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    There has been considerable interest in the possibility the mysterious 0.9 Hz ULF signal observed by the ELFrad group is a result of HAARP broadcasts. I have been monitoring HAARP for sometime and noted a number of similar characteristics between the HAARP broadcasts and the dates, times and pulsing of the ULF signal. The name HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) would imply its major function is the creation of high-frequency or shortwave signals.

    Nonetheless, one of the main purposes of HAARP is the generation of powerful ULF/ELF/VLF signals as stated in both the original design patent and in their list of ongoing research activities. For those researchers using sensitive ULF/ELF receivers or magnetometers for seismic correlation studies it would be useful to know when HAARP is generating ULF signals and then subtract those signals from your data set. Unfortunately, HAARP does not notify the public of the varied dates, times and frequency, or nature of modulation of its transmissions. So you would need to determine that for yourself.


    HAARP transmits primarily on 2 frequencies: 3.39 MHZ and 6.99 MHZ. The multiple transmitters have the capability, under computer control, to quickly change to any frequency between 2.8 and 10 MHZ. Early tests have demonstrated this capacity. But the crossed array circularly-polarized dipole antennas have been "cut" for maximum Effective Radiated Power at the design frequencies.

    Most radio amateurs would quickly recognize the shortwave radio propagation characteristics for the HAARP frequencies since they are adjacent to the 40 and 80 meter ham bands. This means the signals can be heard quite well at night over long distances since they reflect off the smooth F layer of the ionosphere and may bounce or skip clear around the world. During the day time the sunlight disrupts the D, E and F layers and the long distance capability of those frequencies from 1 to 10 MHZ is lost.

    In March 1997 and again March 1999, HAARP performed listener reception tests, with mostly ham radio listeners, using CW morse code signals at a specified time and date on both 3.39 and 6.99 MHZ. In the March 1997 test, most listener reports show strong signals from the second F layer skip along a line from northern California to Toronto, then very little or no reception along the line from southern California to the New England states, but strong reception again along a third F layer skip line from Texas to the Carolinas.

    In the March 1999 listener tests, with the then much higher power output, there was "minimal-but-readable" to "very-strong" reception in all of the US and Canada along with strong signals in Japan, Australia, United Kingdom and central Europe. Even though HAARP sends most of its 110 MW of power straight up in the air, there are still enough megawatts leaking off the side lobes and going around the world to make HAARP one of the "big boys" on 40 and 80 meters.

    By June 2000 HAARP has again increased its power levels. The increased reception around the world of the 1999 test compared to the 1997 test is due not only to the increased transmitter power but also the increased plasma density of the ionospheric F layer as we approach the solar sunspot maximum in the year 2000. So world-wide reception of HAARP on short wave may drop in succeeding years.

    During normal operation throughout the year, HAARP transmits on either of its frequencies with a loud 6.25 second pulse, and with either a 15 or 30 second space between pulses. When listening for the pulses they are easy to distinguish. The sound of the pulse is something like a blowtorch, modulated by the sound of a 10-ton fully loaded Mercedes lorry falling off the Chunnel train half-way to Paris. Once you have heard the HAARP pulses they are instantly recognizable.

    For monitoring purposes the receiver audio can be set very low. Each of the pulses begins with two, short but very strong, sine wave multi-frequency tones which are about 20 db above the main pulse. With the receiver audio set to a minimum background hiss, the "beep-boop" sound of the pre-pulse tones can be easily heard and let you know HAARP is transmitting.


    Current or Planned Research Facilities: Listed in order of final design output power (ERP)
    (Transmitter power x Antenna gain = Effective Radiated Power)

    1. HISCAT (International Radio Observatory, Sweden) (350 MW) ;
    2. HAARP Gakona Alaska (110 MW) ;
    3. EISCAT (Tromsö, Norway) (48 MW) ;
    4. VOA (Voice of America - Delano, CA) (27 MW) ;
    5. SURA (Radiophysical Research Institute, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) (20 MW) ;
    6. Arecibo (National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center, Puerto Rico) (20 MW) ;
    7. HIPAS High Power Auroral Stimulation Observatory (UCLA Plasma Physics Lab - Fairbanks Alaska) (17 MW)


    It would seem the primary shortwave transmitter instrument at HAARP, called the IRI (Ionospheric Research Instrument), has been built essentially according to the 1991 US Patent 5,038,664 submitted by Dr. Bernard Eastlund. The patent has the esoteric name " Method For Producing A Shell Of Relativistic Particles At An Altitude Above The Earth's Surface ."

    As with most modern patents it is long on theory and claims, but short on actual description of how the device is built. The assumption being any person knowledgeable in the field would be able to build a device to perform according to the specifications and demonstrate the claims. As such, HAARP does this quite well. The patent, originally filed in 1985, is now 15 years old so it can be assumed some improvements have been made.

    Put simply, the patent describes a method using a radio beam aimed at the ionosphere where shortwave pulses from 1 to 3.6 MHZ are applied to "heat" the electrons in the ionosphere. Then the antenna is turned so as to align with the magnetic field lines in the magnetosphere, and ELF waves (in the audio range) are applied which then drive the hot electrons upward into the magnetic bottle of the magnetosphere where they remain trapped. The purpose is to enhance the number and density of hot electrons in the magnetosphere so it will become more radio reflective. Some of the beneficial reasons for making the magnetosphere into a radio reflector are listed in the patent. Of course, none of the military uses for a radio/radar mirror out at several earth diameters above the surface are listed.

    The main advantage of the unique placement of HAARP in Gakona, Alaska is by placing the transmitter directly below the auroral electrojet where the magnetosphere intersects the ionosphere, the magnetic field lines there are nearly vertical. Then both operations described in the patent can be performed simultaneously and without moving the antenna. Thus the shortwave pulses heat the ionospheric electrons and the powerful ULF/ELF component of the pulses shoots the electrons up into the magnetosphere at the same time. There are several other ionospheric heaters like HAARP in operation around the world. But facilities such as Arecibo in Puerto Rico and VOA Delano in California are too far away from the auroral electrojet to accomplish both these functions.

    Thus one of the primary research activities at HAARP is creating the enhanced reflectivity magnetosphere and then bouncing radio signals off the mirror to determine how well the mirror is working. This depends on how many hot electrons are injected into the magnetic bottle of the magnetosphere. To get the most electrons injected, you need to have just the right ULF/ELF signal.

    When you are listening to HAARP the sound of the blowtorch is the string of pulses from two pulse generators heating the ionosphere, but slightly out of sync with each other so there is a beat frequency between them which changes numerous times and generates the ULF signals. The continuous sweeping through the ULF/ELF range is the sound of the 10-ton Mercedes lorry falling off the Chunnel train. The purpose of the research is to determine which ULF/ELF sound is most efficient. So sometimes the researchers will fill that lorry with a flock of Welsh Sheep and other times they might try a load of Scotch Rye Whiskey. And one time it sounded like a load of Window Workers from Holland. I can tell by listening they have not yet determined which sound is most efficient at producing a shell of relativistic particles, Welsh sheep, Window Workers or Whiskey. But as do all good researchers on long term government grants they keep trying.


    Since the early days of radio, in the age of Nikolai Tesla, it has been known the earth has a natural electromagnetic resonance. If a radio signal is sent out from point A it will then travel around to the opposite side of the planet, the antipode at point B, and then continue to travel around back to point A. If a new signal is sent at the same time the first signal arrives back, then the two will add together and seem to resonate constructively.

    To calculate that resonant frequency is simple. Take the speed of the radio waves (speed of light), and divide by the distance traveled (circumference of the earth). Then 186,000 mi/s divided by 24,000 mi results in 7.75 /s or about 8 Hz. This is called the first Schumann Resonance of the earth. It is assumed radio static from large lightning discharges follow this pattern and can be heard on a ULF radio receiver as overlapping random ringing damped waves at 8 Hz.

    If you take your receiver and tune below the Schumann Resonance down to about 0.9 or 1 Hz you will hear static from yet another resonant source. The cause of this Alfven Resonance is a complete mystery. It would imply there is some other path radio waves can follow which has a round trip path 8 times the size of the earth. Or it may mean there is a medium through which the radio waves travel which is 8 times slower than the speed of light. It might mean a combination of the two. It can only be a change in the speed of light or a longer distance traveled. As yet no one knows.

    When radio waves or light rays travel through water or glass they are slowed down to about 3/4 the speed of light. This accounts for the bending of light at air/water interfaces or by prisms. If radio waves travel through ionized gas they also are slowed down depending on the "plasma frequency" which is a function of the temperature, density and the species of ions which make up the plasma. If radio waves travel through the rocks of the earth they too are slowed down depending on the density and make-up of the rock. As a result there are primarily three schools of thought about the source of the Alfven Resonance. These are: (1) magnetospheric, (2) ionospheric and (3) lithospheric interactions with radio waves.

    Many of the members of the Elfrad group would fit into the third lithospheric group. The theory is, stresses in deep rocks in the lithoshpere created by seismic or magmatic activity can cause piezo-electric signals which radiate from the source, but due to some resonance of the rock and the distance between the crust and mantle, the signals are strongest at the resonance point which might be the Alfven Frequency. As a result the Alfven Resonance may not be due to radio waves in the air, but is actually coming from the earth due to random seismic activity around the planet. This area of study has been pursued for over 20 years, as yet, there are many indications but no clear proof has come forth.

    The second line of thought, ionospheric Alfven waves, has many supporters and researchers with large grants for research. Among these are teams at HAARP, along with European and Russian researchers, possibly using the EISCAT and SURA ionospheric heater facilities. The basic concept here is somehow waves travel through the thin plasma between the top of the ionosphere, the F layer, and below the magnetosphere several thousand miles above the surface, and at a speed much slower than the speed of light. There are some problems with this theory, one being, what is the source of the waves and how did they get there. But there are a number of researchers who just in the last 2 years feel they are right on the edge of proving maser-like interactions in layers of ions below the magnetosphere are the source of the Alfven Resonance.

    The third group, Magnetospheric Alfven waves, seems to have few proponents, or they have not yet published or I simply haven't read their papers. But there is the possibility waves can travel through the plasma of the magnetosphere itself and just as the electrons are bounced back and forth from north to south magnetic pole, they may be grouped in bunches such that their density rises and falls at a 1 Hz rate. This would of course need to be along the longest path of the magnetosphere, which is along the orbit of earth. The magnetosphere in the direction of the sun is compressed by the solar wind bow shock and would be a shorter path. And the magnetosphere path away from the sun is discontinuous since it forms a long conical tail also shaped by the solar wind.

