The name of the relious cult is "Subud". MUSIC AND MIND CONTROL -- The use of music as an aid to programming, which forms a significant aspect of the operation experienced firsthand by "Mr. Coffee" and described in his account reprinted directly following this section, has been consistently commented on by certain researchers, including Preston Nichols. Music provides access to the deeper, subconscious, emotional, nonlinear/logical portions of the psyche. As shown so clearly by "psychedelic" pioneers Tim Leary and Richard Alpert in their government-sponsored LSD research (some which occurred at Montauk AFS)--"set and setting" are crucial in determining the impact and outcome of an LSD trip...and a mind programming operation. Music, as an especially emotional art form, could be utilized very effectively (albeit diabolically!) to assist in amplifying, intensifying and boosting the impact of certain programming operations and experiences. In addition, certain triggers can be activated by the music previously used during programming. There is information put forward by people like "Sue Ellen" above and others indicating that certain music stars are being trained/ programmed/ groomed/ mind controlled, so that in their roles as mass entertainers they are fulfilling a certain function in the general mind controlled new world order of things, and that there are very likely entrainment frequencies and subliminal commands and such embedded within the sound tracks: certainly in the case of country music the overall tone of the lyrics of many country songs is undeniably "down" and puts forth an ultimately depressing view of things. So many of these songs are about serious emotional distress, failed relationships and similar topics.

          Technically and even artistically, the level of musicianship, proficiency, etc. could be quite high and the music could "sound good" but there could be specific signals/frequencies mixed in later, perhaps unbeknownst to the performing artists, which reinforce an element of the lyric content or even communicate some other "message". Even subliminal vocal tracks could be used in this way. Much "heavy metal" and rap music overtly exhibit extraordinary levels of negativity, hatred and descriptions of violence in their lyrics, the destructive impact of which could all easily be supplemented with a hefty dose of subliminal images, commands and the like.

          My thought is this. One concept which could be getting inserted into country and other pop music by these and various other methods might be this: to abuse (physically, sexually, emotionally) or neglect your children resulting in their lives being under the control the government, or to "turn them over to the government" in any number of other ways, and/or assist the government in gaining access to and control over your children so that the government can (have means and opportunity to) subject them to psychosexually abusive mind control programming so they can serve certain purposes as agents of the government.

          If kids are abused at home, and/or families are in fact being sublim- inally encouraged in many ways through manipulation of mass media to literally disintegrate, then more and more kids have been and will be ending up either in some sort of government custody or on the streets, where they become fair game for the picking; particularly by organized crime, which as I noted in my first report, is strongly implicated in the procurement of young people by any number of means, for covert government agencies to utilize in their unconscionable, inHuman and unconstitutional operations.

          This is the sort of thing that is apparently occurring which at least in part deals with this sort of social engineering--molding and shaping of consciousness and social reality through covert (and evil) manipulation of mass communication such as the press and the news media, television, entertainment. movies, music, and so on. Additionally there are the technologies developed in the Montauk Project by which our very thoughts and even psychic-level experiences can be interfered with, tweaked, twisted and controlled.

          I received an email on the subject of music as utilized in mind control operations, which read in part as follows:

          "With the advances in technology since Dick Sutphen's book, "The Battle For Your Mind," first came out, is it still impossible to reduce various frequencies to detect the subliminals when they are psycho-acoustically modified and synthesized so that they are projected in the same chord and frequency as the music?"

          Though I'm unfamiliar with the book mentioned above, the topic is certainly intriguing. Here's my response to the question, based upon my admittedly limited familiarity with the nuts and bolts of such oper- ations. Certain people connected to the Montauk Project have made repeated references to the way popular entertainment--in particular music-- has been and is being utilized as an aid to EM/RF mind control program- ming, either directed towards a population as a whole or towards smaller groups or individuals.

          Preston Nichols has relayed information about some of the more esoteric technologies which utilize music as a medium for dissemination. He referred to what he calls a "quantum" waveform of some kind which is not in either the audio or electromagnetic wave spectrum, and which can transmit extensive amounts of information. This quantum information signal apparently interacts with certain levels of consciousness and awareness: there is no commonly available technology at this time with which the information can be decoded.

          One point made by Nichols which I, as a musician, found intriguing is that the equipment used in implementing this quantum information wave is highly dependent upon vacuum tubes, as much of the Montauk Project technology has been in general, although transistors are utilized to some extent. Interesting that many electric musicians, especially guitarists, have adamantly withstood the tidal wave of solid state technology when it comes to instrument amplifiers: as many rock fans know, most electric guitarists, bassists, miked vocalists and other musicians swear by the vast superiority of the tonal qualities of vacuum tube amps and the ability of such equipment to convey a far greater range of subtle nuances of feeling that transistor amps.

          Nichols indicated to me that a substantial amount of popular music during the 1960s, 70s, 80s and of course now has been utilized in service of a covert (of course!) MK agenda using various methods and technologies, and as I've pointed out, similar charges have been made by a number of other people, for example Cathy O'Brien. (Nichols worked as a sound recording engineer before going to work at Brookhaven Labs around 1970).

          More detailed and technical information was conveyed to me about this entire matter but to be honest the technical part is a bit over my head. I am a bit weak in radio electronics as well as quantum physics, relativity and the unified field theory.

          I have been extremely intrigued by the statements made by Nichols and others about music being utilized for mind control purposes but remain somewhat unclear about how this is actually accomplished technically. Then of course questions such as those posed by Mr. Hart above have crossed my mind as well--that is, how can the subliminal psycho-acoustic frequencies, quantum information waves and other embedded data be isolated, deciphered, etc.

          MIND CONTROL VICTIMS--PERSONAL TESTIMONY -- Certainly one of the most astonishing accounts from a victim/survivor of an intensive mind control programming operation to have ever come my way is this one; emailed to me in late 1997 by an individual who gave me a brief autobiography which described how he had been picked at the age of ten, through the "auspices" of the "Silva Mind Control Program", to be an unwitting candidate for the "MK-ULTRA/Montauk/Ewen Cameron School of Mind Control" (I think I made that last one up!), which commenced in earnest when he entered college at Rochester NY.