    The magnetospheric tail itself, may in fact be a source of another theory for magnetospheric Alfven waves. If a thunderstorm produces those strange red and blue sprites and elves, the rising plasma jets from these phenomena may radiate electromagnetic waves upward in the direction of the magnetic tail. Under certain solar wind conditions the shape of the magnetic tail may act as a corner reflector and send the radio waves right back to the very thunderstorm which created them, which would then trigger another sprite or elf which then radiates back to the magnetic tail and ... well, possibly an electromagnetic radiation path with a total path length about 8 times the circumference of the earth resonating as long as the thunderstorm is active, with a resonant frequency of 0.9 to 1 Hz.

    What this shows is, there is a tight horse race among many researchers all looking in different places for the source of the mysterious Alfven Resonance at 0.9 Hz. It would seem the lithospheric group is being left out in the cold, while most of the grant money is going to the ionospheric group. Among the grantors of science funding, those people who build radios and then strangely bury their antennas in the ground are often viewed as being like those hardy folk who eat dirt and drink motor oil for breakfast. Thus most of the grant money goes to places like HAARP.

    This also points out the reason for the extreme mystery and secrecy surrounding the projects at HAARP. If you want to find out what is happening at HAARP the only place you might find out is during a cocktail party after an international geophysical conference. Even then if you are lucky enough to collar a researcher, he will only give you a wink and a nod, and that's about it. Why? Well, he doesn't want his competitors and fellow researchers to know what he's doing. He wants to collect his data, write his paper, be first to get into the Journal of Geophysical Research, and then proudly stake his claim as the discoverer of the source of the Alfven Resonance. All that creates an aura of academic secrecy around the HAARP activities which is even tighter than a place like, say, Los Alamos Labs.

    With an environment of such high secrecy, the public is inclined to believe all manner of secret military activities such as, futuristic weapons, weather and mind control projects along with possibly communication with ETs, are all occurring at HAARP. When in fact, most of the secrecy is due to normal academic behavior when a scientific breakthrough is about to occur. But then again, a prime reason for all the secrecy at HAARP is...the US Navy.


    In the 1960's the US Navy began experiments using ELF transmissions to talk to submarines deep in the ocean. First experiments in 1969 from a 14 mile antenna at Clam Lake, Wisconsin proved the concept would work. They later built a 28 mile antenna and then in 1987 a 56 mile antenna in Upper Michigan. But the US Navy was not alone. The British built a large ELF antenna in Glen Cally Forest, Scotland, the French built one at Roshay, and the Soviets built two very large antennas at Riga and Gomel. The US Navy systems broadcast in the ELF range from 40 to 50 Hz and 70 to 80 Hz, but mostly around 76 Hz. The Soviet system actually operated down in the ULF range at the first Schumann Resonance of 8 Hz. It turns out, the lower in frequency the transmission, the deeper in the ocean the signals can be received.

    Early on the Navy started having problems with the neighbors. Many taxpaying citizens complained about having those big wires putting out some kind of radiation in their backyards. Some people complained about hearing strange noises, ringing and humming in their ears. The cheeseheads in Wisconsin complained the Navy might be drying up their dairy cows. Angus MacDonough in Michigan was sure it was the Navy who was scaring his sheep. And the last thing a Scotsman wants is scared sheep. The Navy needed to find another way to talk to its submarines.

    In 1985 along comes the Eastlund Patent. If you look at the patent another way, it could be, by using shortwave signals to reach up and jiggle the auroral electrojet at a ULF/ELF frequency, then the whole electrojet becomes a 10,000 mile ULF antenna -- and its not in anybody's backyard. With such a large antenna the frequency could go all the way down to the Alfven Frequency of 0.9 Hz and the Navy could talk to even deeper boats. By hiding its submarine antenna up in the ionosphere, the Navy wouldn't need to worry about the neighbors over the back fence complaining, nor worry about Angus MacDonough being scared sheepless.

    The Navy called in a bunch of ULF/ELF researchers and made them an offer. The Navy would supply them a fabulous research facility with state-of-the-art equipment, computer-controlled everything, the best instrumentation available, wonderful living quarters, and a nearby Domino's and Burger King only 2 hours away by overland dogsled. The researchers were ecstatic. But what did the Navy want in return? Nothing. What? Nothing.

    While the magnetic bottle stuffers would be shooting hot electrons into the magnetosphere then turning off the pulse and checking to see how well the mirror was working, all the Navy wanted was that 30 seconds of nothing in between the pulses. And while the 0.9 Hz Alfven wave hunters would be using a ULF pulse to ring the magnetospheric bell and then turn off the pulse so they could take a look around and see what's shakin' up there and maybe discover the Alfven Resonator, all the Navy wants is maybe 15 seconds of that nothing between pulses. To the researchers that was no problem. With mega-dollars in research facilities, grants and possibly Nobel Prizes laying on the bargaining table, and all the Navy wants in return is Nothing? Such a deal. Everybody smiled, shook hands and soon after HAARP construction began.

    If you go to the HAARP Internet web site and look at the nearly-live Induction Magnetometer data you would sometimes see at the bottom of the chart some bright orange lines which seem to be the ULF output of HAARP impressed upon the earth's magnetic field. If you could expand the scale you could actually see the pattern of pulses and spaces of the code. But the output of the magnetometer is averaged over a period of 102.4 seconds. A rather odd number but guaranteed to average out any indication of 15 or 30 second pulses and spaces.

    This would imply the Navy is rather shy about publishing the pattern of nothing on the Internet. So I will assist the Navy in getting over its shyness by publishing it for them. Below are three hour samples of the spaces in between the HAARP pulses. I have indicated a 30 second space with a "1" and a 15 second space with a "0." I have arbitrarily broken the pattern into blocks of 4 to make it easy to read, but in fact the pattern is continuous. These presumably could be called "sweet nothings" from the Navy to their boys in the boats:

    0735-0800 UT June 20 2000 3.39 MHZ
    1110 0011 0001 0000 0100 0100 0000 0010 1111 1011 0101 0101 0110 1010 1...

    0805-0830 UT June 20 2000 3.39 MHz
    1010 1101 0110 1010 1010 0010 0010 0010 0000 0101 0110 1010 1011 0...

    1400-1425 UT May 4 2000 3.39 MHZ
    1001 0001 0001 0001 0010 1010 1010 0101 0101 0101 0101 0100 1000 10...

    I have made an attempt to decode the second sample. It goes something like, "... SUBCOMNAV to R73 proceed 7E5H the smoking lamp is li..." and then the message breaks off. I may have missed a few of the characters but Mr. Merkley's cryptography course was not my favorite high school elective. For some reason there weren't any girls in the class. If anybody has a better way to decrypt the code, let me know.


    In general during the year 2000 spring months HAARP was transmitting on a weekday schedule with almost no broadcasts on weekends. The spring transmissions seemed to stop on May 27, 2000 with only one single very strong pulse on 3.39 MHZ at 0930 UT, then no more transmissions until the summer program began on June 6, 2000. The summer program includes both weekday and weekend transmission. In some cases the times listed here are approximate since the signal may have faded in and then faded out so I could not determine the exact time.

    Date Time (UT) Freq (MHZ) COMMENTS
    4/30 0500 6.99 Monday - 6.25 sec pulses with 15-30 spaces
    5/1 0500 3.39 Tuesday - Strong signal with "echo" after 3 seconds on some of the pulses.
    5/2 0600 3.39 Wednesday - strong signal for several hours
    5/3 0558 3.39 Thur - weak at first then strong until stopping at 0800 UT
    5/4 0458 3.39 Fri - strong signal stopped about 0700 UT
    5/10 0540 3.39 Wednesday - pulses with 2 second cycle until 0552 UT
    5/19 0800 3.39 Friday - 8 sec pulse with 10 sec space until 0830 UT
    5/20 0850 3.39 Saturday - strong signal, some pulses with "echo" after 3 sec - F layer signal fade about 1335 UT
    5/21 0730 3.39 Sunday - very weak then very strong after 1145 UT then F layer fade out about 1330 UT
    5/22 0750 3.39 Monday - very weak, faded about 1330 UT
    5/23 0750 3.39 Tuesday - very weak, faded about 1330 UT
    5/24 0750 3.39 Wednesday - very weak faded about 1330 UT
    5/25 0750 3.39 Thursday - very strong signal - faded about 1330 UT
    5/26 0750 3.39 Friday - very strong signal - faded about 1330 UT
    5/27 0930 3.39 Saturday -- only one very strong pulse and no more
    6/6 1030 3.39 Tuesday - strong signal until F layer fade out about 1345 UT
    6/7 0800 3.39 Wednesday - all long spaces until 0900 UT then long and short spaces until fade about 1345 UT
    6/20 0800 3.39 Tuesday -- very strong signal for 5 hours then fade
    6/25 0843 3.39 Sunday - very weak signal for only about an hour then faded out
    6/26 1211 3.39 Monday - very weak lasting until F layer faded out about 1330 UT

    7. -- CONCLUSION

    Have I proven HAARP to be the source of the mystery 0.9 Hz ULF signal? I would have to conclude, No. But it would certainly be the most likely. I have tried to show all the possible sources for man-made signals at the pc1, first Alfven frequency. There are generally two types of possible sources. The first is the ULF/ELF transmitters of which there are only 6, two in Russia, two in the United States, and one each in Britain and France. And a new class of possible sources which are the Ionospheric Heaters with access to the Northern Polar Auroral Electrojet which could modulate the electrojet at the pc1 frequency. In this group there are only 4 possible devices, HISCAT in Sweden, HAARP in Alaska, EISCAT in Norway, and the "little peanut whistle" 17 MW HIPAS operated by UCLA in Fairbanks, Alaska.

    I would suggest all of the ground based ULF/ELF transmitters can be eliminated. To use a loop transmitting antenna at 1 Hz would require a loop with a diameter of about 1000 miles. There is no indication anybody has built one of these. The existing transmitters might be used with the smaller existing antennas but series coils with a length of about 900 miles would need to be wound and inserted in the loop. That would not be very efficient since about 98% of the transmitter power would go into heating the coils and not being transmitted. People have done some silly things before but that is definitely a dumb idea. So we can toss out all the existing ULF/ELF transmitters as not very likely to be the source of the mystery 0.9 Hz signal.

    Among the Ionospheric Heater devices, if we skip the UCLA device, HIPAS, as being too small and not really in the business of modulating the Auroral Jet, then that leaves 3 possible sources. HISCAT, with 350 MW is the largest, then comes HAARP at 110 MW and then there is EISCAT with 48 MW. The HISCAT facility in Sweden looks like a good candidate except for one problem, its still in the conceptual stage and hasn't been built yet. And a lot of the parts for HISCAT will be made out of refurbished parts from EISCAT. So we can exclude HISCAT, and that leaves us with two possible sources for the mysterious 0.9 Hz ULF wave, HAARP and EISCAT. Are we ready to flip a coin and guess which one? Not yet.

    EISCAT (European Incoherent SCATter) facility is co-jointly operated by geophysical research councils in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan, France, the United Kingdom and Germany. Their primary focus is using a radar scatter device to map the auroral region, but they do have an ionospheric heater to assist the radar. Their ionospheric heater device is very similar to HAARP's. It has multiple transmitters, uses multiple crossed dipole antennas, but it does have far fewer transmitters and dipoles than HAARP.

    Like HAARP the EISCAT transmitters can work over a large range from 3.85 to 8 MHz. But EISCAT only uses the assigned frequencies of 4.04, 4.544, 4.9128, 5.423, 6.77, 6.96, 7.1, 7.953 MHz. But before you rush over to your receiver and try to tune them in, you need to remember, if you are in the US, and since Norway is around the other side of the planet, and the only possible short wave radio path is over the pole. And during the summer the north pole its always sunny, especially this time of year when we have the midnight sun. That means there is no way to use F layer shortwave skip to receive the EISCAT signals.

    If you want to tune them in to find out if they are modulating their transmitters with ULF waves you need to wait until it is dark both in the US and Norway and that only occurs during November, December and January. But, not to worry. Unlike HAARP which is very secretive, the EISCAT group is very academic, open and cooperative. You can actually write to them, maybe even e-mail them and ask, "Hey, you guys sending out 0.9 Hz pc1 Alfven frequencies on your transmissions?" And they would probably write back, "Nope, not us."

    Well, without any further evidence, its time to flip the coin. Is it HAARP or EISCAT? And every time I flip the coin it keeps coming up HAARPS.

    Its my wish that this information has been useful to you. I have not proven what is the source of the mysterious 0.9 Hz signal, but I have looked at all the possible contenders and tried to eliminate all but the most likely. Its now up to you to do a little digging, a little researching, and maybe some listening to determine from where did the signal come.

    Marshall D. Smith, President, Teddy Speaks Foundation, Inc

  • 1999_BUSHJr.--"Victory means exit strategy, and it's important for the President to explain to us what the exit strategy is." -- George W. Bush, discussing Kosovo, Houston Chronicle, 04-09-99

  • 1998_PNAC--"The process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event -- like a new Pearl Harbor" -- Project for a New American Century

  • 1998_GORBACHEV.--"Please remember one lesson of the 20th century. One cannot force happiness, impose happiness on nations by imposing any kind of utopia on others. The Communist model of society was a kind of imposed utopia for which the Russian people in particular paid a great price. Still, sometimes we see that attempts are being made to impose some other kind of model on the entire world - maybe a Westernized or Americanized model... This is not the way to go because this can only create conflict." --Mikhail Gorbachev, Northeastern University 1998

  • 1998_HOUSE_OF_REPRESENTATIVES.--"Get rid of the guy. Impeach him, censure him, assassinate him." - Rep. James Hansen (R-UT), talking about President Clinton, as reported by journalist Steve Miner of KSUB radio who overheard his conversation, 11-01-98

  • 1998_WEAPONS_ALASKA.--

    VIEWZONE CONFIDENTIAL, By Dan Eden, editor


    Dan Eden, Viewzone editor, describes his visit to HAARP facility in Fairbanks in 1998.

    Here is the excerpt in which one of the HAARP operators at that time describes how part of the ionosphere was blown out in to the space. Not only once.

    Part 9 --

    Quote: "Dave was in the 'com'- the command center of the heater. He worked with the primary transmitter or generator. I mainly worked on the feeder lines on the farm... the antenna farm. We were both there when they bumped the power up to the max and let it blow. I mean, we went from thousands of watts to like billions! And that's when the shit hit the fan."

    Jonas unfolded some graph paper with a blue trace line on it. There were several sharp peaks over the timeline and then a spike with a long plateau that was obviously off the chart. I didn't know what I was looking at but Jonas tried to make it simple.

    "Look. Here is where they are heating the ionosphere - and here too. Now you can see that it is absorbing more power each time. And then here is when they switched it to max. And somewhere up here, off the paper, is when it happened. The whole ionosphere got blown out into space and made one big f..king hole."

    Nicki piped in, "Those monsters! They f..ked it up to play with their toy and made a hole in the sky!"

    I was puzzled. "I don't get it. What are you saying here?"

    "They never used that much power before so they just did it to see what would happen. Do you follow me? And when they did it kind of multiplied the power and then a huge chunk of Earth's atmosphere blew away, out into space. Gone. Poof. History." Jonas pulled another graph from the box. "Here. Look at the ultraviolet and radiation the came through right after they did it. They blew away the shield and all the radiation just came right down and zapped Earth. And look. It lasted for a long time!"

    "Twice! Tell him about the other one." Nicki was getting excited. She kept peaking through the eye hole of her apartment door, then returning.

    "Yeah. Like after that happened they did it again. A few months later they did it again - can you believe that? And this time they used even more power and destroyed even more of the atmosphere. We're talking about huge chunks, like thousands of miles wide!"

    "Well, did anyone die or get hurt from this?" I was already trying to distance myself from the emotions I felt and began slipping into my journalistic way of thinking.

    "S..t, yes. Here in Alaska there were Eskimos that were all fried and like whole herds of antelopes. But the holes aalso moved West and did their real harm in Siberia. But it isn't just the people it killed. It made these people and animals sick from the radiation that came from the Sun - the stuff that's usually blocked by the atmosphere - and so there have been still births and cancers and mutations. They are trying to keep it all real hushed. It's insane. And the worst part is that they are going to test it again!"

    End quote.

  • 1996_HOUSE_OF_REPRESENTATIVES.--"Environmentalists are a socialist group of individuals that are the tool of the Democrat Party. I'm proud to say that they are my enemy. They are not Americans, never have been Americans, never will be Americans." - Rep. Don Young (R-AK), Alaska Public Radio, 08-19-96.

  • 1996_MEDICINE.--"The immediate future may present other daunting challenges to Civil Affairs units. Because of complicated social and cultural reasons, AIDS already infects a high proportion of the military and civilian officials of Zaire, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, and other central Africa countries. In some or all of these countries, government establishments may collapse in the next 10-15 years. If this pattern is repeated in other areas where AIDS is spreading at an alarming rate, then civil rule may also erode or break down in parts of North Africa, the Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia." In Special Warfare: May 1996: PB 80-96-2: Special Operations and LIC in the 21st Century: The Joint Strategic Perspective: Brian Sullivan: p 2.

  • WEAPONS_ELF.--Tel & Fax: 01702 217523, David G. Guyatt, Freelance Writer/Researcher


    Synopsis prepared for the ICRC Symposium


    During 1989 CNN aired a programme on electromagnetic weapons and showed a US government document that outlined a contingency plan to use EM weapons against "terrorists". Prior to the show a DoD medical engineer sourced a story claiming that in the context of conditioning, microwaves and other modalities had regularly been used against Palestinians. During 1993 Defense News, the prestigious US weekly announced that Russian government was discussing with American counterparts the transfer of technical information and equipment known as "Acoustic Psycho-correction".

    The Russians claimed that this device involves "the transmission of specific commands via static or white noise bands into the human subconscious without upsetting other intellectual functions." Experts said that demonstrations of this equipment have shown "encouraging" results "after exposure of less than one minute," and has produced "the ability to alter behaviour on willing and unwilling subjects." The article goes on to explain that combined "software and hardware associated with the (sic) psycho-correction programme could be procured for as little as US $80,000.

    The Russians went on to observe that "World opinion is not ready for dealing appropriately with the problems coming from the possibility of direct access to the human mind." Acoustic psycho-correction dates back to the mid 1970's and can be used to "suppress riots, control dissidents, demoralise or disable opposing forces and enhance the performance of friendly special operations teams."

    One US concern in relation to this device, was aired by Janet Morris of the Global Strategy Council, a Washington based think tank established by former CIA deputy director, Ray Cline, who noted that "Ground troops risk exposure to bone-conducting sound that cannot be offset by earplugs or other protective gear." In recent months I met with and discussed Russian research efforts, with a contact who had visited Russia earlier this year. He, in turn, met with a number of Russian scientists who are knowledgeable in this field. I have few doubts that the Defense News article cited earlier is fundamentally accurate.

    Dr. Ross Adey, in his pioneering work determined that that emotional states and behaviour can be remotely influenced merely by placing a subject in an electromagnetic field. By directing a carrier frequency to stimulate the brain and using amplitude modulation to shape the wave to mimic a desired EEG frequency he was able to impose a 4.5 CPS theta rhythm on his subjects. Drs Joseph Sharp and Allen Frey experimented with microwaves seeking to transmit spoken words directly into the audio cortex via a pulsed-microwave analog of the speaker's sound vibration. Indeed, Frey's work in this field, dating back to 1960 gave rise to the so called "Frey effect" which is now more commonly referred to as "microwave hearing." Within the Pentagon this ability is now known as "Artificial Telepathy". Adey and others have compiled an entire library of frequencies and pulsation rates which can effect the mind and nervous system.

    During the siege of Waco, Texas, last year, FBI agents discussed with Russian counterparts the use of Acoustic psycho-correction on David Koresh and the Branch Davidians. In the event it is understood that this contingency did not proceed. However, some unusual EM weapons were deployed at Waco. BBC World News, and additional FBI film- footage (in the possession of this writer) show both the Russian equipment being demonstrated, as well as previously unseen noise generator and an unusual low frequency strobe array in use at Waco.

    Have weapons of this nature been developed and field tested? Judged by the number of individuals and groups coming forward with complaints of harassment the answer, appears, to be yes. Kim Besley, of the Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp, has compiled a fairly extensive catalogue of effects that have resulted from low frequency signals emanating from the US Greenham Common base, and, apparently, targeted upon the women protesters. These include: vertigo, retinal bleeding, burnt face (even at night), nausea, sleep disturbances, palpitations, loss of concentration, loss of memory, disorientation, severe headaches, temporary paralysis, faulty speech co-ordination, irritability and a sense of panic in non-panic situations.

    Identical and similar effects have been reported elsewhere and appear to be fairly common-place amongst so called "victims". Many of these symptoms have been associated in medical literature with exposure to microwaves and especially through low intensity or non thermal exposures. These have been reviewed by Dr. Robert Becker, twice nominated for the Noebel Prize, and specialist in EM effects. His report confirms that the symptoms mirror those he would expect to see, had Microwave weapons been deployed.

    The Scientific American dated April 1994 carried an article entitled "Bang! You're Alive" which briefly described some of the known arsenal of Less Than Lethal weapons presently available. These include Laser Rifles, low frequency ""infrasound" generators powerful enough to trigger nausea or diarrhoea. Steve Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) noted that Non-Lethal weapons have been linked to "mind control" devices and that three of the most prominent advocates of non lethality share an interest in psychic phenomena.