          Continually monitored by military agents who had tracked the fellow throughout high school, my contact was given the full complement of Montauk type programming after he entered college, and he subsequently worked for his programmers in an altered state of mind as a slavelike agent. Among other horrors, he has had recalls of assassinating targeted subjects.

          Here's the real grabber--this fellow has pieced together solid evidence (including recovered computer text files detailing this particular MK method) showing that music was used as a major aspect of a CIA covert mind-programming technology/system, as a means of substantially strengthening the emotional components of psyche and personality and "enlisting" these aspects for the programmed "cause". This translates into a much more intense "commitment" and connection to the program on the part of mind controlled agents. This same music, perhaps with encoded subliminals as well, is used to activate the previously embedded program in the agent.

          An incredible and terrifying story--and, the dates of his major involve- ment which this fellow recalls coincide exactly with information from Preston Nichols regarding a very recent phase of the Montauk project, from 1988-1992.

          This man was most recently an operative in the southeastern U.S.; however, that is where his "handler" made some major errors in "handling" my contact, which resulted in substantial and traumatic memory break- throughs, a breakdown in the mind control program in his case and my contact's disconnection from the operation. (Naturally though, severe harassment and vicious threats have followed him almost continually since). Preston Nichols has reported that after the departure of the Montauk Project's mind control crew from the Montauk underground installation roughly the end of 1992, the Project was somewhat at loose ends for a couple of years but the directors then regrouped and ensconced them- selves in the Atlanta Georgia area at Robins Air Force Base.

          I had occasion to meet this man, whom I will call "Mr. Coffee" (a pseudonym), in person during my trip to Long Island in the summer of 1998, which has been recounted above in this report. I found him in some degree to be not what I expected; certain elements of the type of programming he has been subjected to--what might be called a fearless, kamikaze-type warrior with total confidence seem to have leaked through in to his everyday personality. Coffee indicated to me and Nichols that he (Coffee) may very well still be utilized while in an alternate state of mind for various covert operations by intelligence/military agencies. He attested to feeling bizarrely affected by the energy particularly at Camp Hero but also in the village of Montauk.

          Here is what Coffee had to say : "Dear Sir:
          "I believe that I was/am the subject of some horrific government mind control experiments. I believe that the government "selected" me at a very young age, watched me develop as a young man, and then when the time was right forced me into their "mind control project". My memories of these events were all but nonexistent until recently, when a single event triggered a massive flood of memories which started to all come back to me. To be honest the whole experience has left me quite shaken as well as quite scared. But mostly confused. "It all started when I was 10 years old. My mother enrolled me in a mind control course called "the Silva Mind Control Method". It is sort of a self hypnosis course where you learn to dive down into the different levels of your mind. You learn things like how to heal your body with your mind, relaxation techniques, ways to focus your concentration, and melt spoons with your mind (things like that). You may have heard of it? Anyway, while in the course we learned to go to our "level" (a relaxed state of mind which is the basis of the Silva method). I was extremely good at all of the things we were doing for some reason right from the start. The instructor... was praising me like I was god's next gift to mankind. Telling me that I was the greatest student he has ever seen etc. etc.. "This is where it all starts: during one of the breaks (about six weeks into the course) the instructor asks me to go outside to meet some of his "friends". I go outside with him (and let me tell you, when you are 10 years old and you are in a class room for two hours at a time on your Saturdays and Sundays for eight straight weeks you ABSOLUTELY live for your 15 minute breaks) so needless to say I was not very interested in wasting my "break time" talking to whoever these people were. We go out the double doors and there are two men waiting to talk to me. THEY BOTH WERE WEARING MILITARY UNIFORMS, one was wearing army green, and the other was in blue (possible Air Force but I cant be sure). The instructor states to the men "this is the kid" and they make some small talk. To be honest I really didn't pay much attention to them ( I was looking at the other kids on the play ground and wondering why the hell I'm over here and not over there). But here's the main point; The man in green bends down on one knee and says to me "I hear you have some very special abilities" and I said "I do"? He stands back up and speaks to the instructor some more, then kneels back down and says, "It was very nice meeting you, YOU KNOW YOUR GOING TO WORK FOR ME SOME DAY!" As a 10 year old you don't quite grasp what is really going on and I remember laughing and telling him that I didn't quite understand, but it was nice meeting him, and I ran off to the play ground. But when I looked back, the three adult were still standing there looking at me, talking about me, and sizing me up.

          "That was the only time that I actually spoke to those men for years, but what happens next is very odd. Growing up my parents were fighting all the time and they finally got divorced. So what did I do, I used sports as my escape. All I focused on was sports, I would leave the house and go down to the field or into the backyard and practice, and practice, and practice my soccer skills. As a result of this I became extremely good, so good you would not believe me (I just seemed to have a knack for it). I didn't think about doing it, I just did it. It was like it was mind over matter.

          "It's funny because honestly I could do things that were so unbelievable on the soccer field. You have to see it to believe it. Here is how; I honestly didn't know any better. I didn't know that I wasn't supposed to be able to do that, just take the ball down the field by yourself and score EVERY TIME! But in my mind, I could do it, so I did it in real life EVERY TIME. When the opposing teams coaches asked how old I was, when I told them the didn't believe me, after the games were over they would thank me for not running up the score and humiliating "their boys". That how good I was and I do have video tapes of the games to prove it!

          "Here is the thing, and I didn't put it together at the time. When you go to any children's sporting event you see all of the parents. They are usually are dressed casually and usually bring a folding chair and sit around and watch the game and gossip with the other parents etc. etc.. I REMEMBER looking around at all the parents. I REMEMBER noticing TWO GUYS IN MILITARY UNIFORMS FREQUENTLY AT MY GAMES. ONE IN GREEN AND ONE IN BLUE. I remember this specially because they stuck out like sore thumbs, and I specifically remember this because I was thinking "I wonder whose fathers are they?" They looked familiar from when I was 10 years old but I just could not put my finger on it.

          "I remember seeing the same two guys all through my high school sporting events. Whether it was football, basketball, or track. At the county track meet, during some football games etc. (I can rattle off 5 or 6 different examples).

          "Imagine how effective would an assassin or an agent be if in his mind, through hypnosis, he truly had no fear. If in his mind, through hypnosis, he truly believed that he could do superHuman things. Things like jumping off a 3 story roof and land without injury, just as if he was jumping a foot stool. If in his mind, through hypnosis, he truly believes he possesses superHuman strength and can turn his body's adrenaline glands on and off like a faucet. These are just some of the experiments they conducted on me in an effort to make me the "perfect weapon" or the "perfect killing machine".

          "When it came time for me to go to college is when strange things started happening. I was a "Blue chip" athlete, and was recruited heavily as an A-rated football player by most of the major universities. By the end of my senior year in high school the decision as to what school to attend was narrowed down to 2 or 3 schools.

          "Mysteriously, in the mail I received a letter which stated I had an appointment to have my physical taken for admittance to attend West Point. I didn't think much about it and the physical date came and went. Another letter arrives stating that I was "Rescheduled" FOR ANOTHER physical at West Point. The physical date also comes and goes. Again, I didn't think too much about it. Then I get a phone call from someone in the military, I don't remember his name but I think he said he was major something or other. Anyway, he asks me why I didn't go to the physicals, and I told him that 1st of all I wasn't the least interested in a military career because my father was in the military and it just wasn't my "bag". Secondly my father graduated from Annapolis and if I went to West Point he would disown me. About a week later I get a THIRD letter. This one mysteriously now states that I now have an appointment to have my physical taken to attend Annapolis.

          "The thing is I never spoke to anyone about attending either West Point or Annapolis. I never spoke to any football coaches, I never discussed it with my parents, I spoke to NO ONE about applying to ANY military academy! I did some research about the process in which one must to go through to enter either academy. Let me tell you that the physical is about the third screen they use to weed out unqualified candidates. These screens include either a presidential or a congressional nomination (I could have gotten one due to the fact that my father attended Annapolis but since neither of us even approached the subject it really makes you wonder what the Hell is going on). In addition to this I was extremely under- qualified since neither my grades NOR my SAT scores were EVEN CLOSE to the levels expected by the academies by their applicants.

          "So how did I get THREE physicals scheduled to enter the military's most distinctive schools WITHOUT EVER APPLYING. Someone wanted me to be in the military very badly, and I still have all the letters "requesting" my presence at the academies for my physicals to prove it!

          "By a rather odd set of events I end up going to a college I had never heard of before called the University of Rochester located in UPSTATE NEW YORK right between Buffalo and Syracuse. I attended the University from 1988-1992.


          This was a "Black Book Operation", these men were not exactly in the military but some sort of a private group, operating from groups within groups. You see I was so far gone and under their control because for some reason mind adhered to their "suggestions" extremely well, like nothing they had ever seen. Anything they told me to do while I was in this state of mind I could do.

          "The experiments were all under hypnosis, and were initially designed to test how far the Human could be pushed. Things like the limits of Human strength. While under hypnosis they would tell me to imagine that my arm was a hydraulic press with unlimited power, they then would place objects in my hand and tell me to crush them and I could. Another favorite was to test the limits of Human pain tolerances. For this experiment they would tell me to "turn off my nerves"; "you are in a warm and safe place, you feel nothing and have NO pain". As you can imagine they had many different varieties of this test. They controlled me like I was a robot or something, and I remember standing and walking with "tunnel vision". I had no control of myself at all. I remember having to give demonstrations of my abilities so they could get the funding needed to continue with the project.

          "I remember, being in a field, it was dusk, and I demonstrated my abilities and the showed the things I could do. There were 6 to 8 men there one of them dressed in a suit was either a senator or a congressmen and after he saw the things I could do he said "JESUS CHRIST -- If I didn't see that with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it possible. ANYTHING YOU NEED YOU GOT IT!".

          "The main focus quickly turned from doing simple tests on me to developing me as a killing machine, a military weapon, and they trained me as an assassin. I have memories of killing several people and executing several "Missions".

          "My code name they called me by was "The Rhino" and I believe I killed several people between 1988 and 1992.

          "To be honest with you this letter should have only taken me a day or two to write but I have been working on this for over three weeks now. I am not going into great detail about most of my experiences and the really painful memories. Every time I start thinking about these events my stomach turns and I become nauseous. I must ask you to please forgive me, if any of this is unclear or doesn't flow smoothly I'm sorry but I'm trying my best, but it is very difficult and painful to remember and write all this down.

          "I graduate from college and I move down South. In my apartment complex, this guy introduces himself to me at the pool and we become good friends. At this time I have no memories of all these events so I didn't put the following together until later. The guys name is Aaron and he is down South to get his masters degree in PSYCHOLOGY. Coincidentally he is also from Rochester NY. He becomes my best friend and about a year goes by. When we would go out drinking or be at parties Aaron would brag about being able to hypnotize people without them even knowing it and how he could just "fuck" with peoples' minds. I never thought much about it because he was my best friend. I get my first job with a major corporation. Three hundred and sixty resumes for 1 spot and I got the job. So naturally I was very excited and told all my friends. The job involved traveling all around the Southeast every week (being gone Tuesday through Friday, on the road, every week).

          The job didn't start until late August and it was early July so I had some time on my hands. About two weeks after I told Aaron that I had gotten the job he calls me and asks me to come over (as he was my best friend I would go over to his place all the time so I thought absolutely nothing about it). I get to his apartment and we bullshit for about an hour, and he tells me out of the blue that "some people are concerned about your new job" and I said "what the fuck are you talking about" and he said "the fact that we won't know where you are during the week"; and I was just utterly confused and extremely pissed off (I still had no memory of any of the events mentioned earlier) and I said "What the hell are you talking about? Who is concerned? What business is it of theirs anyway? Who? I don't understand?" He let it go. What happened next he did not let go.