    Current Projects include SLEEPING BEAUTY, directed towards the battlefield use of mind-altering electromagnetic weapons. This project is headed by Jack Verona, a highly placed Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officer.

    Dr. Michael Persinger of Laurentian University is also employed on the project. Other sources have revealed a project entitled MONARCH which, supposedly, is directed towards the deliberate creation of severe multiple personality disorder.

    It is now the opinion of many that these and related programmes have been brought under the banner of Non Lethal Weapons, otherwise known as Less Than Lethal, which are now promulgated in connection with the doctrine of Low Intensity Conflict, a concept for warfare in the 21st century. It is clear that many of these Pentagon and related LTL programmes operate under high classification. Others consider many similar or related "black" programmes are funded from the vast resources presently available under the US counter-drug law enforcement policy which has a FY 1995 budget of $13.2 billion.

    Defense Secretary, William J Perry, issued a memorandum on Non lethal Weapons dated 21 July 1994. This was of interest in that it outlined a tasking priority list for use of these technologies. Second on the list was "crowd control". Coming in at a poor fifth was "Disable or destroy weapons or weapon development/production processes, including suspected weapons of mass destruction." It is therefore clear that Non Lethality is fundamentally seen as anti-personnel rather than anti-material.

    In July this year, Spotlight, a rightist and widely circulated US newspaper reported that well placed DoD sources have confirmed a classified Pentagon contract for the development of "high-power electromagnetic generators that interfere with human brain waves." The article cited the memorandum of understanding dated 1994 between Attorney General, Janet Reno, and Defense Secretary, William Perry for transfer of LTL weapons to the law enforcement sector. A budget of under $50 million has been made available for funding associated "black" programmes.

    Dr. Emery Horvath, a professor of physics at Harvard University has stated in connection to the generator that interferes with human brain waves that "These electronic 'skull-zappers' are designed to invade the mind and short circuit its the hands of government technicians, it may be used to disorient entire crowds, or to manipulate individuals into self destructive acts. It's a terrifying weapon."

    In a 1993 US Air Command and Staff College paper entitled "Non Lethal Technology and Air Power, authors Maj. Jonathan W. Klaaren (USAF) and Maj. Ronald S. Mitchell (USAF) outlined selected NLT weapons. These included "Acoustic" (pulsed/attenuated high-intensity sound, infrasound (very low frequency) and Polysound (high volume, distracting) as well as High-power microwaves (HPM) that possessed the capability of "deters/incapacitates people. These and other classified weapons are being passed to domestic law enforcement agencies as shown by the 1995 ONDCP (Office of National Drug Control Policy) International Technology Symposium "Counter-Drug Law Enforcement: Applied Technology for Improved Operational Effectiveness" that outlined the "Transition of advanced military technologies to the civil law enforcement environment."

    There are some observers who fear that the burgeoning narcotics industry is an ideal "cover" in which to "transit" Non Lethal Technologies to domestic political tasks. Whether this is merely a misplaced "Orwellian" fear remains to be seen. However, organised crime is so globally "organised" that experts now believe it is impossible to eradicate or even effectively combat.

    The foregoing gives some necessary background to the origins and timing surrounding the development of anti-personnel electromagnetic weapons, and in particular demonstrates that the USA have an intense and long established interest in mind control and behaviour modification that spans five decades. As we have seen, fragmentary information has surfaced for brief spells, only to disappear, once more, from public scrutiny.

    It remains to be said that a great many advances in the realm of electromagnetic field technology and mind control techniques have, apparently, been made during the sixties, seventies and eighties. In particular, veterans of the Vietnam war are still coming forward with bizarre stories, which collectively (if true?) point to a leap in knowledge that largely remains hidden behind the thick curtain of security classification.

    Major Edward Dames, formerly with the Pentagon's Defence Intelligence Agency until 1992, was a long serving member of the highly classified operation GRILL-FLAME, a programme that focused on some of the more bizarre possibilities of intelligence gathering and remote interrogation.

    Known as "remote viewers" GRILL-FLAME personnel possessed a marked psychic ability that was put to use "penetrating" designated targets and gathering important intelligence on significant figures. The programme operated with two teams; one working out of the top secret NSA facility at Fort George Meade in Maryland, and the other at SRI. Results are said to have been exemplary. Following the Oliver North debacle the Secretary of Defense officially terminated GRILL-FLAME fearing bad publicity were the programme to become known to the public.

    The leading members of the project - including Dames - immediately relocated to the privately owned and newly formed Psi-Tech, and continue their work to this day, operating under government contract. In the course of his work, Dames was (and remains) close to many the leading figures and proponents Anti-Personnel Electromagnetic Weapons especially those that operate in the neurological field. During NBC's "The Other Side" programme, Dames stated that "The US Government has an electronic device which could implant thoughts in people." He refused to comment further. The programme was broadcast during April of last year (1995).

    This over-view is merely a "fragmentary" glimpse of programmes that have been, and continue to be blanketed under tight security classification. Where information was available through FOIA filings, a great deal of additional information (in fact the greatest bulk) was purposely destroyed or otherwise lost. However, this writer considers that what is available is sufficient to draw the conclusion that ongoing research, development and deployment of EM weapon systems that impact on the biological functions of the body, or more importantly, interfere with the human mind, are cause for the greatest humanitarian concern.

    In an age where the threat of global warfare has diminished as a result of the easing of tension between east and west, it can be anticipated that some form of introspection will occur in the developed western nations.

    Societies that have been generationally and economically honed for warfare do not, on the whole, assume "for peace" production with such vigour and ability. Why this is so, is not the subject of this paper. Unable to so readily project the "shadow" outwards on to another nation, the enemy without soon distills to become the enemy within?

    In the United States, for example, there is a rapidly developing trend of co-operation between the military and law enforcement agencies in LTL weaponry. Whilst it is clear that this is driven to some extent by budgetary considerations, there remain legitimate concerns regarding the longer term effect on democracy.

    The reality of an increasingly (and increasing number of) impoverished lower class as a result of "swords to shears" economics, is certain to result in growing civil unrest, disobedience, strife, inner city turmoil and quite possibly much worse. Rather than seeking to resolve the underlying causes of these tensions, it is feared that governments will increasingly resort to more durable measures to quell domestic dissent.

    Western industrial nations are especially prone to these developments for a variety of reasons. Less Than Lethal Anti Personnel weapons are seen in some influential quarters as being the ideal remedy for future domestic disturbances of this magnitude. The danger with such possibilities is that western democracy may begin to fail, or suffer such severe set-backs in its traditional democratic forms that it will become increasingly repressive and oligarchic. Armed with innovative technological weapons that do not necessarily kill, but which render disenfranchised segments of society physically inactive, emotionally stupefied and incapable of meaningful thought is a goal of those who favour a "psycho-civilised society."

    This is a frightening and all too realistic scenario. Whether by design or by default such an outcome is nothing short of a dictatorship. This is the real fear for the future of some classes of Non Lethal weapon developments and the use to which they have been, or may be put to.

    ADDENDUM 23 APRIL 1996

    Following the preparation of this paper and prior to its publication by Dr. Nick Begich in "Earthpulse Flashpoints," a small number of factual errors and miscellaneous comments have been received and are now included below for the sake of accuracy.

    1) Footnote 35. Naom Chomsky, in correspondence with this writer, advises that: ".we don't really 'argue that democracy has already been replaced.' Rather, that its functioning depends on an authentic free press, and that it exists only in part. That there is a one-party state - in the sense that there are only factions of 'the business party' is not our idea; C. Wright Mills, among others, going way back."

    2) Chomsky also refers to my caveat about the "Spotlight" article (see footnote 26) concerning the comments ascribed to Dr. Horvath and observers that "It's not the kind of comment that a Harvard physicist would be likely to make." It's such an glaring observation that I wonder why I hadn't thought of it myself. I still haven't heard back from Dr. Horvath, if indeed such a person exists. This citation, therefore, needs to be taken with even greater care. On the other hand, Dr. Steve Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists has now written to me advising: "Spotlight is, to my mind, a thoroughly non-credible source (as you suggest). Without being able to verify the rest of the article, however, the quotation ascribed to me was accurate."

    3) In a lengthy telephone call, British researcher, Armen Victorian, pointed out a number of relevant and interesting facts: A) Maj. General Stubblebine is no longer with Psi-Tech - he was removed in a "palace coup" engineered, Armen says, by Major Ed. Dames and Col. John Alexander. B) In addition to his (DoD backed) Ad Hoc advisory role on Non Lethality for NATO, Alexander has now moved to head up multi-millionaire, R. Bigelow's, new Nevada based National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS). Bigelow is recruiting "top draw" personnel to study fringe science subjects including Remote Viewing, UFO's etc. Jacques Vallee, the renown French born UFO researcher is also part of the team. Armen will have a more in-depth article on these matters published in a forthcoming issue of Robin Ramsay's LOBSTER.

  • 1996_PENTAGON.--DD Form 3206 (Rev 2/96)

    [EDITOR'S NOTE: There is nothing in this survey about torture, dismembering persons, sexual abuse and humiliation or a question whether slaughtering innocent civilians is okay. That comes later, I guess.]

    This questionnaire is to gather data concerning the attitudes of combat trained personnel with regard to non-traditional missions. All responses are confidential and official.

    Write your answers directly on the form. In Part II, place an "X" in the space provided for your response.


    Part A (Confidential when filled in)

    Part 1. Demographics.

    1. Branch of Service:
    Army [ ] USAF [ ] Navy [ ] Marines [ ] ANG [ ] NG [ ] USCG [ ] Other: [________]

    2. Pay Grade: (E-6, O-4, etc): [_____________]

    3. MOS, AFSC or Specialty Code and Description: [_____________]

    4. Highest level of education: Less than 12 [ ] 13 [ ] 14 [ ] 15 [ ] 16 [ ] More than 16 [ ]

    5. How many months did you serve in Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield? [___]

    6. How many months did you serve in Somalia? [___]

    7. Where did you spend most of your childhood? City: [____] County: _____] State: [____]

    Part II. Attitude.
    [Strongly Disagree] [Disagree] [Agree] [Strongly Agree] [No Opinion]

    Do you feel that U.S. combat troops should be used within the U.S. and bordering countries for any of the following missions?