          "I had all this time on my hands and I was very nervous because I had to go to Buffalo for three weeks of training. I was 24 years old and this was my first "real job" with a company car, expense account and everything. Ever since I was very young I stuttered severely when I spoke. The thing is I knew it was all in my mind, because when I was alone I could speak very fluently, but when I had to speak to anyone, read aloud or, heaven forbid, speak to a group of people my entire throat would just "lock up" and I could not speak word one. This was a serious problem for me and needless to say I was tormented as a child. But anyway I decided that this was my first real job and if I wanted to get anywhere in life that I will not let this stop me and it must be fixed and now is the time. I had never been to a hypnotherapist before but for some reason I really believed in the power of hypnotism, and I really thought that this along with my Silva mind control could really help me. So I open the yellow pages and pick out a hypnotherapist. In the ad the hypnotherapist claimed to be able to cure many different ailments within a few sessions, stuttering was one of them so I called and made an appointment.

          "I proceed to go into the appointment talk to the Doctor and explain how I think my problem is all in my mind. He states that my conclusions are "very interesting", and he puts me under. When I opened my eyes the doctor's face was white as a ghost and he is sweating bullets, there are now two assistants in the room and they have the same horrific look on their faces. The doctor in a trembling voice asks me "DID YOU KNOW YOU HAVE SOME KIND OF A GOVERNMENT MEMORY CAP IN YOUR MIND"? I said "no, what are you talking about?" He is still sweating profusely, and I ask him what was going on. He would not discuss it but he said wanted to see me tomorrow. I go to pay for the session in the lobby and I ask the assistant "what happened in there?" At first she would not tell me but I finally got it out of her. She said that I absolutely FREAKED OUT and I was absolutely screaming uncontrol- lably. She also stated that in her 15 years with this doctor she had never seen anything like it. She said the doctor tried for 15 minutes to put the cap back on and I would not let him, they had to get three other people to hold me down and finally he got control of the situation again. This is on a Tuesday, the doctor wanted to see me the next day but he was booked through Friday, the assistant made room for me to see him on Thursday.

          "I leave very confused, still having no clear memories of any of the government experiments. The thing is I go home and what do I do, I go right over to my best friends apartment (Aaron) and tell him the whole story about the hypnotherapist and the memory cap. He starts to FREAK OUT, you went to a hypnotherapist WHEN? And let me tell you he was PISSED! I remember being very confused because I didn't still didn't make the connection. I remember going into his apartment, telling him what happened, he gets very angry, but after that there was "lost time." It was between 3:00 and 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon when I went over there. I remember this because there were soap operas on the television when I was initially telling him my story; when I left Jeopardy was on and it was becoming dusk. It was about 7:30 on the evening. I leave his apartment and go home, I found myself sort of wondering what happened? At home I empty my pockets on the table (change, keys etc..) and I have the receipt from the hypnotherapist. "Oh yea" I say I'm supposed to see him on Thursday, but I couldn't remember anything else.

          "I go back Thursday AND THE DOCTOR IS NO LONGER THERE! I MEAN HIS NAME IS SCRATCHED OFF THE DOOR HE IS GONE, VANISHED, I MEAN IT WAS LIKE HE HAD NEVER BEEN THERE. There were four or five doctors sharing the same office and there was simply a space where his name had been. I go in and ask the receptionist where is doctor so and so, as hard as I try I just cannot remember his name, but I can find my way back to where his office was. I ASK THE RECEPTIONIST WHAT IS GOING ON AND SHE TELLS ME TO PLEASE LEAVE AND DO NOT COME BACK. I ask about the doctor, she closes the receptionists window turns her back to me and walks away. "I go home, even more confused, Aaron calls me that night to come over, I go, again not thinking anything about it. This is where all hell breaks loose. I go to his apartment and we are sitting down talking as usual. From the back bedroom six or seven men come out! The same two military officers I had seen all along from my childhood and at the University of Rochester (one in green and one in blue). The other men were dressed in black. The instant I saw these men I began to remember, my instinct tells me to run but I was taken totally by surprise. The men in black leap over the couch, grab and hold me. They pinned me against the back of the couch, I had no leverage to plant my feet and try get up. They start to laugh and say things like "this guy isn't so tough" and "that was easy". "I remember looking at Aaron with a look of betrayal: he could not look at me. The military officer in green says "do you have any idea how much trouble you've been, we should have killed you a long time ago"; he asks Aaron "is he going to remember any of this?" Aaron answers no. He proceeds to punch me in the face. I am struggling to get up but I just could not move, Aaron then takes over.

          "Aaron then says the "magic word" and instantly I cannot move, he tells me how relaxed I feel how I feel warm and safe I feel, how I am in a "happy place".

          "This is where things start getting a little crazy. What he did to me, I remember, he somehow locked me away in my own mind creating multiple personalities. I remember fighting him for control in my mind. He said that I will do what I tell you to do. He said the walls are closing in and you cannot fight it, in my mind I of course pictured the walls closing in. On his instruction the walls closed in until I was inside a "vacuum sealed steel coffin", I could not fight it and I could not move. He then said you are being sent to a place in your mind where you will never be found, at this point I start screaming "no no no". After he sent me to a place where "no one will ever find you", he instructed that "a steel plate the size of ten football fields and 10 feet thick is crashing down upon you" and he said "here it comes, and there is no escape". I remember screaming again as he says "boooom". Here comes another one, "boooom", and he proceeded to do this five or six more times. I am screaming during all of this.

          "The hypnotherapist had pulled me out of it; two days later the hypno- therapist has disappeared and Aaron locks the "monster" away again, with new doors and in a new place. The monster who claims to be the real me who is even now locked away somewhere in my mind? This concept is very scary and confusing but these are my memories.

          "This all took place in the summer of 1994. After that I couldn't remember any of these events, and Aaron continued to be my "best friend". Over the next two years I would go over to Aaron's apartment and hang out. I remember a lot of missing time, watching a movie and all of a sudden I would be watching a different movie and it is 2:00 in the morning. Sometime he would get up and lock the door when it is only the two of us and we were both about 6 foot tall and 230 pounds with bodybuilder physiques living in a very quiet and secure apartment complex. So I began to wonder about these events and I would ask him "why do you sometimes lock the door" and he would never answer me.

          "There is much more to the story--how I broke free, where I am today, are they still watching me? It's funny because I play these events over and over again in my mind. Government experiments, multiple personalities, hypnosis. The thought that the United States Government assigned someone to "watch" me for years sounds kind of crazy. The thing is, as I was sitting here typing on my computer and writing this letter, I remembered that Aaron used to come over and use my computer for some of his "theories" and "projects". When we were "best friends" I never thought much about it.

          "But LOOK what I found on my computer. Here is the first page of a 10- page document that is one of his theories on how the Human mind operates which he submitted to be published.

          "Memory Regression Technique (MRT) Aaron M. XXXXXXXX Memory Regression Technique (MRT), involves the process of retrieving past memories, and can assist in the retrieval of repressed material (memories) from the unconscious. MRT understands the process of asso- ciation in relation to memory and strongly believes that specific memories can be brought to consciousness. Furthermore, MRT assumes to seize (particularly regarding the repressed patient) deep-seated memories and experiences through the aid of association using music.


          Memory Regression Technique (MRT), involves the process of retrieving past memories. Memories that are either general or specific in nature. What the technique consists of is regressing one's mind (through age and time). By having individuals retrieve information (memories) from their past using a systematical process, they begin to develop an adaptation to this process. A "familiarity" of retrieving past memories and as this process continues, releasing stored material is made easier by the individual.

          Memory Regression Technique can assist in the retrieval of repressed material (memories) from the individual's unconscious. Repressed material or pieces of information can be brought to consciousness through the aid of association. It is certainly probable that specific individual experiences / events were recorded in one's memory through association, particularly with music during a specific "time" or period in one's life. Accordingly, MRT can assist the individual in locating a desired "time episode" of when certain specific events (memories) transpired, that may have been repressed through time.

          Why is MRT so unique? MRT understands the process of association in relation to memory. When memory is stored it is essentially always stored in relation to the attainability of one's senses via smell, taste, touch, visual, and through auditory processes.

          When individuals tend to remember past experiences it is usually retrieved through related associations (whether it was induced by the color red or from a personal meaningful experience). MRT parallels with that of state- dependent memory. State-dependent memory is an extension of context- dependent memory (information that is better retrieved in the "context" in which it was encoded and stored or learned). It sometimes happens that we retrieve information better when we are in a physiological or emotional state that is similar to the one in which we encoded and stored the information. Our moods may also serve as cues that aid in the retrieval of memories. Emotion influences not only what is stored in memory, but also how easily records can be accessed from memory. Individuals can best retrieve emotional memories by reinstating the emotion they were experi- encing at the time they originally stored it, especially if the memory is associated with music.

          The objective is to increase the process of retrieval. Knowing that music (a specific song) can elicit a past memory for an individual, MRT realizes this principle: more songs may elicit more memories. MRT is an extensive collection of condensed music from past years to the present in chrono- logical order. MRT is designed for availability to most settings: classical, country, jazz, rhythm and blues, pop, rock and roll, rap, gospel, folk, reggae, etc. --Mr. Coffee" A subsequent email read:

          "John: I got your name off the mind control forum web page and sent e-mails to all the people who I thought could help me. I had sent you that mail a while ago and a lot has happened since then. Since then I have regained more of my memory. As It turns out I have incredible telekinetic abilities, I can move, levitate and create objects using only my mind. And yes I was one of the superstars at Montauk from 1988-1992. They since have erased my memory of everything and my abilities but I am slowly getting them back.

          "The thing is I have remembered that I have a 8 year old son and his mother is my soul mate and the woman I am supposed to marry, both of which they have and are raising my son for their own purposes. I am going to be forced to make a trade with them in exchange for my silence. As you can imagine I cannot discuss the details for many reasons. I cannot go public as the whole affair goes a lot farther then just a simple trade and if I do they will kill them. I have tried to get him before and they simply erased my memory again, this time I am more prepared.

          "I have read your articles and must say that you are correct on many accounts and can tell you only that everything Preston Nichols claims happened in his books is all too true. "I thank you for your concern and reply to my request for help. I hope you understand that things are in a very critical time for me and even writing this letter is extremely dangerous for me. But I will try and keep in touch with you as best as I can. Thanks again --Mr. Coffee"

          I am currently unaware of Coffee's intentions regarding matters such as public disclosure of what he has been through and what he knows. He has met with Nichols a few times, and with Peter Moon. Nichols informed me that Coffee is "definitely involved" with some recent phase of the Montauk Project, but given the seriousness and sensitivity of the situation (in regards to Coffee's wife and child), Nichols would not discuss it further with me on the phone--which is pretty rare for him (even though he openly acknowledges that his phone line is intensively tapped).

          As described earlier, I did meet Coffee in person during my trip to eastern Long Island in the summer of 1998. At that time Nichols indicated to me that he felt Coffee may have been used as a breeder and/or as cloning stock by the secret government, probably due certain racial or bloodline factors. Nichols believed that Coffee had without doubt been subjected to "Montauk Project-related" government mind modification programs and that his alternate identities had been extensively programmed to function as a fearless, "invincible" extremely self confident soldier.