    8. Drug enforcement [SD D A SA NO]

    9. Disaster relief - e.g. hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes [SD D A SA NO]

    10. Security at national events - e.g. Olympic Games, Super Bowl [SD D A SA NO]

    11. Environmental disaster clean-up including toxic and nuclear [SD D A SA NO]

    12. Substitute teachers and school workers in public schools [SD D A SA NO]

    13. Community assistance programs - e.g. landscaping, environmental clean-up, road repair, animal control [SD D A SA NO]

    14. Federal and State prison guards and auxiliary police [SD D A SA NO]

    15. National emergency police force/international security force [SD D A SA NO]

    16. Advisors to SWAT units, the FBI, or the BATF [SD D A SA NO]

    17. Border Patrol - e.g. prevention of entry of illegal aliens into U.S. territory [SD D A SA NO]

    18. Drug enforcement and interdiction [SD D A SA NO]

    19. Disaster relief in bordering countries - e.g. hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, etc. [SD D A SA NO]

    20. Environmental disaster clean-up in bordering countries including toxic and nuclear. [SD D A SA NO]

    21. Peace keeping and local law enforcement and internal security forces [SD D A SA NO]

    22. National building - reconstruct civil governments, develop public school system, develop or improve public transportation system, etc. [SD D A SA NO]

    23. Humanitarian relief - e.g. food and medical supplies, temporary housing and clothing and domestic care [SD D A SA NO]

    Do you feel that U.S. combat troops should be used in other countries, under command of non-U.S. officers appointed by the U.N. for any of the following missions?

    24. Drug enforcement. [SD D A SA NO]

    25. Disaster relief - e.g. hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes [SD D A SA NO]

    26. Environmental disaster clean-up including toxic and nuclear [SD D A SA NO]

    27. Peace keeping including local law enforcement and internal security forces [SD D A SA NO]

    28. Nation building - reconstruct civil government, develop public school system, develop or improve public transportation system, etc. [SD D A SA NO]

    29. Humanitarian relief - e.g. food and medical supplies, temporary housing and clothing and domestic care [SD D A SA NO]

    30. Police action - e.g. Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm but serving under non-U.S.officers [SD D A SA NO]

    31. The U.S. runs a field training exercise. U.N. combat troops should be allowed to serve in U.S. combat units during these exercises under U.S. command and control [SD D A SA NO]

    32. The U.N. runs a field training exercise. U.S. combat troops under U.S. command and control should serve in U.N. combat units during these exercises [SD D A SA NO]

    33. The U.N. runs a field training exercise. U. S. combat troops should serve under U.N. command and control [SD D A SA NO]

    34. U.S. combat troops should participate in U.N.missions as long as the U.S. has full command and control. [SD D A SA NO]

    35. U.S. combat troops should participate in U.N. missions under U.N. command and control [SD D A SA NO]

    36. U.S. combat troops should be commanded by U.N. officers and non- commissioned officers at battalion, wing and company levels while performing U.N. missions. [SD D A SA NO]

    37. It would make no difference to me to have U.N. soldiers as members of my team. [SD D A SA NO]

    38. It would make no difference to me to take orders from a U.N. company or squadron commander. [SD D A SA NO]

    39. I feel the President of the U.S. has the authority to pass his responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief to the U.N. Secretary General. [SD D A SA NO]

    40. I feel there is no conflict between my oath of office and serving as a U.N. soldier. [SD D A SA NO]

    41. I feel my unit's combat effectiveness would not be affected by performing humanitarian and peace keeping missions for the U.N. [SD D A SA NO]

    42. I feel a designated unit of U.S. combat soldiers should be permanently assigned to the command and control of the U.N. [SD D A SA NO]

    43. I would be willing to volunteer for assignment to a U.S. combat unit under a U.N. commander. [SD D A SA NO]

    44. I would like U.N. member countries, including the U.S., to give the U.N. all the soldiers necessary to maintain world peace. [SD D A SA NO]

    45. I would swear to the following oath: [SD D A SA NO]
    "I am a United Nations fighting person. I serve in the forces which maintain world peace and every nation's way of life. I swear and affirm to support and defend the Charter of the United Nations and I am prepared to give my life in its defense."

    46. The U.S. government declares a ban on the possession, sale, transportation, and transfer of all non-approved firearms. A 30-day amnesty period is established for these firearms to be turned over to the local authorities. At the end of this period, a number of irregular citizen groups and defiant individuals refuse to turn over their firearms to authority. Consider the following statement: [SD D A SA NO]

    "I would fire upon U.S. citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the United States government."



    The NWO tips their hand.

    Masonic Order designs Denver Airport and places its Symbology in its Murals

    At the Denver International Airport, built in 1994-1995, artists painted murals all over the walls, that was based on Masonic and Theosophist symbology. This article explains what it all means. And what it all means is, "The end justifies the means," "Genocide," and "Dictatorship," as you will see from decoding the murals' meanings.

    From 1996--right after the Denver Airport was built--

    The KSEO 4/26/96 Interview with Alex Christopher, Author of Pandora's Box and Pandora's Box II, Transcript 6/1/96 by Leading Edge Research Group

    Participants: DA (Dave Alan, Host) AC: Alex Christopher C: Caller

    Keywords: Montauk, Phil Schneider, deep underground Bases, Reptilians, New Denver Airport, Masonic influences, disappearing children, Queen of England buying up U.S. Property, New World Order, George Bush, Area 51, Dulce, MKULTRA, CIA,bribes

    DA: My special guest tonight is Alex Christopher, author of Pandora's Box, an expose of the British instigation through Washington D.C. over the last 200 years. You thought you were free? This stuff has been going on forever. The idea was to make us perceive we were "free and independent", but actually we are still subject to the British Commonwealth. She has a lot of information here, and we are going to have to have her back again for more. I talked to her last night. Just a fascinating individual. She is going to talk about the Montauk Project and extraterrestrial influences, and more. So, Alex, where do you start?

    AC: Somebody told me one time, start in the middle and go from there. If you want to, pick a subject and we'll start from there.

    DA: Last night we talked about a few things. We talked about the Denver airport last night and what is really going on down there, and we talked a bit about the Montauk project and Al Bielek, and then we skipped around a bit about some of the things in Pandora's Box. You mentioned that the Queen of England has been buying up a lot of property in Colorado under a pseudonym. Why don't we start on the subject of the British.

    AC: All right. The information, primarily, that is in Pandora's Box covers how the major corporations, railroad and banking concerns in this country were set up through a trust that was originally known as the Virginia Company, and there was a survivor to the massacre of the royalty in France during the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette and King Louis' son, the Dauphin, who survived and was smuggled out of France. The Dauphin went to the United States via England, where he signed a contract with the Virginia Company. He came here to help the businesses, especially banking, in the United States. The deal was that everything would remain under English control, or subservient to it, and that brings us right up to today, because we are still looking at everything falling under that trust system going back to the Crown of England. It is mind boggling to think that everyone in this country has been led to believe th at the people in the United States had won independence from England, when in fact they never did.

    DA: Well, look at President Bush, wherein two years ago he went to England and was knighted by the Queen. Where is that coming from? Is it that he was a faithful servant?

    AC: You bet. All of them are doing the bidding, and it goes back to their secret societies and the establishment of the New World Order, which all leads back to the house of Windsor. There has been in this country for a long time a grooming process whereby people carry on the bidding of the Crown of England. That is one of the things the system involving the Rhodes Scholars was set up to achieve. Cecil Rhodes set it up to groom people for this task, to carry the United States into the New World Order. It appears, from what I have been able to find out, that the Crown of England has had this very skillfully planned for hundreds of years, and it could be possible that they have been privy to information that not many of us have been for a long long time about the chaos involving Earth changes that is coming. It is my understanding that England is not going to make it through the changes, so they set up a whole new Empire over here. That goes back to some of the things we discussed before, about lands being bought up in Colorado.

    DA: Yes, the area is of a pretty high altitude, where it will be safe.

    AC: Yes. Plus, all the symbolism that is apparent in the layout of the new Denver airport says that it is a control center for world control. There is a lot of "secret society" symbology at the airport. We started researching all of this to find out what it all means. It's all very scary. A gentlemen by the name of AL Bielek, who has been involved in some very unusual government projects in the past, told me that the Denver area is where the establishment of the Western sector of the New World Order will be in the United States. Little bits and pieces keep coming to me, confirming things I have not had confirmed before.

    DA: Do you know of John Coleman?

    AC: The Committee of 300?

    DA: Yes. What's your take on that?

    AC: I think his information is fantastic. If he had had the information that I put in Pandora's Box when I put that together, it would have have blown his mind. But, as far as I know from my standpoint, both sets of material go hand in hand, right down the line.

    DA: Some of these things about the background of the British invasion, taking over the land over here while they let us think that we are running this country. How they had a bone to pick with the Czar of Russia years ago, how they have pushed the socialist they say, the sun never sets on British soil. About some of these things on the airport in Denver. Would you mind discussing some of those things again?

    AC: Well, the first thing that got my attention at the airport was the capstone that I saw in a photograph, that had a Masonic symbol on it. So, I really wanted to go to the airport and see that, because I thought it was very unusual.

    DA: The capstone?

    AC: The capstone, or the dedication stone, for the Denver airport has a Masonic symbol on it. A whole group of us went out to the airport to see some friends off and see this capstone, which also has a time capsule imbedded inside it. It sits at the south eastern side of the terminal which, by the way, is called The Great Hall, which is what Masons refer to as their meeting hall. And, on this thing it mentions the New World Airport Commission. I have never heard of that, have you?

    DA: Never.

    AC: It has a Masonic symbol on it, and it also has very unusual geometric designs. It depicts an arm rising up out of it that curves at a 45 degree angle. It also has a thing that looks like a keypad on it. This capstone structure is made of carved granite and stainless steel, and it is very fancy. This little keypad area at the end of the arm has an out-of-place unfinished wooden block sitting on it. The gentleman that was with me on the first trip out to the airport has since died. They say he committed suicide, but everything else tells me that this is no possible. No one can double-tie a catheter behind his own neck and strangle himself. I just don't think that is possible. But, his name was Phil Schneider, and he started blowing the whistle on all this stuff going on in the underground bases that he had helped build for years and years. He worked on the underground bases at Area 51 and Dulce, New Mexico, as well as several other places. Schneider told me that this keypad-looking area looked like a form of techno-geometry that is alien-oriented, and that it had something to do with a "directional system", whatever that meant, that functioned as a homing beacon to bring ships right into the Great Hall.

    In the same general area on this capstone, there are some most unusual designs on the floor that are all Masonic in nature, which lead right back to the Black Sun. SEE MASONIC FLOOR DESIGNS

    Then, we have this system of murals at the airport that are the most grotesque things you've ever seen.

    DA: What's on the murals?

    AC: I say that that they are about what they plan to do to us, and the world as a whole, not what has happened or some fantasy. One of them that is very unusual has three caskets with dead people in them...

    DA: That's part of the ritual connected with the Skull & Bones Club.