          In early September 1998, Mr. Coffee was arrested by local police where he currently resides in New Jersey, at the instigation of the FBI and aided by a complaint against him by a suspiciously eager ex-girlfriend. They had a court order to confiscate a Coffee possessed: though he was compliant in every way with the officers, they found some pretext on which to arrest him and he ended up incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital! Several days before, Coffee had appeared on a Long Island TV talk show in which he aired an extensive account of his involvement in government mind control programs, and the day after the broadcast he was the target of a kidnapping/murder attempt.

          ********************************************************** From "Oscar Laurent" (a pseudonym) comes the following testimony, which describes his own childhood induction into a government-run covert mind control program.

          "I have very vivid recollection of an episode (beginning midday, summer) from where I was in a van (mini van or other taller vehicle) sitting in the front passenger seat and pulling over at a gate in the fence where the road (perpendicular to highway, dirt) extended for a long distance (miles? Depth perception in arid western lands with only reference as a distant mountain range is quite confusing) from the highway to the moun- tains in the distance... I believe I've entered within a geomagnetic hot spot. The land around this road is quite arid, plain, no structures rocks or dunes, and only limited plant life (little grass clumps or small bushes) and extremely flat. During this time of transport between the highway and mountains, there is a large missing block of time...

          The next memory is entering the wooded area of the mountains, many solid rock faces with steep angles on the sides of the road winding through the forest, and (because I was woke up by the bumpy road) then another lapse of missing time due to sleep... The next memory is constant till the end. The arrival (waking now) is to a dirt/gravel parking lot. There in this parking lot was a large house-like structure, wide, typical design of a hotel; large front porch, dumpster and propane tanks outside to right (facing) of building, other cars/small trucks in lot near house, gravel on ground in parking lot, grassy area behind house with wooded area beyond that... all sides of this area are steep hill / mountain sides forming a basin (slightly darker in lighting) where the building was... miscellaneous other little things (trivial)> the interior of this building was house like, we passed by dining and lounge rooms, [boredom eliminated memory of most of the interior, until going downstairs] and finally ended up in the basement of this building...

          Stuff in basement was typical of an old building, miscellaneous old junk, whatever, but on the side wall (following a wide path through junk) was a modern and shiny metallic door with digital numeric keypad combination lock on the right side, which the person leading me to it stood in front of and opened when door was opened it swung open towards me, and I notice that the side of it is about a foot thick with bolt locks extending from it [similar to bank vault] (might have been the receptacles for locks mounted in the doorframe) all metallic chrome or steel, and a long tunnel extending from it down at a slight angle, and to the right this tunnel was well lit at the entrance (white lights as found in office buildings) (similar arrangement of lighting as the interior running lights of an airplane, (long light source in cavity on upper corners of wall, and if I remember correctly, slightly rounded and metal chrome, compliments nicely with the pure white walls and metal flooring (diamond hatch grips on floor)) There was also a chrome handrail extending the length of this hallway, which I would look up at (being what, 3 years old?) and being led by the individual behind me with hand placed on shoulder sometimes for guidance or whatever, but always walking behind... (I do not have recollection of this man's face, as the driver of the van I was in stayed upstairs in the house, and I went with the "owner" of the house down to the basement, etc.) as we progressed down this hallway, it was obviously intended as a light adjustment area so the eyes could slowly adapt from the bright light of upstairs and outside and the entrance to the tunnel to the darkness where this tunnel met up with others in a spur. At this spur (probably 100 feet from entrance ) the lighting was rather dark at the lower level... The tunnel was straight, but the atmosphere and the gentle slope of this tunnel told our senses we were now quite a ways under ground... At the spur intersection at the end of this tunnel (very dark) we turned in some direction (no visual reference) to the left as we continued in the left tunnel we came upon a room...

          The tunnel ends in a 45` angle to a squarish room to the right, its farthest two walls of unknown distance (black walls, some chrome, but limited lighting from [it] was not enough to make out anything in the room besides [it]): the simple description: a "iridescent purplish pinkish bluish purple cuboid"

          On the right wall, as you enter the room you will notice a semi-circular table (large) extending from that wall, dark, yet reflective coloration of table, and some chromed metal throughout the "device". I'm having trouble continuing to type... any attempt to describe the thing is practically impossible... (excessively strong emotional response).

          I've tried numerous times with multitudes of materials and lighting to try to reproduce something that even somewhat resembles the thing, but haven't been able to even come close to its color, no less its semi- transparent texture and appearance of it... well we will continue to try :) >Ok... lets start with it. It is a rectangular solid. It is fairly large, probably 2 feet wide, unknown depth. Squarish front face. It is mesmerizing. If you can picture a huge mass of fiber optic material (translucent surface) with infinitive tubules intertwined within it in a rectangular solid shape, with blue, purple, and pink light streaming in high speed bursts throughout this mass, creating a glowing "purplish pinkish bluish purple cuboid" then you are coming close to the reality. You may also define it as similar to the primitive (in comparison), but current attempts to create an optical switching / processing device (computer) by many gov't and private research institutions. Ok. At least I got through that... :) this cuboid was situated slightly lower than the surface of the table, in what appeared to be an indentation (my height was at the table level, or slightly above, so I could see that it went down below the surface of the table, but no idea what it was seated on.) This aura or whatever it was so intriguing that I was guided by this other individual who led me down there to either stand or sit next to the receptacle (please see drawings) to the thing, and insert my hands and forearms into a rubber like apparatus with metallic contacts for the base of your palm as I found the metal balls within the rubber interface, I was offered a chair (seen out of corner of eye) by the leading individual, and this scene (vivid mental image of the cuboid to the upper right field of view, the counter to the right, the interface directly in front, some chrome pipes or whatever directly beyond that, darkness in the rest of the room, the front of my body below, and the chair off to my right being placed behind my legs for seating... ) this is the last memory I have of the entire event when a "supernatural" feeling swept all of me and I made contact with both hands to the metal receptacles in the interface unit. (previously only touched by fingers, now by that spot on both hands)

          Event happened between 1982 and 1984.

          Very commonly, as I travel frequently and tend to find tons of interesting things wherever I go, I have recalled these memories spawned by similarities in the environment where I currently am. HOWEVER these things that I see DO NOT in any effect my vision memory of the experience with the thing. The memory is there, it is unchanging and solid, but the resemblance of other things always bring the experience back. For example, I mention the long remote highway, the distant mountains, etc... When visiting New Mexico and Texas and attending a camp in NM (twice), (including travel between the airports (New Mexico) and the camp) I am commonly looking for the view and dirt road which are so vivid in memory along the entire trips, always hoping to see this same scene, or feel the same sensations as we approached the thing facility... Various sci-fi shows, especially Star Trek with the Borg flash back recollections of the "thing" room, especially the interface, although nothing in Star Trek resembles this arrangement of devices. Whenever I pass a wooden post/wire fence, I think of the trip along the highway and the gate we passed through. When wandering around at family friends house in NM or Texas, I think of the view looking out of the van over the fence across the plain to the mountains... Whenever visiting a rocky and mountainous area here in the northeast, whenever we come upon a tall steep rock side of a mountain on a windy road, I think of the views entering the mountains at the facility. The placement of the dumpster and other tanks and vehicles at the kitchen building of a camp I have frequently attended are quite similar to those on the side of the house/hotel building, but even with the excessive number of times I've passed by them, they are never right (the height of the porch is similar, the building construction is similar, but in no way close enough.) Entering well or dimly lit buildings sometimes reminds me of the tunnel, as would a smaller (with same slope) tunnel used to connect the airport to the plane's portal, same grating on the floor in some cases.

          NOTHING HAS EVER RECREATED THE EMOTIONAL FEELING OF THE FACILITY, thus I will soon be traveling to Montauk Point, NY where there are other geomagnetic "hot-spots" as it is the closest place to my current location with similar characteristics. ********************************************************** A therapist from New Orleans named Valerie Wolf presented two of her patients to the President's Committee on Human Radiation Experiments on March 15, 1995 in Washington D.C. The two patients, both women, gave bloodcurdling accounts of some of their horrific experiences while being subjected to government-run mind control/ modification/ manipulation programming, which included, among other "techniques", use of such tactics as drugs, torture, hypnosis, electroshock, and rape, as well as being exposed to an unspecified or unknown amount of radiation. Much of this was administered by German (ex-Nazi) doctors. Both Wolf and her patients stated they recovered the memories of this CIA program without regression or hypnosis techniques. Incredibly enough, to the best of my knowledge, neither Congress nor any committee thereof nor any element of the "free" press ever followed through and pursued these tremendously serious and well-substantiated allegations to the slightest degree whatsoever.

          David E. Rosenbaum, who was at one time employed as an attorney for Atlantic Richfield Co., conducted a nine year investigation (1983- 1992) into reports of physical torture and coercive conditioning of numerous employees at an ARCO plant in Monaco, PA. Two of his clients, Jerry L. Dotey and Ann White, though apparently victims of radiation exposure, were also subjected to very severe mind control programming while at the ARCO plant.

          Dotey and White were allegedly subjected to torture of many kinds while under drug induced hypnosis as part of this mind control operation, with each one undergoing at least three different "training" programs by plant physicians. Each victim was trained to enter into a hypnotic state upon the occurrence of specific stimuli, usually involving a "cue" word or phrase and trained to "remember to forget" what transpired in the hypnotic state. They were repeatedly subjected to identical stimulus-response sequences, in order to produce nearly automatic reactions to the particular "trigger". MK-ULTRA veteran Dr. Bernard Diamond, the ubiquitous and odious Dr. Martin Orne and Dr. Josef Mengele regularly visited the ARCO plant, according to Rosenbaum.

          Keep in mind that ARCO's advanced projects division was heavily involved in the development of HAARP technology prior to 1994, and the clear existence of a substantial mind/mood control agenda within the fundamental documentation on HAARP can not be forgotten.

          HAARP--SON OF PHOENIX -- The HAARP Project gives every indication of being the successor to certain aspects of the Montauk Project-- particularly the interdimensional and time operations, and to a number of other EM/RF mind control/ manipulation operations as well. One of the most significant pieces of official, internal covert military documentation regarding HAARP brought to light by Begich and Manning, the authors of Angels Don't Play This HAARP, speci- fically and precisely described HAARP's ability to actually scan and "INTERROGATE" the minds of targeted individuals by means of certain EM/RF technologies /applications. This is just another way of saying that their minds can be read through "artificial telepathy" or "techno-psychic"(psychotronic) systems.

          This is from the military's own internal documents, referring to many years of empirical research and development into these types of "weapons", (in total and unconstitutional secrecy, of course!) and the validated, verified, tried-and-tested results of all these covert endeavors. Naturally, within many of these same internal documents, the main focus of how these weapons would likely be used focused excessively upon domestic uses; again, a concept which right off the bat by it's very definition is absolutely unconstitutional!

          Begich and Manning's book makes repeated references to the ubiquitous John Alexander as well; one admittedly small point which kind of made my blood run cold was the fact that this guy is one of the few people in the country (world) who have a doctorate in "thanatology". That is; study and knowledge of ...death. Nice guy.

          What jumps out at me from a look at recent history is the fact that the CIA and their spook colleagues in NSA, DIA and other members of the intelligence "alphabet soup" officially farmed out psychic/ telekinetic/ telepathic/ remote viewing research to the "private sector", a sure sign that the whole shebang has gone completely underground (in one or more possible ways!), and also has been completely shielded from any possibility of (legitimate) governmental review, oversight, interference and what have you. Once it's gone private, anything can "go down".

          Which leads to Alexander's domination of the creation of Psy-Tech, the "institute" made (in)famous by Ed Dames, especially via Art Bell's radio programs. I have really never trusted Dames nor anything he said, nor anything any of these avowedly ex-spooky characters will ever utter. I have since noted that most of Dames' utterances have turned out to be hogwash. The cliche "once an agent, always an agent" is in fact very often very true.