    AC: Yes. There are evidently three groups of people that they would like to see dead.

    The first casket has what the artist told me was a Jewish-American child, a little girl, and she has the "star" on her clothes and a little Bible and a locket...

    DA: Jewish lineage is passed through the female...

    AC: Yes. Well, all these caskets depict women who are dead.

    Then, in the center casket there is depicted a Native American woman, and the last casket has a black woman in it.

    Now, normally I would not have thought too much about these murals if I had not done a lot of research. Even in the government documents I have run across gene- splicing discussions on how they would like to splice out specific races, and also whoever these people are do not like the Jewish people. This is just one of the murals, and these murals are huge. This same mural depicts the destruction of a city and the forest, and there is a little girl holding a Mayan tablet that speaks of the destruction of civilization.

    There is a mural that depicts this "thing" standing over a city that looks like a green "Darth Vader",

    with a sword, that has destroyed the city. This character is huge, and there is a road depicted with women walking holding dead babies.

    This same mural extends over to another mural which depicts all of the children of the world taking the weapons from each country on earth and giving them to a central figure which is a German boy who has this iron fist and anvil in his hand that is totally out of proportion to the child's body, beating the swords into plowshares.

    I thought, well, this is very odd depicting a German child doing this. What all this symbology on the airport murals seems to convey is that not only do we have a secret society behind this, but that it is a German secret society behind this, working in the vicinity of this New World Control Center.

    DA: It is interesting when you consider Operation Paperclip wherein all these Nazi's were brought to the United States to be groomed, financed, and basically brought back into power.

    AC: Well, I know they're here, because I have seen them alongside the Americans in the more sensitive areas of the airport. But, these paintings are most disturbing a very unusual. When I first tried to contact the artist and talk to him about these murals, he told me that he was given guidelines on what to paint and put in the murals. When I showed up in his studio, I asked to see the guidelines for the last two murals he was working on, he suddenly went "brain dead" and said "of course, there are no guidelines." It took myself and two other people over eight months to figure out all the symbology that is embodied in these murals. It turned out that some of these are "trigger" pictures, containing symbology designed to trigger altered personalities of people that have been groomed in MKULTRA type programs for specific tasks that they have been tra ined to do in terms of something connected with Satanic rituals and mind control. I had one woman that called my out of the blue one night, and she was really disturbed about some information. She told me many different things that later turned out to be known MKULTRA triggers. Also, almost every aspect of these murals contains symbols relating back to secret societies. When you get the overall view of what they are talking about in these things, it is very very scary. It goes back to the Biodiversity Treaty, getting rid of specific races of people, taking over the world and mind control.

    There is one picture in which every plant turns out to be mind-altering or poisonous, and all the animals are Masonic symbols used in literature in every country in the world.

    It took a very long time to track all this stuff down and figure out what they're trying to say. The one way they tell stories is in pictures. It's right there in our face when you go into the airport. Most people look at them and say, "boy, those are crazy-looking pictures, what are they doing in this airport?" The airport murals seems to convey is that not only do we have a secret society behind this, but that it is a German secret society behind this, working in the vicinity of this New World Control Center.

    Commentary by Hans Kammler Jr.:

    I had seen these images years ago. I saw the imagery but at the time did not quite understand what was presented. The past few years of research as well as the knowledge gained from moderating this group have provided me with an insight I would like to share with you and the rest of the group regarding these images, that you will find nowhere else, therefore it would be good for all of you to spread this information far and wide.

    This last image is the key to deciphering the mystery of the mural. The German boy with the Anvil. It's an obscure reference to a passage in the work of Aryanist Luciferian Occultist, Alice Bailey called "The Destiny of Nations". In this work, she describes various 'mystical forces', 'cosmic rays' and planetary infuences That guide the destiny of nations. Pay particular attention to what she says of Germany and "fourth ray" also known to newagers as "the white ray" who's atrributes include "purity" and "discipline."

  • 1996_HOUSE_OF_REPRESENTATIVES.--"Emotional appeals about working families trying to get by on $4.25 an hour are hard to resist. Fortunately, such families do not exist." - Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX), Majority Whip, during a debate on increasing the minimum wage, Congressional Record, H3706, 04-23-96

    SEE THE OKC95 APPENDIX OF VALIDATED TESTIMONY and read what the witnesses who were there wrote in their logs, reports and affidavits. The number of documents and elements is excessive to include in this single file. Again, if you want to see the actual testimony of individuals who were there.

  • 1995_POPULATION_KEEN.--"Cut the population by 90% and there aren't enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage." --Dr. Sam Keen, philosopher, at the 'State of the World Forum', sponsored by the Gorbachev Foundation and attended by many worldleaders, San Francisco, 1995, as quoted by William Jasper in 'Global Gorby', The New American, Oct. 30, 1995

  • 1995_ZHIRINOVSKY_NWO.--"There has long been a hidden agenda to merge America and Russia under the New World Order." -- Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Nov. 9, 1994, quoted in the 'McAlvany Intelligence Advisor', March 1995, at a press conference at the U.N.

  • 1995_CLERGY.--"Homosexuals want to come into churches and disrupt church services and throw blood all around and try to give people AIDS and spit in the face of ministers." - Pat Robertson, The 700 Club, 01-18-95.

  • WACO_1994.--The Branch Davidian Massacre by the USGovernment

    New Evidence Indicates FBI's Complicity in Waco Massacre By Pat Shannan

    More than 10 years after a raid by federal agents went horribly wrong at the Branch Davidian church near Waco, Tex., a Tucson lawyer says he has evidence in his possession that implicates law enforcement personnel in the deaths of 80 men, women and children following a 52-day standoff of their compound.

    Attorney David Hardy believes that the 100 agents involved in the raid at Waco had received military training at Ft. Hood, an Army post located 50 miles south of Waco. The team included a public information officer who alerted the news media to standby for a story that weekend. There would be a story-in addition to four agents who were killed, six civilians would die, signaling the beginning of the media blitz at Waco, said Hardy.

    Hardy's interest in the Waco case began years after the tragedy when he met Carlos Ghigliotti of Laurel, Md., an infrared expert renowned for working with tapes containing Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) imaging, a system that uses infrared (heat) sensors to take video footage.

    Ghigliotti, 42, was the owner of Infrared Technologies Corp. and had, according to FBI documents acquired by a Washington newspaper, "performed reliable work" as a thermal imaging expert for the Bureau between 1991 and 1995.

    At the time Hardy met him, he was on a retainer from The House Government Reform Committee to make sense out of what had happened at Waco. Unknown to the Committee, he began faxing his findings to Hardy's Tucson law office for safekeeping.

    "I'd pass him data when he needed it, and he knew he could count on me to keep my mouth shut. He loved his work, and was proud of some electronic inventions that enabled him to link together visual and [infrared] imaging into a single image. He had two principles: if retained, he would tell the absolute truth as to everything and he would never accept a second retainer from a drug suspect. No matter how egregious the misuse a second time around, he wasn't interested in being of assistance to a man who violated the law a second time," Hardy recently told AFP in an interview.

    For six years after the April 19 Waco fire and deaths, the FBI insisted that it had only two Waco FLIR videotapes, the earlier one beginning at 10:42 a.m. Although the raid began at 6 a.m., the FBI claimed that there were no tapes from that period.

    In Hardy's FOIA lawsuits, FBI said that it had interviewed the agent who operated the FLIR camera, and he confirmed that the taping began at 10:42; the chief of FBI's Litigation Unit filed a sworn statement that no earlier tapes existed.

    However, in September 1999, the FBI admitted that it did have FLIR tapes going back to 6 a.m. on April 19.

    What Ghigliotti found indicated why the FBI was so intent on prohibiting the release of the earlier video, said Hardy.


    The FBI had been insisting that it had not shot pyrotechnic tear gas projectiles. Pyrotechnic projectiles start fires when used against buildings. And the audio track of the early morning FLIRs contained radio traffic showing FBI agents asking for, and receiving, permission to shoot military pyrotechnic projectiles. The FBI was caught in a lie again, said Hardy.

    Exactly why the FBI worried about making a FLIR tape on April 19, 1993, has never been explained. FLIR is useful at night, but not particularly valuable in the daylight. Ordinary video shot during the day, which the FBI insists its aircraft did not make, is much more useful.

    Hardy told AFP that he believes the FBI used FLIR because agents knew that a fire was going to occur and they wanted to be able to document its spread.

    "Carlos told me, the month before he died, that he'd seen FLIRs from nights before April 19, and that it was apparent that the FLIR aircraft was being used to monitor the Davidians' water supply. The water was stored in those big plastic tanks at the rear of the building, and the coolness of the water inside showed up as a darker area. It was apparent that the water supply was shrinking, and by April 19 was almost gone.

    He had heard the aircraft crew talking about it, and noting that the level was going down. So, essentially, they knew that thirst would force an end to the siege within a few days of April 19," said Hardy.

    In a news interview in October 1999, Ghigliotti made the following assertions:

    "I conclude this based on the ground-view videotapes taken from several different angles simultaneously and based on the overhead thermal tape. The gunfire from the ground is there, without a doubt."

    Ghigliotti's assessment was an important piece of the puzzle to try and determine what happened on that day, said Hardy. As one of the top FLIR experts for the Waco defense team and a consultant for Indiana Republican Rep. Dan Burton's House Government Reform Committee investigating the Waco raid, Ghigliotti's conclusions were highly regarded.

    In Hardy's view, Ghigliotti's assessment was an important piece of the puzzle to try and determine what happened on that day. However, that all came to an end when Ghigliotti was found dead from a heart attack in his apartment in Laurel, Md., on April 28, 2000.

    In the aftermath of his death, rumors surfaced that he was controversial and had been fired by the House Government Reform committee. An AP story quoted committee staff as saying that "Ghigliotti's work for the committee ended some time ago."

    But that does not fit with the facts as Hardy sees them:

    "He told me, in late March, that he'd met with both the majority and the minority of the committee and shown them his results. Each briefing was in detail and consumed several hours. Somewhere around three to eight people, mostly attorneys for the committee, were present at each briefing. He added that the minority staff had been rather surprised to see the data, since apparently the majority had been informing them only of a minimal amount of his results."

    Perhaps the most grisly of all was the photographic evidence of the killing of women and children emerging from the underground storm shelter, sometimes called "the pit," said Hardy. The pit was the exit of the underground tunnel leading out of the Davidian house.

    During the viewing, Hardy said he noticed that the angle of the gun flash from federal agents' weapons was pointed downward. Carlos explained that the FBI was shooting down into the Davidians' tunnel as people were attempting to get out.

    "The FBI hadn't merely fired shots that day," says Hardy. "It had hosed down the back of the building with rapid gunfire."