          Here is the proof, now, that Psy-Tech and other such "private-sector" entities like The Farsight Institute, are in fact creations of the covert intelligence agencies and with certainty are fulfilling certain functions and implementing agendas for said agencies. Such as spewing malicious disinformation and playing on the "New Age" sensibilities of many people by averring that the information being put forth is being received through higher psychic abilities and is literally "infallible" (has Dames considered taking the job of Pope?); guaran- teed to be 100 per cent correct (as Dames often referred to his own "predictions" and prognostications--most or all of which have failed to materialize!) What was the agenda for putting out certain concepts and declaring that they are absolutely going to come to pass? An example of this would be Dames' Number 1 biggie--that a plant pathogen from the comet Hale-Bobb would completely devastate all plant life on earth beginning in Africa, as of last fall? Dames stated that this would lead to massive devastation of Humanity on an unprecedented scale. (We should all be very badly off right now in Dames' scenario). Dames said over and over, via the mouthpiece of ally Art Bell, that this was absolutely, positively going to happen. No way in hell it was not going to occur.

          Well, we're still here, Ed. Personally, I think Dames is full of crap. At this juncture I have to say I've become somewhat skeptical of Mr. Bell also.

          John Alexander has been closely tied to HAARP ever since the project's inception under ARCO. Alexander knows the tremendous potential for the technology as a means of global control upon the Human race through the major capabilities of HAARP transmissions to very substan- tially affect and manipulate Humanity (and other life forms) physically, emotionally/ psychologically and even psychically/spiritually.

          I would recommend that readers familiarize themselves as much as possible with the HAARP Project and its many covert agendas, and petition whatever decent elements remain of our government to uni- laterally shut down and disband any and all electromagnetic mind/ body/ mood altering operations at once.

          Watch out for HAARP!! Covert and esoteric HAARP operations ("Tesla" EM transmissions) are now unquestionably being conducted on Long Island at Brookhaven Labs and apparently at Montauk Air Force Station/ Camp Hero's subterranean installation--one of the earth's primary power points; as well as at a number of other locations worldwide. I think these are significant and unfortunate events and deserve intense scrutiny and investigation. If my gut level hunch is correct, and a linking of HAARP with certain of the Montauk Project technologies and agendas is being contemplated and/or implemented, we of the Human race could all be in for a very unpleasant situation.

          POSTSCRIPT -- WHAT'S TO COME -- Keep in mind another very significant factor; the Montauk Project appears to have splintered, with certain aspects such as the interdimensional/time operations and some of the mind manipulation programs being merged or subsumed into HAARP, and other elements of the Project continuing on as shown by the resurgence (indeed, if they ever ceased!) of the hard core, "Montauk Boys", psycho- sexual abuse-coupled-with-psychotronic-&-EM/RF mind control activities-- which result in dissociative, multiple personality conditions in the targeted subjects, with the alternate personalities being heavily programmed.

          There are statements from certain knowledgeable individuals and some outward indications to support same, that such mind control activities-- directly linked to the methods and agendas of the Phoenix/Montauk Project-- are being implemented in the subterranean installation beneath the grounds of the old Navy submarine base on Fort Pond Bay in Montauk. As I've described, my personal experiences at this location and admit- tedly subjective analyses of these experiences has led me to conclude that there are some very peculiar surface conditions as well as a noticeably strange "vibe" in the area which would tend to give addi- tional credence to such claims.

          Claims have also been made that such unwitting agents of the secret "New World Order" government, with thoroughly programmed alternate identities--many of these also implanted with biologically-based micro transceivers for monitoring, programming and triggering/activation of previous programming--may number well over five million in the United States alone, with more being inducted and initiated daily. If such numbers are anywhere near correct there is in effect a very dangerous, secret, "sleeper" army which theoretically at least can be called upon by the covert government at any time and deployed to do what would very likely be the most horrific and gruesome tasks imaginable.

          This doesn't sound very good to me, and one must hope fervently that one way or another the programming starts to break down and disinte- grate for most of these unfortunate people. A more widespread acknow- ledgement of the actual existence of these wretched operations and certainly a more open and public discussion of the entire topic and its ramifications by our society (media) would be one way to help dissolve the psychological barriers within us that prevent an under- standing of the severity of the problem; and most especially those psychological barriers within these "targeted" individuals that prevent conscious awareness on the part of the main, true personality of the means used to shatter their psyches and the resulting alternate, programmed personalities. In other words, overcoming the phenomenon by which any actual concrete, conscious memories of the events sur- rounding the psychosexual abuse and EM/RF-assisted programming are erased or blanked out of the subjects' minds.

          Members of contemporary society, in particular young people, are subjected to a good deal of overt mind manipulation programming by means of the fluff and mind candy disseminated by the mass enter- tainment corporations and major news media conglomerates; most certainly many of the video and computer games aimed so heavily at children and teenagers have a significant "programming" impact upon participants as well. In addition to that the entire population is to a degree subject to subliminal transmissions, some coupled to commercial broadcasting and others not.

          Perhaps the best way to sum all of this up right now is to say that those who cherish, support and will defend Human freedom and the right of Humanity to fulfill its most positive, most life-affirming, most inclusive, most expansive, most compassionate and most loving destiny: take heed, and take action now, in any way you can, to counteract the influences of those people who wield the technologies described in this report in pursuit of the aims and agendas noted.

          The general global situation--in terms of global economics (oppression), ecology/environment (pollution), quality of life and scarcity of resources issues, and additionally the overall "Human predicament" in terms of personal fulfillment, higher awareness, Human rights, and in terms of having any worthwhile future at all on this planet to hand our children--in many ways have surely never been more precarious: a massive shift of consciousness, and thus of "reality" itself--as shown by premier quantum mathematician /physicist and Phoenix/Montauk Project principal Jan Von Neumann--has never been more urgently needed.

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