    Hardy said Ghigliotti had proof that the FBI was lying-evidence that implicated the entire FBI Hostage Rescue Team, and FBI's high command.

    Hardy said he has an audiotape of a discussion among the FBI in which agents prevent fire trucks from coming to the scene until buildings were engulfed in flames.

    In March 2000, Hardy said Ghigliotti informed him of several recent discoveries. Hardy said Ghigliotti discovered a section of video showing a man emerging from a hatch on a tank which was at the back of the main building. When the man got out, he then fired at what appeared to be a man, who fled back into the burning building. Hardy said Ghigliotti told him that the House Government Reform Committee knew the name of the FBI agent seen in that footage firing.

    "[Ghigliotti] was still working on a final report when last I spoke with him," said Hardy. "He said he was suffering from 'Waco fatigue' and wanted to get back to his regular work or even a long-overdue vacation." That was the last time that Hardy said he spoke with Ghigliotti.

  • WACO_1994.--THE CASE AGAINST REMAINING DAVIDIANS.--Discarding Justice.--


    Jury forewoman Sarah Bain, after learning of the judge's decision, felt compelled to explain to him what the jury had done. The group had mistakenly believed, she said in a letter, that the "using and carrying a firearm" charge, or Count Three, could be matched with the charge of aiding and abetting manslaughter. The decision reflected a compromise, and leniency, Bain said.

    "After we had delivered our verdict to the court and prior to its being presented to the public, we jurors discussed what most of us felt was the possibility that with the consideration of time already served by the defendants, none would be facing severe penalties. Even five years is too severe a penalty for what we beleived to be a minor charge."

    In effect, she said, the jurors had found the defendants guilty of using firearms to commit a rash but not murderous act. But the judge had another perspective in mind, breathtaking in scope. On June 17, 1994, he revealed it while sentencing the eight defendants who remained in custody. Standing the jury's intent on its head, Smith declared that since the jurors had found the defendants guilty of carrying a firearm in the commission of a crime, they had therefore found them guilty of that crime - conspiracy - as well.

    "These defendants, and other adult Branch Davidians, engaged in a conspiracy to cause the deaths of federal agents. It was a part of the beliefs of the Branch Davidians, expressed and taught by their leader..."

    Going beyond that, he also found that on February 28, "the first shots were fired from inside the front door of the compound" ...a finding that many raiders couldn't confirm - and that the survivors of the raid had set the April 19 blaze.

    "Finally, by a combination of suicide and murder inflicted by Davidians upon Davidian, all but a handful of the Davidians were killed," he concluded.

    In a few words, Judge Smith had rewritten the jury's findings. He reinstated charges that he'd vowed to dismiss, and he imposed guilt where a jury had found none. --Dick Reavis, The Ashes of Waco Simon and Schuster, 1995, pgs. 297-298.

    "I came away from the trial itself with no decision as to how the fire started or who started it." -- Sarah Bain

    Sentences for using automatic weapons are "enhanced," or longer than those for using semi-automatic and single-shot weapons. Trial testimony had established that most of the defendants had possessed weapons during the assualt and seige, but did not establish what type of guns they carried. Drawing from the snake-filled basket of drug law precedent, Smith ruled that since automatic weapons were present in Mt. Carmel, everyone inside enjoyed "constructive possession" of them, and was therefore liable to the stiffest penalties provided for in the sentencing guidelines. --Dick Reavis, The Ashes of Waco Simon and Schuster, 1995, pg. 298.

    The result: The Davidians were given up to 40 years, the same as if they had been found guilty of murder and conspiracy. Leaving the courtroom, the press asked Bain what she thought of the verdict. Breaking into tears she sobbed: "We found them innocent, but the judge belied our intentions!"

    A few minutes earlier when court was dismissed a lady shouted, "No, I won't sit down; I'm leaving this disgraceful courtroom! Our freedom is gone! It doesn't exist!" She had the final word. --Jewel R. Johnson, retired minister, Leander Texas in a Public Forum article.

    "The federal government was absolutely out of control there [Waco]. We spoke in the jury room about the fact that the wrong people were on trial, that it should have been the ones that planned the raid and orchestrated it and insisted on carrying out this plan who should have been on trial." --Sarah Bain, Jury Foreman at the Branch Davidian Trial

    At trial KWTX-TV's John McLemore confessed he had lied in his news reports when he reported that he himself had heard automatic gunfire from the Davidians and that he had heard BATF agents announce "search warrant." ---Trial transcript, pgs. 6561, 6569.

    "...If you don't believe me, look at the video tape, I know you have that tape, he (Koresh) says, I saw you making it across the road." From Dr. Phillip Arnold

  • WACO_1994.--BRANCH DAVIDIAN VICTIMS--Men, Women and Children Slaughtered.

    Died February 28, 1993

    Winston Blake, 28, black, British
    Peter Gent, 24, white, Australian
    Peter Hipsman, 28, white, American
    Perry Jones, 64, white, American
    Michael Schroeder, 29, white, American
    Jaydean Wendell, 34, Hawaiian, American Died April 19, 1993
    Katherine Andrade, 24, white, American
    Chanel Andrade, 1, white, American
    Jennifer Andrade, 19, white, American
    George Bennett, 35, black, British
    Susan Benta, 31, black, British
    Mary Jean Borst, 49, white, American
    Pablo Cohen, 38, white, Israeli
    Abedowalo Davies, 30, black, British
    Shari Doyle, 18, white, American
    Beverly Elliot, 30, black, British
    Yvette Fagan, 32, black, British
    Doris Fagan, 51, black, British
    Lisa Marie Farris, 24, white, American
    Raymond Friesen, 76, white, Canadian
    Sandra Hardial, 27, black, British
    Zilla Henry, 55, black, British
    Vanessa Henry, 19, black, British
    Phillip Henry, 22, black, British
    Paulina Henry, 24, black, British
    Stephen Henry, 26, black, British
    Diana Henry, 28, black, British
    Novellette Hipsman, 36, black, Canadian
    Floyd Houtman, 61, black, American
    Sherri Jewell, 43, Asian, American
    David M. Jones, 38, white, American
    David Koresh, 33, white, American
    Rachel Koresh, 24, white, American
    Cyrus Koresh, 8, white, American
    Star Koresh, 6, white, American
    Bobbie Lane Koresh, 2, white, American
    Jeffery Little, 32, white, American
    Nicole Gent Little, 24, white, Australian and unborn child
    Dayland Gent, 3, white, American
    Page Gent, 1, white, American
    Livingston Malcolm, 26, black, British
    Diane Martin, 41, black, British
    Wayne Martin, Sr., 42, black, American
    Lisa Martin, 13, black, American
    Sheila Martin, Jr., 15, black, American
    Anita Martin, 18, black, American
    Wayne Martin, Jr., 20, black, American
    Julliete Martinez, 30, Mexican American
    Crystal Martinez, 3, Mexican American
    Isaiah Martinez, 4, Mexican American
    Joseph Martinez, 8, Mexican American
    Abigail Martinez, 11, Mexican American
    Audrey Martinez, 13, Mexican American
    John-Mark McBean, 27, black, British
    Bernadette Monbelly, 31, black, British
    Rosemary Morrison, 29, black, British
    Melissa Morrison, 6, black, British
    Sonia Murray, 29, black, American
    Theresa Nobrega, 48, black, British
    James Riddle, 32, white, American
    Rebecca Saipaia, 24, Asian, Phillipino
    Steve Schneider, 43, white, American
    Judy Schneider, 41, white, American
    Mayanah Schneider, 2, white, American
    Clifford Sellors, 33, white, British
    Scott Kojiro Sonobe, 35, Asian, American
    Floracita Sonobe, 34, Asian, Phillipino
    Gregory Summers, 28, white, American
    Aisha Gyrfas Summers, 17, white, Australian and unborn child
    Startle Summers, 1, white, American
    Lorraine Sylvia, 40, white, American
    Rachel Sylvia, 12, white, American
    Hollywood Sylvia, 1, white, American
    Michelle Jones Thibodeau, 18, white, American
    Serenity Jones, 4, white, American
    Chica Jones, 2, white, American
    Little One Jones, 2, white, American
    Neal Vaega, 38, Somoan, New Zealander
    Margarida Vaega, 47, Asian, New Zealander
    Mark H. Wendell, 40, Asian, American

  • 1993_UNITED NATIONS.--"No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation." --David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

  • 1992_BUSHSr.--"If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched." -- George Bush, cited in the June, 1992 Sarah McClendon Newsletter.

  • 1992_COUNCIL_ON_FOREIGN_RELATIONS_GAG-RULES.--The Council on Foreign Relations, although its members enjoy great power, prestige, and high offices in Governments all over the world, MAINTAIN SILENCE about their intentions, goals, strategies, means, and outcomes. No one can know where their consensus lies or what ideas they as a body will seed into governments supposedly subject to the "will of the governed." They're ALL rich and secretive.

    Page 21: "At all meetings, the Council's rule of non-attribution applies. This assures participants that they may speak openly without others later attributing their statements to them in public media or forums, or knowingly transmitting them to persons who will."

    Page 122: "Like the Council, the Committees encourage candid discourse by holding their meetings on a not-for-attribution basis."

    Page 169: Article II of the By-Laws states: "It is an express condition of membership in the Council, to which condition every member accedes by virtue of his or her membership, that members will observe such rules and regulations as may be prescribed from time to time by the Board of Directors concerning the conduct of Council meetings or the attribution of statements made therein, and that any disclosure, public, or other action by a member in contravention thereof may be regarded by the Board of Directors in its sole discretion as grounds for termination or suspension of membership pursuant to Article I of the By-Laws."

    Page 174: "Full freedom of expression is encouraged at Council meetings. Participants are assured that they may speak openly, as it is the tradition of the Council that others will not attribute or characterize their statements in public media or forums or knowingly transmit them to persons who will. All participants are expected to honor that commitment."

    Page 175: "It would not be in compliance with the reformulated Rule, however, for any meeting participant (i) to publish a speaker's statement in attributed form in a newspaper; (ii) to repeat it on television or radio, or on a speaker's platform, or in a classroom; or (iii) to go beyond a memo of limited circulation, by distributing the attributed statement in a company or government agency newspaper. The language of the Rule also goes out of its way to make it clear that a meeting participant is forbidden knowingly to transmit the attributed statement to a newspaper reporter or other such person who is likely to publish it in a public medium. The essence of the Rule as reformulated is simple enough: participants in Council meetings should not pass along an attributed statement in circumstances where there is substantial risk that it will promptly be widely circulated or published."

    ... "In order to encourage to the fullest a free, frank, and open exchange of ideas in Council meetings, the Board of Directors has prescribed, in addition to the Non-Attribution Rule, the following guidelines. All participants in Council meetings are expected to be familiar with and adhere to these Guidelines. ..."

    Page 176: "Members bringing guests should complete a "guest notice card" and acquaint their guests with the Council's Non-Attribution Rule governing what is said at meetings."

    Later on page 176: "As a condition of use, the officers of the Council shall require each user of Council records to execute a prior written commitment that he will not directly or indirectly attribute to any living person any assertion of fact or opinion based upon any Council record without first obtaining from such person his written consent thereto." --SOURCE: -- Council on Foreign Relation's 1992 Annual Report.

  • 1995_LIMBAUGH.--"I tell people don't kill all the liberals. Leave enough so we can have two on every campus - living fossils - so we will never forget what these people stood for." - Rush Limbaugh, Denver Post, 12-29-95

  • 1995_SENATE.--"We're [Republicans] going to keep building the party until we're hunting Democrats with dogs." - Senator Phil Gramm (R-TX), Mother Jones, 08-95.

  • 1994_HOUSE_OF_REPRESENTATIVES.--"The homosexual blitzkrieg has been better planned and executed than Hitler's." - Rep. William Dannemeyer (R-CA), The New Republic, 08-01-94

  • 1994_SCIENCE.--"The total world population should be not more than 2 billion, rather than the current 5.6 billion." --Cornell University professor David Pimentel, speaking at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1994

  • 1994_KERSHAW.--"The Founding Fathers of this great land had no difficulty whatsoever understanding the agenda of bankers, and they frequently referred to them and their kind as, quote, 'friends of paper money. They hated the Bank of England, in particular, and felt that even were we successful in winning our independence from England and King George, we could never truly be a nation of freemen, unless we had an honest money system. Through ignorance, but moreover, because of apathy, a small, but wealthy, clique of power brokers have robbed us of our Rights and Liberties, and we are being raped of our wealth. We are paying the price for the near-comatose levels of complacency by our parents, and only God knows what might become of our children, should we not work diligently to shake this country from its slumber! Many a nation has lost its freedom at the end of a gun barrel, but here in America, we just decided to hand it over voluntarily. Worse yet, we paid for the tyranny and usurpation out of our own pockets with "voluntary" tax contributions and the use of a debt-laden fiat currency!". --Peter Kershaw, author of the 1994 booklet "Economic Solutions."

  • 1994_BUSHSr.-- The Empire rewards its most loyal agents operating abroad, by presenting them in token affection an honorary knighthood. Several high ranking officials of the U.S. government have been so honored in recent history for their loyal service to the Empire, including such top names as Sir Henry Kissinger and the country's expresident, Sir Herbert Walker Bush [Senior].

  • 1992_KISSINGER.--"Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government." -- Henry Kissinger speaking at Evian, France, May 21, 1992 Bilderburgers meeting. Unbeknownst to Kissinger, his speech was taped by a Swiss delegate to the meeting.

  • 1992_BOREN_CFR_SENATE.--"In the aftermath of World War II, President Truman wanted to empower the United Nations to create a new world order....Richard Gardner proposes that forty to fifty member nations contribute to a rapid-deployment force of one hundred thousand volunteers that could train under common leadership.... It is time for us to create such a force....The existence of such a force would go a long way toward making the "new world order" more than just a slogan." --US Senator David Boren, Rhodes Scholar 1963, CFR member, and member of Skull and Bones, August 26, 1992, quoted in The New York Times' article entitled: 'The World Needs an Army on Call'

  • 1992_BUSHSr.--"It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance." -- President George Bush addressing the General Assembly of the U.N., February 1, 1992.

  • 1992_UNEP.--"A reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American material standard of living would be 1 billion. At the more frugal European standard, 2 to 3 billion would be possible." --UNEP Global Assessment Report, Phase One Draft, sec.9. According to the UN Population Census table, its 1 billion limit would take us back to the global population of the year 1804, and 2 billion to 1927

  • 1991_TRUDEAU.--Pierre Trudeau's statement on page 127 of his book, Federalism And The French Canadians, wherein he said: " Federalism must be welcomed as a valuable tool which permits dynamic parties to plant socialist governments in certain provinces, from which the seed of Radicalism can slowly spread."

  • 1991_TURNER.--"A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95 percent decline from present levels would be ideal." --Ted Turner, quoted by Bruce Stutz in 'Ted Turner Turns It On', Audubon, November-December 1991

  • 1991_COUSTEAU.--"It's terrible to have to say this. World population must be stabilized and to do that we must eliminate 350,000 people per day" --Jacques Cousteau, quoted by Bahgat Elnadi and Adel Rifaat in 'Interview With Jacques-Yves Cousteau', The UNESCO Courier, Nov. 1991, p. 13

  • 1991_ROCKEFELLER_TLC.--"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, TimeMagazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."--David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, in an address to a meeting of The Trilateral Commission, in June, 1991.

  • 1991_EUGENICS.--"Social machinery to suppress proliferation of systematic families... has two components: one, a campaign aimed at family-formation before it commences, employing such tactics as encouragement of personal greed (best enjoyed in bachelor style, of course), public pornographic celebrations of the body parts of nubile young woman, effortless divorce, mass adoption, tolerance of sexual ambiguity, and many similar tactics. The second component aims at producing pseudo-families: small households (whether biological or synthetic) without any overriding loyalty to the common family cause. Instead, these are associations of expedience wearing the costume of affection and concern, but always on the lookout for a better deal... During the childhood phase, parents in pseudo-families are made use of by the state to transmit certain values, to maintain and discipline a new serf class composed of their own children, and to report radical cases of deviance to medical, police and re-training authorities... It is a system infused in many places with such black genius in understanding crowd control it is hard not to stand in awe of its unseen architects." -- Educator John Taylor Gatto, voted New York's Top Teacher of 1991.

    "I take as my guide the hope of a saint: in crucial things, unity - in important things, diversity --in all things, generosity." -- George Herbert Walker Bush (b. 1924), 41st US President, former Ambassador to China, former CIA Chief, Skull and Bones Patriarch

    Joseph Brewda writes:
    "Jan 19 (EIRNS)--An obscure secret society known as "Skull and Bones" may have more to do with George Bush's obsessive support of Beijing's mass murderers than one may think.

    "Skull and Bones is a secret fraternity at Yale University which is restricted to a mere fifteen student members per year. The society was formed in 1832 by General William Russell, whose shipping firm later dominated the U.S. side of the China opium trade. Yale University was founded by Eli Yale, who made his fortune working for the opium smuggling British East India Company.

    "Skull and Bones became the recruiting grounds and preserve of the most important New England-centered families--families who also made their money in the opium trade. These families, whose sons regularly join Skull and Bones, include the little known, but powerful, Coffins, Sloanes, Tafts, Bundys, Paynes, Whitneys. They are a dominant element of the U.S. 'Eastern Establishment' to this day. The Bush family is one of a cluster of lower-level Establishment families controlled by these interests.

    "What has this to do with Bush policy towards China--or for that matter, Bush's "War on Drugs"? (Note: the last television news reporter to ask Bush a critical question concerning the many narcotics agents who are complaining about how bad the "drug war" was going, was promptly fired from his job shortly after the press conference - Branton)

    "George Bush, the first U.S. diplomatic representative to the People's Republic of China back in 1973, was a member of Skull and Bones. So were his father, brother, son, uncle, nephew, and several cousins. Winston Lord, the Reagan-Bush administration Ambassador to China was a member; so were his father and several other relatives. James Lilley, the current Ambassador to China, was a member of Skull and Bones, as was his brother. Except during the Carter administration, every U.S. Ambassador to Beijing since Kissinger's deal with Mao Zedong was a member of the same tiny Yale cult. A mere coincidence?

    MAO WAS A YALIE - Back in 1903, Yale Divinity School established a number of schools and hospitals throughout China that were collectively known as 'Yale in China.' It has since been shown that 'Yale in China' was an intelligence network whose purpose was to destroy the republican movement of Sun Yat-sen on behalf of the Anglo-American Establishment. The Anglo-American "Establishment" hated Sun, because he wanted to develop China. On the other hand, they loved the Chinese communists because they intended to keep China backward, and were committed to growing dope. One of 'Yale in China's' most important students was Mao Zedong.

    "During World War II, 'Yale in China' was a primary instrument used by the U.S. Establishment and its Office of Strategic Services (OSS) to install the Maoists into power. 'Yale in China' was run by OSS operative Reuben Holden, the husband of Bush's cousin, and also a member of Skull and Bones.

    "The Maoists made China into the world's largest opium producer. "'Yale in China' was also closely associated with the New York-based Union Theological Seminary, which has been a center for U.S. subversion of Asia. Every prominent radical leader operating in Korea today, for example, was trained at Union Theological.

    Union Theological was dominated for twenty years by Henry Sloane Coffin, a U.S. intelligence executive from the Sloane and Coffin families. He was a Skull and Bones member as were a dozen of his relatives.

    "Nor should it be forgotten that Averell Harriman, the former Ambassador to Moscow who did so much to build up the Soviet Union, was a member of Skull and Bones. Harriman was also a business partner of Prescott Bush, Sr., the father of Maoist enthusiast George Bush."

    Not only did the Skull and Bones (Western Illuminati) help to build up the Communist movement in China, but they gave considerable financial aid to the Soviet Union communists as well. According to Sutton, this power cult has for centuries been playing a "two ends against the middle" type of game, attempting to control America (the thesis) and Russia (the anti-thesis) and other countries or movements, carefully pitting them against each other at the lower levels in order to keep the populations of the world in a state of confusion and despair, to the point that they will - hopefully - resign themselves into accepting the New World Order "synthesis" as the only alternative to solve the very "problems" which THEY, the New World Order initiators, created in the first place! One startling, though documented, claim which Mr. Sutton makes is that the Nazi Movement was largely financed by the Skull and Bones - Illuminati as well. This connection was recently described in a mailer describing Val Valerian's book MATRIX III (c/o Leading Edge Research., P.O. Box 481-MU58., Yelm, WASH 98597). Part of this mailer states:

    "Interspaced with the material comes a host of data, supplementary material, interviews, and revealing information. The 'Final Scenario' is discussed relative to the New World Order and the plans for total economic control, a one-world religion, and the electronic mind control objectives, schools of thought, and research. MATRIX III brings out in detail how various families in the United States and Europe are also involved in a scenario which has as its main tenet the suppression and elimination of human beings on many levels-- a scenario which includes worldwide traffic of drugs, vast laundering of drug money by national banks of several countries, and assassination and murder. These are the people who arranged and supported all the wars. There is discussion of the Bush family, and how Prescott Bush assisted the finance and management of the Nazi empire - the so-called Hitler project..." The January 26, 1990 issue of THE NEW FEDERALIST.

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